Scam letter(s) from Irina Vesennaya to Paul (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Paul! I just finished a lesson and came to the Teachers' office and was pleased to find your letter for me! Thank you for your letter!
Thank you for continuing our communication! So, in the last letter I told you a little bit about my Parents and my work. I will not turn my letters into a biography of my Parents, but I will add to my last letter that my mother worked as a librarian all her life! I got my love of books from her. My favorite book is Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. My father worked as a driver all his life, so I learned to drive a car early and got a driver's license as soon as I turned 18.
But I never bought my own car. After completing his studies at Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A. S. Makarenko, the question of a place of work and housing arose. There was no work as a teacher in my Parents' village, and I stayed in the city of Sumy. I rented a apartment for two years, but then, with the help of my Parents, I bought an apartment on credit. I still continue to pay the loan for my apartment. It is good that my apartment was not destroyed as a result of the fighting. My Parents' house was not damaged either. By the way, I contacted them last night. They're fine. I call them using the international phone calls card. It's much cheaper. Sometimes they write to me on my e-mail! I had to leave my smartphone with them so they could contact me. I also write to them from here from the Teachers' office! I haven't told them yet that I'm writing to you. I guess I'll tell my aunt about it first. After all, my aunt is here nearby. But I won't be in a hurry. All in good time! By the way, I forgot to tell you that my aunt's name is Tatyana! She is a Russian language teacher. I'm sorry if my emails are a little incoherent. I understand that I, as a teacher, should be able to write various texts, but it turns out that writing letters is not so easy!)) In any case, I will try. I like writing you letters. I have no friends here in Russia, and our correspondence helps me to make up for the lack of communication. Of course, I communicate here with teachers or my cousin (this is my aunt's son), but it's not that! I feel like I'm a stranger here. I think you understand me! Tell me, do you feel lonely or have you ever had such feelings? I'm talking about being surrounded by people, but you feel like you're in a forest. Am I making myself clear? Okay, let me tell you about my hobbies. I have already written to you about what I like to read and that I love sports! But other than that, I like to cook. My mother taught me this! My mom learned it from her mom (my grandmother), who learned it from her mom (my great-grandmother). In general, knowledge about cooking has been passed down from generation to generation and now I keep this knowledge. No, I don't have a thick book with special recipes, as it looks like in some films about Gary Potter. )) But still, I know the secret ingredient that turns any dish into a work of art. Do you want me to share this ingredient with you? It's "Cooking with Love"!!) Did you expect to hear some kind of spell? As you can see, everything is much simpler. And please forgive me for saying that my dishes turn into works of art. I hope you have a good sense of humor, so you take my words with a laugh. I am not one of those girls who like to praise themselves. Even now I wanted to tell you more about myself, but it's hard for me to do it! I'll try to write you more about myself in my next letter, okay? I'm waiting for your answer ! Irina
Letter 2
Hello Paul!! Thank you for your letter! I am glad that it is gradually becoming a tradition for me to write letters to you. I want to emphasize that this is becoming a good tradition! Thank you for supporting these traditions!! I would be very bored without you! Paul, after my previous letter, I was thinking that in my previous letter I did not manage to fully reveal the topic of relationships that I would like! For example, I forgot to write that I am against cheating in a relationship. I think it's important that a man and a woman remain faithful to each other! I partially touched on this topic when I was talking about lies! It is impossible to change and not lie. I think that you yourself are well aware that it is impossible to discuss all issues in one letter, so we will do it gradually! All in good time! Do you agree? This morning I was thinking about what else to write about yourself? In the last letter I wrote enough about my interests. So maybe today I should tell you a little about my city of Sumy and the village of Belopolye, where I was born? Sometimes, to get to know a person better, you need to know where he was born. Now the task of our communication is precisely to get to know each other better, right?
