Scam letter(s) from Natalia Satenik to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
My dear friend. I'm was lucky enough to write to you, excuse me beforehand if I'm had bothered you. In reality, I'm tired of being alone and think to try Net dating web site! I hope that this act will be another page in my future life. So,I want write a little bit about my person for you! I rely on, that the correspondence between us will proceed, and you are wondered and open my mail. I don't really know how to begin my story. I am never tried to write to somebody my character in the letter before. I'm can describe my individuality as the merry, energetic, outspoken person. I am a extraverted girl though at the same time I am a proud, woman. I've typically like genuineness openness and candor. I rely on you're wanted, that our correspondence will not interrupt. In a future letter, I would like to know more about u, your outlook on life. I am sending u my photo. I hope that u like it, and we can get acquainted more. Faithfully, Satenik.
Letter 2
Hi there! What's shaking? We communicated with one another at a dating site. For a long time I was hazy about to contact you. I am not married and have no children. I am from Ukraine Do you want to continue our online communication? My personal contact address:
Letter 3
I hope You can polite chat
at this moment I am look up appetizing dude from USA, What State are U from?
Im alone goodygoody woman;-) This is my e-mail for response
I'm going to send You my picture attached:-)
Letter 4
Hello! How are you?
Come to me.
I'm waiting
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