Scam letter(s) from Anna Olegovna to Gilbert (USA)

Letter 1
good day! I'm sure you're surprised to receive my letter. Now is the time of high technology, I think that writing can better show the inner world and human thoughts. I just want to say I don't want to just games. I am Anna, I am 35 y.o I have long been ready for a long term relationship. I am a simple girl, without a model appearance.I want to meet a simple person who can accept me for who I really am. A man who will respect me without jealousy. I will be very pleased if you tell me about your hobbies, do you have bad habits and who you work for. I will be waiting for your letter! Anna.
Letter 2
Hi Gilbert! I joyful to see your letter. Sorry to keep you waiting for an answer. I just found your email in my spam folder. How are you keeping?? I'll answer your questions right away before I forget. Please pay attention to my next words for you. I'm free to talk frankly, but I think it's too early for us to talk about intimate topics.
Are you willing to wait a little while for me to get used to you? I'd also like to tell you next. I think I totally understand you.
Maybe I seem juvenile in my thinking, maybe it's the influence of my optimism, but I am who I am and there's nothing I can do about it, it's my nature. I've never tried online dating before, maybe I'm wrong but I think there's a lot of romance in it. I should probably tell you a little bit about me. I am 170 height and my weight is 55 kilograms. I graduated from university in my city But now I work as fitness club administrator I consider myself successful woman and making decent money. I can fully pay for myself, but now I'm trying to save money.
I have very good family and a very friendly parents. But they live in Almaty and we meet not as often as I'd like.
What else, I think Im an optimist of life because I know how to have fun every moment of my life. I always try to see the beauty of this world and people no matter what. Like I said, I'm single now, I've never been married and haven't been in a relationship in a long time. I can't say that I am very picky about a man, social or monetary status is not important to me, the main thing that I was attracted to the man. I think you'll agree with me that no people in the world have the same tastes and hobbies. Everyone has the right to their own life and personal preference choices.
When you asked me about music, I was even confused and couldn't immediately answer this question. I thought about it and I even began to wonder myself - what is my favorite music? I probably can't give an unambiguous answer to this question. I just like to listen to music in my free time. Music relaxes and calms me and while listening to music I am left alone with my thoughts and emotionally relax. I can listen to music both loudly and moderately, it all depends on my mood. It happens that I take a bath to sad music and calm down mentally, sometimes I even fall asleep listening to music. I have been to live music concerts of popular artists several times and I really enjoyed listening to the songs live.
Now I want to meet a man with whom I will be comfortable and not afraid to talk any subjects. Share my desires and fears without flattery or falsehoods. I want a man to understand me and accept me for who I am. Do you think there should be a hierarchy in the family? I think in a relation it is important to be able to understand each other. I think it's most important thing in a relationship. But I know we should take our time to know each other. Will you agree with me? Can I ask you to write down your personal phone number? I wish I had this in my phone book to dare and press the call one day. It is very interesting to learn more about your lifestyle. Tell me about your priorities, life experience and life achievements. By the way, Where do you live? Tell me more about yourself.
So, it's time to finish my message. I want to wish you a lot of smiles today:) How do you like my photos. I was sad you didn't send me your pictures. I sent you my photos and waited to see your photo in return. I hope you will not disregard my request.
With kisses, Anna from Almaty. I hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 3
Hello Gilbert. I am glad that our communication is moving forward. I really like to talk to you in emails.
Perhaps one day I will visit the United States and even visit Lexington, but I can only plan this after completing the plans I have already made. It was a little weird for me that you couldn't send me pictures. I think it's important to communicate and maintain communication. In today's world, there are many ways to copy a picture and a cell phone or computer. I hope you can figure this out. I send you pictures of me every time, and I want it to be mutual. I hope you will do so in your next letter. I want to hope this is a good start for our acquaintance, but in the near future we might try to find a way to switch to different way of communicating. I never before thought that communicating with a stranger via email could be so exciting. There is some unique romance in our email conversation. Do you agree with me?
What else can I tell you about myself...?
