Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lodi to David (Germany)

Letter 1
How are you, my friend. I am interested learn with your person. I would now like to tell you a little about myself. My personality can be described as gentle, caring, loyal, calm. I now want to meet someone who having about the same opinion about life. Most importantly, I value a man's politeness, calmness, faithfulness, caring. I enjoy reading and biographies of strong personalities and other genres. I'm interested in weekends I enjoy Internet Reproductions Panorama I like best Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I plan to live life. Write me at least a few lines about yourself what if we succeed?.
Letter 2
Good evening David. Nice to meet you. I'm glad you wanted to start communicating with me. I hope that we can become friends. I am writing you a letter from my phone using Google Translator, so I immediately apologize for any mistakes in my letter.
First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Tatyana. I am 33 years old.
I was born on July 15, 1989. My height is 165 cm, slender build. I do not smoke, have no bad habits, I am for a healthy lifestyle.
I am in Kazakhstan in the city of Pavlodar. My acquaintance with you can be called an accident. At work I was loafing with my friend. Because of my work I have to see a lot of different people, people from Germany, Austria, Switzerland are not an exception. They are very disciplined, honest and open. They advised me to visit these countries. I found it interesting.
Because of my curiosity, I found a marriage agency. I am a free girl, so I tried to find a man through an agency. And now I'm already in contact with you and I'm very interested in continuing our acquaintance.
Can you send me your photos? I really want to see your photos. I want to see your photos. I would appreciate it if you could send your pictures.
The next step for the message is yours. I will understand you if you don't give me an answer. But still, I really want to continue communicating with you and get to know you better. Have a good day to you! Sincerely Tanya
Letter 3
Good evening David. I'm interested in hearing from you again. It is a pleasure to meet you. I hope communication with you will give me many interesting experiences. Why don't you send me your photos? I ask you to send me your photos, it will be my pleasure. I too have my first experience with men from the internet. I also hope that we will get only positive emotions from our communication. I was very happy to learn more about your family. It was very important to me. I'm very pleased that we don't have secrets from each other. I think we need to talk more about each other to have representations of our personalities. You've probably heard of the IKEA store? I work as a graphic designer for an IKEA store. I've been looking for a job for a long time and I found it with this company. The work is interesting and provides an opportunity for my creativity. I provide a level of communication and demonstration of the assortment, which makes a visit to the store more convenient, understandable and fulfilling. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved beautiful design. Now my dream has come true. I can create my own cozy and beautiful design in the arrangement of furniture. David, is working as a graphic designer a prestigious profession in your country? What professions are considered the most prestigious? What did you want to work as a child? Do you enjoy your work? I am very interested in what you think, am I a beautiful girl? What attracts you to my appearance? I am finishing my letter and sending it to you. I will be waiting for your reply. Tanya
Letter 4
Hi David. I'm glad to see your letter again! Of course I like reading your letters very much! For me, getting to know you has been a pleasant experience in my life. I wait your letters with great interest and when I see the answer I have a big smile on my face, I am very curious what you will answer me, what you will tell me about yourself. This is new emotions, new feelings. I'm very glad that I started a communication with you and
I hope that our communication with each letter will only increase our interest in each other. David, I live in Kazakhstan and IKEA did not leave my country, so we keep working. You have very interesting hobbies and I like what you do. I also really like to sing karaoke. I hope one day we can sing some song together :) My taste in music depends a lot on my mood. Most of the time I listen to modern pop. During workouts at the fitness gym I listen to fast and active music, sometimes I even listen to rock. At home, before going to sleep, I like to play world classics. I like the works of Ludwig van Beethoven. Do you listen to his works? I fall asleep quickly to his works. I know that in your country the family is the most important thing in life. Divorce is less common here than in Kazakhstan. I am very curious, what do you think your future wife should look like? What should be your future wife's character? David, do you have any requirements for your future wife? Is it possible that you will marry a girl from Kazakhstan? I hope to see your answer soon! All the best! Tanya
Letter 5
Good evening David! I am very glad to see your letter. As of today, my weekend begins. I came to my parents in the country to spend these days with them. I am very tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and I want to have a quiet weekend. The weather is beautiful and I hope the last days of summer will go well. I will write you a letter on Monday, when I return to my city. What are your plans for the weekend, David? I'm glad you have no secrets from me and always tell me the truth. It's very important to me! I like you more and more. I can no longer imagine life without your letters. I want to communicate with you more and more. Too bad your ex lied and cheated on you. That's the nastiest feeling when someone deceives you. You trust that person and realize all your trust has gone to ****! It's a disgusting feeling! I just hate it when someone cheats on someone.
