Scam letter(s) from Lola to Klaus (Austria)

Letter 1
I’m **** and pretty girl.
I am Lola
I was born and I am living in UA - Ukraine.
I'm along 34.o.
And I would be glad to communicate!
Honey I will be glad to get reply from you!

My personal contact:
Letter 2
Good evening. I've only just been able to write to you. How was your weekend? I hope everything is fine, because I haven't received your reply to my letter. Did you get my letter? If not, then see if it got into spam? I hope that you just didn't have time to write to me. Now I have returned to the refugee camp and I can write to you every day. I hope that tomorrow I will receive your answer and your news. I'm doing fine, if I can say so in this situation. I'm looking forward to your letters. Lola from Ukraine.
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