Scam letter(s) from Alena Kovalenko to Sebastian (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi, this is Olena, remember? I'm from Ukraine. I sent you my photos, I hope you like it!
I like you and we could continue our acquaintance, I will wait for your answer, send me your photos, I will wait.
Letter 2
So i'm a single lady right from ukraine wanting my other half. recently been thru lots of distress but that does not avoid me from always looking and wishing to identify joy and happiness.
I know someplace around that he's awaiting me, I prefer to waste all the rest of my life with that special guy.
I saw your profile & admired it. I'm a youthful & filled with joy chic, love running a ton, health and fitness & mother nature, will reveal to you a few of my personal pics later.
I'm not looking for a man that is ideal. I'm just in search of someone who will understand me for who i am & hold me in very good & toughest moments.
I want to view some more pictures of you & learn fun stuff regarding your own life & if you have got additional questions i'll make sure to get back to you as soon as you respond back. Regards,
Letter 3
Hello Sebastian! I am very glad to see your letter, I hope that we can continue our communication, to know each other better. I want you to always read my letters carefully, because your opinion is important to me.
I don't like being ignored, not answering my questions, I find it unfair to spend a lot of time, write you a letter, and get only a few lines from you in return, so respect my time and my work to write you a letter.
Now let's talk about the good! ) I am a student of the Financial University with a degree in Management and Financial Control.
In my next letter, I will tell you more about myself.
I value sincerity in relationships, so I want to say right away that I earn money as a volunteer. I like my job and constantly communicate with new people, this is my temporary job and in the future I want to get a normal job in your country.
I hope that my work does not contradict your moral principles and we can continue our communication. I hope you're not only interested my photograph, but also me as a person. I will be very hurt and hurt if you only want my **** photos. I want to say right away that I do not send any intimate photos.
I am not against ordinary photos and will send them with great pleasure if I feel your interest in me and our communication. Only I want to open up to you like a flower, gradually, especially since first I have to get to know you better through a letter.
I contacted a special dating company, and they asked me to give them my email and they told me that within two or three days, I could receive a letter from a man! and that's how I understand you wrote to me!
I don't know any information about you and I would be interested to know more about you. Tell me about your country? About your city where you live? About your traditions! Who do you live with?
Please don't forget to answer my questions, it's very important to me and I'll be very curious to know what you think of everything I've written.
It is impossible to tell about my whole life in one letter, so with each letter I will write more and more information about myself.
Now I will finish the letter and send it to you as soon as possible, I look forward to receiving a new letter from you. Best regards Olena
Letter 4
Hello Sebastian! I am glad to read your letter.
Why don't you send your photos? Please feel free to send your photos, I will be very happy.
I was waiting for your letter and of course it was important for me to know your reaction to the fact that I work as a volunteer, I just love helping people and I love being needed and useful.
What kind of music do you listen to? what type of music do you like?
I prefer modern music, calm.
I cook and bake pies and cakes very tasty.
If we meet in the future, I will be happy to set the table for you, surprise you. You want.
I have no secrets from you, and in the very first letter I told you about my work, because I believe that sincerity is very important and I always tell the truth.
Thank you for the reciprocity, and I hope that our communication will develop with each letter. At least I would like to.
Now I will tell you more about myself: my real name is Olena, I am 27 years old.
years old, my birthday is 1.06.1995, I live in Kharkov, Ukraine. My height is 170 cm, weight 65 kg.
I am an orphan, I have never seen my parents, my parents immediately after my birth sent me to an orphanage.
I never tried to find them, there is no information.
Of course, these were difficult years for me, and in the future I would like to help orphanages, because I know how hard it is for children there.
In our country, the state helps such children, and immediately after receiving primary education in an orphanage, I entered the university for free.
The state also allocated me an apartment where I now live, it is a small apartment, but it is enough for a comfortable life. I live in an apartment alone and it is my property.
I think you have a question for me, why am I looking for a person in your country? My past relationship ended 1.5 years ago and I decided I didn't want a relationship.
with a man from Ukraine, because I plan to leave for good. Get an internship, find a decent job, a well-paid stable job.
My ex cheated on me with another girl, I could not stand it, and decided to leave. Therefore, sincerity and trust in relationships are important to me.
Now I'm not looking for something serious, I just want to meet a man with whom it will be nice to meet, chat, go to the cinema, museum, cafe or just stay at home to make love. In any case, let's see where our relationship will lead!
Moreover, I am graduating from the university, this is the last year and now I have to practice in your country.
