Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Dave (England)

Letter 1
Hello! I hope you will not be surprised by my letter. and read it to the end. I'm searching for a serious relationship
I really hope that we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and we will be able to call each other friends.
I believe that the foundation of a strong romantic relationship is friendship and mutual trust.
And what do you think?
I really hope that you will answer me soon, because I will look forward to your answer!
Together with the letter I will give you my photo, and I also want to see your photos with your answer.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend!
Thanks for answering me.
I want to tell you that I am looking for a strong and long-term real relationship. And I am very glad to see your answer.
Now I will tell you a little about myself.
So, I am a single woman looking for my love. I am very tired of loneliness and that is why I am looking for a man for a serious relationship.
I have a kind and loving heart and a gentle nature. I am looking for someone who will accept my warmth and care and can share it in return.
I hope you like it and share my views.
My name is Ekaterina. I am 30 years old. I was born on December 18, 1991. I am 167 cm tall, weigh 53 kg. You can see more details in my photos.
I live in Russia, the city is called Zelenodolsk. Perhaps you have heard of him? I hope this is not a problem for you. I hope this information does not scare everyone and we continue to communicate. because I believe that distance cannot be a hindrance in our time. Where does he live?
I also have a job, I work as a secretary in the tax office.
And how old are you? And when is your birthday??
I suggest starting a sincere and open dialogue that can make us good friends, and maybe one day this will develop into a romantic relationship. But if the distance is a big problem for you or I don't suit you for some other reason, then please let me know in the reply letter from him. I will be grateful for his honesty and will continue my search further. I want you to know that love is the most important value for me.ep
I want to find a man whom I can love and who can love me. With whom I can share joyful and painful events.
I want to start a family and be happy with my man.
I hope you liked my photos and I will be very happy to see the photos of him.
With this I end my letter and await his answer with trepidation. Your new friend Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hello! I'm glad you answered me. sorry for the late reply. I had a lot of work and didn't have time for internet at all. but I will always answer you. it might take a few days.
Now we can learn more about each other, ask questions. I want to get to know you better if you wish.
I'm really very interested in you, I hope you will reciprocate!
In this letter, I want to talk about many things. I already said, I live in the city of Zelenodolsk, Severnaya street, house 11.
You can see where I live from satellite.
As I told you, I work as a secretary in the tax office. my work is almost not difficult, but I still approach my work responsibly. My work satisfies me now, sometimes I even love my work. I'm determined to see the good in everything this is one of the main features of my character. I try not to lose heart in any situation, I am a very positive person. Now you can know that I have a specialized secondary education. And what are you doing? can you tell me what you do for a living? Do you like it?
I am a very romantic woman, I still believe in romantic fairy tales. Maybe it's ****** and you will find it funny, but I am what I am.
I hope we start a warm and open dialogue. And how can you characterize yourself? I am a well-mannered girl.
I don't like noisy parties and alcohol.
I prefer family idyll and home comfort. But I also love spending time with my friends.
I think that I still have time to connect my life with a reliable faithful man.
Because being alone is sad. Now my main goal is to find someone who can be honest and open with me.
Family values ​​are the basis of my upbringing. I have never betrayed in a relationship and never will. I am always honest and faithful! I think this is the main thing in a healthy and strong relationship. And what do you think?
I also want to know more about your life, your family, . What do you value in a relationship? what relationship do you want? Why did you decide to look for a relationship on the Internet?
I hope you can see the depth of my soul in my letters. I hope you enjoy learning more about me. With this I end this letter. I will anxiously await your reply. Your friend Ekaterina!
Letter 4
Hello. Like last time, you made me happy with your letter again, because I can read it again!
How are you? how are you in the mood? Tell me! I would like to know how you feel when you read my letters and write Answers Why is this important to me?
It is even somehow unusual to communicate with a person from a completely different country, with other customs and culture.
This is news to me. and therefore it is very interesting.
I don't know much about your country and therefore I would be very grateful if you could tell me more about it.
You are an interesting person, I like to communicate with you. With each new letter, I feel more confident.
I really appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with you. I think it's important. which?
do you think about it?
I'm sending you a new photo, I hope you like it. I also want you to remember me
because I really want to look at you, at every picture of you.
Unfortunately, the time has come to end this letter.
I wish you a good day. Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hi Thanks for your letter. Lately I've been thinking about you in my head. you might find it funny but I felt something inexplicable when I opened your letters! And that our communication will now be email, but for me it becomes something closer. Now I am very afraid that you will stop writing to me and in a moment I will not see a letter from you, but when I see your new letter, I will calm down and experience strong feelings.
It is very important for me to know that you are also interested in this. With each new letter we become closer to each other.
We get closer not physically, but spiritually. I will also try to write to you more often. because because of my work it is not always possible to find time to write letters.
Today I want to share with you the sad events of my past life. I want to tell you about my past relationship with a man, even though it was a long time ago! I have not been married for 5 years and have not had a relationship with a man. I had a man for a long time, we lived together for almost 3 years, but nothing good came of it, because he cheated on me - and left for another woman. For me it was a great tragedy, since I was left completely alone, this person caused me great pain, after which I could not find communication with anyone else.
All this time I was alone, but now I think about my age and realize that I don't want to be alone anymore,
So I turned to a marriage agency to start looking for my soul mate, my sincere love!
And very quickly I met you. Now I can only believe that our relationship with you can flourish! And I sincerely hope so. Tell me what do you think about it??? Is it very important for me now? What do you think about me? Can we get something more serious than friendship and communication on the Internet?
I hope you answer me very quickly because I will be looking forward to your reply!
Well, along with the letter, I will give you my photo and I will also be waiting for your photo. Your Ekaterina!
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