Belopolye is now inhabited by about 15,000 people! This is a fairly large settlement! Therefore, there is its own school, church, hospital. The Vir River flows nearby, so I learned to swim and fish with my father from childhood. I was probably about 5 years old when my dad first gave me a fishing rod. I was little, but I remember well how my father then dug worms in the garden, and I was little with an iron can in my hands collecting these worms. Then we went together to the river. Of course, I didn't know how to fish myself, but my father caught a couple of perches on my fishing rod! There was no limit to my happiness. Now I'm writing about it and smiling! How little a child needs to be happy. It's a pity that in adulthood we don't know how to enjoy life so much! Maybe I should take a fishing rod right now and try to catch some bass?? Or go to the store and buy yourself some beautiful doll that I dreamed of as a child? Of course, all this will not bring so much happiness, because our values are gradually changing. But do you agree that sometimes you still want to run out into the rain barefoot and put your face under the rain?? Or not?)) I love my childhood! I think it was a happy one. But I have again strayed a little from the subject of my letter. I studied in Belopolye until I was 17, where I graduated from high school. Then, as you remember, I went to study at Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A. S. Makarenko. The city of Sumy is only 45 kilometers from my native Belopolye, but with a population of about 250,000 people! In it, as in Belopolye, there are no special attractions, but there are already theaters, cinemas, museums. When I lived in Sumy, I loved going to the theater to see plays by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov or other playwrights. If we talk about my current place of residence in the city of Kursk, then the population here is about 450,000 people. But even among 450,000 people, I feel lonely here. I think you understand that feeling?? In order not to be lonely, we need to have a Kindred spirit next to us! Maybe you will become this Kindred spirit for me? I don't want to rush things! I will only say that with your letters I feel less lonely! Thank you again for writing to me! Now I will finish my letter, because the headmaster is calling me for some questions. I will be waiting for your answer! Irina
Letter 3
Paul, hello again! I pressed the wrong button and sent you my letter is not completed! I asked you what happiness is for you! But I didn't have time to say that happiness for me is when all my friends and family are healthy! Happiness for me is waking up and falling asleep next to a loved one. Happiness for me is the smile of a beloved man in response to coffee prepared for him in the morning....... Of course, I cannot now list in a letter everything that is happiness for me. I have given just a few examples so that you can understand that for me happiness is not luxury cars or expensive jewelry, but the simplest moments of life. I see happiness in little things! And of course, it is a great happiness to have a loved one next to you! Love is a great gift, which, unfortunately, not everyone receives! I hope that we will be able to receive this gift in the future. Ohh, I said another bold thought! I didn't expect such courage from me today!)) I hope you'll forgive me for this?)) Paul, as you can see, I'm in a good mood today!! I hope that my letter will also make your day brighter! Thank you for continuing to write to me! Your letters are an island of hope and joy for me! I really hope that a serious relationship can grow between us! Everything I wrote to you today is not a joke. These are my sincere thoughts. I believe in the best! I'm an optimist! Now I have to finish my letter! It's time for me to work! I wish you a good day! Irina
Letter 4
Hello my precious Paul! Thank you for the letter! You made a huge gift for me today!! You have no idea how much I've been waiting for your answer! No, I didn't doubt you and the seriousness of your intentions.
But it was important for me to see the answer YES!!! This once again confirmed and strengthened my confidence that we are doing everything right!! If two hearts want to be together, then they will be together!
Paul, I will try to make our meeting memorable for us forever. If you allow me, I will come up with various surprises for you: cook breakfast in bed, cook romantic dinners and much more! There is a lot of warmth in my heart, and I want to share it with you! I believe that our meeting will give a huge impetus to the further development of our feelings and will make our relationship even stronger! We will be able to experience the magic of touch. We will be able to look into each other's eyes and communicate without words. Paul, I think you will agree with me that sometimes it is enough for a man and a woman to look into each other's eyes to say everything that everyone wants to say! Even now, at such a distance from each other, I feel that we are Kindred spirits, and we are taking a very right step! Paul , I want to draw your attention to the fact that my trip to you for me is not just a trip for fun . I'm coming to you to build love! I understand what a lot of work it is, but if we both want the same thing, then we will definitely succeed. Do you agree with me? My dear Paul, I have never been outside of Ukraine and Russia, but this does not frighten me! I feel great confidence inside me! When I have free time, I will definitely go to a travel agency and consult about what I need to come to you. Paul, now I feel inspired. I haven't been so happy for a very long time!! It's true!!! You just can't imagine how glad I am!!! )) I don't even know what to compare my feelings with!!! Probably, this is comparable to the emotions from childhood, when I received some gifts for my Birthday or Christmas!)) Dear, I don't want you to think that I'm too frivolous in making my decisions! I really thought a lot about us. I belong to the type of woman who has a well-developed sense of intuition, and I can hear my heart! I hear my heart calling me to you.