I think cheating on a loved one is very low!!!! Cheating should never be forgiven! I was pleased that you told me about your family. But I was very sad when I read about you losing your father. Death is not fair and takes the best ones. And it is sad when someone leaves this life for another world. I wish I could tell you more about your family, too. I know how children are raised in your country. Children are taught from childhood to be calm, patient and respectful. I was brought up the same way. I was born into an ordinary family in a small provincial town of Pavlodar. My parents moved to Kazakhstan during the Soviet Union, my father was offered a job here, and my mother moved with him. I was already born in Kazakhstan. My mom works as a seamstress in Atelier. My dad worked at the Pavlodar Tractor Plant. Now my dad is retired, but he works part-time at a security service. I'm an only child in the family. My dad really wanted a boy. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances my parents didn't have any more children. That's why my dad had a huge influence on my upbringing. Ever since I was a little boy, my father went fishing together with me. Also, my father often took me to soccer and hockey with him. He didn't force me, I asked to go everywhere with him. Besides, he gave me self-defense lessons. I'm a girl who can stand up for herself, but I'm still a girl. My mother gave me the upbringing of a decent and homemaker girl, I always helped her around the house, with household chores. As a child, I also wanted to be a seamstress like my mother, she taught me to sew and knit. Recently, I decided to remember what my mother taught me, and knitted a shawl and cap. I wanted to be like a stewardess. David, I want to see more pictures of you. I wish you a good mood after reading my letter. Tanya
Letter 6
Hi my friend David. This morning I arrived in my city of Pavlodar. I spent my weekend near my family. The weather was beautiful and I was out in the fresh air almost the whole day. I spent a lot of time in the garden and also my parents and I roasted meat on coals. It was very delicious. I accumulated positive energy over the weekend and now I'm ready for a new work week. How was your weekend? I've been thinking about you. I hope to see your letters every day. It is very nice for me that you write to me. I really look forward to your letter. David I am glad that we continue to communicate. I want to tell you that the purpose of my acquaintance is not only to visit your country. But also to find a partner, a life partner. I thought you were looking for a girl close to you. I was afraid you wouldn't want to keep in touch because of the distance between us. I think distance is not a barrier between us. I want a relationship based on trust, honesty and love. I'm glad we're getting closer to each other with each letter. Of course I understand how very scared and cold it was for you when you hit the ice. I hope that after that incident, you always skated only in safe places. I also have an incident from my childhood when I was really scared. When I was a kid, my friends and I liked to walk through old houses that no one lived in. In one house there were rotten boards and I fell down and there was a cellar. I was very hurt and scared because it was very dark. My friends couldn't get me out of there and then my mother came to help me and she was able to pull me out with a ladder. After that I never climbed on old houses again :)
Now I remember it with a smile. I live alone now in Pavlodar. My parents live practically in 100 kilometers from me in Uspenka village. Pavlodar has a temperate-cold climate. Pavlodar is a city with a significant amount of rainfall. Even in a dry month there is a lot of rain. Pavlodar is a small industrial city, with many businesses. 450 km from Pavlodar is the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. It used to be called Astana. The capital is a very beautiful and developed city, I really like it there. I went to university there, I spent my whole student life in the capital. It's interesting to me to know about the place where you live, the attractions. I used to live with my high school friend, but not too long ago she got married and moved away from me to her husband. I used to not feel so lonely, now the loneliness is driving me crazy. Of course I often go out with my girlfriends after work, but the feeling of loneliness is always there for me. Do you feel lonely sometimes? How do you entertain yourself in those moments? David, I am very interested, you want to meet me. How do you imagine our meeting? Where to meet? When to meet? I also recorded a video for you and I hope you like it! This concludes my long letter. I hope you didn't get tired of reading. I will be waiting for your answer! Tanya
Letter 7
Hello dear David. For me now your letters are like a good mood. I get a smile when I see your letter in my mailbox. I am a person who can smile at any nice little thing.
Do you smile when you get my letter, too? I wonder how you feel when you receive my letters. I am very pleased, your touching letter put me in a good mood and a smile appeared on my face.
Your sympathy for me, in your letter, was transmitted to me through thousands of miles. You deserved a kiss from me. I hope my kiss was able to travel 5,000 kilometers through the wires of the Internet and reach your lips!
Of course I am very far from the Southern seas, but there is a big river in Pavlodar - the Irtysh! Of course in my region the weather is not always great, but still in the summer on the Irtysh River you can swim and sunbathe.
Still, I'm an impatient girl. I want to see you. David, maybe our first date will be fatal for us, and we will never want to part again. Maybe? David, I think a date by the water is a very good idea indeed! I've never had a date like this in my life, much less by the window. I can tell you that it is my dream and I will be very happy if we can make this dream come true together!