My documents should be ready soon!
while I do not have exact information where I will be in your country, but first I have to come to your capital, I will be there for 2 weeks, and then I can choose any other city in your country, or stay in the capital. Of course, I will be provided with free food and housing, the government of Ukraine will take
care of everything.
I will talk about this in my next letter.
I think the letter is too big and you are tired of reading it :) please let me know what you think about all this, I would really like to know your opinion.
The opinion of others is very important to me. I don't know why, but it's true. I am that kind of person)
I hope to receive an answer from you as soon as possible. I send you new photos, I hope they will impress you :)
I know that you are interested and pleased to look at my photos.
I kiss you Olena
Letter 5
Please do not worry! If I did not immediately respond to your letter, as soon as I have the opportunity and time, I will immediately answer you.
In my last letter, I forgot to tell you that my friend Maria helps me take pictures, we were together in an orphanage and we know each other from early childhood, she is my best friend, whom I can trust with all my secrets, problems, and she always helps me.
Did you like my photos?
I try to show myself from all sides. And I hope you enjoy it. Do you like my cooking?
Perhaps in this letter I will tell you a little about the purpose of my trip. I hope you understand what I am writing here :)
I have to start from afar, but it's important to understand. You know that I live in Kharkov. Ukraine is multinational.
Our nationality is not so numerous, about 41 million people, and they are scattered throughout Ukraine and other countries.
There are very few of them left and they are of Turkic origin. These are Hungarians, Finns, Saami, Estonians, Belarusians, and many other nationalities.
All ethnic groups always help each other, and even in Europe there is a state program to help Ukrainian citizens by origin to preserve their cultural heritage and language. And I got into this program.
Representatives contacted my university, having learned about my progress, as well as that I was an orphan, they decided to offer me an international student exchange and industrial practice.
But I also won a grant from several students in a competition that includes visa and ticket fees, plus 10,000 usd for expenses during your stay in your country.
I can spend the money myself and receive it when I arrive at usa.
I will need to come to the capital and receive money from the embassy. Referrals and anything else I may need within 3 months in your country as I am also receiving assistance from the program.
I will stay in the capital for only 2 weeks, when all the formalities are completed, and when I receive the money, I will be able to choose a city for my practice and have a place for my practice in economics and management.
Of course, the choice is not random, I will be provided with a list of organizations that can take me to practice. But I already know that I can choose almost any city.
All movements are also paid by the program. All expenses with the flight, with all the expenses for travel and accommodation in your country and meals and everything that I may need.
What can I say, I'm very lucky! And I am grateful to the people who work in these organizations and try to give people a chance for a better life, to show themselves and their potential. I just can't believe my luck :)
I hope that all this was not too boring for you and that you are not disappointed in the reason why I am writing to you, I just want to find a friend in your country. But it seems I found it! I want to send you my new photos. I hope they impress you. I want you to enjoy!
Looking forward to your response and your thoughts on what I wrote!
Kiss you Olena
Letter 6
Hello my dear Sebastian!
I begin to miss your letters, they always bring joy to my heart and I do not feel lonely. Now I am very busy studying at the university, after university I need to go to work and I also need to prepare all the necessary documents for the trip. Very little free time.
working as a waitress, I don't make a lot of money, I only have enough for food, cosmetics and things. But now I am glad to be able to write you a letter. The documents are still in process, so I cannot tell you the exact date of my arrival, but as soon as I know, I will let you know. The most important thing is that soon I will be in your country and look forward to our meeting with great excitement, I think that we will always remember the day of our meeting. )) Are you looking forward to meeting me?
For several nights now I have had the same dream: we are having dinner in a restaurant, playing live romantic music, dancing a slow dance. do you like to dance?
After a wonderful evening, we go to the hotel, where we make love and enjoy each other, all night until the morning.
I love writing letters to you, but now I have to finish my letter because I am very tired and I need to prepare something to eat.
In the morning I always eat porridge, sausage, yogurt and have a cup of coffee, for lunch I always eat soup and salad, and in the evening I can eat chicken or fish. I don't drink alcohol, only on vacation I can afford a glass of wine or champagne, and I don't smoke tobacco. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, jogging in the park in the evenings. I hope that my letter was not boring for you, lately I have been very busy and I need some rest. I hope you can forgive me.
I hope you enjoy my new photos and see them over and over again. I kiss you Olena
Letter 7
Hello my **** Sebastian! I have great news for you and I want to share it with you soon. My documents are ready for a trip to your country, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I'm leaving for Kyiv.
You know, I believe in fate and our meeting was not accidental, I constantly think about you, I can’t sleep, study, work.
