Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Kokarshin to Brand (UK)

Letter 1
Hello stranger right now I am even more than sure that first of all you looked at my photo and only then you opened my letter Well, let me tell you a bit about myself. As you already know from my first message, I'm Kokarshin. I'm 32 years old, but I'm still lonely lady, never been married. When I finished Institute in 2013, I traveled to practice in Bozmen, practiced in English and worked as a waitress. It is a small town in the state Montana. It was like a fairy tale, I learned a lot about your country for four months stay there! Unfortunately, I had to go back. Now I live and work in Aktobe, although I was born in a small township. Who lives there, my mother and brother, I try as often as possible to visit them. I have friends, hobbies, good job, and I'm not just wasting my time. I miss the time spent in USA, where I was surrounded by friendly people, beautiful places that previously I had only seen on TV. These warm impressions left in my heart. So, I want to find a loved one, to create a strong relationship. This is the most important thing for me. Age difference or nationality - not a problem for me at all. I am interested in what is in his heart, what is in his mind. I just need a single man who is my best friend and faithful partner , to whom I dedicate my life and I will love. It is likely that I'm looking for you and you're the only one I need - who knows? I am looking for a serious relationship, for a nice man, more than just a friend. I hope that you are looking for the same thing. Maybe you want to ask me why in the internet? So there are many reasons. Nowadays with all our daily living needs, wants and problems, with all the twists and turns, to speak figuratively, of today's world, we often forget about the meaning of our life. It is my first letter and hope a lot that it wouldn't be the last one at the same time. Answer me, I'm not asking too much. Give me a chance to become to be a friend. Let it be…
Do not sit and wait for a miracle, and keep in your mind that everything that happens to us, all is made for the best future. See you later. Sending you a big hello from Kazakhstan! Kokarshin
Letter 2
Hello You answered me and made my day! It's like a first conversation, our first dialog. In some ways it's much more easier to write - you must agree with it or what are you doing here here I can be myself. I believe that relationships should be based on honesty and trust. I will try to be as open and honest as possible in our communication. I would like to find a serious relationship, not just a friendly correspondence or for fun. that's why I won't waste your time and if I write to you it means I have an interest in you.
I like active sports, such as beach volleyball, biathlon, skates, and skis. I am not only looking. but I also try to play sports myself depending on the season. I always wanted to try to slide down the mountain on a snowboard! I think this is a breathtaking moment when you fly from the mountain on a board, avoiding obstacles! I am writing to you from work, I don't have an internet at home. I and my friend are renting apartment so it is unreachable for us. So do not be sad or mad on me if I am not writing to you immediately
I would like to know more about you and of course I will give you some information about myself. I live in Aktobe already 10 years - it's a very big city and I'm used to this vanity. It's easy to find on a map of our vast Kazakhstan. Aktobe - is the capital city of Aktobe region, sure you know about it. Here are many interesting places, restaurants, museums, parks for entertainment, cinemas, galleries. But at the same time, it is a very bustling city, people are always in a hurry somewhere, not paying any attention to anybody. It is hard to get to know someone on the street
Surprisingly, between us such a great distance, but we can communicate, no matter what! I will try to find your city on the map...
We live together with my friend Natalya in a rented apartment, it allows us to both saving I have a cat, I call him Lusya. I hope you like my new picture with him My mom lives about 25 min from Aktobe, with my brother. Sometimes I come to visit, but not as often as I would like. I have no car, so I travel by train or by bus. Rarely my brother picks me up in his car and we move to mom's house. We together chose him the car and therefore, he does not refuse to drive me My father died when I was a very young girl so I don't really remember him. Mommy says that I am a good copy of him and even our characters are very much the same. I have other relatives but we are not so close to each other. Tell me more about your family and you life. And send me new photos, if you have. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care, bye!
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