Scam letter(s) from Marina Denisova to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hello Dearest!!! I am very grateful to you for that that you have written to me. I am very glad that you as have shown desire to learn about me and to get acquainted with me. It is always very pleasant for me to learn new people. I really search for second half with whom I can lead the life. I as want to escape from the last life and to leave all past, yes for all my life there was much all and bad and good, but I think that it was at each of us, I would like to tell to you in this letter on, on the life, my name Inna, me 28 years, mine Growth 170 centimeter, my weight of 52 kg, I live in the city of Kanash republic Chuvashia, it is approximately 510 kilometers from capital of Russia of the city of Moscow. I live one, my parents were lost already for a long time. I the father has died when to me there were 2 years, my mum has died when to me there were 8 years and since then I was brought up with another's people as I have learned my father was engaged in parachute sports and once his parachute has not revealed, my mum has died because of heart attack. Me gave to children's home but when to me 18 years I were executed started an independent life, I began to search to myself for work that I could live and study. I studied at university I have finished it and have received higher education, I always since the childhood dreamed to receive formation and to begin home life, but at me have failed till now to find family, now I work as the seller, I sell in a department of female cosmetics. Now I live with the girlfriend in an one-room apartment, we rent the apartment with the girlfriend, my girlfriend as works in a place with me and on this we always in a place. In Russia I always had few friends, and now I have not enough friends, I practically do not have friends, I tried to find the guy here in Russia I even met with several men for all this time but then I have understood that I do not want to live with the man here in Russia As that time I have seen the announcement, the man from Germany searched for the girl for serious attitudes, but it has not liked me and then I have learned that in the Internet there are such sites of acquaintances, and I has decided as to search for the love through the Internet, not so long ago I has finished rates of foreign language I studied the English language. I hope that you excuse me for my bad English language, I yet absolutely well know it but I try, it is very interesting to me to learn about you about your life, about your culture in fact we live in different doomsday. I very much like to listen to music, we with the girlfriend have bought to ourselves the good tape recorder and sometimes we buy disks with music, we dance directly houses, it is very cheerful, I as very much like to read books. In the childhood I liked to be in library I went there 3-4 times to a week and took there various books. Certainly now at me not so it is a lot of time to go to library but I nevertheless go there and I take books, very cheerful and sociable person, I love messages with people direct talks on various themes, very much it is pleasant to me when people open also to me it becomes pleasant to speak with them, I very much would like to know that you like to read?
What books? What do you like to look? What films? What I peep you prefer? I like to prepare for various salads, in Russia is many salads, such names as winter salad, or crab salad with corn, you when or ate such salad? As there is one Russian national dish which I very much like, this dish refers to soup _ Borshch , I hope that I can prepare once for it to you, I as like to look cinema, such films as terminator, the lord of rings, severe games still more many other films. Tell to me please than you like to be engaged? Where you work?
And what your hobby? I hope that I have not tired you with this letter, but I try to tell to you more about myself. I shall be glad to know as much as possible about you and about your life and I ask you do not hesitate to me to tell about your life, I as shall speak you all about my life, it was very pleasant for me to write to you this letter, I hope that to you as it will be pleasant to read it. I shall wait for your new story about your life about you and I hope that in following your letter you will give me what or a new photo of you.