David, I would be very interested to know your idea of married life together.
My dream is to meet a good man, to be a part of his life, to be the girl I love, and to be the perfect wife for my husband. To give him my heart, and devote the rest of my life, and love him more than anything! I dream of having little children and being a loving and caring mom to them! To tie my life together, and create a family with a wonderful man, and that's the greatest happiness for me! But for now, this is just a dream, but I hope that in the future my dream will come true!
I hope you like what I write and you're not bored reading my long letters.
I want you to know more about me with each letter, know my hobbies, my dreams, my life.
It would be great if you could share everything with me, too, and tell me anything you want that I need to know about you.
Going to the coffee shop tonight with my co-workers. Do you have any plans for that evening?
I send you my good wishes. Yours Tanya
Letter 8
Good evening dear David I am glad to receive your letter again. How are you? I feel joy again in reading your letter. Now I have a wide smile on my face. Lately I have begun to smile more often, you have changed me and my life. Before, my days were boring and monotonous. Now I feel new feelings every day. With every letter you write I become happier. Thank you for these emotions. I have missed them for a long time. I feel the same as you do. When you appeared in my life, it was as if I had new emotions, strength in my life. I am happy the Internet gave me you! You are a wonderful man! David, I want to know more about what you do every day. How does your day start? Do you get up early? What do you see your ideal day as? And how does your day usually go? For example, I wake up, wash my face, make my bed, go to work, work, then I go home to make dinner and at the TV to think about you. And now I'm reading more and more books about your country, watching videos. I'm completely fascinated by your culture. I have a very big plus in my skills for family life. I am a very good cook, I am very good at cooking. I also keep the house in order, washing, ironing, cleaning, darning, sewing. I am able to do all women's duties, how would you feel about me being a good cook? What Kazakh dishes would you like to try? David, I think you and I are ready to see each other by video link. Do you agree with me? I really want to hear your voice and see you in real time. I would love to see you on Skype. Can you send me a link to your Skype so I can add you as a friend. I am getting more and more into a huge liking for you. I like you. I did not think before that I could meet a man through the internet that I would be so much interested in. But it happened, I met you David. In a short time you came into my daily life, now I often think of you and wait for your letters. I wish you good night, my darling! I am always thinking of you! Your Tanya
Letter 9
Good evening my dear David! I am glad to receive your letter. Again a beautiful mood overflows my senses. I was at work today. I decided to take a break and have a snack during my lunch break. My co-workers and I usually eat at an inexpensive cafe in the nearby section of the mall. Today, we decided to all stay at work together for lunch time and have just a snack of pancakes with honey nuts. I also took a picture for you at the cafe and I hope you like my pictures! Why haven't you answered anything about Skype? I am asking you to create a skype. There is nothing complicated, you just have to follow the link, register your account and then we can talk to each other in real time. Here is my Skype invitation for you. Please / follow the link and add me. It's very important for me to see you in real time. I hope we can see each other as soon as one of these days! Am I suddenly interested in visiting you? Do you think I could easily adapt to life in your country? David, maybe I should come and visit you during my vacation? I am very curious to know your opinion about my trip to you. I will wait very much for your answer, my dear David! Your Tanya
Letter 10
Good afternoon my dear David, how are you? I am very happy to read your beautiful letter! I am so glad that I was able to teach you to believe in love! I have feelings for you too and I want to be near you!
I am looking forward to a vacation to fly to you, my darling! I am sure we can have a wonderful time together!
I never thought that I would find such a wonderful man on the internet. Thank you for coming into my life! You have changed my life for the best and for that I am very grateful. My sweetheart, it is very important for me to be close to you. If Skype doesn't work for us, we have to be patient a little bit and soon I will be by your side. We will definitely be together and I promise you that! My darling, I've been thinking a lot about us lately. I told my mother about you. My mother is very, very surprised. But I told her not to worry. I convinced my mother that you are a good man and I can trust you. My parents know very well about you.
They think you are a good man and will take care of me. They wish happiness for me. If you are the man who will make me happy, then they will only be glad. Of course, they are worried about the distance. But they understand that I want to be happy. Every day we meet, my life changes. I'm glad I met you. I guess it was fate that decided that enough of us to be lonely and it's time to be together :) I know a lot of information about your country. But the journey to you requires a lot of concentration. David, would you mind meeting me? I want to know first of all: How do you imagine our first meeting? How do you imagine my life with you?
