Scam letter(s) from Karlygash Abilda to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Thank you for taking some of your time and responding to my letter. To be honest, I didn't even expect you to answer. Anyway, thank you for your letter. So that you have a little idea about me. Who I am, from where, and how old I am. I want to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Karlygash. But all my friends call me - (need a short name). You can call me that, if it's convenient for you. I come from Almaty, and I still live there. I am 30 years old if I seem very young to you in the photo. Then, do not pay attention, my friends and colleagues at work do not believe that I am so old. Although I look very young, there is a merit of my parents, their genes were inherited by me. + To all this thanks to physical exercises in the fitness room, and most importantly nutrition. I manage to keep the appearance of a student of some university. So don't be surprised why I look so young. What else can I say, I just remembered. Knowledge of languages. I know several languages, since I am in Kazakhstan, and the official language in my country is Kazakhstan. + To all this I have knowledge of English, of course there are gaps, and most likely you will understand what I mean, because I studied English at school and at the institute, I did not fully manage to learn English. If I took paid lessons from an English linguist. Then, my knowledge of English would be much better. For this reason, I know only the basics, and in my opinion I can talk quite well. From your point of view, it may seem the opposite. I will hope that you will not have any problems when reading my letter, and you will understand what I am writing about. In some situations, I will use different translators. Just keeping you posted, so that in the future you will not have any questions to me. To tell you more about myself, I think I'll tell you about my profession, what I do and how I earn my living. My profession, in short, I am a dentist. I work in a state polyclinic. Where I get a good salary, which by the way is enough for me to live. As for my interests, there are a lot of them (I am fond of volleyball, cycling, skiing, and a bunch of other interests). Believe me, I can tell you a lot about myself. But, it won't be interesting , and the letter will be delayed, where I can just bore you with a story about myself. I think that soon I will definitely dedicate a letter where I will tell you in detail about my interests, music, movies, books, cooking and so on. To continue our communication, I want you to know. I don't have kids or a boyfriend. That is, I am not in a serious relationship. So that it doesn't interfere with our communication. As for you Richard? Are you in a serious relationship? It's just a very important moment for me. If you have a girlfriend and you are married, then perhaps I would finish writing to you, because I don't want to disrupt the relationship and spoil the marriage. On this, let me know. Ok? Because the dating site does not indicate that you are in a relationship. According to the dating agency. In short, I told a little about myself. I really hope that in the next letter you will also tell me about yourself, so that I have more idea with whom I am having a dialogue. I think this is the end of my letter. It's time for me to head home to do the cleaning, cooking and other household chores. I look forward to your next letter and hope very much for the continuation of our communication. Yours sincerely, Karlygash
Letter 2
I was glad to receive a letter from you. Although I received your letter early in the morning. But, I didn't have time, because there was a blockage at work. Now I have an hour of free time. I decided to devote some time to our communication. Still, I'm glad that we continued to talk. It's a pity that I can't devote all the time for our communication, it's connected with work and with my free time from work. So everyone has their own things to do after work that need to be done. Going to the fitness room, meeting with friends, housework (such as housecleaning, cooking, if there is a dog, then you need to walk with her, and others). I think you understand why, we can't communicate around the clock and communicate through all sorts of messengers such as facebook, whats app, telegram, and other communication programs. Although communication by mail is old-fashioned nowadays. There is some kind of romance in this, when people without any other communication programs were waiting for a letter from their friend, loved one, relatives, family members. Now teenagers communicate on social networks, where they write in short words, where they can't really tell you about themselves, tell you how the day went. Communication in this is not complete, for this reason I chose to communicate with you by email, and not through messengers. I hope that you are satisfied with communicating with me by mail?? Therefore, I am quite satisfied to write by mail, so I can tell about my day, about myself in more detail. I want to tell you right away and add why I won't even have time to write to you at night before going to bed. I don't have my own computer. It's not related to the fact that I can't afford own computer or laptop. Because I don't see it as important. If I had interests in playing computer games, in the end for studying. The fact that a computer or laptop was an important attribute for me, and I would have already acquired it. But, I have already finished my studies a couple of years ago, then this unit is no longer needed for me. This is my subjective opinion, of course you can disagree with me and express your thoughts on this, where I will listen to you and perhaps give my comment on this topic. Now, I want to start my story about myself. I have already told a little about myself in my previous letter, where I live, how old I am, and who I work for. But, nevertheless, I want to tell you about my work so that you have an idea of what I do. Rather, you already know what a dentist does. Right!! The dentist is engaged in the treatment of patients' teeth. Since I do not work as a full-fledged dentist, but only help at the moment, because I need more practice in this profession. I study. I know the whole theory by heart. But, theory is one thing, and when it comes to practice, it's completely different. Although I already had experience at the university where I did my internship. I still have a fear of harming the patient when it comes to implants. For this, a little bit and a little bit, I practice to hone until the moment when I will not have this fear. Although my mentor and the chief surgeon tells me not to be afraid. Still, when it comes to serious surgery, such as putting an implant, removing the root of a tooth, I do not dare yet, so I am currently watching and watching the actions his colleague. At the moment I am engaged in the removal of tartar, caries removal, pulling teeth, and other small things, to inject anesthesia and X-rays. That's my whole workflow, what I do. Next year, I hope that I will be able to overcome all fears and become a professional dentist. In order to work in a prestigious clinic in the future. At the moment I am happy with my work. My work has been sorted out, now you have an idea who I work for and what I do. I would like to tell you about my family and friend. I'll start with my family first. I have only my mother and sister left alive. My father died six years ago due to prostate cancer. Mom lives separately from me, decided to settle in the country, as she does not like the city bustle at all. I have a sister, Elvira, who also lives separately. By the way, she also works in the field of medicine, but already as a traumatologist. We went with her to her mom's posts. In general , all the women in our family tree worked in the field of medicine. It remains to tell about a friend. The friend's name is Valentina, she already works as a photographer, then you will understand from where I have such cool photos. That's how I briefly told a little about my family and friend, who does what. By the way, I almost forgot to mention, I live in my own studio apartment, I wanted to show off a little. At least I took the apartment on a mortgage. But, it's better than living in a rented one. It seems that's all I wanted to tell you. If you want to see a story from me in more detail about my family. I am ready to tell you in more detail. In order not to delay your letter with your long story. On this, if you have any questions, do not hesitate. Ok?? I almost forgot you Richard, can also tell us about your work and family. We should get to know each other better. Isn't it?? I want to end my letter with this and I will look forward to your next letter with great impatience. If I may, consider him my friend. Your friend Karlygash
Letter 3
My friend Richard, thank you again for your letter. (If he told about his parents and about his past).
"Thank you for telling me about your parents. I was pleased to learn as much about you as possible.