Of course, I am worried before our future meeting, but my excitement passes, after we meet, I think that we will remember the day of our first meeting all our lives.
I feel that you are a very good, kind person with whom it is easy for me to communicate and it is pleasant to write letters! I know that you will never hurt me and I will feel safe next to you.
You know, my last relationship ended 1.5 years ago and I didn't have another man. I am a young girl and I have a big ****** appetite.
You and I are adults, and we should talk about any topic, especially ******. *** is natural. I'm not ashamed to talk about this a lot, but I trust you and I know that I can tell you any secret or secret.
Our relations are developing very well, and we can find out everything that interests us about each other. I want to say that I love to make love several times a day, when I come to your country and we meet, we can deliver a lot of pleasure and passion in bed.
In bed, I love tenderness, a lot of kisses, I want you to caress my body, speak beautiful words. And sometimes I like wild ***, talking ***** words so you can slap my ***, hold my hair in your hands.
I like to try new positions, have *** in different places, in nature, in the back row of the cinema, in the car, I want to try all the craziest places.
I dream of you, I really want this to be in our relationship.
Just please don't think that I'm depraved and lustful. I can't help myself, you make me want you and make love to you.
This is my first time experiencing emotions and I can't control myself!
Forgive me for the vulgarity)))
I believe that *** in a relationship is very important, many families break up because a woman stops surprising her man in bed.
And I hope that maybe we will understand that we are made for each other and unite in life. Time will tell.
Do you agree with me? I want to meet a person who is worthy of my pure and sincere love. My respect and attention.
I will send you some photos with this letter. I don't have completely intimate ones. I'm a little shy.)))) And I'm afraid that they will get into the Internet.
I love making love and honestly I really want you! And I really hope to see your answer soon.
Lots of hot kisses and hugs! Your Olena
Letter 8
Hello my dear man Sebastian! Today is a beautiful day, and I am glad to see your letter, which I will be happy to answer. So the long-awaited day has come when I will begin the journey to your country. My bus to Kiev will be in a few hours, so you need to have time to collect everything you need pack your luggage and don’t forget anything. I am leaving for 3 months and have to bring everything I need. It’s hard to describe in the letter what emotions I feel now, before my first trip In another country, before our future meeting, I feel great excitement. In Kiev, I will have several days to receive the documents, I need to fill out some other paper, and undergo a medical examination and send an analysis for coronavirus. I think that I will have the opportunity to write you a letter from Kiev I managed to read on the Internet not so much about your country, traditions, holidays, what are the prices of products, etc. When I arrive, I will be paid 10,000 euro. In Ukraine, 10,000 euro is a lot of money, but I don’t know how it is in your country. How much money? I will receive this money as soon as I arrive in your country and I can dispose of it. I already said, I need to be in your capital for 2 weeks and there I will receive money at the Ukraine Embassy. I will also receive all instructions further. instructions regarding my practice. We could go to a good restaurant to celebrate our meeting. Do you want Then we can go for a walk, you will show me beautiful places in your city, and then I would like to get to know you better! I hope you understand what I mean. ) I think that we will have a hot and unforgettable meeting, we can look into each other’s eyes and talk beautifully, or perhaps make love all night. Sebastian, I do not know whether you will have such an opportunity or not, I really want to see you at the airport as soon as I arrive in your capital. I so want to see you as soon as possible. I am so excited about all this, so many thoughts.
How do you imagine our meeting? I have to finish my letter! I will write you all the information about my flight as soon as I arrive in Kiev With this letter I am sending you new photos that I promised. )))
I hope to see your letter when I arrive in Kiev, before it was not possible to write! Wish me luck! I miss you! kisses Olena
Letter 9
Hello! My dear Sebastian, I arrived safely in Kyiv and am glad see your letter. Now I'm very sad and it's hard to say that we should stop our communication. I'm in a lot of pain right now and I have tears in my eyes because you become my beloved and dear person. I don't want to lose you, but I I don't see any other way. I have a small problem, but if it doesn't allowed, I will not be able to come to your country. The problem lies in a small amount of money, but I am ashamed to ask you for help, so I decided to end our dialogue. I don't want you to think badly of me.
