Scam letter(s) from Irina to Johan (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi ! Please pay attention! This is not spam ! Your email was given to me by a dating agency , dating via the Internet . It took me a long time to write to you . The current situation in my life has given me the confidence to write you a letter . It 's time to change your life dramatically . I 'm here in search of a man for a serious relationship ! Are you a free man ? Are you looking for a girl for a serious relationship ? Let 's start our acquaintance and communication ! You 'll love it ! You can see my photo . I attached it to the letter . I forgot to say the most important thing! My name is Irina . I am 28 years old . Was born and lived in Ukraine . The city of Sumy. Now , I was forced to move to the city of Kursk . I will write about this in detail later . I hope that distance is not a problem for our communication ? I have heard of many examples where men and women from different countries manage to build happy relationships. Maybe this is a story about us too! Each of us has the right to happiness ! If there is at least one chance in a million to be together , let 's use it ! Please write me an answer ONLY if you are looking for a serious relationship ! This is very important ! I 'll be waiting ! I will write more about myself and my life in the next letter. After your answer. I am very glad to start our communication! I wish you a good mood ! Irina
Letter 2
How do you do Johan !!! Thank you for responding to my letter! I confess that I was not sure that I would see your answer. I will be honest with you from the very beginning and I will say that when I was still living in Ukraine, I tried a couple of times to start a relationship with a man from other countries, but they were only interested in pen-*** or intimate photos! They didn't need a serious relationship. For this reason, I had to stop all communication! I'm only here for a serious relationship! It is important to say this from the very beginning so that we can't understand each other correctly!
Agreed? And if I started the topic of my relationship with men, then I will immediately say that I have been single for more than 2 years. My previous relationship lasted almost 11 years, since high school.
Everything was fine, and we were even going to get married, but he died 2 years ago! He drowned ***** in the river! Of course, I suffered and could not recover for a long time, despite the fact that our relationship was not perfect! He liked to drink and even raised his hand against me several times. I think that the whole world knows the fame of Ukrainian or Russian men about how they like to drink and often like to beat their women? I forgave him and stayed with him. But now I don't want such a relationship! I want a relationship built on mutual respect and love! Therefore, over the past 2 years I have not built a relationship with someone else from the local men! Around me I see only those who do not respect and do not appreciate their women!
But I read a lot of stories about how, thanks to the Internet, Ukrainian girls were able to find their happiness. I believe in my fate and luck, so I'm glad to start our communication! I hope this will lead to success! Now that I've explained to you why I'm here, I want to talk about a sad but very important topic! Of course, I cannot ignore the situation between Russia and Ukraine! I am against this conflict, but I don't blame ordinary citizens of Russia for this conflict! Politics is to blame for everything, but not ordinary citizens of Russia or Ukraine. There is a close Kinship between many Ukrainians and Russians! For example, my mother is Russian. My father is Ukrainian! They met and got married back in Soviet times! Ukrainian and Russian blood runs in my veins! When the conflict in Ukraine began, I left my apartment in Sumy in Ukraine and came to my aunt in Russia in the city of Kursk. My mom and dad stayed there in Ukraine. I also wanted to stay there with them, but they were worried about me and begged me to go to a safe place! Then I had to give in and come here. My heart aches for my parents. I expect that the conflict will end soon, and I will be able to return home to Ukraine! I think I've given out too much different information for today! Am I boring you yet?? From now on, I will try not to overload you with information and make my letters shorter! I think it would be right if I tell more about my family in my next letter. Ok? If you have any questions, I will answer you! A FEW MORE WORDS I will still add about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine! From now on, I don't want to talk much about politics, because here in Russia there are strict laws that prohibit discussing politics and the conflict in Ukraine! For this, you can face up to 15 years in prison! I don't want to end up in jail.
Anyway, we write to each other not for the sake of politics, but for the sake of building a serious relationship, right? So now I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 28 years old. I don't have children. I am a teacher of English and French by profession, so I speak English and French well! I like to read books, sometimes I draw a little. I love sports! I used to ski a lot and even participated in various competitions! Of course, even now I try to do sports. For example, I go to the fitness room. Life circumstances may be different, but a girl should keep herself in good shape. Health is very important. Do you agree? I don't smoke. But sometimes I can have a glass of wine. I guess that's enough about me for today? My letter turned out to be too big! I will be waiting for your answer with some story about you and your photos! In turn, I attach my photos for you!
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