Although the topic of parents is personal, but still thank you again for sharing with me. Not a big digression from the topic. - If you have any more questions for me, ask me about it. I am always ready to answer your questions. Today, the weather was not favorable on the street since the morning. It's springtime in our city now, and for me it's time the year is not a favorite. Who likes spring, who doesn't. We are all different people. The cold days of winter are behind us. Now everything on the street is slowly melting snow and puddles are forming, the days have become longer in feeling. It was sunny outside. But, nevertheless, I did not dare to ride a bike, or walk, because there was ice, and there is a high probability of falling and getting injured. That's why I decided to take public transport. I got to work quickly in 15 minutes. I didn't even notice how I got to work. In the morning it was on the street feels about +4 Celsius. That's the way I had before work. By the way, my friend, how do you get to your job? Do you use your own private transport or public transport? Everything seems to be about the weather, there's not even anything else to add. That's why I would like to move on to the topic of my interests. At the beginning of our communication, I promised to tell you about my interests in more detail. First of all, I would like to start with cooking. I love cooking, and in my opinion I am not a bad cook. To confirm the words, by deed. I'm attaching a photo of my skill to you. So that you can evaluate my cooking. You may think that everything looks edible in the photo, but what does my food taste like. My culinary work was appreciated by my sister and my mother. Everyone liked my cooking. I can not only cook what you see in the photo. But, I know how to cook turkey, chicken, potato and minced meat casserole, pilaf (rice with meat), chicken meatballs in the oven, in cream cheese sauce, and much more. I know how to cook various soups, such as borscht, chicken soup, solyanka, sharpa. I also have experience in making salads. I can do caesar salad, Greek salad, hunting salad, and much more. In general, I can cook everything if I have a good recipe, and most importantly a recipe. Personally, it won't be any problem for me to cook a meal. I can write a lot that I can. But, I'm afraid to stretch the letter and tire out what I can cook. All that I have listed is not even half of what I can cook. This culinary experience came to me from my mother. Because Mom always said that the way to a man's heart is through the stomach. I think you've heard that saying. Until I got off the subject food. I would like to write what I like to eat. Here again I can surprise you with a large list of food that I like. So as not to write a big food list. I'll split the kitchens. I like Russian cuisine ( since I live in Russia). I am a big fan of Italian food. I like pasta: chicken with cheese, carbonara, bolognese. That's what I don't like, so it's a sea of products. I don't like moluski, *****, mussels, shrimps, etc. But, I love river, ocean, sea fish. I don't even know what it's related to. I have since childhood, some kind of dislike for these seafood. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I ate a couple of bad food from the chefs. This dislike remained for life. I almost forgot to add, I still don't like Chinese food. Of alcoholic beverages, I like most of all wine, cocktail. To all other alcoholic beverages, such as *****, whiskey, champagne, cognac. I like it. I have no bad habits, such as cigarettes, drugs. I also don't have tattoos, piercings. At least I have a positive attitude to all this. As they say, your body is your business and do with it that do you want. In general, I'm not a big fan of alcohol, but I don't mind having a couple of glasses with friends at a holiday. The most important thing is to do everything in moderation. Here is my credo:) I'm thinking about the topic of food and my cooking can be finished. Now you can get down to my musical tastes. I have already mentioned to you that I have a very rich taste for various music. Here you can highlight classical music and their composers:Hans Zimmer , Johann Johannsson , Ludovico Einaudi. Also rock music and their composers: Nirvana, AC/DC, Metallica, Rammstein. Also in my MP3 pleer, there is modern music: Imagine dragons, Rihanna, Linkin Park, Shakira , Justin Timberlake, Nickelback, Christmas Tree, Polina Gagarina . My friend Richard, I can continue this list to you indefinitely. I tried my best you should write only the music that I listen to on a regular basis. I can attach musical compositions in the next email so that you have an idea of what I like. But, I will do it only with your permission, if you don't mind, in return you can share with my musical tastes, if I like it, then I will add it to my playlist. On account of musical tastes, I wrote to you. Now, I want to tell you my favorite genres . My favorite Genres are Detective, drama, Romance, Comedy . My favorite movies are "Hachiko: A Dog's Story" - this movie can make you cry, "Titanic", "Gladiator", "1+1 Intouchables" . + I still prefer to watch TV channels , my favorite channels are : Discovery Channel , BBS , National Geographic. As for the actors . In the category of my favorite actors are : Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio. I forgot to mention the directors Ridley Scott , Steven Spielberg, James Cameron . This is not a complete list of my favorite movies, TV shows and actors. I also like to read books . I adore mysticism, fantasy, adventure, detictives. Such as: "Ten Little *******" by Agatha Christie, "Amphibian Man" by Belyaev Alexander Romanovich, "The Lord of the Rings" - John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, "The Witcher" Andrzej Sapkowski, "Game of Thrones" George Martin, and much more. As you can see, I read foreign literature, and this is also not a complete list, but only books I have read not long ago. There are already series on all these books, and films that I have already watched. I will immediately write that I liked everything. In my free time from work, I study (it all depends on the time of year). In summer - I prefer to go swimming on the lake or on the rivers , I like to swim - this is a healthy lifestyle . Water helps to relax and strengthens the immune system. I am fond of camping, I am afraid of being alone but if you go with a company, it's always fun and brings a lot of emotions after these hikes. I also like to go to the sea. Last year I went to Sochi to the sea with my sister. I even have a couple of photos that I want to share. In the summer I like to play volleyball on the beach, since childhood I have been fond of this sport. I like to ride a bike, by the way, this is my main transport in the summer, I travel by bike to work, to shops and so on.. In winter - I love skiing , I tried snowboarding a couple of times , but it didn 't work out . That's why I prefer regular skis and downhill. + I love to ride on skates . In winter , I prefer to go to the fitness room . I have a lot of interests that I will get tired of talking about. My letter turned out to be very large, I really hope that you did not fall asleep while reading it. I really hope so:) If you have any more questions about my interests. I will share either in the next email. Or I will dedicate a separate letter and tell you more about myself. Everything will depend on your requests. I think I'll finish my letter with this. I will look forward to your next letter, and also do not forget to send your photos where you show interest in your hobby. It will be interesting for me to see what you are interested in. I have to go, I hope that your answer will not take long to wait, so I am looking forward to your letters with great impatience. Your friend Karlygash.
Letter 4
Hello my friend Richard. I was glad to receive your letter. How are you? What is the weather like in your city?? I hope I'm not boring you with my big letters and stories about myself?? Answer me honestly. Ok?? Although it may seem like a big minus to you. But, I really like to write and tell about myself in detail, so that you would be interested in learning about me as much as possible. I just don't have such free time to communicate with you in real time when you are online. Where we could communicate in various social networks networks, and learn about each other. Believe me, there are serious reasons for this, which I have already written about earlier, and why we cannot communicate like this as you wish. Still, I really hope that this will not affect our further communication in any way. If you have any thoughts that bother you, then I will answer them in the next letter. Now I wanted to tell you about my day and how it went. Today my day was calm. My sister and I planned to go to my mother. Last week, my sister and I planned this hike. We went to the store and bought all the necessary products for cooking, a bouquet of white roses, a bottle of red wine, a box of chocolates. It was a long way, and eventually we got to our mother's house. The last time my sister and I visited my mother was last month. Our mother she was glad to see us, it's a pity that due to work and free time, we don't get to see my mother often. When we got home , my mother met us, she was glad to see us by her look. We immediately went to the kitchen, unpacked the grocery bags. I opened the bottle red wine. I poured them into glasses, drank a little, and started cooking. I suggested to cook the chicken in the oven from the beginning, and after that to cook , start cooking pancakes. Everyone agreed with me and got down to business. Mom immediately started peeling potatoes. I started butchering the chicken. My sister started making sauce for the chicken at that time. After all the ingredients were ready, everything was put in the oven to bake. At the same time, Mom started cooking pancakes. Forty minutes later, we started setting the table. We sat down and ate, and began to remember the past. First we talked about Dad, how we miss him, how much fun we spent together with each other. Mom even started crying from all this nostalgia in order to somehow divert this topic of conversation. I had to tell about my past when I was in my teens engaged in modeling as a part-time job. Because at that time there was not enough scholarship, and it was necessary to somehow provide themselves with housing, food, and so on. It was big news for mom, because I didn't tell her what I was doing in general. But, at the same moment, my sister already knew what I was doing and what she did for a living. In case you forgot, I want to remind you that my sister has already studied to be a photographer. To make a portfolio for yourself. Elvira helped me with all this. You will most likely be wondering why, in the end, I am now working in my profession, and not as a model, although I had all the prospects of becoming a professional model. Now about everything in order, okay my friend, Richard? An interesting question is why I chose the profession of a surgeon and not another one. First of all, I chose the profession of a surgeon because there were doctors in my family (only a generation of women). My mother worked as a surgeon (cardiac surgeon) while she was alive, my grandmother was an ENT doctor (otolaryngologist). On the one hand, as a child I didn't want to be a doctor. But over time I changed my mind, as a child I wanted to become a ballerina. But because of the lack of money in my family. I had to participate in regular dances (it was my hobby as a child). I loved dancing when I was little. After I grew up and became a teenager (at that time I was about 22 years old), I was offered to become a model. I was even contacted by a modeling agency. I even came to casting. I went to training courses. How to walk properly, how to stand properly, and even how to eat properly. Because the models had a strict diet. At that time, they paid a small amount of money about 20,000-30,000 rubles. This job took away almost all of my free time, and it was mentally and physically tiring to all of this. I worked in this agency for about six months. I understood that at this rate it would be difficult for me to combine my studies and work as a model. In the end, I didn't have enough patience. I quit this job. Because it was for me to be a professional model it takes a lot of time. I repeat, it is necessary to engage in forced workouts that depleted the body. It is necessary to eat right (I don't call it a proper diet, most likely, this is a "survive without food" test). + there is no freedom to all this! From morning to night you work like a horse, and there is nothing useful in this modeling profession. Only temporary fame and money. They tried to convince me , so that I could stay and continue my career. But!!! I refused because I understood inside that this profession was not for me. For this reason, I quit the agency. After that, I decided to resume my studies. I found another part-time job that didn't take up much of my time. A year later, a practice appeared, for which I was already paid. Now I hope you understand from where I get beautiful photos, since I had a little experience in the modeling business. Even now I remember the whole story with warmth in my heart, but then it was a difficult period in my life for me. From all this story, my mom was shocked. If she found out what I have been engaged in the past, then in no way let me. Alas, what happened, nothing can be changed. We sat a little longer, finished our wine, and got ready to go home. I decided to come to the Internet cafe to tell you how my day was. My friend Richard, how was your day?? It would be interesting for me to listen to you. What are your plans for this weekend, or in general for this week?? I have plans to go to this week to the orphanage. Our polyclinic periodically conducts a free examination, dental treatment for children. But, sends only volunteers who really want to help children. I agreed to this condition, even though they won't pay for this procedure . At this point, I'm going to go home. I will be looking forward to your reply. Your friend Karlygash
