Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Nikolaeva to Ashwini (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my Love.
How at you an affair today? I'm fine.
I am very glad, that you want to meet me. I too it very much I want. You in my head it is constant.
I always think of you. My love.
Today went to travel agency and found out about registration Visas. It will cost 450 $ because I any more am not the student and I should do the tourist visa... Also I have learned about the working visa and to me have told that it will cost also. Now I could bring in this money and My visa would begin to be made out.
You could help now to me with registration of the visa? The visa will be made out During 2-3 weeks. For this time I could save up money for tickets. It so is magnificent!!! You are glad to this? I so love you and I want To be together with you as soon as possible. You have now 450 $ for that, That my visa began to be made out?
If yes, it will be magnificent!
It will be very big step to approach{approximation} of our meeting.
I dream about us a lot and I want to share with you withsome of my dreams. Night, moon's light shines our faces. We haveromatic dinner with candles. We are alone and nobody can prevent us. Then we turn on the music and begin to dance slowly. I look into youreyes full of emotions and you look into mine. We enjoy every secondand try to catch eye of each other. I see your lips, so soft and Iwant to kiss them.
We love each other and the minute is an eternity.. "

In this email she asked me to send money through western Union.

Letter 2

hello my dear! I am glad to see your letter and your photos...
I want to tell that I with each letter love you all more strongly!
I also cannot believe that my dream will soon come true also we shall be together!!!
I also want to speak with you!!! Today I shall call to you!!! And I hope that you will wait for my bell!!
As to the address you can send that to Russia and not specify my city because in my city the western union close and I tomorrow am going to go in other city which bigger and I can receive there money without problems!
My data:
Nikolaeva Anastasiya

Now I should run for work but I hope to hear you soon my sweet!!

Letter 3

hello! I ask to excuse if I shall not understand your questions! I do not speak in English and I use the translator! You have the full right to ask me about all interesting questions and we shall answer you!

Letter 4

1-this price includes the insurance of human life, the ticket from a Zelenodolsk up to Moscow, stay in Moscow (a dinner and hotel) as the customer in any case will be in Moscow 1-2 days, the air ticket including services in the plane and as the percent to the agent which was engaged with the given customer and a transfer
As this customer has chosen a floor price 2100 that his plane will be a class economical
2-our company refers to as Open Company " BRAVIA ", is based in 1996 and never clients had claims on service! The agent which serves given the client - Bronivitsky Boris his number 89089352494 The matter is that we private not state small firm also accept money only cash because we have no the bank account
It is very complex information but I shall try to explain you of it:
the matter is that in our country it is not necessary to have the bank account to fine firms it very dearly and it is unprofitable therefore we have refused such account and we accept only cash!
Also I want to explain to you that we do not take superfluous money and we can trust!

Letter 5

Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards I already spoke that we accept only available payments I hope you understand us because we private agency and we are not engaged in it!



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