Scam letter(s) from Aigul to Steven (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon;) My name Aigulka. I am twenty-eight years old. I from Kyrgyz Republin. The city of Bishkek. I would be love to meet u... I am single, don't have kid) I need talkative partnercompanion) I`m open woman;) I prefer a serious relationship. Oh Yes! Where are you from?
Letter 2
Hello Steve! Thanks for your email! I don't know why but your reply ended up in my junk. I've added your email address to my contact list so your emails should no longer end up in the spam box. Please do the same so that my letters are also not lost among your spam, advertising and commercial offers. That way we could safely continue our communication, OK? I must confess that I was a little shy when I sent you my first letter. I had a slightly strange feeling, but I think it's understandable for anyone who has ever taken the first step to start dating. I just didn't want to be rejected by you, despite the fact that we never saw each other in reality. In any case, you answered me and now I feel more comfortable ;))) To be honest, in the recent past I already tried to meet a man on the Internet through a dating agency, but this experience was sad for me, because he was interested in my intimate photos or the same type of conversations, which he never received. I think anyone can enjoy this kind of content on various websites that offer 18+ photos and videos, but my goal here is different. I am interested in a serious relationship based on respect, honesty, love and moral values. I don't want to waste your time and mine. I want to believe that you are the right man for me, but time will tell us if we are made for each other. I immediately want to explain to you the reason why I am looking for a man on the Internet. I was in a relationship with only one man for over 2 years, but he fell in love with another woman. He told me honestly about it. He didn't cheat on me when we were together, for which I was grateful, because I hate being betrayed. We broke up and I remember how painful it was. The feeling of resentment when, between you and someone else, you are not chosen. I don't hold a grudge against my ex. I wish him all the best, although we haven't kept in touch since then. I wanted to explain the reason why I decided to look for a man on the Internet. The reason is simple. I just decided to try my luck. Why not try to build a relationship with a man from another country? I don't see anything that could stop me from doing this, which is why I'm here now. I read a lot of articles about how women find their other half on the Internet and live happily next to a man who truly knows how to appreciate and respect them. I think that each of us has the right to happiness, right? But who will build happiness for us if we do not build it with our own hands? Maybe everything that I am writing to you now is not entirely interesting to you, but I consider it very important to explain to you at the very beginning of our communication about exactly what kind of relationship I am looking for and why I am trying this on the Internet. As you already know, my name is Aigul. I'm 28 years old. My height is 164 centimeters and my weight is 50 kilograms. I've never been married. I have no children. I am a hairdresser. I live in Kyrgyzstan. In the capital of my country, Bishkek. How much have you heard about this country and this city? I am a simple and modest woman who sees happiness in love, honesty, sincerity and respect. I don't want to bore you with long letters, so I'll stop here. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them in my next letter. well. I hope that you will not leave my letter unattended. I promise that in the future I will try to make my letters shorter! Have a nice day. Sincerely, Aigul
Letter 3
Hello Steve! Glad to have your email again! It's nice to see that our communication continues, and I hope that with each letter we will be more open to each other. Steve, I think it's important to tell you right away that I lead a healthy lifestyle. I do not smoke. I very rarely can afford a couple of glasses of wine. In the past, I played volleyball, skied a lot, and even figure skated. But now my work takes up a lot of my time. Despite this, I often go to the gym to keep fit. I like to read books, watch some movies and cook. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. As I said in my previous letter, I work as a hairdresser. It's a hobby that became my job ;) I didn't study to be a hair stylist. At the university, I received a degree in merchandising, but I did not find a job in my specialty, so now I am a hairdresser. It's quite a tedious job because I'm on my feet most of the day, but I love what I do. I help women to become more beautiful ;))) Yes, I only specialize in haircuts and hairstyles for women, although my 2 colleagues provide their hairdressing services to both men and women. Our small team is very friendly, sociable, and we always help each other. I am glad that I have the opportunity to work with such kind ladies as these two women, because we always help out and understand each other perfectly. Of course, working as a hairdresser does not become rich if it is not some luxury and famous chain of hairdressers, but I do not complain about my life. My salary is enough to pay my bills and meet my modest needs. I have never seen happiness in luxury and wealth. My work is sometimes especially difficult if we have to deal with capricious and inadequate clients, but as they say, the client is always right, and we have to find a common language with anyone who comes to us ;) By the way, you should know that I am writing to you my emails from my workplace, because that's the only place where I have access to the internet. I don't have internet in my apartment because the ISPs haven't installed the fiber optic network into the apartment building where I live yet, and I don't know when they will, but until then I'll be writing to you from work. I'll try to do it regularly, but if I can't answer you right away, please don't worry! I will always answer you when I have some free time at work. OK? What else can I tell you in this letter? Or it will be better if I don't make this letter long so that it doesn't look like an endless book ;) I don't want to bore you with my letters and make our communication dull. So I'll close this email here and wait for your next email ;) Have a nice day! Aigul
Letter 4
Hello Steve! Thank you for continuing to be interested in communicating with me! It is more and more pleasant for me to receive and read your letters! ;) How are you today?