Letter 5
Hello my friend Richard. I was glad to receive a letter from you. Thank you for sharing your plans for this week. In my previous letter, I mentioned to you that I was going to go to an orphanage. Since our clinic was conducting charity. Today, instead of going to work, my superiors sent me and several of my colleagues to an orphanage. Before going there. We have packed all the necessary equipment with us. We were taken by bus, we reached the orphanage No. 2. This is the name of the orphanage. You can even look on the Internet what this house is like. We laid out all the necessary equipment and started the inspection. First of all, we started to do an examination of children who had problems with their teeth, such as neglected caries, where cleaning was required, who needed it was necessary to put a seal, someone needed the removal of baby teeth, and then just an examination. To avoid creating a large queue. In advance , the child caregivers took care of this. There weren't many kids today, about 15. Five of them needed to have a baby tooth removed. We cleaned the remaining children's teeth and put fillings. After completing the work, a colleague gave a lecture on how to properly care for behind your teeth. Time flew by not noticeably, every child we helped. They told different stories about who they want to become in the future. Someone is a policeman, someone is in the army, and someone wants to become a doctor to help people. I look at these children, I wake up with maternal feelings to adopt someone. I've always wanted to have several children. But, because of the past that is connected with me. I can't have children. So that you have an idea. I would like to touch on my past. I had a relationship with a man a few years ago. I I lived with him for exactly four years. (I think it makes no sense to mention this name in this letter). I met him in 2014 through mutual acquaintances. Everything was standard, like couples. First, correspondence, dating, romantic evenings, trips around the cities. We had strong feelings with this man. When we dated for a few years. We are going to build a future, a wedding, children and so on. He offered to move into his apartment. After a few months when we lived with each other. In 2017, I got pregnant. He asked me to marry him . In the same year 2017 we got married. It seemed that happiness was almost at hand. But then a disaster happened, I had a miscarriage (the baby was dead in my ****) in the sixth month. To somehow save the child, the doctors tried to do everything possible. Alas, nothing good has ended with this. After all that happened, I was undergoing a checkup. The doctors told me that I can't have children anymore because my fetus is not intended. My fiance and I were very disappointed such news. You probably can't imagine what I've been through. I haven't eaten anything for two months. I was depressed for almost two months . When I was depressed, I didn't notice the most important thing that my husband (ex-husband) was doing. He started abusing alcohol and often going to bars. I thought it was a normal process, because everyone experiences grief in their own way. I was hoping it would all be over soon. All this went on for several months. I tried to talk to him to somehow make him understand that life on this is not close. But then I was disappointed again. I found out from my friends that he started cheating on me. I was trying to get him to talk to me so that he would be honest with me. He confessed to me about it, we talked and came to a common understanding. After long conversations, I decided to forgive him and give him a second chance, because I loved this man with all my heart. I thought it wouldn't happen again, but how wrong I was. He started cheating on me again, got a mistress. As it turned out in the end, that this mistress turned out to be an acquaintance of mine. Later it turned out that she got pregnant from him. I didn't put up with it for a long time and filed for divorce. I still don't understand why he did this to me. I started thinking that I couldn't give him children anymore. Why did he do this to me if he really wanted children so much. After all, there is always a choice. We now live in the twenty-first century, where you can ask a woman to be a surrogate mother, or adopt or adopt a child in an orphanage. After all, the choice at that time was why he didn't want to talk to me about this topic. I don't know. Maybe I was a naive fool when I forgave him. Maybe before I forgave him, he already had a mistress. I don't even know. I really understood that we all deserve a second chance. I gave this man this chance for happiness. But apparently he didn't want it himself. After this event, I tried to build a new relationship again. Alas, they did not end well. I'm still alone. I even had the idea not to start any dating, until my sister advised me to use a dating site. Although I have had difficult periods in my life, but now I found faith again. I really hope that I did not make a mistake with the choice of you, my friend Richard.

I'm sorry, my friend, that I told you about my past. After all, I started my letter with positive news, and ended only with a sad ending from my past. Now it became easier for me when I dropped this load. I really needed to talk to someone and speak out on this topic. If you have had any negative experience, then you can share it with me. I am always ready to listen to you. On this I think I need to finish my letter. Thank you for having me. Your friend Karlygash
Letter 6
Hello my dear Richard. I am glad to receive a letter from you again. You don't mind that I called you my "darling", do you?? I think it won't be a problem for you?? We have been communicating with you for a decent amount of time. For this short period of time. You and I have become closer. Thank you for sharing your past with me. I don't even know if I should have asked you to do this. Because first of all, this is a personal topic that I didn't want to tell you about. I thought that you are the person who should know why and why I started dating in the internet. I've come to the conclusion that you should know about my past. Because we are not only talking about ourselves and our interests here. We also need to know as much about each other as possible. Do you agree with my opinion?? We have all experienced negative experiences in relationships. I came to the conclusion that we were just unlucky because we didn't know what kind of person our partner might end up being. We should not give up on getting to know other people. We have to move on. We just need to draw the right conclusions, in order not to make such mistakes. It's just that life is such that we all make mistakes. Considering all these mistakes, we try not to make them in the future. As one wise man said: "A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, a smart man learns from his own, a fool does not learn at all. If you failed to be wise, don't be a fool." I don't remember who said this wisdom. But, I hope that you understood the idea that I wanted to convey. In my previous letters, I told you about myself, where I live, what I do, what my hobbies are. But, I haven't told you anything about my character, about my principles, which is important to me in a relationship. Now I think it's time to write about it so that you have a better idea of me as a woman with whom you communicate. I think it's better to start about your character. Personally, I can say about myself that I am a calm woman. I don't have a high temperament. I am always ready to listen to my interlocutor. If my interlocutor asked for my advice, or how I reacted to a particular situation. I am always ready to give advice. I don't have the habit of interrupting my interlocutor, and shoving my nose into other people's problems. If I am asked to express my position, I will tell you. If not, then I'll listen to what they tell me. I also like my criticism, but adequate. I want to notice. If they tell me that I 'm doing something wrong at some points. My interlocutor will say that if I am wrong in this or that situation. The most important thing will bring arguments, then I will listen to the opinion of the person. But if they tell me frankly nonsense, then I won't even listen to the person. I am a sharply impulsive woman, that is, I get angry from the stupidity of the interlocutor or from when I am provoked. Although, I am a sharply impulsive woman, I do not take offense for a long time. At least , I can quarrel with a person . But there is one thing! I can't take offense for long. I am very talkative and like to talk, but only in familiar company. if I conduct a dialogue with strangers, then I behave very calmly and practically do not talk. I love honesty and openness. I think you might have noticed it yourself. But I can't stand flattery and lies. I prefer the truth, which this truth was not, than a sweet or flattering lie. That's why in a relationship I appreciate when my partner or interlocutor was honest with me. Also, in a relationship, I really appreciate mutual understanding and respect. I prefer to talk to my partner in advance if there are problems. Because I think there should be 100% trust between a man and a woman, they should be able to tell each other everything before united, share all your joys and sorrows. If they have a problem, they should try to find a solution together to eventually come to a common understanding. This builds a long and strong relationship with a partner. This is just my opinion, what do you think about this Richard? I think I will end my letter with this. If you have any questions for me, do not hesitate to ask. I will answer your questions. Because most likely, I could have forgotten to tell something about the relationship or about myself. I am ready to listen to your opinion, what you think. Am I right in my reasoning? I leave this question open. I will look forward to your next letter. Your Karlygash
Letter 7