It doesn't bother me that you're older than me. I think that a man should be older than a woman. We can communicate, and I would be very interested to know the opinion and experience of the older generation.
I think that a sincere relationship has no statute of limitations, and you can always find a topic for conversation, regardless of the age difference. The main thing is to understand each other and look for common interests.
As for my opinion about the relationships, I think I need a man who could understand to me and give good advice, when necessary. What you think, Can you be these man? Perhaps we should leave this topic until our personal meeting and see how everything happens by itself? Anyway, I believe that there should be romanticism in a relation. Also, I believe that it is important to have a common ****** connection in a relation. As for me I can't imagine a relation without an ****** life. You know, I'm getting a little excited about writing you all this. I don't mind discussing intimate topics without excess platitude, if this is interesting for you now. But I think it's worth being realistic, personally I don't want pen-pal ***, it seems weird to me. It will probably be interesting for us to communicate when we get to know each other better and I think this kind of action has to happen in reality, otherwise it doesn't make much sense. I am not afraid of difficulties and changes, but only time will show what will happen in the future. I really like to communicate with you, I feel that in our communication there is something unusual, fascinating. I would like to believe that our communication now to become the starting point in our relations in the future.
Maybe I'm naive, but I hope you enjoy communicating with me via email, And I hope that it will continue. I hope that you have found my letter and pics interesting, and I see your comments and quick response. I should probably say this. For me personally, it's always interesting to try something new.
I haven't decided where I'm gonna start my new life. It depends on so many factors. It depends on the size of my piggy bank, and frankly I'd like to have a decent man near me for good start. But it is equally important to have mutual understanding and solidarity. I hope to learn more about you better and understand how compatible we are, analyze our future prospects this is quite difficult to do with the help of e-mail, and it would be great to meet in person one day. What do you think? Can it happen in near future? If it comes to that, you can go to me in. I think it's is the right way if we decide to meet one day.
So, I noticed that I wrote you a big letter, it's time to finish. Anna
My photos from a sports training)))
Letter 4
Good day Gilbert.
How is the weather in Lexington? I am happy to read your mails, always when I read your letter, I feel that I get to know you completely. This is the reason I wrote you my first e-mail. I am very interested in getting to know you more, I really to know about all sides of your daily life. I feel that you are my man, I feel that I can tell you all my emotions and thoughts. Today it is important for me to talk with you about the prospects and plans of our relations. It's a long-distance relations, but I am think that this can give good results, personally I would really like that. What I feel for you is important to me. Do you like to dream about the future? I am sure that we should dream about something, I have no doubt that a person without a dream can not be happy.
Anyway, if you want to go, I will be very happy to see you if you come here. I want to have a affectionate and warm relations in a married. I choose to sleep next to my man, the same blanket, under in the same bed. It is important for me to touch each other before sleep, but I don't like falling asleep in to snuggle, the human body needs to relax and get a lot of O2. Success is not just about money, for me, success and happiness is a balance between mind and soul. Do not worry it is only pleasant thoughts, but sometimes ****** fantasies and thoughts arise in my head.
Anyway, I like our nights to be sleepless. I am glad that I can tell you about my innermost fantasies.
I don't think I should hide it from. I will always talk to you honestly and without hesitation. I want to tell you so much now that it's even unusual for myself.
It may be boring for you to read my letters, but I don't find any other way how to tell you everything about me that I want you to know about me.
Have you ever watched a 1+1 movie, from Directors: Olivier Nakash, Eric Toledano. A wealthy aristocrat, Philip, who has suffered an accident, hires as an assistant the person who is least suitable for this job a young resident of the suburb of Drissa, just released from prison. Despite the fact that Philip is confined to a wheelchair, Driss manages to bring a spirit of adventure to the measured life of the aristocrat. For me, this film was an example. I watched this movie for the first time a long time ago, but every time I watch it again, it causes incredible delight. I suggest you watch it.
