Scam letter(s) from Anna Stewart to John (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello John,how are you? I hope you are super good,I saw your profile and became so interested in you, being with you is the easiest choice I have ever made,and I"m so lucky to come across your profile and to have this opportunity to write you,kindly get back to me through my private email {} to know about each other and share photos.
yours sincerely
Anna Stewart
Letter 2
My Dear. Compliment of the day to you and all around you, thanks for your kind response, it was so impressive to my expectation and I was very happy to read your mail. I am ready to be yours, I believe in real love from the heart, I need that special man in my life with a loving heart to me, I believe that age is just a number but
real love comes from the heart which I am more interested in and your open minded heart to me. I am Anna Stewart by name, a citizen of Australia but now on a peace keeping mission here in Libya, because of war that has been going on here since the death of their late president, as the result of my profession in serving the World United Nations as an Australian Army officer. I grew up at Ballarat Orphanage home after I lost my both parents in a fatal accident when I was only 5 years old. I am 30 years old, single and never married before. I attached my pictures to this mail and I expect your own pictures when replying to my mail. I like table tennis, horse riding, going to the cinema,jogging and golf as my favorite sports, I listen to jazz and rock music. I am very romantic and honest, hates lies, I think I am sensitive and kind to people, my co-workers always say that I am good at protecting people. I live to be spontaneous and I am usually good at trying my best in any position I find myself in. I am hard working in my job and always enjoy it despite the fact that it doesn't give me so much time for my personal life. I have peace in my heart and always pray for God to give me the sweetest and best man in the whole universe as my life partner, i need someone that will be fun to be with, caring and passionate love and care, I am single but intend to get a loving man by my side to settle down with. Meanwhile, how is life generally with you over there? As for me life goes on here good but only committed to my job. I would like to know more about you, your likes, dislikes and your life experience, please you should
also send me at least a picture while getting back to me. Extend my greetings to your family and friends over there. Kiss,
Anna Stewart
Letter 3
How are you doing today? I hope it's okay with you there? regardless of the situation, thanks and worship the Almighty God for giving us the grace to see the light of today and the opportunity to know each other. As for me, I'm safe, thank you for the compliment you gave me, my spirit still says that you are the person I spend the rest of my life with. I was very happy to read the message and I believe you've won my heart and my love, not the attitude to your position and the past hot experiences, let's go after them and focus on the future.
I will give all my love and trust if you are open and honest to me not upset my heart. About my profession: Serve the United Nations is not an easy task, but I am grateful to God for giving me the courage and the wisdom that I have lived in difficult and dangerous times. I am a woman with pain, I decided to join the army to protect the lives of innocent people and children who do not know about the government and are affected by war and crimes caused by some greedy political leaders. I served in the war eight years and I plan at any time after my work, retire, so I started a new life now as a soldier, I contacted you to find my soulmate that I can plan the future with, thank God i found you, I believe God has something special for me and I prayed good lord to know that I had to deal with certainty, I must say that I feel very comfortable with you and I would like to open the door of my heart to you, Although personally we do not know each other but I admire your little information I've learned about you, I am interested in a real love affair and I like to meet you and plan our future life together if it is God's will. The best relationship usually starts unexpectedly, the distance is simple, and you can see how much love travels, I am very serious with you and I want to meet you personally and share the love of my heart with you, My dear, which is very important, I want to tell you something, I want you to know that we are attacking the insurgents of daily and automobile bombs, and during one of our rescue routes we encountered a safe that includes a huge amount of money belonging to the fans more than the misappropriation of the Libyan government that I believe was the money they want to buy weapons with, ammunition and all the officers in the rescue mission agreed that the money will be shared between us and that's what we have done. Of the total fund, my share was USD 2,700,000 (two million, seven hundred thousand dollars of unified states)
I am looking for your help in evacuating my share of money to your country, it's US $ 2,700,000, and i want you to make sure my own share is safe in your care when it comes to your country, Remember that this is not stolen money, and there are no risks associated with receiving this money and i want you to keep this money in your custody until my arrival to meet you in your country. I decided to reveal it to you after prayers and I believe you will not betray my self-confidence or even my dream, even though you may wonder why I quickly discovered this without knowing you completely, Well, I will tell you that my mind has convinced me that you are the right person to help me receive and invest this fund, and i also believe that my life to search for real love has ended because i have found you, I have made a solid agreement with the security company that has promised to deliver the fund in any of my selected destination, I will give you 20% compensation of the total fund at the end of the project, while the remaining balance will be my investment capital in your country. Given the policy of the United Nations in Libya after the war, there is a plan to move some soldiers from Libya so I will be among the people who will move to Syria and can not go with this money because they know me as military personnel and I also want to come back home soon, I have made an arrangement with a diplomatic courier agent in Libya to relocate this fund. The question is who will be responsible for my money in my absence? that's exactly why I need your help, I want to guarantee you now that you will not be at any risk because I chose the strategy that this money will moved safely through the diplomatic courier services, you
have to keep it confidential until you get the fund as a consignment. One passionate appeal to you is not to discuss this matter with anybody and if you have reason to reject this offer, destroying the email to prevent any leakage of this information because it will be dangerous to my position here. Note: I do not know how long we will stay here and since then my fate I have survived two bombs that have led me to find a trusted and certain worthy person who will help me to take the fund in your country to invest and start a new life with me not as a soldier, everything depends on our mutual agreement, as soon as you confirm that you have received the money, I will join you in your country to start a new life with you Finally, I would like you to be able to confirm this proposal immediately, your urgent reply will be very valuable. Have a nice day and always give me your daily prayers. Sincerely,
Anna Stewart
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