Scam letter(s) from Natalia to David (USA)

Letter 1
Good day and wonderful mood.
I am looking for a good man to build a very strong relationship with.
I decided send you a letter maybe we can become friends and more, I can add photo, give information about me.
I am located in the center of Eurasia-Kazakhstan. My city is called Pavlodar. My name is Galya. I am thirty seven years old.
If you are interested in our further acquaintance, then I am very happy to communicate with you. Send me your photos and I will send my pictures too.
Send your reply to my address:
Wonderful day!
Best wishes, Galya.
Letter 2
Hello David. How are you doing today? I'm glad you wrote me a letter to my email. I really want to find my true love. I'll also be glad to know more about you. I am here to find the person with whom it will be interesting for me to communicate.David I'm not only looking for friends on the Internet, I also believe that you can find your love on the Internet. I will tell you briefly about me in this letter. I live in Kazakhstan in the city of Pavlodar and work as a nurse in a hospital. My height: 169 sm / Weight: 57 kg I'm asking you to write me more about you. Tell me about your life. And where do you live? How old are you?
I have always been interested in life in other countries and I will be interested to learn this from you. David
I will write you more about me and my life in my next letter. I'm sending you some photos of me. I hope you like it.
I ask that you also send me your photo, because I'm interested in it.David I wish you a good day today. I'm waiting for your letter soon. Natalia .
Letter 3
Hi David! How are you doing? I hope you're doing well. I am a very simple woman, and just looking for my man! David USA is very huge and beautiful, there are very big houses there, I saw on TV. David I am sure that you will find the woman who will be happy with you, I hope that your sister will change her mind. David about a handsome guy, the main thing is a beautiful human soul, and by the way, I haven't seen your photo, please send me. And now I want to tell you about me. I want to tell you about my work, I work in a hospital as a nurse in the pediatrics department. thus, my work is closely related to the health of children. My duties include going around children, helping doctors and keeping order in the department. Because children are the most precious thing we have, it is important to take care of their health. On my usual day, I get up at 6.30 am and take a shower, then have breakfast and then go to work. David I live not very far from my work, only 10-15 minutes on foot. My working day usually lasts until 17.00. Sometimes I stay on night duty. My parents are retired now, they don't work anymore. My father served in a government institution, and my mother worked as an accountant. And now I would really like you to tell me about yourself. I will be very much waiting for your answer and photo. Natalia .
Letter 4
my name is Galina.
My full name is Shtin Galina. I live and was born in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.
I will send you my photo for our acquaintance, if I am interesting for you, write me in reply and also send me your photo!
I work as a nurse in the hospital, I like my job. I have enough for my life.
I am a single woman, I have no children and no husband, I have not been married.
I am 37 years old. Born October 20, 1984.
I have taught English and German so I can read and speak easily without a translator. what is your native language My native language is Kazakh. I also know a little Latin. Latin is required for my work.
My height is 165 cm, my weight is 66 kg!
My eyes are brown, my eyesight is bad and that's why I put on the lenses, they are colored so that in the future you can see how I look in the lenses, I'll send you a photo. I am a committed woman and I would like to find a man for a serious relationship, first I would like to write letters, and then if we have the interests I would like to meet, it makes no difference to me where we will meet ! I am looking for a serious relationship! But I also prefer just correspondence, sharing moments of life!
I do sports, I love yoga, I love traveling.
I will wait for your letter and photos. Sincerely, Galina.
Letter 5
Hi David. I am glad to receive your letter.
David I am also pleased to open the inbox of emails from you. We have been communicating with you for several days and I have not seen your photo, please please send your photo in the next email. David American football is the players own the ball with their hand?
In this letter I would like to continue the story about myself. So that you know a little more about me.
my hobby is listening to music and reading books. David I really like to read novels about love. And as for music, I prefer different music, but most of all I like instrumental music as well as various popular music.
In summer I like to ride a bike, and in winter I like to ski. Sometimes I go to the gym and play table tennis.
now I want to tell you about my city, Kazakhstan has a very beautiful nature, and in my city as well. I like to go to the park, I like to watch the sunrise. David, and it's important for me to find a man for a serious relationship, for a future together. I don't smoke, I maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, sometimes my friends and I go to nature or to a cafe and we can drink some wine. But it always remains within reason. I will wait for your answer. Natalia .
Letter 6
Hi David. I am glad to receive your letter. How are you doing? how is your mood? Still, I expected to see your photo, but unfortunately I didn't find it, please send me your photo!!! I'm very sorry that my wife cheated on you, it's very mean and disgusting. Bryan I'm sorry that your father is not here now, I see that you are a very kind person, you go to your father's grave and put flowers there. I really love cooking. I like to come up with different dishes myself. I really like various salads, meat, and fish. David, you know that I really love cooking, my mom taught me to cook, she cooks great and gave me her abilities. I cook a lot of different food: soups, pies, salads, and many other things, best of all I cook our Kazakh national dish - "Beshbarmak". It is made from lamb or beef. The meat is cooked with spices, and then noodles are cooked separately in the same broth and onions are stewed. Of sweets, I adore ice cream, especially chocolate. I like experimenting with different cuisines of Eastern Europe, for example, I like to cook Manti. In this letter I will show you what "Beshbarmak" and Manta Rays look like. I will really look forward to your next letter. As for pets , I love everyone , both cats and dogs . My dear David, answer me as soon as possible. Natalia .
Letter 7
I'm glad to receive your reply! I apologize for not responding immediately. I'm a very shy girl, but still I had the courage to write you! I am Ekaterina and and I'm looking for a friend here on the Internet. Can not say that this is my first experience of communication through the Internet. Well, being honest from the early beginning I should say that I am not just looking for a friend but for the real life partner.
Likely you will be surprised, I'm from Russia, and my profile on the site of New Zealand. Do not be surprised that my photos are different from the dating site. The fact is that this is not my profile, but the profile of my friend from the New Zealand. When I was at university, I had a classmate. She met a man on the Internet from NZ, thanks to her, I met you! He invited her to yourself, and soon they got married. I asked myself the question, but the worse I am? =) So here I am writing to you. I'm tired of loneliness and lonely Valentine's Days... I feel the same when I come home to an empty apartment...
When I finished Institute in 2011, I traveled to practice in NZ in the city Hamilton, practiced in English and worked as a babysitter. It was like a fairy tale, I learned a lot about your country for 5 months stay there! Unfortunately, I had to go back. But I never give up hope to visit your country again and maybe stay there forever!I'm 31 years old, but I'm still lonely lady, never married. By character, I am good-natured, sympathetic girl :) I'm from the city of Kazan. But nevertheless I am thinking about building family. I'm only looking for a serious relationship and I'm not interested in games, if that's not what you're looking for, let me know.
I was glad to start our story if you are serious?
I look forward to your reply.
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