Scam letter(s) from Nurzada Talantbekova to Brandon (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi Barry!
As you know, my name is Nurzada. Im 32.
I am very glad that you answered my small letter.
Thank you for being able to answer me. I was going through. as you thought, maybe you won't want to answer me!
I saw your email address on the dating website.
I wrote you first. and worry because the first girl is always more difficult to write.
To be honest, I don`t like to be ignored.
Don`t worry, I'm not angry. In fact, I was very good and friendly. It just makes life being careful and often rough due to many cases of fraud and evil.
Who knows what the end will have our correspondence, but I hope that you and I will be a minimum of dear friends.
I would like to know you better. I want to look at you. and to learn about you. be sure to send me your photo!!!
Sorry for my English, it's not perfect. I can speak in English. but the grammar is suffering. If you don`t understand something, ask me about this.
I live in Kyrgyz Republic, in Osh. is the second-largest city in Kyrgyzstan, located in the Fergana Valley in the south of the country and often referred to as the "capital of the south". It is the oldest city in the country and has served as the administrative center of Osh Region. if you want you can esteem about it in Wikipedia.
I am a student now, I am in Osh State University. there is a prospect to start an internship outside of Kyrgyzstane..
I will tell you that I like.
I love dance and I love good music.
I like to have fun, I love jokes, anecdotes, and I am very cheerful disposition. With me will never get bored)))) In my spare time I like jogging in the morning. In the morning I always do gymnastics. I feel almost every day to visit the pool. I like swimming. I like to ride a bike!
During the trip works all muscle groups, and this is very good for health.
I am for a healthy lifestyle. How do you feel about sports?
I'm a woman for only one man. if I find her only, the chances of the other men will not. I am very rigorously take it. I even very jealous.
I love life, and enjoy every moment.
But I'm trying to live a decent life, that I was ashamed of my actions.
Actually, God sees everything.
I want to discuss as a problem, a lot of hype on the internet, I was faced with this, talking to people before.
Lie with more lies and sometimes even think that meets with no man, but with a computer program.
If you need my ****** photos, and if I was not interested in you as a person who does not need to write something more. Many have tried to get cheated in my photos. Someone told me that he loved me, making a series of compliments, promising a lot of money. Need ***** photos. It 'was very painful and humiliating for me. But I have always appreciated the honesty in a relationship and always tell the truth, and I hate liars.
Just so happens that I can say that I open the soul, but just ignore it.
This is very offensive to me and caused a lot of pain in the past, I do not want this to happen again.
I know you're a good man, Barry. say that feminine flair is strong. I feel that you I will have a good dialogue! we can get to know each other's friend better. talk about everything we want!
please write to me as soon as possible. do not make me bored alone.
Crown Virus does its own bad deed. I do not want to think about it! I hope you are not hurt by this problem.
Please tell about yourself Barry, send me some photos!)) I am sending you a letter, and look forward to your reply!
Your Lonely friend Nurzada!
Letter 2
Hi my dear friend Barry!
I'm so waited for your letter and I'm so glad that you have written to me!
receiving your letters is a pleasure!
Thank you!!!!
Every new day brings to me stronger desire to communicate with you and to receive your letters.
And now my mood depends directly on your letters! My mood is in your hands Barry! I hope my letters do not spoil your mood?
I am very happy that we were able to find each other in this world.
I want to be good friends with you, Barry.
I want to thank you for writing to me. and I can know you better.
I love horses. but I can't ride.
I very much like to do household chores. I like to maintain purity. what would be at home purely and comfortably. But most of all I like to cook.
Kitchen real center of the house where heat and a cosiness always reigns.
I have fallen in love to cook in orphanage.
always there was a wish for some sweet. And once, we with girls have decided to cook cake. there was a holiday. international Women's Day, March 8.
to us was for 10 years. I still remember it. to cook no who was able.
we collected products which are necessary to us, long time. someone managed to find flour in the dining room. when were on duty. someone has brought condensed milk. earlier recipes were very heavy to be got. because it was possible to find them only in recipe-books. we have found the cookbook in kitchen. and there were only 3 cake recipes. and we have chosen the recipe which is necessary. proceeding from what we have products.
First nothing was impossible to me.
but I could replace with efforts dough. We have laid out all dough on three molds and have put to bake in an oven. While dough was baked, we have opened a jar of sweet-sweet condensed milk which I have right there tasted. And here cake layers are ready they air, ruddy and appetizingly smell. then each cake layer was greased with condensed milk and have put cake layers the friend on the friend.