Hello my dear Richard. In the previous letter, I told you about my character, about my principles, which is important to me in a relationship in my personal opinion. Today I wanted to tell you what I do in my free time from work. In our free time from work, we are engaged in maintaining the form. Due to the circumstances, today I went to fitness to work out. After work, I decided to go to the fitness room with my friend Valentina, whom I mentioned almost at the very beginning of our acquaintance. Usually Valentina and I go to the fitness room three times a day a week. If our work schedule allows it + we have the strength and mood for all this. That is, we usually go on such days , on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If the work schedule does not allow, then we go on other days. As I wrote earlier, everything depends not only on the schedule, but also on the mood and strength. We rarely go in the morning, only when we have a free day we devote to this business. Usually in the fitness room we do cardio exercises, such as running, squats, abdominal exercises. We have a special training schedule that we have painted. In order not to engage in self-study, we hired a coach who showed us the usefulness, correctness, and quantity. So that our body does not strain much, and does not get injured. We studied for several weeks under the clear guidance of a coach, when we memorized everything and wrote down the training plan. Valentina and I have already decided to study on our own, because in my opinion it is expensive. + To all this, that we can be taught. After all, we are not engaged at a professional level, but only out of sporting interest, and most importantly for myself, to maintain my shape and keep myself in good shape. And so. Our training takes about one or even two hours , but no more. Because if you overdo it and give a load, you can damage the muscles, as I had last month. Because of this incident , my training plan went downhill, and I had to start all over again. Today was a light workout (it is also unloading). On this day, Valentina and I were only doing jogging on the treadmill, squatting with a barbell, doing aerobics, and that's it our training day is over. Valentina and I broke up, she had a meeting that day with a guy she's dating. At the moment, she practically didn't say anything, not his name, where she works, and so on. But, I thought if she doesn't say anything. I also did not tell anything about my communication on the Internet with you Richard. Perhaps at the moment she doesn't want to talk and rush things. I know my friend, and eventually Valentina will tell you about it later, when she is ready to tell you. Today we only discussed in training time is about the situation in the country and around the world. This is due to coronavirus. You know when all this hype started. I didn't attach much importance to it. Because I have always understood that there have always been outbreaks of various viruses in our world, which humanity has always fought. But, this time everything is different for the second year, people are living in fear because of the virus. Some enterprises and small businesses in the field of entertainment and recreation still cannot work in our country. Only factories, medical fields of activity (clinics, dentistry), and grocery stores. Fitness halls and cafes have recently started working fully. Before that, everything was closed. Under the pretext that everything worked , we had a mandatory vaccination law. If you are not vaccinated, then you cannot go anywhere, and this law works everywhere. Before the vaccine was created, people were given a choice to be vaccinated or not. Now the state is imposing this vaccine, and every time it does everything so that people are vaccinated. I personally have a contradictory feeling. On the one hand, I am not against vaccination, on the one hand why impose? Did the same thing happen in your country? I saw in the news that vaccination is being imposed in almost all countries. I am not against vaccination for one simple reason, some people need it to get over it in a mild form. But, you need to be vaccinated only in one case, if there are few antibodies in your body. But, the big question remains, why impose it on people when there are already these antibodies in the body? Or when a person has already been ill. For me personally, it remains this big mystery. Today we argued on this is a topic with my friend. As a result of this dispute, we could not come to a common understanding. Everyone remained with their opinion, but Valentina is a clear anti-vaccination person, which I consider her not reasonable in this matter. She brought facts from the Internet that there are side effects. But, every drug or vaccine has side effects. Even I won't argue with this question. But, if you are afraid, you should definitely consult a doctor in this matter in order to pass all the necessary tests. All these tests will cost no small amount of money. But if you want to be safe and not be afraid, then all this needs to be done. Personally, when I had a law in our country that everyone should people vaccinate in the field of education, medicine, and so on. I personally passed and passed the antibody test. When the therapist told me that there were not enough antibodies in my body, I had to be vaccinated. After I passed the vaccination course, we had two vaccines, which were put first one, and after two weeks the second. According to my feelings, I went through everything in an easy way, and at the moment I feel it's great, even though I had a fever for the first few days after vaccination, but everything went well. I don't want to impose vaccination at the moment, the state is doing this. But I can't talk about the futility of vaccination either. The only correct decision from the state was to make tests for antibodies and perhaps there would not be such indignation among the residents. + To all this, do not impose a vaccine on the people. The most important thing is to give the choice that we had before. My advice is only that you need to have a head on your shoulders and make your own decision. Because there will be consequences from not making the right choice, just like without action. This is my main idea, which I wanted to convey to my friend. My dear Richard, what do you think? Do you have an opinion on this? I'm ready to listen to you and see what you think??? I hope that all this hype will end soon. Because if you compare last year and this one. This year is happening more calmly, although there are nuances. I think this will be the end of my letter. I am very tired after training, and thank you in advance for listening. I am very concerned about this topic, and I do not know how it is happening in your country. But, I would like to hear how this pandemic is taking place in your city. It's time for me to leave, I'll see you soon :) Your Karlygash
Letter 8
Hello my dear Richard. You have no idea how glad I am to see your letter. I feel that with each letter we are getting closer. I'm interested in communicating, I 'm interested in how you're doing? How is the weather in your country? For such a period of time, I really like to communicate with you. I feel like you like me too. If we continue at this rate. I think we will be able to meet soon. Sorry I'm getting ahead of myself. Because at the moment it is impossible due to my work. I am in a wonderful mood today and would like to share my emotions. I'm going to have a vacation soon. Today at work, I learned from my employer that either this month or next I will be sent on vacation for the work done. + To all this, I haven't been on vacation for more than six months. If I offered to meet you . Did you agree? I'm not forcing the idea of a meeting on you. I just want to know if you are ready for the next step in the stage of our relationship? I am interested to know your opinion on this. At least now there are some difficulties in traveling abroad. But, this does not cancel that the fact that the airspace is completely closed. As far as I know, flights are now banned by the European Union. But, flights through the same Eastern-Southern countries do not prohibit flights through their own countries. Such as Turkey, AUE. Who were allowed to transplant in their countries - Russia, Europe, America. + To all this, flights will be expensive. I'm ready for that too. We only get a chance to meet once. I think we could use this opportunity. So far , everyone has not completely blocked trips to the countries. Richard, I would like to hear your opinion on this, and what do you think? My dear Richard, in the previous letter. I expressed my opinion about the coronavirus in my city. Now I would like to express my point of view on the current situation in Ukraine. Because I would not like to look at the background that supports military actions in Ukraine. There are no reasonable excuses for this war. Attempts to use the situation in Donbass as a reason for the deployment of a military operation do not arouse any confidence. It is quite obvious that Ukraine does not pose any threat to the security of our country. The war against it is unfair and frankly meaningless. Ukraine has been and remains a country close to us. Many of us have relatives, friends and colleagues in scientific work living in Ukraine. Our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought together against ******. Unleashing a war for the sake of the geopolitical ambitions of the leadership of the Russian Federation, driven by dubious historiosophical fantasies, is a cynical betrayal of their memory. I and some people in my entourage respect the Ukrainian statehood, which is based on really working democratic institutions. I'm with we understand the European choice of our neighbors. We are convinced that all problems in relations between our countries can be resolved peacefully. By unleashing the war, Russia has condemned itself to international isolation, to the position of a rogue state. This means that we, doctors, scientists, will no longer be able to do our job properly: after all, conducting scientific research is unthinkable without full-fledged cooperation with colleagues from other countries. Isolation of Russia from the world means further cultural and technological degradation of our countries with a complete lack of positive prospects. The war with Ukraine is a step to nowhere. It is bitter for me to realize that our country, which made a decisive contribution to the victory over ******, has now become the instigator of a new war on the European continent. Believe me, not all Russians are considered bad people all over the world. It's not like that. I believe that there is no bad nation (no matter who you are Russian or Ukrainian, American or European, Chinese or Japanese), there is exactly a bad category of people. And not a nation that the whole world judges. I went a little away from themes. I would just like to speak out on this topic. I just read on the Internet today how Western media incite hatred towards Russian people who do not even participate in the war. Now I would like to move on to your questions and answer them. Before you finish your letter. My sister just called me and informed me. That Mom was in the hospital. If I have time tomorrow, then I'm writing to you. Because I do not know what exactly happened. I am very sorry to end on such a negative note. It seems like I wanted to start writing to you with positive ones, but I finished the letter is on a negative note. I apologize in advance for this. This is where I will end my letter. Your Karlygash
Letter 9
I don't even know how to start my letter. I initially didn't want to tell you what happened. But if I keep it all to myself. I can just go crazy with all this. The problem is that remember the other day my mom got sick and she went to the hospital? So today I learned the terrible news that my mother has Cervical cancer. This cancer is very much progressing. I don't even know if the treatment will help or not. Since the cancer is already in the fourth stage. I'm even afraid to imagine what will happen next. Everything happened so fast that my sister and I could not even imagine that our mother has cancer. She complained about her health condition, but she had heart problems all the time. Since after her father's death, she had a heart attack, and all the forces were thrown at her treatment. But, no one could have guessed that all this time she had been developing cancer all these years. According to the doctor, she already had cancer five years ago, and it did not affect her health in any way. It was only now that she began to have consequences. I think the cancer has started to spread a lot after our father's death. Because there is no other way to explain it. I do not know what to do now. I'm just confused. Now my sister and I will think about what to do next. Because in a state polyclinic is not an option. Most likely, you may immediately have a question that this treatment is free. Yes, it really is. The operation is free, but do you know how long it takes to wait for this information to be received? Free medicine works differently in Russia than in your country. Believe me, open the forum and read the reviews, as people are waiting for some kind of operation for several months, or even several years. People just die from what they don't get during surgery. Take at least the example of my father, who had cancer. He was diagnosed with stage two cancer and was given treatment first two months later. But during these months, he was examined, and each time this treatment was postponed, and you probably don't know how quickly the cancer spreads. So, literally three months later, my father complications began. He had prostate cancer. He lost a lot of weight, and his cancer was no longer in the second stage, but closer to the fourth. He was scheduled for surgery within a month, and again he had to undergo an examination, repeated tests, and so on. This is again, everything dragged on for a month. The problem was not that my family and I were somehow slowly undergoing the examination. Just checking the tests took a long time. But the day came when my father didn't need the operation, he died. And all because my dad didn't wait for the necessary treatment and operations during. If there was money at that time, then we applied to a specialized clinic, but there was no money at that time. My sister and I were still studying and working a little, and my mom didn't get a lot of money. That's why it all happened. I can't blame free medicine for everything now, but the residue remains. Now there is every chance that the situation could happen again with my mom. If we have a chance to save our mom. My sister and I will take advantage of this opportunity. Sometimes believing in something good can help in a difficult time. My dear Richard, if you have you ever encountered such a situation. Then, tell me. Maybe your story will help me cope with everything. This is where I will end my letter. Sorry for the negative email again. But, you're the only person I'm willing to talk to and discuss all this with. Your Karlygash