Yours faithfully and a heat Inna
Letter 2

Hello Wonderful! I as am glad that our correspondence proceeds, it will be pleasant for me to learn you with each letter all better and better,
we can understand each other, and it is very important for us, I do not search for short attitudes, I search for serious attitudes, I want to have the favourite person beside, probably you and know that without the close, favourite person beside not easily, to me has really bothered to be to one, it is difficult, it is boring, I want that I could at any moment approach and embrace loved and me would be very good, and was easy. I frequently think of that that we with loved could take a walk where that in park or to leave on the nature. And how for a long time you without the favourite person? You when or had wife or the girl? Earlier I had men I lived with the person and we lived with it 3 years we have not been married at us the civil marriage was, but in more likely we have gone away, probably we have understood that we not the friend for the friend. At first I had to it feelings and I saw that it loved me and was always glad to me. Then it began to appear at home all less often and less often and once it has come and has told that has got acquainted with other girl and that they have grown fond each other, we did not begin to quarrel and swear, I have understood it and have told to it that I am very glad that it has come and has told to me it. We have gone away after a while I has got acquainted with the guy we met it 1 year and then I have married, we lived with it 2 and a half of one year but then it was brought down with the machine, I was very hurt me practically all time there was with it in hospital it was in without consciousness,
and a week later not coming in consciousness it has died, I thought that my life as is over, me would be desirable to die, but my girlfriends have supported me and I is very grateful to them because if at me not was such remarkable girlfriends a beside I could do nonsense. I live one during one and a half years, a floor of year back one of my girlfriends went in the city of Moscow and she there has got acquainted with the foreign person from Canada, and they have fallen in love each other and in current to a floor of year they met not time and conduct correspondence now, it to speak that in June it buys the house in Germany and move to live there, I am very happy for them. I as have decided to get acquainted with the person from abroad, to me have advised to make it through the Internet, and I went to many agency of foreign acquaintances and I have met there one their familiar it there she worked also has helped me to make and I have got acquainted with you, I do not go to agency to write the letter to you I I go to the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter, it is approximately 3ë minutes from that place where I live and 40 minutes from a place of my work. Tell to me please from where you write to me the letter? How frequently you have opportunity to write to me the letter? Unfortunately I not frequently have opportunity to write to you, but I promise that I shall write to you at once as soon as I will have opportunity. I hope that it was pleasant for you to learn for my last attitudes, certainly I do not want that all this nightmare has repeated, still was all that more many that I am very glad that I have gone through it and now I want to begin a new life and I hope that I can begin her with you because on how many I have understood you the good person, you beautiful. It is pleasant for me to write to you the letter and I hope that to you as pleasantly to write to me the letter,
I shall be simply happy to receive your following letter, I hope that as I can see your new photo in the following the letter. I wish you successful day or night I do not know how many now time at you, I shall miss Yours faithfully and a sweet kiss Inna
Letter 3

Hi lovely !!! I am grateful to you again for that that you have not forgotten me. Lovely I is very glad that I like you it is very healthy, lovely I hope that you understand that it is serious things the question is our further life and all depends on us as we shall live and that we shall do all only in our hands and I hope that we can operate it correctly. You really like me, I shall always try to open to you the feelings, desires and ideas, it will be pleasant for me if you will know all about me and me as it would be desirable to know all about you, I even shall tell to you more, since this moment if you want I shall not hold from you not what secrets, but I as want to receive reciprocity. The reciprocity is the keystone to success in the future in home life it very much, very important. To me it will be valid very pleasantly if you will speak all about yourself and will not hold from me secrets, I want really serious. Firm attitudes, I can promise you that if we shall be in a place I shall try to hold fidelity before you. To tell the truth as far as I remember myself I always I differed that that the true person, I do not forget the friends and I do not leave them in a trouble, to this I was learned with a life if I was not such person many of my friends would turn away from me but they have not made it I mean was true him and I shall continue to be true as I think many of my friends would go on much for that to help me, as would go even on extreme measures to help my best friends. In Russia always survived the strongest or that to whom many help. Russia is the large country where everyone is ready to drown