Scam letter(s) from Polina to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Salute. How you?
I Will frank, I first time write to the man not from my country. In a city of what country you live? I have addressed in agency of acquaintances with the request to meet the man who suits me and after passages of some tests to me have given your electronic box. But I know nothing about you. My subscription trial. I hope, you not against to meet is interesting and to find out more about each other? My name Polya. I'm 35 y.o I live in UA. Tell to me a little about itself? I will be is happy if we with you is fastened we will begin serious and positive dialogue. If I to you am uninteresting please, do not spend our general time. With impatience I wait for the reciprocal letter with big impatience. All kind. Polya
Letter 2
Good afternoon Steve! Yes, I was looking forward to your feedback. Thank you for writing to me. It was very interesting to me. For me, this moment is not very exciting, because I am here for the first time on the Internet. Perhaps your answer means that you will be interested in getting to know me. I am very interested in getting to know you. That's why I wrote to you! What is your full name? How are you? My name is Polina, I am 35 years old. Sending you my photos, and I hope you like me. I wrote to you because I have serious intentions. So that you clearly understand, I came here to spend time usefully, to communicate, to get to know each other, and not just send virtual letters. For me, dating on the Internet is something new, because for the first time. Therefore, I will try to be interesting, and take your time only with useful stories from my life. After all, life is one, and we must do what we want. Sometimes you need
to get out of your comfort zone in order to be successful. I agree? I was born and live in Ukraine all my life. I live on the outskirts of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. I wrote to you, just for acquaintance, because I want to meet a real, kind, serious man. And I hope that you will be an honest, real, serious man. I also hope that you are not afraid of the distance between us. After all, you not when you don't know where your significant other lives. I decided to look for my other half on the Internet, because I want to radically change my life. To be honest, I really appreciate the chances of getting to know each other. In connection with the current situation in our country, and not only, I decided to leave Ukraine and start a new life in a normal civilized country, where there is peace and tranquility. Because even in the future it's not safe to stay here. But let's not be sad, but talk about us to get to know each other. Good? I came here for the purpose of a real, stable relationship, I came for a serious man, to give my heart, and build a big, happy relationship. I hope you also came here to spend your personal time on an interesting conversation, and for the purpose of a serious relationship. Yes? I am a completely free girl, I have no obligations. I think that you have learned about my intentions, and what I am looking for. I think that you are an interesting man, and we can go further and develop our acquaintance. I hope you are interested in me? Tell me what kind of relationship are you looking for? Do you like me in the photos? Steve hope to see your photos too! I think that when you answer me again, I will tell you more details about myself, now I have written to you to open my eyes and tell you what I am looking for! I am single, I have no family, no relationship, I am a completely free girl. Steve, you can ask me any questions, I will always be interested in answering them. Of course, I'm worried, because this is my first experience of such communication. I am waiting for your letter. Polina
Letter 3
Good day Steve! I was very happy, smiled when I saw your mutual response. Thank you for taking the time to write to me! It means you're interested in me.) Yes? From the very beginning I want us to treat each other as potential partners. Because I see a man in you, and I want our communication! I hope this is the day we started building a relationship! Marc how are you doing? How's your day? How are you? I really hope that we will have the opportunity to answer each other daily. Do you have the opportunity to write to me every day? Therefore, in this letter I will continue to introduce you to me and tell you a little more about my life. And I want to emphasize that I have serious intentions to build a relationship. Since I live in Ukraine, the city of Kyiv, quite recently we are part of the Schengen Union, so we have become more free to move around the territory of European countries. Yes, I now have a completely different life, as it turned upside down due to ongoing events. Because this event shocked the whole world. I have never participated in political life, so it is difficult for me to assess what is happening, because of what and why the war began. And there is no point in blaming someone for this, because