I still remember a smell of this cake. and since then I very much like to cook.
I will treat you with the Kyrgyzstanian dishes. I will cook to you Beshbarmak. I will bake boorsoki. and of course I will make Lagman.
I think I will be able to feed you very tasty. you will be satisfied :) it is pleasant to me to continue with you dialogue. and I communicate with you so easily. as though I know you long time.
I want to talk about my work, if you're interested!
practice working as a dentist brings me a lot of pleasure. I really like to bring people benefits.
lately, there have been a lot of people. since everyone wanted to solve their teeth problems after quarantine is end.
Once day I was training in clinic with lots of stress.
we had to receive medicines and all pharmaceutical materials including anesthetics.
But for some reasons the bus with medicines has not come to our clinic. I have declared to all patients that I can work but only without anesthetics.
And there were many people who were ready to cure tooth even without anesthesia because there is no guarantee that the bus will come tomorrow.
So day was the twice difficult working day.
Forgive me for talking about teeth and about my work.
I bet you got unpleasant feeling while reading about anesthesia!
I know that all men are afraid of dentists but let me to assure you that as a woman I am absolutely undangerous and harmless for you!!!
tell me more about your city. do you have a clinic of the dentist in the city?
I have big plans for the future. I wrote a statement to my university. for an internship in your country.
I am not looking for a relationship in Kyrgyzstane because I plan to leave Kyrgyzstane, start a new life.
Now my documents are being prepared, for my dentist internship in your country.
Barry, today was really a good day and right now I'm sitting and writing this letter and I'm smiling. And I hope that right now you read my letter and smiling too. By the way my friends know that I'm talking to you and they start to ask questions about you!
Well all my friends are ladies - Assel and Gulnar. Gulnar is my best friend. with her we grew up from childhood.
I really like that I can easily communicate with you. and it brings me pleasure. you are a real gentleman. I like that our communication is easy. I think this is the way to a good relationship. I like it.
Barry, excuse me for a question: whether there is at you now any woman?
What your private life now? Please tell about it.
Barry, do you have any regrets about anything that you did in your life and would you like to change it?
What makes you happy? What is one thing you could not live without?
Barry, I will wait for your letter! I hope you will write me soon. And then I will have again a smile on my face.
I want to learn somewhat quicker about you more. it is very interesting to me to communicate with you.
Your Nurzada.
P.S. I hope that right now you have smile on your face. I want you to smile:)))) I have a nice mood today hope you're too!!!
Letter 3
Hello Barry!
Many thanks for your letter, I have just read it and my heart very happy!
I see that our relations are developing very well, and we can learn from each other.
I hope you realize that for the other, and we will be together for life. I am ready to devote their life to a person who understands me, appreciate and love. I hope this person is you Barry!
Today, I am incredibly happy. So today I will be leaving from Osh. I am very happy that very soon we will be able to meet in real life. I can come to your country to start my internship !! I was very lucky that I will be able to go to a training. I studied 7 years in academy. to have this opportunity.
also we will be able to look each other in the face.
I am packs things for my trip. My bus to Bishkek departs after 4 hours, and I need to check if I have collected all the things that will be needed during the trip.
In the end, I'm leaving, not a couple of days, I'm going up to 6 months.
Therefore it is necessary not to forget anything. I very much worry. I wish that everything was perfect.
I will be in Bishkek for a few days (1-2), I need to sort out all the formalities. it is necessary to sign the contract in management of a training. Get a plane ticket, and the remaining documents in hand. Then I can come to you next flight in your country.
I'll write to you from Bishkek. I think I can write from the Internet cafe in Bishkek. if it is less, then I'll call. in any case, I will tell you details of my flight.
In Bishkek, I will arrive at the internship management - head office of Work And Travel. I will take away all my documents. and also health insurance. I will get Obtain official permission to work.
Maybe I get it all done in one day. I hope so.
What would I have been able to arrive as soon as possible to you. I will be very hard. But I can handle. As I was waiting for a new life. And of course you, my angel Barry.
I'm very excited, I've never been outside of Kyrgyzstane, and I don`t know your mentality. Rules of conduct, traditions and customs that are still all mystery to me. But I'm learning fast! With your help, I definitely would succeed.