Sebastian, I tried to solve the problem myself, but it didn't work. Per for this reason, I believe that we should stop the dialogue. I am afraid that you won't listen to my problem and you won't be able to help me, you say bad things about me. You have become my own person, for for whom I have strong feelings. Now I'm at a loss, afraid to lose you forever and ever. I don't know what I'll do right now, but I don't think you will can help me solve this problem. I don't know if you want to know the problem should be solved. I am looking forward to hearing from you, so I know what you think about what I wrote. I'm afraid to lose you, you are a wonderful and kind person and meeting you was great for me dream. I am sure that a happy joint future awaits us, during for our correspondence, I got used to you very much. I dreamed about the day of our first meeting, how we make love or passionate, hot, wild ***. As well as now our meeting is in jeopardy and I can destroy my future in yours country, because it is also important for me to get an internship, then I can get a normal job in your country. i was so ****** that I thought that I would meet you soon and my new life would begin!
I will wait for your letter, I hope you can reply quickly.
With love Olena
Letter 10
My dear Sebastian! I was very worried and waiting for your letter.
Now I will try to explain everything to you calmly and in detail, I hope that together we can find a solution. The problem is that I have a debt for not paying the loan, I had to pay the loan services on time.
In Ukraine, a law was recently adopted stating that if a citizen has monetary debts in Ukraine, he cannot leave the country, he will simply be arrested at customs by bailiffs.
This law was adopted due to the fact that people take loans from banks and then do not pay, do not pay for housing, so that people could not hide from debts in another country.
Before the trip, I needed to buy some things that I would take with me, a suitcase in which I would carry my things, I needed to clean myself up before our meeting, get a manicure and pedicure, buy cosmetics.
In general, I have no money left to pay for the loan services and now my debt is 600 euros, I don’t have much cash with me, about 150 euros, but I need another 450 euros. Can you help me with 450 euros?
Now I can't continue my journey due to debt, first I need to pay the debt, I will have an official document confirming that I can easily leave the country.
I tried to find money, but I have no acquaintances or friends in Kyiv, I also tried to get money from the program under which I am going to you.
But I was told that they would pay all my travel expenses, but not my debt. You are the only one who can help me if you refuse me. Then my future will be shattered, and most importantly, I won't be able to meet you.
I really hope for your help but I will refund your money as soon as I arrive in your country and get 10,000 euros from the embassy, ​​but first I have to come to your country. I really hope for your help!
I need only 450 euros and the problem will be solved, and soon we will be together and do everything we dreamed of. You are in my heart and I want to make love to you and do what we dreamed of! You are important in my life, and, of course, you understand how valuable it is to have something so important in life to have a person for whom you are so dear and valuable!
I really appreciate you and I don’t want to lose you, I want you to understand everything correctly and think only the most beautiful thoughts about me, think about me sincerely, your understanding and support is important for me now.
Very soon we will be close, we will experience the most tender feelings for each other, I want it so much, and I hope that you do too.
Write to me, I'll be waiting, I hope that we will find a solution and be together soon. with love Olena
Letter 11
hello my dear Sebastian!
I just read your letter. I fully understand what you are saying. I understand that I told you the amount in euros.
my dear, I told you so because the bailiffs told me so. when I talked to them, I was very nervous, worried. then I immediately went and wrote to you, I probably just thought about what they told me. I understand that your currency is usd.
I understand that you are letting me know that I should not count on your help. I understand that you are scolding me, that you knew that I had a debt and I went ..
my dear Sebastian, believe me, I did not think that they would not let me go abroad. If I had known, I would have paid in advance. I turned to you because I have no one else. I tried to negotiate with the management that I would come and pay. I was told that I need to pay now or they won’t lift the ban and I won’t be able to leave the frontier. those are the laws I turned to you for help because you are dear to me and I do not want to lose you.
I have the first and only chance to meet you. Please don't leave me, I will refund your money when I arrive.
I also want to say that I do not correspond with the guys from Europe. I actually wrote the amount in euros, because the management said so. I am not deceiving you. I am honest with you.
Sebastian, I want to ask you. Are you ready to bail me out and help me? what should i tell management?
please write the answer, I will wait. Yours with love Olena
Letter 12
dear Sebastian, it's good that you wrote.
I'm glad that you want everything to be fine. I checked with the bank and they told me that you can make the transfer without any problems. I found out at the Money Gram bank, they told me that in order for you to be able to send me money, you need my data. they said that I can receive the transfer as soon as you make the transfer. I understand that now is a day off and you need to wait for Monday. I told the management that I would have the money on Monday. I was told that Monday is the last day of payment. they said if I don't pay, my trip will be canceled and the practice too. I hope you can do the transfer on Monday. they also said that you can send money using the Money Gram website. I will believe that you will not leave me.
I will now finish the letter. I wish you a pleasant holiday. Yours with love Olena
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