these are only political goals. I would not like to just talk about it. After all, we contacted each other to get to know each other! Every day I go to work with fear. They even reduced our working hours at work, you can say I work only half a day. I was born in an ordinary family. My parents have been Farmers all their lives, working in various enterprises. My parents often changed their place of residence due to working conditions. I lost my parents 12 years ago. It was an accident. Since then I have been living alone. In the family, I was the only child. Steve How about your family? Do you have brothers or sisters? Who do you live with? Do you own your own home or do you rent? Probably due to the fact that I am the only daughter of my parents, I learned to be independent from childhood. Independence taught me to set tasks and solve them, to achieve my goals. I studied at the university at the Faculty of Mathematics and International Law. I have higher education. What's your education? After university, I immediately started working. During my life I have changed several companies. All the organizations in which I worked were related to pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Now I work for a company called "Bionorica". you must have heard of this company, as it is widely known for its products. e.g. Medicines, Cosmetology, Medical Devices. The division of the company in which I work is engaged in the distribution of goods on the territory of Ukraine. I worked in the quality control department. Now I work in a limited time, before I traveled all over Ukraine. Now I work only in my city. Marc where and what do you work for? Or worked? Steve, I would like to know more about you and your life. Let's build our correspondence so that we can keep the same topic in letters and learn more and more about each other with each letter. What do you think about it!? Do you like sports? What type attracts your attention the most? Maybe you are doing something, or have ever done it! I hope you are interested in reading my letters? Yes, I have an interest in you as a man. My height is 173, weight 55. I hope you like how I look? Steve, I'm sending you some pictures of myself, I hope you like me for who I am. Be sure to send your photos too! This concludes my letter! I really hope that you will be interested in reading it and you will have the opportunity to write back to me. I'll be waiting. Polina
Letter 4
Good day, Steve! How are you? Your letters really make me happy, this is a sincere joy for me. How are you? Interesting, Steve, do you think our correspondence can already be called regular!? I really hope that our correspondence will be regular. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and write back to me again. Your answer means that you are at least a little interested in me and you want to get to know me even closer. Yes? I am very pleased with our communication with you. It is probably a rarity to meet such a benevolent, decent, and serious-minded man.
I'm very happy, I'm lucky). Every time I read your letter, I tried to present the information that you told about yourself. Steve, I can say with confidence that communication by letters is very interesting and a bit romantic! Do you agree with me!? Steve, today is my third letter, and I have the feeling that I have already told everything about myself. Of course, I understand that we practically do not know each other, and we still have a lot to learn. In the last letter, we agreed to maintain the same topic of communication in correspondence, so in this letter I wanted to talk about my life views, about how I imagine my future relationship with a man. Steve, I want you to carefully read my letter, and write comments, as well as tell your thoughts about the relationship between a man and a woman. It is very difficult for me to characterize myself, but I will try to tell about my character, and what kind of person I am. In my first letters, I told you that I had to be an independent child since childhood. I had to help my mother with household chores. Thus I received the upbringing of an economic woman. I can cook well, and I think that I can quite create home comfort. And I consider comfort in the house the main achievement for a girl. I am convinced that the main task of every woman is to create home comfort and be the keeper of the hearth.
I believe that these qualities are very valuable in modern life. Watching how women are being realized in the modern world, we see that many women are fixated on a career and self-realization. I do not know whether this is good or bad, and it is not for me to assess these realities. But one thing I know for sure, in my relationship I will perform the traditional function of a woman, namely to create comfort in the house, and take care of my man first of all. I am sure that a woman should make a man happy, showing attention, warming with love and affection, as well as passion in bed. Every woman has her own stereotype of a man. It’s hard for me to describe my ideal man now.