Letter 10
Hello my dear Richard. How are you? How is your health? I haven't asked you these questions for a long time. Due to recent events with my mom. I couldn't concentrate on our communication in any way. But, at the moment, you are the only man with whom I want to tell you about the problem. I 'm glad you support I'm in such a difficult situation for me. Now more than ever I need moral support. Once again I want to express my gratitude that you are next to me despite all the difficulties that surround me. Last night, my sister and I enrolled our mother in a urologist, and on the same day she was transported to the clinic, where there are specialized doctors. We were advised by our mutual friends who you have been through this. Now mom is undergoing: ultrasound-cervicometry; optical coherence tomography; fluorescence spectroscopy; MRI of the cervical mucosa; CT, PET CT; analysis for the tumor marker SCC. So that after that the urologist could prescribe treatment, the following actions. How I wish the doctors from the polyclinic, they made a mistake. But, alas, all the symptoms confirm. I do not know how quickly the doctors will react. I am now in a complete daze, like a character from the movie "The Voice of the Monster", which I have been watching for several months. To be brief, the film is about a three-year-old boy who finds out that his mother is dying of cancer. Any treatment does not help, and a monster comes to the boy, who tells him three stories, where he has to tell the fourth story. In general, this film is about that Connor needs to accept himself and accept that Mom will soon be gone. I am now practically in the same position as the boy who has the fear of losing a loved one, anger that does not help the mother has already come to terms with what is happening. Because my mother refused treatment until the last moment, and accepted that she would soon be gone. Right now I'm in the same position. All this uncertainty, what will happen next scares me the most. In general, if you haven't watched this movie, I recommend it. With the current situation, I need to somehow distract myself from everything that is happening. I want to tell you a story that happened to me today. This morning I went outside and saw a little dog. I felt sorry for him, but I was in a hurry and there was nothing I could do about it. When it was time for lunch, I decided to go to a cafe for a snack and have a cup of coffee, since I didn't get enough sleep. On the street I saw this poor dog again and decided to feed her. I went to a cafe, bought meatballs there and took them this dog. When I saw the happy face of this dog. I felt calm. I was walking and thinking about my life and didn't notice that I crossed the road in the wrong place. Richard and did not notice that the dog that I was feeding, running after me all the time. So, he ran out ahead of me and I saw a car coming at us . I took the dog and jumped back. I was lucky that everything ended well. At first I was shocked. Then I realized that this little dog had saved me. After everything happens, I wanted to first keep it for myself, but I saw the phone number on the collar. I called the phone number that was the collar. An elderly woman answered me. We made an appointment. I came to the designated address. You would have seen the emotions of this elderly woman when you returned her pet. This is a small dog, barking so much with happiness that tears of joy began to flow. The woman offered me a reward, but I decided refuse. For how much I believe in the bumirang of good "do good, and good will come back :) After that I decided come to an Internet cafe to share this news with you. You know, my dear, after everything that happened. At first I wasn't in any mood, but when I shared this with you , a stone fell from my soul, and it became much easier for me. Before I finish my letter, I wanted to answer your questions. This is where I think to end my letter, thank you for being there and supporting me. Your letters reassure me. I hope your day was full of positive news. I hug you tightly and say goodbye to you. Your Karlygash
Letter 11
Hello my dear Richard. I am glad to receive your letter today my mood is more or less balanced. I feel calmer now. Because Mom was prescribed treatment this morning. According to the oncologist. First, her ****** will be removed. After the operation, she will undergo chemotherapy. In general, this method of treatment is very widespread. I really hope that this time I will be able to save at least my mother. Faith is the only thing I have left now. This is the latest news right now. My dear, these days I am very fixated on myself and on the problems of my family. I apologize for that. But, this is the only thing that helps me now. When I open up to a person and tell them about my problems. I'm getting better and calmer in my soul. If you were next to me now, and hugged me tightly, then I would be doubly calmer. It's a pity that you are there, but here. Richard, it's not the first day we've been talking to you. I like you very much. I will immediately write that I am not a clairvoyant and do not see the future :) Do you know? I think about you every day. Every day I am tormented by one question. Can we become more than friends???? I think "YES". Because I see all the decent qualities of a man. You really showed yourself only from the best side. Even when I complain about my problems. You're helping me. I want to say that you have become a very close person to me. I really like reading your letters. Your letters help me to endure loneliness. When I receive letters from you . My mood immediately improves and a smile appears on my face. Rather in total , this is attachment to you , during our communication . I still don't understand how I managed to get attached to a person I haven't even met in real life. It will probably remain a mystery to me . Even now , after reading your letter , I want to smile and even I want to hug you . It 's a pity that due to the distance we can't meet at the moment and take a walk in the park. In one of the previous letters, I offered you a meeting. Most likely, my dear, this month or next month we have it will turn out. You understand perfectly well what this is connected with. I hope for your understanding. You would do the same if your loved one needed care and care. But, the time will come. We will definitely find a time and place for our meeting. Do you agree with me Richard?? At this point I think it's time for me to finish my thought. Today I need to go on duty in the second shift. If I have access to a work computer, I will write to you. If not, see you tomorrow morning. Once again I want to express my gratitude that you are next to me. I kiss and hug. Your Karlygash
Letter 12
Hello my dear Richard. My dear, I want to tell you the news I heard from the doctor. This morning, a doctor called me from the clinic where my mother was lying and told me the unpleasant news. At five o'clock in the morning, she died after an operation to remove the ******. I just thought that everything would finally work out, and the problem was solved. Because there were spelized doctors who performed the examination. My sister and I were told that there is a 60% chance that the operation will be carried out successfully, and then she must undergo chemotherapy. But, alas, our hopes with my sister were not fulfilled. All we can do now is grieve. My sister and I couldn't even be there to say goodbye to her. And I had something to say to my mom. How much I love her, and I want her to get better. But, alas, I will not be able to say these words in person so that she knows. How much we appreciate her. Do you know my dear, or not such a phrase: "We begin to appreciate only when we lose. We understand that it will not be the same as before. Instead of a good morning, darkness comes. We feel pain every second because of the loss of a loved one, a native person. We understand that there will be no warm hugs and that easy communication, after which they fluttered like a butterfly. No more deeds will be done for you, and a void will gradually form in the place of the heart. Yes, we are strange people, through losses we understand the power of love. We begin to understand and appreciate only when we lose. We feel like the most important person has been torn out of the heart by the roots. It is at such difficult moments that the realization comes that he has lost a part of himself. The part that used to complement. Yes, we are strange people, we are beginning to appreciate only when we lose." Now I feel only emptiness in my heart, because a loved one is not alive now. At that time, many thoughts came to me that I was to blame for the death, that my health had deteriorated due to my inattention. If I wasn't fixated on my problems, and didn't quarrel with my mom. Maybe it was different. It's a pity that you can't rewind time and go back at least a few years ago. I would have corrected my mistakes. That's all I can do it's only to regret that I didn't pay attention. Alas, what is done is done. Mom's gone. Now it will be necessary to organize a funeral, that tomorrow you can gather your loved ones and say goodbye to your mother. My dear Richard, you are the only person on the Internet with whom I can share this news. You're the only man who's been by my side all this time. You supported me. You comforted me with hopes that everything would be fine, that everything would get better. I want to say thank you very much. If it wasn't for you. I must have gone into a deep depression. During this period of communication you they have become a dear person to me. Do you know what has comforted me now? It's a man's hug so I can cry on the shoulder. And where they told me that everything would be fine, and that everything would get better, while stroking my head. You can't even imagine how much I miss a man's shoulder right now. If you were next to me, I wouldn't feel such longing right now. This is where I will end my letter. My dear Richard, I am writing to you because I wanted to warn you. I won't be able to write to you for a few days. Exactly how long it will take. I can't know. After the funeral, I'll need some time to collect my thoughts. I'm asking you not to lose me. As soon as I'm ready to communicate. We will definitely continue our communication. I'm sorry that lately I've been writing only about sad things. But in life it always happens like this, both good moments and bad. I really hope that the black streak will end and the white streak will begin. I really hope so. I'll get in touch with you. Your Karlygash
Letter 13