What makes you happy on this day? As for me, then I'm doing well, and this is a normal day. I have some free time now and it is with great pleasure that I use this pause to write to you. My friend, I can sing songs next to my family, but I don't know how to do it professionally. Steve, in my last letter I told you about my work.
Today I want to tell you more about me and my family. As you know, I live in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, but I spent most of my life in the village where I was born and spent my life until I was 18 years old. This is the village of Zarya. My parents still live there. I try to visit them 1 or 2 times a month. Zarya is the name that this village got from the USSR. Yes, Kyrgyzstan is a former republic of the Soviet Union. I think that the population of this village is already less than 700 people, which is getting smaller every year. So, about my parents. My dad is 67 years old, and he is a native Kyrgyz. My mother is 63 years old and she is Ukrainian. She worked as an accountant, but now they are both pensioners. They met when Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan were one of the republics in the Soviet Union. Their relationship began with a chance meeting at the University of Rostov-on-Don, where they both studied, and since then they have been inseparable ;) After their wedding, my sister was born, and 3 years later I was born ;) I think that we are an example of an ordinary, friendly and loving family. Our parents did everything to ensure that their daughters received a good upbringing and education;) In 2019, my sister left for Ukraine because she met a Ukrainian guy who is now her husband. I can't talk much about politics and horrors in Ukraine because my country's censorship doesn't allow it, but my sister and her husband are safe and that's the most important thing. As I wrote in my previous letter, I was in a relationship, but nothing came of it, and you already know why. But enough about the sad ;) I'm not a pessimist at all, and have a good sense of humor ;) Maybe in the next letter I can show you this ;) Steve, I also want to thank you for being one of the reasons for my good mood ! ;) Now our communication makes my days at work better. I can always use my pause to read your letter and write you an reply! I would like this to become our daily tradition ;) Speaking of the pause, it looks like my free time is running out and I have to get back to work.
Therefore, I wish you a pleasant day and excellent mood! Hugs! Aigul p.s. Pictured is my mom, dad and sister.
Letter 5
Hello Steve! I have to admit that your emails become an important part of my day. When I open my inbox and see that you texted me, I immediately get a smile on my face and a great mood! ;) I hope that my letters and our communication also have a positive effect on you! My friend, I'm sorry that your fiancee cheated on you before the wedding. I'm sorry about your father's death. I'm sorry he's no longer with us.
Animals? I love animals. Steve, my work takes up a lot of my time, so I don't remember when I met and had fun with a couple of my friends. But our emails help me make up for the lack of communication. Yes, I wrote to you that I am on good terms with my colleagues, but still I cannot talk to them about everything that accumulates in my heart. Sometimes the feeling of loneliness makes me sad. Tell me if you feel alone or have you ever felt that way? Sometimes we can have a lot of people around us and a lot of communication, but we can still be lonely. In any case, I'm starting to get rid of this feeling, thanks to our communication, and I'm happy about it;) I think that our communication smoothly flows into friendship. In my opinion, friendship is an important aspect in any relationship. My mother often tells me that she and my father have been together for over 30 years, because they are not just husband and wife, but they are true friends. I think this is one of the secrets of a serious relationship. Do you agree? ;) Let's believe that you and I are on the same path ;)
Steve, I wanted to warn you that I am attaching my photos from the virtual cloud. I lost my smartphone, but I didn't lose access to the virtual cloud where all the files were stored. I can always access this virtual cloud where I can use the internet. I am writing to you about this because I don't want you to be surprised if in some pictures I look a little different, a little younger, with a different hairstyle or hair color ;) I have attached my most current pictures to this letter, so you know , in what "technical condition" am I now ;) But I sincerely hope that you will appreciate me not for my appearance, but for my heart ;) By the way, about the heart.