I will definitely find out everything about the trip to you in the near future and write to you! Today I want to send you my first kiss!!
I hope you won't mind!))) Your Irina
Letter 5
Hello my Paul! Thank you for the letter!! Thank you for writing me the information I asked for!!! I was looking forward to your letter so that I could go to the travel agency and find out everything about the arrival to you! You know that I don't know Kursk well, so I didn't even know which travel agency I should contact. In order to do everything right, I first contacted the Migration Service so that they would recommend an accredited travel company to me. Fortunately, I came across a good woman who gave me the right recommendations! And I was not mistaken that I listened to her advice. In general, I came to a good travel agency, where respectable people work, ready to help me in organizing a trip to you. I'll explain to you later when I say that. To begin with, I'll say that I talked to a travel agent named Elena! She has not been working in the tourism business for too long, but she is well aware of all issues. In order for me to be able to travel to USA I must have the following documents: - International passport ( it is valid for 10 years ) - Tourist visa (This visa gives me the opportunity to stay in your country for up to 90 days! This option is more suitable for us, because the possibility of approving a guest visa for me is 0.) - Booking tickets (a tourist visa requires booking round-trip air tickets). It is important to say that now, because of the sanctions, I will have to fly through Turkey or similar countries that are still open to planes from Russia. The list of documents that are necessary to travel to you does not seem too long!
There are only 3 items here, but the list of documents for obtaining an International passport and a Tourist visa is much longer! For example, to obtain an International passport, you need to write an application; pay a state fee of 5,000 Russian rubles; take a photo of a special sample; submit biometric data (fingerprinting). To obtain a visa, you must have an International passport; take a photo of a special sample; make medical insurance; provide a certificate from the place of work; pay the consular fee and so on. Of course, it is important to fill out the application and the questionnaire correctly!! To be honest, I'm already a little confused about a lot of all these documents, so I'm very glad that I turned to a travel agency! Elena has calculated my expenses for the trip to you! As a result, I need 93 820 rubles (1310 us dollars) for the entire trip.
This amount is calculated as follows: an international passport costs 60 us dollars, tickets in both directions will cost me 1070 us dollars, visa, consular fee, medical insurance, agency services, various paid requests and documents, photos - all this will cost 180 us dollars. I want to draw your attention once again to the fact that the price is indicated together with the services of a travel agency.
The travel agency charges 50 us dollars for all its work ! I think their services are worth the money! Dear, I tried to briefly explain to you everything that needs to be done. I asked the tourist agent for time to think and consult with you. It's important for me to share everything with you and know your opinion! I want you to know that I have decided everything for myself. I am ready to meet and I am ready to prepare for the trip. According to the rules , I need to sign a contract with a travel agency and pay 50 percent of the cost of my trip to you ! Then they will start preparing all the necessary documents. An international passport is made in about 10 working days.