Hello my dear Richard. I am glad to receive your letter. Thank you for your words of condolences. Your words warm my soul. Today I had quite a good day. After the funeral, when all our friends, closest relatives, and mom's acquaintances left. My sister and I were left alone with each other. We talked with her for a long time on various topics. We remembered past moments, both bad and good. When we were open in conversation with her. I told Richard about you. I said that I found a man on the Internet, and I have been communicating for a long time. After that Elvira started asking the details. From where he is, who he works for, what he is interested in and how he looks. I even asked for a photo of you. I told you a little about you, where you live, about your interests. But, the photo did not show your photo. But, I promised at the next moment I will definitely show your photo. My dear, I will kindly ask you to take a fresh photo of you alone. Will you do that for me? I'm not asking much from you, just a fresh photo so I can show my sister. So that she has an idea who I'm talking to all this time. When I was talking about you. I had a smile on my face. Elvira asked without thinking for a long time why I suddenly started smiling. I said that Richard has been by my side all this time, and supported me. My sister asked if I wanted to see him? I said yes. e I would really like to. Elvira told me to offer to meet you Richard. This will help me distract myself from negative events. You know, my dear, she's right about something. Changing the location should help me. Literally in a few days, I will have a vacation. I understand that we are with you a little, but in this short period of time that I am writing to you. I am very much used to you and I am glad to see your letters every day. Your letters lift my mood and make my day happier. After talking to my sister, I was sitting at home and thinking about you. I've been thinking about you and me. I thought how wonderful it would be if we could be together. I really want to meet you. In my opinion, you can fully recognize a person only by communicating with him personally and seeing a person's eyes. I found a lot of qualities in you that I was looking for in a man. I like your open soul and kind heart. From your letters I can see how you care about me and respect me and I appreciate it. We can write thousands of letters to each other, but we will never really know each other. I want us to be together and develop our relationship further. I will not walk in a circle until about and I will say directly, do you want me to come to you???? If your answer is positive, then I will go to a travel agency to find out the cost of documents for arrival in your country. I ask you to share your thoughts in the next letter. Ok?? That night I had a dream. You had a dream about me today. You met me at the airport when I came to you. You were standing in a white jacket, and in your hands you had a very large bouquet of roses. There was a dazzling smile on your face. You came up to me and hugged me tightly, and I kissed you for the first time. When we left the airport, you offered to walk around the city and show me the sights. I agreed, and you started showing me your beautiful city. We walked, talked, told different stories from life. We are surrounded by a beautiful green alley, we walk along it, then suddenly you pick me up in your arms and start spinning with me. In your eyes I saw a reflection, a reflection of the dark blue sky. And they didn't even notice that evening had come and it was getting dark. You asked me to go to your house and have dinner with you. When we arrived at your place, the table was already set. You lit two candles and turned off the light. We sat each other down opposite each other and started eating. We talked and laughed. You turned on slow music and invited me to dance. You took me by the waist, and I squeezed your neck, and we started dancing. At this point, the alarm clock rang. And I woke up. This dream was so clear, I didn't want to wake up so much. And when I woke up, I was very sorry that it was just a dream. I would really like this dream to come true. I hope you enjoyed my dream?? I will be looking forward to your letter... Yours and yours alone Karlygash
Letter 14
Hello my dear Richard. My dear, I'm glad I want to tell you the good news. Today I went on vacation. The vacation will last 40 days, to be more precise, my vacation will end!!!!The End of the Vacation!!!! . Before you go to a travel agency. I wanted to find out about the cost of tickets and find out what documents are needed to arrive in your country. But to know a more accurate cost. I need the following information from you: My first request will be to write me the nearest airport to your city. It is desirable to provide information about the international airport that is closer to you. This way I can find out more accurate ticket prices. The most important thing is that you should come to the airport to pick me up closer. I've never been to another country, and I can get lost. I will have a big request for you to come to the airport for me. We will discuss with you the details of which terminal to meet me at, at what time, in what clothes. I'll be sure to tell you before my flight. I've gone a little bit ahead, and now I want to go back. The next point I wanted to discuss. Where will I live during my stay in your country?? I can offer two options: The first option is to find a cheap hotel not far from your home and settle down there. The second option is to live with you as a guest. Provided you are willing to accept me. If you offer to stay with you. I will be only too happy to live with you. This will allow us to get closer to each other. What will be your answer?? If you answer positively, it will save money on the hotel. In general, I will have less costs for organizing a meeting, because the hotel will cost much more than tickets and preparation of documents. After I asked you all the important questions that were important. I want to tell you about the purpose of the visit . In a previous letter, I wrote that changing the location should help me with the loss of my mom. If these events did not happen. The purpose of my visit was to get to know each other better . I mean, after the meeting, you can understand how close we will be with you. What will ultimately await us? What will we be to each other? Friends, acquaintances, lovers, or maybe a serious relationship that will lead to marriage?? Who knows what will happen next. Still, I'm leaning towards the latter option in order to build a serious relationship. But!! to build a serious relationship . We need this meeting, only after the meeting. At least we have been communicating with you for a short period of time and we have deep feelings for each other , but still it doesn't compare to a real meeting. Do you agree with me?? Since my vacation lasts only 40 days. We need to discuss the time I'll be spending with you. I would like to stay with you for 2-3 weeks. For a maximum of 4 weeks!! + In addition to all this, you must remember that my vacation lasts only 40 days. If the duration of my vacation was longer. Accordingly, it stayed longer. Still, I think that this will be enough for acquaintance. You should also understand that after a successful meeting. We will be able to schedule your arrival in my country. This way I can show you the sights of my city . In the end, I introduced you to my sister and people close to me. What do you think about this?? My dear Richard, after reading your emails. You charge me with positive energy . Because of this, I am in a great mood. I'm always thinking about you. It's really hard to be so far away from you. There are a lot of ideas in my notebook. First of all, I want to be with you and have a nice walk in the park. After that, I wanted to go to the cinema with you to watch a romantic movie. I want to have a candlelit dinner with you! It's all wonderful! Because you will be with me! With you, I will feel easy! I will be the happiest girl in the world! It's all thanks to you, Richard! You are my guardian angel! I want it to be like this forever! We will definitely be happy together! It will really be great to spend your free time together! We can do a lot of prophetic together! In our life there will be no words "You" or "I", it will be one word "WE"! Do you agree with me? I think it's really wonderful! We will make the whole decision together! At this moment, I want to confess my feelings. I love you with all my heart and soul! Kiss you, dear Richard! I kiss you, my love! I am really happy you have given me consent about our meeting. This is very very good! Thank you, my dear, that you are. This is where I will end my letter . With love Karlygash
Letter 15
Today I went to the travel agency "Pegasus Tourist" and studied what I need to come to your country. The people from the travel agency convinced me that we could be together. I'm in a good mood. I was wondering how much it would cost me to get a visa. They said that just reviewing the visa application would cost me 30 euros. This money will not be refunded even if the application is rejected. To get a visa, I have to go to Nur-Sultan, where your country's embassy is located. I have to visit many agencies, offices and organizations in Nur-Sultan. This is the usual way to get a visa, it may take at least a month and this is only the consideration of my visa application. I think this option does not upset me. The travel agent offered me to solve the problem, and it will take me less time if I use the full package of services (FPS). FPS includes additional payments for the visa category, consular services and preparation for an interview with the commission. FPS costs 22,000 rubles or 340 EUR, but the visa agency eliminates all problems and thus increases the chances of obtaining a visa without excessive delays (I can get a visa in a week or two). In addition to the visa, I need my health insurance will cost 7,000 rubles. I also need to get vaccinated, because the entry rules still work. The cost of an imported vaccine is 2,000 rubles. Because the Russian-made vaccine is not approved in your country. According to the travel agent. In conclusion, I need to undergo a medical examination, which will cost me 5,000 rubles. If you count it in dollars. Then the cost is 228 eur. After I found out the cost of the visa and other expenses. I asked about the cost of tickets. Here, I was a little shocked by the prices. My dear Richard, the fact is that tickets to your country will cost me from 25,000-40,000 rubles or 400-615 EUR. According to the travel agent, tickets are expensive because direct flights through Europe are now prohibited. To come to you, you can make a transfer only in eastern countries. I thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that this option is the only right one for me. Did I do the right thing by paying such money?? I don't know. I probably needed to consult with you again. But I thought there was no other way out. For cheap payment, documents take a very long time to be processed. We don't have time to wait. I agreed and registered my visa application. I'm hoping you'll be happy to meet me. Can you imagine that we will spend a few weeks together, or even a lifetime? It doesn't matter to me where to live if I'm 100 percent sure of your feelings., my beloved and dear, I will stay in the same place with you without any hesitation. For the sake of happiness and family, I am ready for a lot. I would really like you to be only next to me for the rest of your life. I am immensely happy when I think about this opportunity. Will I be everything myself? Maybe you think I'm trying to act too fast. But I can't wait forever, I'm happy now, at the moment. It is necessary to start moving in your life, it is important to go forward, overcome difficulties, strive for goals. Very soon I will leave my job and I will be able to spend my vacation with you. I've never been abroad. But now I have a chance to meet you. It's a dream. I think it will be great, wonderful and fantastic. I hope you don't think I'm being too cocky? I just want to meet you and spend some time with you. I suppose you haven't changed your attitude towards me since that letter. I'm looking forward to meeting you to calm my heart. Please tell me that you will be able to meet me? Will you be happy to meet me face to face? I hope so!! Before you finish your letter. I wanted to answer your questions: This is where I will end my letter. I will be waiting for your next letter. Your Karlygash
Letter 16
Hello my dear Richard. Today, I met with my friend Valentina. To share with your travel plans.