I like fishing, although many of my friends do not understand what I can like in fishing. As a child, I went fishing with my grandfather and I always liked to sit and watch nature, the singing of birds, the sound of water. Since I was a child, my grandfather taught me how to fish, and when I got older, he taught me how to handle a boat alone. I can not say that I am a professional fisherman, but I understand something about this and if I had the opportunity to go fishing, I would probably agree.
Sorry, it seems that I have told a great novella for you, I don't want to bore you with my chatter. Write to me, I will be wait. Even more kisses to you, your Anna.
P.S. I try a photo for you.
Letter 5
Hello Gilbert. By the way, I wanted to ask you, did you get my present?
Perhaps I am not impulsive enough or too prudent, to decide on our personal meeting now. I don't want you to misunderstand me, I like you very much, I really like you. I respect the way you think and reason.
Sometimes I feel that I hear your pleasant voice when I see your message. Of course, I understand that these may be naive expectations and your voice is completely different. The sound of your voice is not very important to me, the meaning of the words you said is much more important to me.
I've never caught my ex-boyfreinds cheating and I can't imagine what it feels like when someone close to you cheated on you. I'm sure it's very painful and leaves a mark on the heart. I think the main thing that these events in your life have no led to the mistrust of all women.I try to catch every line in your letters. I understand that my thoughts about your words can sometimes lead to different conclusions, and this is probably why I am a little inattentive and forget what else I wanted to write for you. What can I say, my fantasies and thoughts about you make me a little distracted. I am sure that the greatest happiness and the most desirable for me is to be close to a soulmate who thinks the same way as me. I think that we are very different, but at the same time we are very similar in the most important things for me. A wise man once said that opposites attract each other.
I believe that this rule works for us now. I like your your attitude towards me and character, I really can't find the right words to correctly describe how I feel. It's is a warm, gentle feelings, but at the same time I feel a strong excitement all over my body. Of course, I have fears that my emotions towards you have grown too quickly, that I just came up with the perfect man for myself, but despite these inner barriers, I enjoy what is happening between us right now.
I'm surprised you mentioned our age difference again. I think I've already given you my opinion on this.
I understand that there is a significant age difference between us, but does it matter if we are communicating?
I don't see any problem with this, and I'm surprised that you're asking me this question again.
I like to think and dream about us, our future and our first touch, for some occasion I guess that it will be in the airport. That, the most dramatic thing for our story would when we meet in airport.
The main thing here proximity to each other, the possibility to try to live with each other. Its very important, so many couples break up because of household problems. I want to believe that we will compatible and we will not have problem. I want to feel how is waking up with you, I hope that in our future there will be many enjoyable nights together. I want to be open and honest with you. I do nt want to just fantasies and now dreams and I believe that your messages are as sincere as mine.
I will be waiting, write to me. Even more gentle kisses to you, Anna.
P.S. I want to please you with my photos and cheer you up.
Letter 6
Good day Gilbert. I'm sorry that I am only answering you now. There is special romanticism in our communication by e-mail I very need touch you. First time see your eyes and first time hear your amazing voice. I imagine how we meet at the first time. You stay with a bouquet of flowers and I am with eyes shining with happiness. I think that we will always remember this day and we will take our first together pic. I would very like it to occur next days, but you need to be lifelike. In any case, we need to plan everything carefully to avoid any possible uncomfortably surprises. Fortunately, we have enough time to discuss everything and make a good solution.
I am sure we have a lot of common fantasies and wishes. But we can't do it now, because there is a long distance between us.
I have lustful desires, but I can't afford casual ***. In my life, intimacy was only when I was in a relationship, so my ***Removed***. I'm sharing my desires and fantasies with you, because I have not *** for a very long time, and recently thoughts of intimacy are increasingly appearing in my head.
I want to know how to give you the max pleasure, so that when we have the opportunity to meet in the near future. We must continue to communicate and become closer every day. Can you think about my idea?
In conclusion of my letter, I want to say that communicating with you, I can to cope my embarrassment and say you everything what I want. I know you will appreciate my thoughts.
Sweet kiss es, Anna
P.S. I'll be wait, write to me. for you
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