One thing I know for sure, I want my man to have the same vital interests and outlook on life. With such a man, we will have common interests and our worldview will coincide. The man of my dreams is a man who will be the head of the family in our house, and I am a weak, tender and beloved and loving woman. I expect reliability
from my man. Reliability is one of the main principles of the relationship between a man and a woman. Steve, you can talk and write about this for a long time, and I have a lot of thoughts about it. But in this letter I will limit myself. Tell me your thoughts, I'll be interested to know about it. Be careful that our communication is interesting and rich. Steve I wanted to thank you for showing interest in me and continuing to communicate with me. Probably not every man needs a woman who is ready to flee her country because of the hostilities. But I can tell you from myself that the war constantly keeps you in fear. When I write letters to you, I manage to get distracted and mentally immerse myself in our communication. Our correspondence really saves. At the moment, the situation is getting worse every day. Almost every day I hear explosions. Many people have not left the house for more than a week. I had food supplies, so I didn't have to go to the store. I really hope to leave the country and start a new life in a calm peaceful country. I'm sending you some photos, I hope you like them. I am waiting for your next letter, I hope to receive it tomorrow. Polina
Letter 5
Hi, Steve! As always, I am very glad to see your new letter. My sense of anticipation about whether you texted me or not. And now, when I see your new letter, my mood becomes better and happier. Thank you! I really hope that we will have every day the opportunity to exchange our letters. How are you? Everything suits me in you, and personally I don’t see any obstacles in front of us. The most important thing is that there should be reciprocity, but as we see it exists. Yes? As always, I read your letter carefully several times. I try to re-read your letters two or three times in order to understand in detail and understand every detail. I'm fine today. In continuation of our communication, today I wanted to tell you about my vital interests. I hope information about this will reveal another part of my personality, and you will get to know me even more. Since I started working right after the university, I can probably say about myself that I am a purposeful woman. While studying at the university, I was completely immersed in the educational process and in the sciences that we studied at the Faculty of Biology. I didn't have time for entertainment and parties. That's why I'm not one of those who likes parties. I guess a quieter life suits me better. I was also not obsessed with love and relationships. That is why I can not boast of the experience of communicating with men. I set myself the task of getting a diploma and finding a good job so that I could be independent. It is worth noting the fact that my country is corrupt, and it is very difficult to get many good positions. Goals on how I should build my life change every year. The main priorities that I set for myself are a strong and reliable relationship with my future man. I don't want to rush to start a family. I am sure that in order to create a strong and prosperous family, you need to know your partner well, and this takes time. It's probably fate that we met you, I hope I made the right choice by choosing you). Do you believe in fate? I know that you have a developed country, a good culture, different from ours. What is the standard of living in your country? Do you like theatres, museums, exhibitions or go to the cinema? Where do you like to spend your free time more? I really like outdoor recreation, but in general I always like to actively spend my free time. Steve I am very interested to know what news your media reports on television about what is happening in Ukraine. Tell me about this?! I watch the news every day, with those hopes and thoughts, to hear the news that the war is over. Probably every resident of Ukraine wants to hear such news as soon as possible. What a pity that ordinary civilians suffer because of the interests of the top leadership and politicians. Someone has already lost their loved ones, and someone is forced to lose their homes and leave the country. The most offensive thing in this situation is that our authorities promised to help their residents. But unfortunately no one is helping. And it is clear that it is already becoming more and more difficult. I really want to fill this time now with communication with you so that our knowledge develops and we become closer). Now the prevailing circumstances of the war indicated to me that I should try to find a reliable man. Steve, I guess I've said enough today. As always, I send you some photos, I hope you like them. I am waiting for your letter. Polina
Letter 6
Steve, Good afternoon! Thank you for your letter. Steve, I want to receive your letters every day, because only your letters now help to distract from the situation and forget what is happening in the country. Every day I want to learn more and more about you, and tell more about myself. I really like that we support common topics in correspondence. I'm sure in this way we can draw the right conclusions about each other. Thanks again for paying attention to me and for being able to respond quickly to my email. What is your mood? I'm fine, but I feel very uncomfortable living in such conditions. I hope there will be changes. The more we talk, the better we get to know each other. I am very happy to give you my attention and time. How's your day? How are you? Today my day started with watching the news. After all, every day you have to see this news, the propaganda that they say. I just imagined, we only survived two years of living in restrictive measures from the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, given the military situation in my country, almost no one is talking about the Pandemic now. It looks like the pandemic is over. Here in Ukraine there were relatively light measures, there was a regime for the mandatory use of masks. In 2021, there was a mass vaccination. While working in a large international enterprise, I performed the vaccination procedure, and successfully completed two stages of vaccination. Thus, I successfully received an international vaccination certificate. Steve What is the current situation with COVID-19 in your country!? Are your citizens using masks!? Steve did you make the vaccine? We see how the world is changing very quickly. Today I also noticed that the Internet is not stable, and