Do you want news? She approved of my choice and agreed with my thoughts . She wished me a good flight. She wished that everything would work out for us in the future. I was so glad that my friend approved of my choice. I hope that one day, you and Valentina will also be friends. She offered to go to Crimea next year. We're with you, and she's with her boyfriend. They met we also met on a dating site a few years ago. Periodically he comes to Russia, or she goes to see him. Her boyfriend likes the city of Crimea, every autumn they go there on vacation. They take a vacation together and plan the organization. Valentina offered to spend a vacation in the Crimea next year together. You and I are Richard, and she's with her boyfriend. What do you think about this? I would like to hear your thoughts. I think about you very often. I really wanted to speed up the process of preparing documents to arrive to you. But, I can't influence the preparation process. All I have to do at the moment is wait. For me, the days have become longer now, this is most likely due to the expectation. But, I'm looking forward to the notification from the tour agency. As soon as I have news. I'll let you know. Ok??? Most likely you are thinking on what day I can arrive. At the moment, I can't answer your question. The problem is that everything does not depend on me. It all depends on the consideration of documents in embassy . As soon as the embassy considers my application. I will immediately go to the embassy for an interview. If everything goes well and my visa is approved, only after that I will tell you the date of my departure. I hope you understand ??? You don't have to worry about it, I will definitely write you the approximate date of my arrival. As soon as I know something. Now we just need to wait . I forgot to write the most important news. The clinic paid part of my vacation pay. Now u I have the necessary amount to cover the visa costs. After ten days, the clinic will pay the remaining amount of money. That's all the news for today:) My dear Richard, at this point I will finish my letter. I am very lucky that our destinies are intertwined. I miss you as much as I want to be in your arms as soon as possible. Your Karlygash
Letter 17
Hello my dear Richard. Thank you for your letters and for your expectation. How is your day going?? Is there anything new??
Personally, I'm in a great mood today, and my day is going well. Today I had a wonderful day and I was resting. I slept well, woke up, then took a very nice shower, had breakfast and cleaned up my apartment a little. I like it when my house is cozy, looks nice and clean. After that I went to the cinema with my friend Valentina. We had a great time. I'll tell you right away I liked the movie. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow because I want to stay in shape. I like it when my figure is slim and looks great. So I'll take care of my health. I'm all right. Now that you have appeared in my life, I feel that emptiness that was in my heart and in my soul. I know that you think and care about me, and this is the most important thing for me! I would like to tell you that you have changed my life a lot, and although you are far from me, I know for sure, that you are next to me in my thoughts, you are always with me. I want you to feel very comfortable and happy, because you are very important to me! My dear, you know there are so many stars in the sky, but last night when I looked at it, I found this one beautiful star that will lead us and our happiness! All the words I say to you come from my heart, and I will never get tired of telling you how much you and our relationship mean to me! I am very pleased that you have appeared in my life. For me, the most important question. My dear Richard, how do you imagine our first meeting??? Describe in detail your thoughts and ideas. Ok?? You know, I tried to imagine our first meeting. I imagine our first meeting, so. You are standing at the airport with flowers and a sign with my name on it (I hope you remember which are my favorite flowers??). I feel my first fear before our meeting. I will have the first excitement, high heartbeat and fever. As soon as I come to you with my luggage . I'll hug you tight and kiss you. After talking about how my flight went. We 're going to your place . Upon arrival, I will leave my bags and after that we will go for a walk in the park, and you will show the sights of your city. After a long walk, you and I are going back and this is where our day will end. In advance, I apologize that I cannot describe our first meeting in more detail. Maybe a little later , I will definitely tell. Perhaps your story about our first meeting will be more detailed than mine. I'd like to see how you represent. Before you finish your letter. I wanted to tell you the news. Today I got a call from a travel agency. I was told that probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the embassy will call for an interview. I was very glad to receive such news. Now the days for me last like a month when I think about our long-awaited meeting. I will try to write to you about new upcoming news related to our meeting. I miss you. Your Karlygash
Letter 18
My dear Richard, I was happy to receive a letter from you. Thank you for your letters, I am very pleased that you have appeared in my life. You have become dear to my heart. I can't see my life without you anymore. The other day I went to the cinema. "Doctor Strange: In the multiverse of madness.". Have you watched this movie? I didn't quite understand the meaning of this movie, because I was thinking about something else entirely. I've been thinking about our meeting all day. I can't think of anything else. I am glad that you approve of my decision. I just came from a travel agency. I decided to tell you the good news right away. The embassy called me for an interview . Now, I need to pack my things and go to Nur-Sultan. Most likely tomorrow morning or after lunch, I will go to Nur-Sultan. This moment, I've been waiting forever, in my opinion. The travel agency completed its task faster than I expected. This is rather due to the amount of money I paid to speed up the preparation of visa documents. It doesn 't really matter now . Most importantly, I'm going to the embassy!!! Probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I can get the documents that are necessary to arrive in your country. Tomorrow, I will write to you from the Internet cafe Nur-Sultan. Okay, Richard??? I will tell you all the news that will concern my trip. After I get all the necessary documents, I will have to go back to the thing to collect the necessary things for traveling to your country and most the main thing is to buy tickets to your country. Most likely , my trip to Nur-Sultan will not cost me cheap and staying there for a long time . At first I wanted to go to Nur-Sultan to give an interview at the embassy and wait for the visa approval until some time. But!!! The contract says that I am obliged to buy tickets to your country only from a travel agency that helps me collect the necessary documents. Out of superstition, I will not buy a ticket before accepting documents. The agency convinces me that you can buy tickets only after the visa is approved. The travel agency told me that a lot of people do this. But, it seems to me wrong. My dear Richard, most likely I will be able to tell you the date of my flight, only next week. I really hope that my visa will be approved. If my interview at the embassy goes badly, then I won't have to cancel all my travel plans. But, the travel agency assures me that the visa will be approved. A lot of people I applied for a visa to their agency, and the results are very positive 95% of the clients have a visa it was approved!! I have hope that our meeting will come true. In a few weeks, we 'll be able to see each other at the airport. How do you relate to this? I think that you will also rejoice. I will end my letter with this. Now I will be heading home to pack my things . Your Karlygash
Letter 19
I am in a hurry to inform you about my arrival in Nur-Sultan. I arrived in Nur-Sultan by bus. It was a long trip, the distance between Nur-Sultan and Almaty is 1250 km + there were stops. This trip has tired me out. My dear Richard, today my letter will be brief. I hope you're not upset? There's still a little bit left. Tomorrow I will be at the embassy for an interview. As soon as I have news, how did my interview go. I'll let you know right away. Ok?? I will end my letter with this. I almost forgot the most important thing. I ask you to send me the following information. Your full name, your home address, your phone number. This is very important when interviewing. Because according to the travel agent, I will definitely be asked about the purpose of my visit and where I'm going to stay. If the ambassador asks me a similar question, I can tell you your details. You may get a call after the interview with me to confirm your information, and most importantly , that you are ready to accept me. If you get a call, I'll let you know in advance. Ok?? Everything will be known tomorrow. Wait for my letter. I'm very tired today. I will write you a more detailed letter tomorrow. I hug you tightly and kiss you. Your Karlygash
Letter 20
Hello my dear Richard. I recently left the embassy and immediately decided to write to you. I'm writing you a letter and smiling. I am so glad that every day we are getting closer and closer to our meeting! It's a pity that we don't communicate much and don't write letters to each other often. . But, unfortunately, this is not possible now. I am sure that our meeting will take place soon and we will talk in person. There's still a little bit left, and we'll be together. I'm going to leave Nur-Sultan tomorrow. I will take the bus again, as this option is economical. Now I want to tell you about the commission in Nur-Sultan. I never thought that the commission would ask me unusual questions. The consular officer asked me : the purpose of my visit , questions about my family , the question of knowledge of English . After I answered all the questions. The consular officer asked additional questions about my financial and marital status in Kazakhstan. I answered all the questions honestly, directly and openly. I said that I would be staying with my friend, with whom I am very familiar. I have provided all the information that you have provided to me. The consular officer said that I had to wait for the decision to approve the visa. I hope my visa will be ready in a few days. The representative of the embassy will immediately call me about the readiness of the visa . As soon as my visa is ready, I will inform you, and after that I will immediately go to the embassy to get a visa.. Now for me: "Waiting is worse than death." I can't focus on anything. My heart is so worried, I can't work. I'm so worried. I so want this little dream to be true. I just want to see my loved one. I think God will help me. I just want to meet you. I can already see us together, and I'm sinking into dreams. I want to build a ship with you to sail into the boundless ocean. I want to meet you at dawn and see the sunset. We will sail on our ship and our love will light our way. We will look at the stars. We will meet the sunrise together. If there is a storm, our love will protect us. If there is calm, our love will be the wind. Our love will be a beacon for us. We will swim in the ocean of love and oblivion and nothing can separate us. We will call our ship "Dream". It will be our small ship, but very strong. Because we will make our ship faith, hope and love. It's impossible to wait for your dream to fall from the sky. We need to go to this dream. It is necessary to clear and build a road. If there is faith and a dream in the heart, if there is love and hope in the heart, it is necessary for achieving dreams by all means. I'm not sitting still. There have been very few easy moments in my life. On this, I try to do everything to make my dreams come true. I understand that now it's just a dream. But these dreams will brighten up my life. I hope so is your Richard . My dear Richard , I promised to tell you in more detail about my dreams. Today I kept my promise. I will be waiting for your next letter. Your Karlygash