Should I stay in a hotel? How many days can I stay with you? I'm already imagining our first romantic dinner. How we would sit and look into our eyes and see in our eyes, happiness, joy, great love. And now when I think about it again, I shudder! My love, I don't even know how to express these feelings that I have. Colleagues at work are divided in their opinions. Some girlfriends say: it's cool to spend a vacation with the man I love! Other friends say: you're crazy to fly that far to a man you don't know! Anyway, I'll be waiting for your answer to my questions about my vacation in your country. I have no plans for tonight. What have you decided to do now? I wish you a good evening. Yours Tanya
Letter 11
Good afternoon my love David! I'm very happy to read a letter from you, my darling! I missed you! Today is my day off. I'm so glad that my weekend is here and now I can spend my weekend to myself. I got a good night's sleep today and have already done a general cleaning of my apartment. In a few hours I have a bus to the village to visit my family. I miss my family and decided to spend the weekend near my parents. What are your plans for the weekend, my darling? I will write you the next letter on Monday, when I return to my city of Pavlodar. I will be thinking of you! I am very glad that during my stay in your country I will be able to stay with you. We will be able to spend as much time together as possible! I am looking forward to seeing you again, my darling! Before, I never thought I would enjoy talking to you, sharing my thoughts, telling you about my life. But now I know that you bring me joy, happiness, and a smile. I enjoy receiving your letters. And to write to you. I often think about how different my life would be if I did something wrong. The smallest step could change a life. If I hadn't decided to start looking for a partner online, then you and I wouldn't have met. My life would still be the same. It would have been quiet and monotonous. I would come home, cook dinner, relax, watch TV, read a book or the newspaper. I would go out with friends.
My days would be the same. But now everything is different. Now I started thinking about you. You changed my life. Now I'm not bored with life, I have joy in my life. You came into my life and changed it. I think of you often, and it's true. I imagine what you are doing now, maybe you are thinking of me :). David, I am in hope that you and I can have a serious relationship that will end up giving us the opportunity to become husband and wife. First of all, we need to meet, look at each other, spend time together. We need to get to know our possibility of living together. Only after we meet will we be able to assess the possibilities of our future together. As early as next week I plan to visit a travel agency to find out information about my trip to you. I believe that very soon we will be together! My darling, if it is warm in your country, do I need to take light clothes? What will the weather be like at the end of September? And again I need to finish the letter. Though I want to go on and on indefinitely. But I know you are already waiting for my letter. And here it is already read by you. I wish you a good weekend! Your Tanya
Letter 12
Good evening my love David! I am very glad to read your letter, my dear! This morning I returned to my city of Pavlodar. I spent a wonderful weekend near my family. The weather was a little chilly, but I still had only good experiences of the weekend. My dad flooded the bathhouse and we had a very nice bath. We also had our in-laws over for dinner and we had a great time. How was your weekend? I hope you also had a good experience this weekend. My love, yesterday I was lying on my bed dreaming. My dreams were about us. First I read Dostoevsky's book, Crime and Punishment. A very interesting book. If you have time, I recommend reading it. I like to read something before going to bed. I turn on the light, lie down on the bed, pick up a book and read. When I read, I'm immersed in another world. It's like I'm in a world where the characters are. I worry about them, feel their feelings. Well, I think you know these feelings. I was a little distracted, and I forgot what I wanted to tell you. No, I remembered. I wanted to write to you about my dreams. Last night I dreamed of our first meeting. What will it be like? Of course, we don't know about it, but it's still possible to dream. I imagined you picking me up at the airport. You'll probably be worried.
I'd be very worried. I mean, we've never met before. And it'll be the first time I've ever seen you. David, I've been thinking a lot about our meeting. We're both adults and we have to do what we want to do.
I want to be with you, and I want to know you in real life! I will be happy to meet you for at least a few days, to taste your lips, to feel myself next to me, I want to feel the warmth of your body and your hand. David, I see no reason for us not to meet. You and I won't have a reason? Smile, think of good things. Imagine me kissing you. Do you like that? I miss you. Yours Tanya
Letter 13
Good evening my love David! My dear David, I will be really happy to meet you in reality, that's why I write you my letters! Because I want to know about you better, and to meet you in reality!
My love, I think we know each other well enough now! And we still have time to get to know each other even better before we meet.
David, I would like our meeting to be as soon as possible. I want to know in the next few days the information about the necessary documents for the trip. I want to know the nearest international airport.
You have already become a close person to me, whom I have come to love in such a short time. I never thought it was possible. But I am experiencing these feelings for real, and there is no doubt that my feelings are sincere.
I hope you feel the same way I do. And you're looking forward to seeing me, too. The main thing now is not to stop writing to each other, to say more words of love and give each other these wonderful emotions! I love you David! Your Tanya
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