Another for the sake of that to get out itself on top and it is not correct, if people always tried to help on the contrary each other I think that all on would be much better, I do not know what to occur in other countries, but on how many I know., How I read and how many I heard in other countries a life on much better, to take for example Norway, it is the good country where people live amicably and help each other, whether not so? Or for example to take the United States of America, it is the big country at the majority of men living there in a head of the girl, ***, men of America love beautiful girls and ***, I do not want to offend American people and I shall not do it, I not against *** because at American people everything is all right though the majority of men think of *** it do not prevent them to live and do well the work and on this they are fine. I simply want to find rest to me this vanity I has bothered do not want to spend half of life in searches of love, I only want to live and see the world and to learn people, to find new friends. I think on it I shall stop to speak about people, Lovely tell as you? How has passed your day? What good you have had time to make for last day ?? Today to me there has come the girlfriend and has brought 2 tickets on musical Nother Dam De Pari and she has suggested to descend in a place with it, I have with the great pleasure agreed to descend with it and I have not regretted, it was is very healthy, my desire as soon as I shall see you in a reality I I want to go with you on theatres, I want to visit various musicals and I want to do all this with you, I always dreamed to go to such places as theatre or a musical with the favourite person and I hope that you will not be against and it will be pleasant for you. Lovely I hope that I have not tired you with the letter, I simply try to express you that that at me in a head that you understood me better, I hope that next time when I shall check e-mail I again I can to take pleasure in your letter. I kiss you very softly and gently in lips and I shall dream of you and to think of us
Yours faithfully Inna
Letter 4

Hi my fine, keith!!!! How are you? Lovely I is really glad that the destiny has reduced us on this correspondence, I am glad that our correspondence conducts us to something to the greater than the letter is simple. I shall try that you were not disappointed in me, I as hope that you too to not disappoint me and then I am sure that we shall in a place and we can construct family, but we should approach to all this with the big responsibility and care about each other. I the girl and in this life to me on much more complex than to you to men, many men they try to humiliate in every possible way us only and want as to climb to us under shorts. I do not want that you appeared such,
certainly I not against *** of it demand the nature, but I do not want that my favourite person on mind had only bed. Forgive that I again remind of it but it really very much disturbs me. Lovely I really very much am afraid for myself I I do not want to do nonsenses want to choose correct person for continuation of the life with it, I have already made the choice I really I want to divide the life, the bed the tooth-brush at last with you lovely. You can and can think that I hasten a little, but it is haste only in the letter actually I cannot understand you actually through the letter, I cannot express completely the feelings, ideas to you. But nevertheless I shall try to be expressed as it is possible more clearly as it is possible more correctly that you I can not be mistaken in me. I as very much worry for you that you as have not done nonsenses and the incorrect choice,
an incorrect step has not made. But I am very happy that your choice has fallen on me, in a place with this choice on me has fallen and as the huge responsibility. In the childhood of me always why that wanted to bring up responsible and on this now when I already adult I think of the responsibility which much can fall on me for any reason. We should be sincere with each other if you not against I want to speak you about the desires, about the dreams in a life, about that that I want to reach in this life and I hope that you as can share with me it. In a life I want to reach calmness, balance and most my dream it to have own family because it so it is healthy when it is possible to bring up the child, it was always my dream, to bring up the child. As in a life I wanted that I had good career that I could contain family and came home not with empty hands and I shall try to use the best efforts for that that my dreams and desires have come true. Lovely tell and that in a life wanted or you want to reach? What costs at you on the first place? What will you demand from the beloved? And what role in your life is played by family, and children? I shall try to do all that from me depends to carry out your requirements because I think that the man in family is a support of family and that it is necessary to listen to the man. But I as hope that you will not demand from me not possible and then I think both of us we shall be happy.
Whether I want to tell that you did not worry concerning that I shall work when we shall be in a place, yes I shall work and and I shall try to perform the work very much. Me have brought up very strictly for that that I of a pier itself to go on this life not being afraid of various problems and I think that while at me it turns out, certainly at thinking it leaves not absolutely well but even at me it turns out.