in general the communication signal has become very slow. In the morning there was a bad connection and I was even afraid that I would not be able to write to you. But right now the internet connection is fine, and I hope that my letter will be delivered to you. SteveI hope I won't experience problems with the internet, but just in case, I want to ask for your phone number. Write me your phone number. Thanks in advance! I hope you leave your number. I'm sure the further we go, the more our bond with you will grow. Do you agree? I understand clearly for what purpose I came here, and met with you, what I want, and what should happen. Steve Do you hope that you are also ready for this, and that you also clearly understand your goals? I really want us to spend this time on each other with benefit, and achieve success. What qualities do you value in people? What should be in a girl for you to like her? Do you have any idea what your girlfriend should be, maybe there is some kind of ideal? Do you enjoy doing good deeds? Are you ready for the changes that are ahead, because we want to create relationships, which means that we will be overtaken by changes!? In general, I am very open, honest, and always love justice, very trusting. I love it when people communicate openly, without any self-interest. I'm not quick-tempered, and I don't like to swear or quarrel. But if suddenly there was a quarrel, then I quickly depart, and I can be the first to make peace. Because I'm not proud). Yes, I like to do good deeds, because it is actions that show a real attitude towards people. I'm not in a very good mood today. It's good that you wrote to me. Every letter from you lifts my spirits. I'm running out of food and will have to go to the store. I hope to find essential goods near my home. I feel lonely because many of my close friends are with their families. Some of my friends have already left Ukraine. I like you like a man! Forgive me if I'm boring with you. I promise that tomorrow my mood will be cheerful and joyful and we will talk about something interesting again. I am sending you some of my photos. Looking forward to your next letter! Polina
Letter 7
Hi, Steve! As always, I am glad to see your new letter. The internet is not stable and I am very excited. I do not know what the Internet depends on, but sometimes there is no connection. How are you!? Do you have some new!? I hope you all are well. Tell me how do you spend your days and your free time in the evening? To be honest, I have a desire to know every little thing about you. Every day I take you more and more seriously, and I see how we are getting closer. I hope that in the future we will have new opportunities to become closer. In you, I see a worthy, special man who will protect me). Can I rely on you? When I wake up, my first thoughts are whether you wrote me a letter or not. It means a lot to me. Under the circumstances, the fact that we met through the Internet, you give me hope that it is really possible to build relationships, despite the distance between us. After all, distance can always be overcome. I agree? In difficult life circumstances, in conditions of hostilities, I am completely limited from communicating with people. The only person I can chat with and share the news with is you, Steve! Every time I watch or read the news, they only talk about the war in Ukraine. And this, of course, is very alarming, because all political views are cast only on the war. And God forbid that some third country intervenes, then something bad will definitely happen. I so want to be safe, to live in a place where it is calm, where there is happiness, and where they love and respect. We also have a big crisis in our country, as there was practically a coup d'état. Steve, I also want to tell you that I trust you. Trust is a very important aspect for me now. And I want our communication and our relationship to be built on trust in each other. Although we communicate online, I feel like I know you personally. Strange feelings, but very pleasant. Steve, how can you comment on our correspondence and our communication!? Steve I really like you, I like you, you are somehow special). Steve, I really appreciate our communication and at the moment, this is one of the most important things for me. I want to express great respect to you, for giving me a chance to communicate and we can communicate daily by letters. This is really very important to me. The last days, I am overwhelmed with various positive emotions and feelings. I am a little embarrassed to tell you about them openly, afraid that you will understand me correctly. My thoughts about whether we can get out of the virtual communication format are visited more and more often. Probably the main idea of ​​all this is whether we will get the development of our relationship with you. I really want our communication to be productive and have constant development. If, suddenly, you want to talk about it, I will definitely share it with you. What do you think about it!? I want this moment to last as long as possible. After all, our relationship depends only on us, on our decisions. I really want to rely on you in everything, because you are a man. A man always creates an environment for a girl to follow him. Thus, a man and a woman inspire each other to action. I agree? After all, a man should be a support, protection, and a reliable friend for a girl. What films do you like to watch? What kind of music do you like to listen to? Do you have a car? Steve, with this I will end my letter. Right now, I am satisfied that I was able to write you a letter, as if we had a real conversation. Our communication really lifts my spirits. I will think of you and wait for your next letter. Polina
Letter 8
Steve, Hey! you ask me for photos that are ****. I will send them. But perhaps you should also send your photos. Because there were no photos from you! Send me your photos! How are you!? Thank you again for your letter. Your letters, like a ray of sunshine for my soul, always cheer me up and make me smile. I really notice how my days are changing, everything around me becomes different. I'm sure it's all because you came into my life. I even began to think about completely different things, forgetting about everyday life). And I am so happy that such moments are created when communicating with you. I want all this to continue, and that we only become closer to each other. Everything is in our hands and everything depends on us. And I do not think that we are in a hurry, we just get to know each other! I hope from now on we will make some decisions together), and this will be our small success. I agree? After all, we have one goal.