I don`t know cost of living in your country. What do you think will be enough for me monthly salary at the rate of dental assistant to 3250 USD? In Kyrgyzstane it is very big money, but I don`t know the value of money in your country.
But now a bit too early think about it. The money will I have when I arrived in the capital of your country.
we together will be able to spend money. because the money they receive as my personal expenses.
All other expenses related to my accommodation and meals are funded by the government internship program.
I already said that I should be in your capital city for one day. I had all the instructions at the Kyrgyzstanian Embassy, and the government will give me my first pay for personal expenses when I am in the capital of your country.. After spending one day in the capital of your country, I'm going to visit you. So I want to know all exact information in order to avoid any errors or problems. what I would have been able to specify the final destination of my internship. this is very important. that I could be with you.
Please write to me once again, exactly as your city, your address, and what is the nearest airport to you. and your phone number.
Please write this information, so I will not ever forget.
Barry I don`t know if you have a chance, but I'd like so that we can meet at the airport, as soon as I will land in the capital of your country.
if you can't meet me. I will understand you, please. give me instructions on how to go to you. take a bus?
I really want to meet you as soon as possible.
I am very happy from one thought that we will be able to be together soon.
You know when I sleep at the nights. I often freeze. and I so want that I could nestle on you. and you could cover me with a blanket. what I wouldn't freeze. and it is the best of all. what you could heat me the body. and your heat.
I know, you are a strong man. and I want to be in your embraces.
think you know women love with ears. to say warm and tender words to me every day!
Any girl loves to hear compliments in her address. As for me, I get great inspiration and a big smile on my face and joy when I hear a compliment.
What do you think, can you do it for me?
Maybe I'm a little hurry, I feel something more than just a friendship between us! I think a lot about you, as about my man.
Can I call you my man? How do you feel about that? I do not know how to explain it, but I already want to call you my man!
I'm just curious to know about it to continue our relations. I think you could forget your past and once again dream of the future. To create a better future and to be happy!
You should be confident.
I'm sure we can do it together!
I know I'm young and I still have everything ahead. But I want to say that age does not really matter to me. Age is just a number. What do you think? I think it's right.
I'm not trying to impose my opinion, this is just my point of view. A lot of good things happen in life and our meeting with you is the one of those moments.
it will be very pleasant to me if you are able to present me a small flower.
so will lighten me this mood. even if you will just send a photo now:) flowers for the girl it as a stimulator. and of course does pleasantly:) I love roses, white roses. let now it will be at least the picture:) Now came Gulnar, she will help me pack up and take suitcase to the station.
I need to finish my letter. it isn't enough time. I will contact you and give you all the information on my flight. just after arriving in Bishkek.
Even if I don`t see your letter from home, I can read when come to Bishkek, and will be very happy.
I finish my letter. as soon as look it, tell me! wish me good luck!
I kiss your body!
Now a romantic melody is playing in my soul!
Your Nurzada!
Letter 4
Hello, my sweet prince Barry!
I am very pleased to receive your new letter.
You're always in my heart and my thoughts. They occupy the first place in my life. Thank you for what you are beside me. You are important to me and at this stage of my life, I live only for you.
Now I am in Bishkek and I write to you from internet cafe. I got to Bishkek good. All the way I was thinking as well that soon I will be able to fulfill all dreams.
it is very a shame to me before you. But what usually happens, I have a problem. I can`t come to you.
Problem is small amount of money. My love, Barry I need 413 USD.
I tried to solve this problem myself, nothing has turned out.
For me it's a shame, I didn't want to tell you. and to ask you financial aid.. So, I do not want you to think badly of me.
Complete disarray, my angel Barry, I am insanely afraid of losing you. I feel so bad now, I tremble hands, and his voice trembling. In my eyes with tears.
I'm very embarrassed. And it is very difficult right now. I do not know what to do. Since I'm all alone. And I feel like I'm useless. I feel very bad.
Forgive me for what I force you to read it. But I really do not have anybody ready to help me. Do you understand? You're the closest person for me right now. And I'm afraid of losing you.
Now, I'll try to explain in more detail, what's my problem. Actually, it's not really that difficult, but without solving the problem, simply would not be allowed leave Kyrgyzstane. We live in different countries, we are separated by different languages, different laws, different traditions.
How many people in Kyrgyzstane, the mind can`t understand why, as always warn about the last minute.