Lovely I as want that you knew that I as I shall demand from you a little because I as want that we resembled each other that both of us held our family and I hope that both of us shall try to carry out all duties. And if both of us shall do all correctly, is considered, in a place then our family will be very strong. But I think that while will suffice to speak about it, I want to ask you as your affairs now? How you have lead last day? What has taken place new? How your weather there? I'm fine today I have gone to the best girlfriend we 2 weeks did not see and I told to it about us with you. Simply always it is pleasant for me to chat with the girlfriend and to discuss men ? such we girls ?. Lovely I shall be very glad to learn again about you about that as you will spend time in your following letter, I shall miss on you and to think of you. I kiss you with all tenderness and love
Kiss .Kiss .Kiss .Kiss Inna
Letter 5

Hi loved keith!!! I hope that you will not be against if I shall name you loved? I am very happy to read again your letter, my heart is overflown with pleasure when I again can read your letter. Lovely since that moment as we began to write each other I feel that I have changed in the best party, I began to think of you much. Every time I very much worry as at us will be farther, I am really in love with you, I want that you named me the girl then I would be happier. Today I again saw the girlfriend and I have noticed that she and is happy for me and envies me not much. Whether I have asked her really she envies me and she has told yes that she envies me a little, I have asked her that she has ceased to envy me and if she as wants to find the love not here in Russia simply she should go and establish the questionnaire on a site of acquaintance. Lena so call my girlfriend has told that she is afraid to make it a little, I have asked her what exactly she she is afraid has told that she does not know that she will write to the person with whom she to get acquainted, I have told to it that she should write that that she thinks, what will be feelings to the that person and she has told to me that she will think of it. I am really very happy that I have got acquainted with you lovely this biggest happiness in my life lately.. Today I have gone have walked on shops, I love walks on shops, I always dreamed to find good work and to go shopping behind purchases, but I am sure that it soon to happen in my life. First of all if I shall come to live in your country I want to find work, it is not important for me on how many this work the main thing will be difficult that money to family sufficed me and I shall try for this purpose every time when I receive your letter and I read it at me at once in a head many emotions and feelings climb, I do not sit for a long time thinking what to write to you I write this letter at once not spending long time in reflection because my feelings are very strong to you and on this at me does not arise problems with that what to write to you. Lovely I as want to ask you, whether to you clearly that I write all to you? I understand that while we cannot understand each other on 100 but I think that when we shall be in a place and will pass a few time we can understand each other well. Lovely you when or wanted to teach Russian? Earlier I as taught Russian at school, I learned schoolboys from 5 up to 8 classes and on this I would like when I shall arrive to you to teach lessons of Russian, certainly if you not against? I would be simply glad to learn you to Russian because then we necessarily shall arrive to Russia to take a walk and I I shall show you beautiful a place. I as would like that when I shall arrive to you you have shown me the city and the most beautiful places. I very much like to look new places, I like to look various cities. Earlier when at me the guy it frequently was carried me on different cities at him there there were business meetings and I was very happy to look at these new beautiful places.
Loved tell and what your character? Whether quiet you the person?
Under your letters I understand that you good, kind, the person who can always listen, you the good student I really cannot believe that such good person is in love with me, you are in love with me? Whether really I like you? As to me, you really like me, I with the great pleasure would carry out near to you a lot of time and it there would be the biggest pleasure for me. You really love children? Your dream how many you would want to have children? Earlier I always dreamed to have 2 children, I wanted the boy and the girl. I always had weakness to a male I like strong people, courageous. In the childhood I frequently looked films where the man rescueed the girl and it very much was pleasant to me, I always had dream that when with me that that will take place, God forbid certainly strong the man will come and will rescue me certainly now all this it seems childishness but earlier it seemed to me simply remarkable. Sometimes I would like to return that that from the last life, and that that to me simply is to be forgotten on always. Loved I really hope that you not when will not give me in insult and will care of me and to respect me. I as shall care of you and to respect you always, I promise you lovely. I loved on it shall finish the letter to you, certainly I can write and more but I think that you will be tired to read it but if you want that I you wrote you letters even more only tell to me about it and I shall write to you letters even more than earlier I promise I shall dream of you today and I shall wait for that moment when I again can go in to the girlfriend to check up the mail. I embrace you very gently and I give you a sweet kiss with love Inna
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