Is it true? And the goal is to build long-term, lasting, real relationships. Therefore, I would really like you to be able to rely on me, trust me. For my part, I personally do not have any fears, secrets, I trust you completely. And I am ready to entrust you with the most important thing, this is my heart. I think this is a significant step forward. Trust, in my opinion, is the most reliable foundation, especially in our communication, via the Internet. I am always open to you. Yes, I made my choice by choosing you, and you are very important to me. I'm sure we can complement each other, and we can build a worthy relationship. This is our chance with you! Are you calm or quick-tempered in nature? Are you easily **********? If you have something to ask me, ask, all of a sudden, I write something a little about myself. Or enough? Trust plays an important part between a man and a woman. I thought that all circumstances in life have a pattern. I lost my job, but I found you, Marc. We communicate well, and I am convinced that our relationship is developing, and will also have a logical conclusion in real life. In the last letter, I wrote to you that I think a lot about our correspondence. All these thoughts give me a lot of emotions, which I was embarrassed to talk about last time. But now I'm ready to tell you the most important thing:
"I like you very, very much." Our correspondence gives me warmth and calm, as if you are next to me.
I understand that it is difficult for you to imagine life in a war. But believe me, war is a horror that constantly keeps you in suspense. For me, our communication, our correspondence and our relationship is a chance for a happy future.
I imagine this as a chance to become a beloved woman and create comfort for a beloved man, if you give me this opportunity. Steve, I really hope that these feelings and emotions are mutual. I really hope that you, just like me, are waiting for my letters that cheer you up. At the moment, I clearly understand that now nothing keeps me in this country. Perhaps I should think about how to build my future future. I hope that everything will be back to normal and life will be the same as it was before. But thinking rationally about the ongoing war, I understand that in the near future the situation will be as difficult as it is now. I'm sad. I will finish my letter. Steve, I'm sorry if I talk too much about my problems. I hope for your moral and psychological support. I am looking forward to your letter. Polina
Letter 9
Hello my dear Steve! I hope I can call you that? Because I want to express my sympathy to you. I am very glad to receive your letter. How are you!? I don’t know why, but today I already felt the autumn weather, although there is still a whole week before autumn. Today is a really bright sunny and warm day.
My mood is good and it's getting even better right now because I'm getting your letter. Steve, as always, thank you for your letters, for giving me time and attention. In my last letter, I tried to tell just a little bit about the feelings that I have for you. I told you that I really like you.
I appreciate your attention to me, probably a key factor. Steve is very happy that you like me too. We have mutual sympathy, mutual interest in each other. This is great.
