Scam letter(s) from Nazira Nuriyeva to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
The only.
Good day there!,,
I am asking u to read the email thoroughly cause I was not able to make up my mind 4 a long time to write a note to you!
It's not in my nature to write mails to the menfolks 1st,., My mother and father name Nazira.., I'm really 36 years old.I now live in KAZAKHSTAN,,, I am a true and plain-speaking girl,!.
I am trying to find confidential relationship only, based on love and complete faith in the reliability,..
The age difference is not the problem doesn't make sense for me,,!
I've got two university degrees and I'm a doc of Highest Category,.!
Also, I worked abroad for several times and I have visited some foreign countries too!,, I work too much and it is high time to look for a an other half with whom I would be able to build a long-term romantic bond.,.
If you're looking for a true and plain-speaking girl, may be we'll manage to make romantic relationship.., In the mail I send to you a photographof me..
I am convinced u'll like my pic and you will write me back at once.!, In your mail I'll be thrilled to glance at your return pics and to receive some details of u,, I will write you back directly after I receive your letter.
It is too important: I won't play any games at all and I do not send any shots of ***** me.
If u are tend to get images of bare me or to obtain my money, I am making a request you not to answer my mail.,.
Yet if u are a single man who's ready for the confidential relationships, I will be thrilled to receive your mail,!
Let me know me please about yourself and your country.,, It'll be be very interesting to learn about that,.
I am asking you to write an answer promptly, Nazira),.,
Letter 2
Good day,,,
How was your day?
I wish all is prettygood.,,
I am sending this Mail and I wish that you arenormal human!!
This is not thefirstattemptto meet someone online.,.
My previous connectionsturned out to be perverts,
Creating a seriousrelationis the prioritygoal..!
I take my chance even after all the fails!
I will talk a bit about my life,..
You can call me NAZIRA,,.
I live in KAZAKHSTAN, lately I have been assuming more and more about changing my place of residence.,,
I am already 36 years old, I realize that it is too late, the time ispassing..
Hence, I do not have the capacity to playfoolish games.
I'm educated and smart, kindwoman, as well as a goodhousewife.!.
I work in dentistry..,
I do not have any financial troubles,!,
It is theresume of me,,!
If our goalsfit, you canreply me!.
Correspond about youself.,!
Whether we are interested in each other, I suppose we will havean opportunity,.
For now the choice is yours!,
I will be looking forward for your e-mail,.
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