Whole problem lies in the fact that I owe a debt utility bills apartment - unpaid bills for water, gas, electricity and so on. Citizens who do not pay the debts of state agencies are not allowed to travel outside Kyrgyzstane until pay the debt to 100 percent.
The amount of my debt of 2513 USD. In my wallet 2100 USD, which I saved. I had to pay 2100 USD for the debt. But now, I still obligated to pay 413 USD, or simply would not be releasing me from Kyrgyzstane. This law was passed in our country recently due to the fact that many citizens went abroad and left a huge, unpaid bills .
I tried to find money in Bishkek, but I have no friends here and even acquaintances.
I asked from Gulnar. also I tried to obtain a loan. but I don't work officially. and nobody could help me.
I tried to ask money from internship program, but authorized agents told me that, due to their great regret, not to engage in personal benefit to the public, but you pay for only those conditions which have been included in the contract.
Therefore, the problem I have to solve on their own. I am extremely upset, I don`t know what to do. I don`t have a way out of this terrible situation. My prince, you're my only hope!
Our future is in your hands.
I'll giveback you money as soon arrive in your country. I'll get money first, and immediately give you back 413 USD.
but first I need to get out from Kyrgyzstane. As I said before, the first salary I pay within first days after I arrive in your country. after signing the contract.
I hope for your understanding, trust and support. I'm sure it will not be a barrier and you can help me. Need to hurry, my angel Barry. The faster you can help me, faster than I can fly to your country. It's very difficult to find the right words my prince. now I'm just asking you to help as soon as possible.
I hope you will help me, I'm sure. because such a loving. caring. a real man can not do otherwise!
I am depressed. now all my life depends on this money. because it is the purpose of my life. and now bureaucrats want to deliver me sticks in wheels.
it kills me. the highest note of a violin now in my soul.
My Tiger Barry, I learned that there is RIA Money Transfer. This system is safer and the easiest way and fastest way to transfer money. This is exactly what we need right now.
my love, I have no bank account.
I'm really very sorry to have to ask for your help, but I have no choice.
Only you a person. Please don`t forget, I will give back 413 USD from my salary! as soon as I arrive in your country.
I'm sure you don `t leave me in this difficult situation - you are true gentleman, sweet and caring. We are made for each other.
money only paper, for which you can`t buy true love and feelings.
Much more important is spiritual wealth of mankind. I think you do not need to explain this.
I very much beg you. please understand.
I need to arrive as soon as possible.
But without your help, our dreams never come true. please, do not think of me bad. I do not look for personal benefit. I have a good promise for earn money. but for this purpose. but with mine a debt.
it is very a shame to me to ask from you the help. I want to be happy. but this money does not give me the chance to be near you.
I try to only two of us, and it takes a lot for me. The most important thing is that you have a desire to help. Then, we will be able to jump all the obstacles together. Come on, there will be next to each other and make the most beautiful things of this world together, taking her hand.
the main thing is that you would like to help me.
I hope that you can do now. because it depends on my life.
I really hope you can help me with RIA Money Transfer.
I'll give you the money, as soon as I sign a contract in your country.
I hope that the new mail waiting for me, as soon as possible.
The most passionate kisses and sweet to you, my tiger Barry!
Your little girl from Kyrgyzstane, Nurzada!
Letter 5
Hello my love Barry!
I am very happy that you were able to answer me.
thank god for hearing my prayers.
I am very worried that I will stay with my problematic one and you will not want to help me.
I arrived in Bishkek.
I went straight to the internship management.
to finish the paperwork.
to sign a contract for an internship.
I have prepared all the documents.
I have everything ready.
when I gave them for verification. and they had to give me plane tickets on my hands.
but when the documents were checked. I was told that I have legal debt.
I will not be able to get tickets. because of the debt I have.
I was very upset. since I didn't think I might have problems.
I'm very embarrassed. that I have to ask your help. I'm sorry I have to ask for your help.
when I look at your photos on my face a smile.
I want to be close to you . so that your strong arms hug me. at a moment when your help is needed.
my heart needs your warmth.
I am very pleased that you want to help me. I understand that we have different times. it's morning, and I'm waiting for your decisive help!
Barry, I'm sorry, I can't hold back the tears.
it is really very important to leave Bishkek as soon as possible.
as my job as a dentist depends on it.