Letter 21
Hello my Richard, Dear Richard, I have received your electronic letter. I was very glad to read him. Your letters install to me unlimited quantity of confidence. Having read them I become the omnipotent person. Very much has changed from the moment of our acquaintance. I, think that I began to live only after acquaintance to you. Till this time I only existed. After our acquaintance my life has sharply changed in the best side. It has noticed not only I. My fellow workers, my friends, all have noticed change in my life. Everyone ask the same question. It is interesting to all why I look so happy... I think that I knowingly have visited to Nur-Sultan. From trip I still had many positive emotions. I when did not go on so important affairs, therefore strongly worried. On road to Nur-Sultan, I with anybody did not communicate because thought of interview in embassy. I experienced that any failure can visit me. I was afraid that can give up to me in reception of the visa. But my experiences appeared are vain. On interview to me did not give the exact answer. In a corridor I have waited the person which was in the commission and he has told that I should not worry. Has told that in two or three days representatives of embassy will contact travel agency and will cause me to Nur-Sultan for reception of the visa. Therefore I have gone home with quiet soul. Now I need to wait the answer from embassy then it is necessary to buy the ticket in your country, to go again to Nur-Sultan to receive the visa and to wait day of a start. The second trip to Nur-Sultan does not deliver me of inconvenience. The ticket to me will need to be bought in Almaty from representatives of travel agency. To take off I should from the Nur-Sultan airport because I will need to come in embassy and to receive the visa. It would be convenient for me to take off from the Almaty airport but for this purpose to me some days in Nur-Sultan should to live and to wait for readiness of the visa. Nur-Sultan not city familiar to me. Hotels cost very dearly and it is terrible to me to be in Nur-Sultan one. Therefore I have chosen not absolutely convenient, but a safe variant. Today I went to travel agency and told him about trip to Nur-Sultan. They sincerely were glad for me. Unfortunately the Embassy yet did not contact travel agency. I think that has passed not enough time. I think tomorrow or the day after tomorrow representatives of embassy will cause me for reception of the visa. I want that it has taken place as soon as possible. I want to buy as soon as possible the ticket to you and to wait for day of a start. Dear if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow me will cause for reception of the visa I shall buy the ticket to you. I shall buy the ticket with a stock of 3-6 days. I shall better lead these days pending. Suddenly there will be unforeseen circumstances. Dear, I finish the letter and I shall go home. I need to prepare much for all for the period of the absence. I love you and I want to be only with you. The feeling of love amplifies every new day. Your love Karlygash
Letter 22
Hi my dear Richard, Dear, I was very glad to receive your letter. My visa is available, but I can take away her only after I shall redeem the ticket in your country. Tomorrow or after tomorrow, I shall buy the ticket in your country but only after to me inform from travel agency, and will tell, that my documents are completely ready. For arrival to you. I every day think of our meeting with you. I know how it is to be thinking about someone all the time, I have felt that as well. So then I try to keep myself busy doing other things and it helps. I guess that's how I've been able to get along all this time without somebody special in my life. I keep myself busy with study, with friends. I have become used to it now, but not entirely. Some times I get along doing chores around the house, listening to music, or helping other people with their problems. It has been so many times that I wanted to be with someone. So as time went on, little by little I had to learn how to not feel lonely. But I have also learned that it's not all that possible. And in the same way I try to avoid getting hurt, as it has happened to me before. And that too is not all that possible. On the other side I have seen other peoples mistakes and I like to think that I wont make the same ones. I try to think of many possible results, I like to be cautious and to think ahead, but I have learned that as careful that I may be, there is always something that can go wrong. So why should I continue to hold back and not live my life like others, by going ahead with what my heart says and being as cautious as possible, right? We are only human and imperfect, all I can try is to do the best I can, with the person that best fits my way of thinking. And it would seem so strange that I could find such a person on the other side of the planet. Imagine if the Internet didn't exist, I would have never known about you and I would probably continue to live the same way forever. There is only so much happiness that one can achieve alone, but I would like to think that I could achieve so much more with you. It would be wonderful to stop dreaming about it and make it come true. So at the same time, I also think about what would be needed to make a relationship work and how to provide for as much as possible. It's not easy when other pressures are felt in a relationship. So if at first we should decide to take this beyond what it has become so far, I think it will be like awaking from a dream and trying our best to make the dream come true. Like I said before, there is a lot to talk about, a lot to learn and understand. The feeling of love is great, but it takes little bit more to have a place to live, to be healthy and have a family. I know that these are subjects that can't be decided or solved in a week, but the most important thing will be addressed, how well we get along. There is one thing that I know for sure, I like you very much and we will have a wonderful time together. Your words in every letter have shown me that we think the same way, so I truly believe that something great and long lasting will come out of this. I think about you every day and wish you were near me already. I will just have to be patient and wait for that moment to come true. With hugs and tender kisses.
Yours Karlygash...
Letter 23
Hello my dear Richard! I read your letter with tears in my eyes. I feel so bad. I strongly upset. I do not know what to do.
My heart is breaking in pain. Forgive me Richard. Please do not be offended by me.
I don't even know how, and What can I tell you. I wanted to call you and explain everything over the phone. But I was afraid that you would be angry with me and so I decided to write you. I went to the travel agency this morning to pick up documents. My documents are ready! I am very pleased! I took the documents and contacted a company that sells air tickets. I said that I you need to have a ticket to Oslo International Airport for July 20 and a ticket to Nur Sultan with an open return date. I also asked how much is it? They said tickets would cost 1495 euro. I asked to find tickets cheaper, because the price for me overpriced! But as it turned out, it is impossible to buy air tickets cheaper, because the departure date is too fast. They explained to me that the tickets must be booked in advance. I asked them to offer me others flight options. We found the most suitable departure for July 25. Tickets cost 1255 euro. I begged them for a long time, and said that my fiance Richard was waiting for me! If if I asked them a little longer, I would cry. Some time later the service agreed to reserve the ticket on my terms. But I too little time to pay for tickets. They said that if I will not pay the rest of the ticket price, I will lose money, which I gave them. I got mad at them! But they explained what would happen it is very difficult to sell an airplane ticket that is flying. They will have to to reduce the price. I agreed. I was told to pay 1255 euro. But this was too much for me because I only had 500 euro. This was my last money, for the plane I'm going to come to you. It was very difficult for me to tell you this story. I did the best he could. I paid for the visa. I paid for part of the ticket. But that was not enough. There was not enough money. I asked the service to give more time for me to collect money. I was told that I must pay another 755 euro until July 22. (this is the deadline) Otherwise, I will lose the money I paid. It's great for me money! But most importantly, I will miss the chance to see you Richard. I thought, that my money will be enough. But I failed. I thought that nothing will stop me from meeting you. But I have to pay the remaining money for tickets. This is a lot of money for me! For you Richard, I'm ready for anything! But I can't keep up with these costs. I beg you Richard I'm sorry me, I don't have that amount of money! I have no idea where I find them! More than anything, I want to be with you. I only ask you about alone, don't leave me. I don't want to be left alone. I wanna be with you. You are very dear to me. When I met you, I realized that you were the one Man. You are the man who won my heart. I do not want you lose. Forgive me Richard, promise me you won't leave me. I I think there is always a way out! We will definitely find a solution for our meetings. True? I believe that we will find a way out of our situation. Right? Nur Sultan (Astana) — Oslo
11h20 on the way Lufthansa 7h 35m in flight 04:55 25 Jul, Mon Nur Sultan (Astana) Nur Sultan (Astana) , NQZ 08:30 25
Jul, Mon Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt am Main , F.R.A. Flight LH 649
7h 35m in flight on Airbus A330 300 Lufthansa Lufthansa 1h 55m in flight 10:20 25 Jul, Mon Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt am Main , F.R.A.
12:15 25 Jul, Mon Oslo Oslo .OSL Flight LH 860
1h 55m in flight on Airbus A320 Richard, let's look for it together. The main thing is to have patience and hope. I hope you understand me and support me. I really need your support during this difficult and difficult period of time. I don't know what else to tell you ... I'll wait for your letter. Your love Karlygash
Letter 24
Hello my dear Richard. My love Richard, I am glad that you agreed to help our meeting. Here is all the necessary information you need 1) My full name is Karlygash Abilda
2) Here is my phone number +77314234053
3) Here is my passport
4) 755 eur is the amount I need to pay for tickets I hope that you will do your best and help our meeting come true. If you help me, I will refund your expenses. I don't want you to think that I need your money. As soon as the clinic pays my salary . I will reimburse your expenses. I'm staying now to take the last step to implement our meeting. It remains only redeem the booked ticket + get a visa. All the necessary documents are ready. My love, I really hope for your help and support. Please don't let me down. I love you. Your love Karlygash
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