Scam letter(s) from Olga Shynkarenko to Michael (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello how are you? you probably don’t remember me, but we talked on social networks for a long time, and you left me your address. my name is olha, i'm from ukraine. as you heard, there is fighting going on in our country right now. I am very lonely, and I saw your address, I decided to write to you. I hope you don't mind our communication? I want a serious relationship. remind me what country and city you are from. I will be glad to communicate with you again. perhaps we have a future, unless of course you are against Ukrainian girls. write to me, I'll be waiting. Olha
Letter 2
how are you today? Please excuse me for not responding to your email right away. I am very pleased that you answered my letter. Unfortunately, now in Ukraine there are interruptions in the Internet and the speed of the Internet is very weak, and unfortunately it is not always available, and telephone communication is also not always, especially during shelling and when rockets are flying. Have you heard about our situation? what is on your news? because we have problems with television and we do not always have the opportunity to watch TV. Thank you very much for your attention, for your empathy. Now the world is completely incomprehensible, everything seems to have changed. As you know, my name is Olha, I am 29 years old, on August 10 I will be 30 years old, I was born in 1992, a year after the collapse of the USSR. Have you heard about the USSR? I was born in the small city of Krasnograd Kharkiv Oblast, my city is not so far from the fighting. In our city during the Second World War there was a prisoner of war camp in which there were Soviet prisoners who were captured by fascist troops. Now we are again worried that this will happen again, I understand that all life is a cycle, and many cycles repeat themselves from again. I am here, I finished school, I received my higher education in the city of Kharkov, this city is 100 km away, did you hear in the news what the Russian troops did to it? There is practically nothing left of this ancient city, it is a pity, it would be a good beautiful city, but now it is a pile of stones. I also continue to study in graduate school in absentia, in the city of Kharkov. I go there to take exams 2 times a year. Now I am alone, I do not have a person nearby who would support me. I haven't had a family yet, I don't have children, but I want to have my own family. I don’t remember where I got your address from, but as far as I remember, we didn’t communicate for a long time, I think that now it’s not so important, the main thing is that now we are talking again, I would like to continue our communication if you don't mind. I want a serious relationship, and after the start of the war, my past memory has been erased, I only think about a good future. The war has been going on for more than 100 days, these are difficult days for our country. Many millions of people have gone to other countries, to go to another country is a big step, I think about it, but I don't know what to do yet. I am in a difficult situation. I don't have anyone in other countries. Now that we have started communication, I hope that we will continue our communication. I had a job here, but now the place where I worked was closed, the owner of the company left for Bulgaria in the first days of the war, he is a rich man, he has a house there, he only thought about himself and his family, but although this may be right When there is a war, you need to think about yourself and your family, because you cannot help all your employees. Tell me a little about you, what city do you live in? What do you think about the beginning of our relationship? Tell me what are you doing? What are your hobbies? I hope that my letter was not boring for you. I would very much like to continue communication with you. I am always sincere and frank with people. I think that there can be no future in a relationship without trust and understanding. I want to know you more so that I can trust you more. About three years ago, I had the experience of communicating with men on the Internet, but it all ended when they asked for my intimate photos, I immediately stopped communicating, because there are other girls who earn this for intimate photos. I'm looking for only really real serious relationships that will give me air to breathe, for my part I promise to be honest. Write to me, I'll be glad to see your answer! Olha
Letter 3
how are you today? It is a great pleasure for me to receive your letter, thank you very much for your attention. With each letter, we get to know each other more. I am always glad to receive your letters. My day goes by as before, nothing new, only every day, new statements by Zelensky about the course of the war. I am looking for information on how to leave Ukraine in the near future. I need to go to the west of Ukraine to cross the border with Poland or Hungary. I will need to go with a special person who knows everything so as not to get hit by bombs and who takes people out professionally. As you know here now, there is a big shortage of gasoline and other energy resources. Now there are checkpoints all over the country, they need to be bypassed, because not every checkpoint can release. The state needs civilians in their places, this is like a guarantee that Russia will not bomb those territories where civilians are. My friend said that she has such a professional person who can take me to the west of the country, she also really wants to leave, but she has an old grandmother whom she cannot leave, this is her only native person. In order to get to the west of the country, I need to pay $ 360 + $ 40 in dollars for food and accommodation, as the road will be long, taking into account that I will need to go around everything so as not to get to the checkpoint, which I may not miss . Now this is a lot of money for me, I don't know what to do. I am very uncomfortable asking you for help, but I have to do it, because I have a difficult situation right now. Of course, you should not help me in this difficult moment, I ask you to lend me this money, I will return this money to you, since I do not want to be owed. As I know, refugees from Ukraine are paid benefits abroad, as soon as I receive benefits, I will immediately return them to you. If you do not mind, I would like to come closer to you, because I trust you very much, and besides you, I have no acquaintances abroad, I also think that a real meeting will replace thousands of letters to us, I want a good relationship. I am always sincere and frank with you, I would never ask you for money, but now I have a difficult situation, and unfortunately it develops in such a way that I leave the country. I would really like you to come to my homeland, I would show you how beautiful Ukraine is. I think that when the war ends, I will definitely invite you here. I'm sure everything will be fine. I dream of real great love, and perhaps it is fate that we met each other in this difficult moment. In such situations, real relationships are born. I will forever remember your help and will always be grateful to you! You have the opportunity to personally save at least one Ukrainian! Now people from other countries help Ukraine a lot, but they don’t know what is really happening here, those intermediaries who accept humanitarian aid from abroad, and they should distribute it for free to those people who need it, but they don’t do that, they sell it to the population humanitarian aid and earn money. As we know from history, in every war some people get very rich. All this is very hard to watch. People complain to Zelensky about this, Zelensky spoke on TV and said that such people who donate humanitarian aid will be sent to prison for 10 years, but these are unfortunately empty words, in fact, no one has been sent to prison yet, since these are big money and everyone is involved, big corruption. Now I really hope for your help. Write to me soon. your olha
Letter 4
I am glad to receive your letter. how are you today? I hope you are doing well. I am glad to receive your letter. as I understand it, you will help me with the money that is needed to leave Ukraine. I found out to transfer money you need to use the western union office, as it is very convenient and reliable when transferring money, you will only need my full data to transfer money, you also need to send me your full data, your full name, surname, exact address and a copy of the money transfer receipt so I can get your money. I really want to leave Ukraine as soon as possible, if you don't mind, I want to go to you. write to me soon. your Olha My full data
Firstname: Olha
Surname: Shynkarenko
3 microdistrict, 19A-21
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