Barry, I am very happy that you understand my problem. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to you. You are a real man!!!!
I know that you are exactly the man I have been looking for all my life.
now is a very important moment in my life.
I am happy that we will be together. share our happiness.
give you my soul and love!
I am very happy that you can help me. I am very happy that you can go to RIA and give me money.
please search address near you.
here is my data so that you can send money. I give you an address in Bishkek. since I'll be here to receive your money. FIRSTNAME: NURZADA
Country: Kyrgyzstan
City: Bishkek
Address: Moskovskaya, 148.
Postal: 720017
My number: +996778446622 forgive me for causing you inconvenience. and I ask you for help. but you are my only hope.
Letter 6
Hello my Sweet Barry!
I received your letter and I am very sad to see that you write. I see that you're finally lost interest in me. It's very sad.
After that I told you. It is a pity that you could not put yourself in my place. I think that if you were at the airport now, and slept there on the bench, you would be very depressed.
Make sure you tell me this letter, and say "yes" or "no."
But before you answer, read this letter carefully.
I'm very ashamed of you. and it is very unpleasant to be humiliated. I'm sad to see. that you don`t want to take care of me. it brings me sadness.
because I'm very lonely here in Bishkek. no one can help me:(((((( My dear Barry, I can`t force you to trust me.
It's your choice and your right. But now I'm really in a very bad situation.
And I can`t solve the problem itself. I am very tired, and I want as soon as possible to come to you. I can`t live without you.
I don`t have at the moment plane ticket. Because of the debt, I can`t get my hands on ticket. I told you about it. I have to give the money to the cashier bailiffs.
I have to take them herself that they removed my travel ban. This I have to do in person. and it's important for me to do it right now.
please understand me!!
Do you think I am pleased to humiliate myself to you?
if I could get time. I cant wait. because management of the internship is pressing on me. They ask that I take tickets in the near future. since I need to conclude a contract in the near future. management of internships is not going to solve my personal problems..
you know, if I don`t give money, I lost the opportunity to go on an internship? I will Lost the opportunity to receive good money.
please help me. What would I have been able to come to you and start my internship.
My prince Barry, I am told I have to pay dept and bailiffs will give freedom.
My love Barry, please. understand me. I don`t know what to do and how to act in this situation.
Please understand me. it is very important ...
I have run out of money in general. I don`t know what I will eat in a few days. I can`t Left Bishkek. Since I really have not any money for this.
This is the most cruel, that happened to me in my whole life.
Why is this happening ??...
I can`t stop my tears flow constantly. You know how hard it is to realize that I'm alone. No one can help me.
Everyone at me spit. Everyone has their own problems. And I am very sad that I believe that I have the happiness in life. I can be happy with you.
All women presented with flowers, gifts. Men are giving their full attention to own woman.
I saw a lot of sweet couples here. I don`t want to be different from other people. And I sat in tears. why am i so unhappy???
I can`t come to you. And no one can comfort me in this super complicated situation.
Why You don`t understand me? I feel that I'm absolutely not necessary.
Why must I suffer? Why punish me so much life?
I want to be happy with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don`t know how to get to trust me. But it is now the most important thing.
Because without trust or does not will will develop our relations.
Please. come into my position. I beg you, don`t leave me in this situation.
And make the right decision. I can no longer live there in airport Bishkek.
I want to see you as soon as possible.
help me. now here in a foreign city, unfortunately, I can`t find the money.
If you don`t pay their debts to the apartment, I was not allowed to leave the country.
I can`t come to you, and then ask for your help. I asked to be allowed to pay debt in your country. I said that I will get good money. but they refused me. because the debt needs to be repaid before left Kyrgyzstania.
this is the law. which they can not break. for this it is very important for me to close the debt.
I'm not asking for money for the ticket or for personal needs. I simply ask you to help with this problem with my debts if not now pay the money, I can`t come to you, I will not be able to go through customs. I'm not asking for money for gifts or just for something different, the only thing I ask - to help me, and I give you this money just in your country.
I told you that just arrived in the capital of your country, I'll have my first salary for the first month of residence from the internship program of government. I will have 3250 USD, and I can easily get back to you your 413 USD.
But I have the money just then, when I come to your country. Now I need your help!!! of vital importance now, in this moment.
please, my gentleman, my knight, my other half. I beg you, help me!
I'll give you the money !!!!
write to me right now. I am waiting for your affectionate letter.
give me a chance to be with you!