When the International Passport is ready, I will need to pay the remaining 50 percent. This is necessary so that the tourist agency can send all the documents to Moscow for a visa. Paul, I now have some savings that will be enough to pay for the first part of the cost of my trip to you. I don't want to bother you with economic problems, since I decided to come to you myself. I think I can find the missing amount and pay for everything. You don't have to think about it and worry about it. The main thing for me is that you are ready to meet me))! It seems that I didn't miss anything and wrote everything to you. Now I will finish my letter, which turned out to be very large and informative! Paul, I feel like I've won the lottery. I grabbed my bird of happiness, and I don't want to let it go! I believe that you are so serious, so you are ready for the next step just like me! I hope that you will support all my efforts!! Your Irina
Letter 6
Hello my dear, Paul!!! How's your day?? How is your mood?? I hope that this letter of mine will fill your day with warmth and cheerful mood again?? Just like a sunbeam fills the entire space of the room with bright light and warmth when it looks through the curtains into our windows in the early morning??) Sometimes such a "sunny bunny " gets on my face, and I wake up from a light sleep. I continue to lie with my eyes closed so that the "sunbeam" does not blind me, and I enjoy how the sunbeam caresses my face and warms me.)) Of course, I would prefer it to be you instead of the "sunbeam" kissing me and warming me with the warmth of your lips. I'm tired of waking up alone and I want this to change as soon as possible!! I want to wake up and say to you:
"Good morning, my dear!!!" And then go and cook breakfast for us. How good it is that all this will happen soon!!! How good that I will come to you soon. Paul , Every day we make big steps towards our meeting! I still have a lot to do in order for our hearts to connect. This morning I took some certificates and documents to the travel agency. I took the photos that are required for an international passport. In general, the preparation process is going well. I do everything the travel agency tells me to do. My agent today asked me to tell you exactly when I will be able to deposit the remaining 50 percent of the cost. I said that I would give an answer when I come to the tourist agency next time. Right now I don't have enough money to pay for everything. I 'm missing 650 us dollars . I'll try to talk to my aunt about it! It's useless to ask my parents for money now! You are well aware of the situation in Ukraine. Besides, apart from my aunt, I have no close people here. I'll find out everything and then let you know!
But, Paul, please don't worry about anything. I decided to come to you myself, so I will try to cope with this problem on my own. Dear, I want everything to go well and our meeting to take place. I believe that I will succeed and we will be together soon! It's going to be the most wonderful time of our lives. I thank fate for giving us the opportunity to meet each other. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to find their half in life and find love. We had such an opportunity, and I am very glad! Despite the great distance, we are together! You are always in my thoughts and my heart! I think that the difficulties associated with travel give our relationship an even greater impetus for development. Having overcome them, our feelings will be stronger and stronger. And then the joy of the meeting will give us even more magical emotions. Darling, I'm doing everything to be together. I do all this with joy in my soul. And thank you for giving me this joy!
I'm looking forward to the day when our hearts will connect! And then in reality we will be able to do everything together that we dreamed of. I thank you for making our dreams come true. I have found a man with whom I want to connect my life. This is the greatest joy in every girl's life. Paul, when we meet you will see how happy I am! Thank you for everything! Unfortunately, I have to go to work. Let the sunbeam give you the warmth of my lips! Your Irina
Letter 7
Hello my Paul! Thank you for your letter ! Today I need your support more than ever. Today, it is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you the news that my aunt has no money to help me! I assure you that she really wanted to help me, but my aunt is not a rich woman.
Teachers' salaries in Russia, as well as in Ukraine, are very low! I am very, very upset and depressed! I made a commitment that I couldn't fulfill! I don 't blame my aunt for my failures ! I have always been used to being independent, so I can only blame myself for everything, because I did not manage with the task that I set myself! The biggest problem now is that I can no longer cancel or reschedule anything. I already have a contract with a tourist agency, which I am obliged to comply with! I swear to you that I don't know where to look 650 us dollars. to pay the second part of the cost of my trip to you! Paul, I do not know how to say this. I do not know how to have the courage, but for the sake of us and for the sake of our future, I have to do it! Anyway, my aunt suggested that I ask you for help.... Darling, how do you feel about me asking you for help? Do you think I have the right to ask for help from you? Are you ready to help me to make our meeting happen? I'm very interested in what you think about this.
Please write to me, can I count on your help and support in such a difficult issue? Paul, I confess that I am writing this to you and I feel very uncomfortable! If my aunt had not inspired me with so much courage, then I would never have dared to ask you for help!! At the same time, of course, I feel that my aunt's arguments have a right to exist. She told me that there is no happiness knocking on our doors every day and there is no everyday we have the opportunity to find love. We can be indecisive now and regret it for the rest of our lives! Love and happiness are worth fighting for! And if your eyes are burning as bright as mine when you talk and think about me, then you should not refuse to help me arrange our meeting. This meeting is necessary for both of us and it will be right if each of us contributes to our being together! Dear, please don't judge my aunt harshly! She wishes me happiness and wants us to fight for this happiness together. I think you understand that! Paul, please answer the questions very honestly and write all your thoughts. Gently kiss!
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