Scam letter(s) from Evgenia to Charles (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello Charles! Thank you very much for writing me. I am very happy to get to know that you are interested in me. My weekend was an ordinary one, hope yours was very nice. I also want to get to know you better and I want to continue our correspondence. I want to know as much as possible about you and this time I want to tell you about me. First, about myself. My name is Yewgeniya and I am 24. I live in Ukraine such a country in the center of Europe. All my life I live in the eastern Ukrainian city - Lugansk. It is native for me as I lived her all my life, but from time to time I heard not very pleasant things about it. I live with my family which consists of my parents, my younger brother (he is 16) and myself. My mother is a teacher, my father is a engineer and Alexey (my brother) is a school-boy still. And will you tell me about your family? What are your hobbies, what do you like to do? I want to know as much as possible about you. As for me, I like active way of life: I like to meet with my friends, to spend my free time in the open air, to go to the picnics and so on. I like to listen to the music, to read. I like animals for so much and I have a dog at home. Her name is Rona and she is like a member of a family and our best friend. What about my education, I still study at the Commercial College and in future I will be an economist. At the moment I don't work as study takes almost all my time, but in future I will find a job for me. I am very trusting and maybe because of this I was deceived by one man. I believed in everything he told and except all his words as truth, but it was lie. I thought that he really loved me and I also was in love, but everything was only my dreams. I don't want this to repeat and I hope that our correspondence will lead us to real relations, not the illusions. That's why I need a man with whom I will feel like behind a stone wall, with whom I will be sure that every time I need I will find support and care. I want to create my own family for so much and I want my man to be a real man and that's why I decided to look for a future husband abroad. I still believe that it is possible to find my true love and I am sure that I will be success in this. In short I want a man to be my best friend, my constant companion, my kindred spirit, my closest confidant and more. I want it all from my man. The Man of my Dreams. Maybe it is you? I want it to be so as I find you very interesting as a person. I want to develop our relations and I want them to lead us to something really good. I hope that it is a beginning of something great and since this moment my life will change to better. I am waiting for your reply with impatience and hope that you will write me soon. Have a nice day. With best wishes from Eugenia.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Charles! Thank you very much for your letter. I am so glad to receive it. You know, our correspondence became a part of my life during all this time and I have already used to receive your letters. I'm thinking of you very often and you are always in my thoughts. I haven't ever thought that one can use to the person he has never seen in reality, but I already miss you and with each passed day I think of you more and more. I think that it is really good and I strongly want to meet you, to develop our correspondence to real relations. Hope you also want the same. I would like to now what did you do today? How are you? Do you think of me? What about me, you know, yesterday when I went home I met my friend. I haven't seen her for a long time. We were neighbors in our childhood. We were the best friends, but when she was 15 years old they moved to another town, far from ours and we haven't seen each other for very long time. She came to me very quickly and said with a smile that it's very bad to forget good friends. And when she told me who is she, I couldn't believe my own eyes. I was so glad top meet her. It appeared that her husband came there by his work and she decided to come with him. We went to the cafe. We had a lot to tell to each other and then her husband came to us, she introduced us to each other. He is so nice person. I am so happy because of her and her new family. I told her about our correspondence and about you. I want to believe that one day we will meet and maybe will also create a happy family with nice funny children. I just want to feel the same happiness as my friend. Love is a wonderful feeling and nothing can compare with it. Do you agree? It seems to me that you are the person I was looking for and was waiting for. Your attitude to me is the best as well. You are very romantic and feel so finely. I like the way you think, you write and I don't want to loose you and to stop our correspondence. You know, my dear, it is hard to say, but for some time I won't be able to write you because of some difficulties I have at present, but please, wait for me. I am thinking of you all the time and will wait for the time when I can read your sweet and so important for me letter again. Take care. I miss you,
Your Eugenia.
Letter 3

Dear Charles, Excuse us for disturbing you, but we must inform you that from this moment we won't be able to translate your correspondence with Eugenia. She paid for the translation of her correspondence with you. Now Eugenia's money she paid us for our service is over. As soon as she makes a payment and her account is re-open, we'll translate her reply for you. If you want to help Eugenia with payment for the translation of your correspondence, we can send you the necessary information concerning our service and payment. Truly Yours,
Administration of "Generation"
Letter 4

Mr. Rowbottom, We are glad that you are interested in our services.
We are the association of the professional interpreters and help your woman with your communication through the Internet.Also we provide such services as travels,different kinds of documents and translators if you decide to meet. Your woman does not know English and uses our services. Here is the detailed information about the payment,you can choose the most suitable one for you: We charge 5 Euro per EACH LETTER ( it contains translation and printing)
The scanning and printing of one photography - 2 Euro PROFITABLE PROPOSITION ONLY FOR YOU: per month - 200 Euro
per two month - 350 Euro Terms of payment - - transfer your money via the Western Union system in Euro according to your currency ( for example in USA dollars).
The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Praveks Bank. Transfer your money via the Western Union system in Euro according to your currency ( for example in USA dollars).
The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk,Praveks Bank to the name of our manager - Nataliya Shtemenko. After having transfered the money you should send us the following information:
- the money transfer control number,the country you've sent the money from, your full name,the exact sum of money you've sent.
(send=an e-mail with information) We hope for the future cooperation with you and waiting impatiently when you become our client. Sincerely yours,
The manager of translation department "Admin"
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