I love you.
my man!!!
your Nurzada
Letter 7
My dear Barry, I am very happy that you could write to me again.
I have vaccinated
I hope you understand, now I am still in Bishkek. I am trying to find a solution to the problem.
I love you very much. I really want to be with you. but due to the ban of the bailiffs, I cannot get on the plane.
this makes me very sad. because all the documents are ready. I can't get tickets for my hands.
now is the moment when you can't waste time. It is very important for me that you can help me out today.
because my life depends on it. my career. I can sign contracts and start making money.
It is important for me to come to you as soon as possible. because if I can not fulfill the terms of the contract and arrive in your country.
then another student can be sent instead of me. I will lose my internship opportunity.
I hope today you can transfer money for me to the Bank. and today I can close the debt with the bailiffs. and get tickets on hand. it is very important.
I dreamed for so long to find a man who will always be by my side. who can I trust and be happy.
I believe. that it is you. you are the strongest man. you are the most reliable man.
thank you for being in my life. I am grateful to you everything that you do for me!
I believe you will do everything so that we can be together and enjoy life together.
Understand me, I also want to be happy. So are you. I want my man to carry me in his arms.
That we could always be together. I do NOT think that this **** money will make us in trouble.
Money will not be an obstacle for us. I am begging you. understand me. I am in Bishkek.
And it's very hard for me here. I have to decide now. I need to come to you as soon as possible. I have an internship. For which I will have good money.
I so want to be with you now! I dream of living together. I will be a good wife. I promise you.
When I start my internship, I will be able to benefit people. and make good money.
And so I ask you, Barry. help me out so that I can come to you as soon as possible. you are the best man in the world. thank you for everything!
I love you.
Letter 8
Hello my sweet Barry!
I look forward to your letter. I was very happy that you wrote to me again.
I opened my heart to you. I cried all these days. And even now there are so many tears on my face that it is enough to water a flower. Which out from moisture. But these tears are not needed by anyone .
I hope you understand my situation.
I am now in Bishkek in the internship management.
and I got this problem.
I can not move . because of my duty!
I gave my last money.
Barry Now I urgently need to solve the problem with the bailiffs.
I need to lift the travel ban!
I need to pay off my debt 100%.
not enough another 413 usd. it needs payment.
I will receive a paper from the bailiffs that the restrictions have been lifted from me.
I will get the tickets on hand. and you can meet me in the capital of your country!
But now I'm in Bishkek now, and nobody needs me! I'm so sad!
I already turned to the internship program for help. And they said that they would not solve personal problems.
My duty and I have to pay it. They do not care. Now they can find another student and send her instead of me. I will lose all my goals in life.
I went to my internship for 7 years ..
I told you. I see no reason to deceive you.
Tell me Barry. what is more than 413 usd? Or 3250 usd?
I will be able to receive this money every month. 6 months.
Calculate how much you get in the end?
I see no reason to deceive you.
It is a pity to understand that you do not want to help me.
I did not think that you do not trust me. I sent you a copy of my passport.
Showed you that I need money for a reason.
It is very important for me that we find understanding.
I don't even know what to do now.
please loan me 413 usd.
I was in vain at the Bishkek these days? And slept like a *** on a bench!
Barry I believe in a miracle. Trust your compassion and understanding!
Beg you. Help me. This is very important.
when I am in the capital of your country, I can earn a decent salary. and be by your side, my man!
please Barry, give me a chance for a new life!
And now I have nothing left to do. Tell me please what is your opinion.
Know I have a love for you in my heart. everything is in your hands.
write me this letter as soon as possible.
I love you very much. I beg you help me.
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Name: Rejoyce Koroma
Age: 24
Name: Aliah Kurd
Age: 24
Name: Jenny
Age: 36
Name: Ludmila
Age: 25
Name: Faith Gettinger
Age: 29
Name: Amy Teiga Castro Shaner
Age: 29
Name: Victoria Troshina
Age: 31
Name: Evgenia Skriptunsowa
Age: 32
Name: Anastasia Alekseevna Semenova
Age: 36
Name: Sarah Gary
Age: 28
Name: Alevtina Sokolova
Age: 27
Name: Tatyana
Age: 25
Name: Elena
Age: 28
Name: Terry L. Cox
Age: 33
Name: Irina Rumyantseva
Age: 28