So we can count on a happy HAPPY END. What do you think about it? I want to feel and see that you need me too. don't be afraid to talk about your feelings. I believe that we should clearly express our feelings for each other! My mood pushes me to write to you about the feelings that I have. I also wanted to write about other important, as it seems to me, issues. Since yesterday, I've been thinking a lot about what's going on in my life right now. There is a war going on. I lost my job. My country is in complete decline. Stores are experiencing a shortage of essential goods. Marauding. Leaving the house is very dangerous. Curfew, which means that you can only go outside when absolutely necessary, and only during certain permitted hours of the day. There are no close people nearby. All these circumstances, of course, interfere with a normal, quiet life, and there are many different thoughts in my head. I have a lot of time to think about the future, about how I can further build my life. Steve, that's what I've been thinking about the last few days, and especially yesterday and today. One of the important thoughts that I have to tell you is that you are the most important person in my life today. This may sound very bold, and may even be brash and feigned, but it's true. Steve, I don't even have friends next to me since the war started. But I have your letters. Every day I receive your letter. I look forward to your letters with great desire, and I want to know what you have answered me. Steve, you came into my life unexpectedly. Fate has developed in such a way that in these difficult times, we found each other. Thinking about it makes me very happy! My feelings for you are getting stronger every day. Steve, yesterday I even allowed myself to dream about our meeting in real life. Thoughts about our meeting in real life were the most wonderful in the last few weeks. I am sure that in real life, you are a very sensitive, kind and considerate man. I draw these conclusions from your letters. Now only you can give me a smile and a good mood. Each of us is looking for his soul mate in the world, and feels great happiness if he finds it. I also pulled the luckiest winning ticket from fate, I found you. Steve, today you are my happiness, you are my destiny! Steve, Do you have a lot of friends? Steve, I really hope that my feelings are mutual, and you will answer me with the same warm words. Returning to the realities of today, I have to plan in detail my walk to the store, or just go out. I would love to leave this place, but where should I go? This concludes my letter to you. As always, I send you some of my photos. Speaking of photos! I always choose the best and most interesting photos in my opinion, I hope you like them. I am waiting for your letter. Polina
Letter 10
Good afternoon, my dear Steve! Your words, your letters, help me cope with daily stress. Probably thanks to you, I live, and I see the meaning. You have no idea how happy I am to receive your letter. Every time I want to describe in words the feelings of happiness that I experience when I see your new letter. It is very difficult to describe in words. Thank you! Steve, how are you doing!? What's going on!? Tell me about what happens in your daily life. We can trust each other and talk about the issues that concern us. Don't be shy, you can always count on my support. I understand that real love can only be when two people are together. But I have a strong attraction to you, and this is our mutual interest. I believe that trust in each other, our feelings, is the foundation for our future relationship. And I really want to be that woman who can count on you, and rely on you as her future partner, a man. do you support me? Do you agree with me? Steve I made sure that you look at me seriously, and I see and find it in your words. I'm right? I can't help but pay attention to the news that is reported daily. European countries and the United States are pumping weapons into Ukraine to keep the war going. Unfortunately, this news is very sad. Russian troops continue to shell the cities. A lot of people are dying. Almost all enterprises are considered incapacitated. People experience problems with food and food. A large number of people have already left Ukraine. People leave their homes, their relatives and leave. Who has the opportunity, he goes to other countries. It is a pity that I am still staying here (. Fortunately, there are humanitarian corridors that allow you to leave the country. This morning there was a lot of unfavorable news that spoiled my mood. All this news makes me think about the war every minute of my life. Steve, I am writing you a letter and there are tears in my eyes Steve, my patience is running out I clearly understand that my future cannot be here in my country I am confused I have many questions that I cannot find answers to How will I continue to live!? Where will I find a job? What will be the power? How can I leave the country? And many other questions that torment my head. But now I have you, and I hope that there will be an opportunity for our meeting! Steve, it's really hard for me here. I want to find more detailed information about humanitarian corridors and how people leave the country. Right now in my head there are many different plans for the near future. All my thoughts are about building a relationship with you and, of course, leaving this place. All I want is to be loved, to be loved, to live where there is peace and joy. Steve, I also think a lot about you and about our possible meeting. Our correspondence is the only bright and happy moment in my life. I thank fate that we met.
You are a man that I can trust, and even more I am ready to trust you with my life. I understand that these words sound very high, but it's true. The realities of what is happening are forcing me to make a choice, to stay here in the midst of the war in Ukraine, or to try to create a new life. Steve, I'm sorry that my letter today was filled with sadness. But this is my mood today. No matter what happens, my thoughts every day are about you. I dream a lot and thinking about you makes me happy.
Thank you for having me. I'm sending you some beautiful photos, I hope you appreciate them and like them! I will be waiting for your next letter. Polina
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