I know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Is this fair to you? If so, I'm glad because I love to cook. It's my favorite hobby ;) My mom told me a lot of her recipes and I think I'm her good student in this business! But that is not all. I have one tradition that I try not to break. Once a week I cook a dish that I have never cooked before. I take a recipe from the internet or a recipe book and turn it into reality, usually on weekends when I have free time to do it. Most of all I love seafood dishes, but I don't have any food restrictions. Do you have any dishes that you love now and especially loved as a child? It will be easier for me to win your heart if I know your favorite dishes ;) Now I have to finish my letter and get back to work! Have a nice day! I look forward to your next email. Sincerely, Aigul
Letter 6
Hello my dear Steve! This is another day that brings me a lot of pleasure and positive emotions, because this is another day when you wrote to me and I can write to you!
Now I have free time, because the woman who was planning to cut her hair at this time, could not come now and asked me to make an appointment for tomorrow, and I will use this opportunity with great pleasure to talk to you ;) Steve, today one of my co-workers told me that I started smiling more and she thinks it has to do with someone I talk to online because she notices that my smile is wider and my eyes have a special sparkle when I sit down at this computer ;) Neither she nor my other colleague knows about my communication with you, but I find it very cute that even people around me notice how our communication affects me. I smiled and remained mysteriously silent at her words, so I think she understood that her guesses were right ;) To be honest, I don't really like to share such things from my life with someone. I prefer to keep my personal life away from prying eyes. But what about you?
Are you one of those who shouts to the whole world that you are happy? Or are you the same as me, and you don't like to share with everyone the secrets of your success, happiness or just a great mood? Of course, as we say here, everything secret becomes clear sooner or later, but everything has its time, right? Speaking of "everything in its time", I hope that I did not rush and get ahead of the curve by calling you "my dear" at the beginning of my letter? It just seems to me that this is normal in our case. I like to write to you. I love receiving your letters. I enjoy our communication, so I can safely conclude that you are not a stranger to me. You are the person with whom I can be an open book ;) Maybe it's because we don't talk face to face and I don't feel embarrassed, but I believe that it would be just as easy and pleasant for me to communicate with you, even if our communication would not be limited to the virtual world ;) My dear, I need to drink tea and prepare my workplace and tools for a woman who should come any minute, so this is the time to wish you a good day! Take care of youself. Hugs! Sincerely, Aigul
Letter 7
Hello my dear Steve! How are you today? I hope that everything is fine with you, and this day is easy, pleasant and bright for you! Traditionally, my day instantly becomes warm, bright and pleasant as soon as I get the opportunity to read your emails and answer you;) I hope that the volume of cheerful emotions from our communication will only increase day by day! Steve, can I ask you a question? Can you describe to me an interest or hobby that you sincerely hope your beloved one will share with you? Ooops, it looks like I'll explain to you why I'm asking you this in my next email, which I'll write you a little later. My boss is here and she wants me to help her with something.
Letter 8
Steve, here I am again ;) I hope you have received the first part of my letter. I had to take a break because my boss asked me to give her a list of beauty products and supplies she needs to buy. Now she's gone and I can continue writing to you. In the first part of my letter, I asked you what hobby or interest you would like to share with your soulmate. I think it's important in a relationship that a man and a woman have some common ways to spend time for each other some new things that we experienced before. I don't have any particular ways in which I like to spend my time. As you already know, nothing out of the ordinary. Watching movies, reading books, listening to music and so on ;) I think it's worth saying that my favorite films are fantasy, adventure, romance, historical and documentary genres. My favorite films are all the Lord of the Rings films. In terms of music, I usually listen to foreign pop music by such artists as SIA, LP, Ed Sheeran and others, but according to my mood I can listen to classical music and something heavier ;))) I think this will let you know a little more about to me. Now I thought that our common way to spend the time could be my tradition of cooking a dish once a week that both of us have not tried before. Of course, it's just an idea, and like I said, we don't need both of us to do this if it doesn't interest you ;))) Well. Steve, I will close this letter here.
Work does not want to wait. I send you hugs and wish you a good day! Your truly, Aigul
Letter 9
Hello my dear Steve! Thanks for your email! Thank you for the good mood that I get every time I see your letters! ;) I never thought before that I need so little for a good mood! How wonderful that I have the opportunity to communicate with you;) I will not stop enjoying such a simple fact as our communication! Honey, I also received an email from my sister today and I replied to her. I hope you don't mind that I told her that you appeared in my life ;) We were interested in each other's latest news as always, and fortunately, she and her husband are safe. They are doing well, and they even have the opportunity to work. I thought it would be wrong if I didn't tell her about you, even if my colleagues notice how you affect me! I shared with her that I first wrote to you, and now we communicate very well. I said that thanks to you my days are better and I smile like crazy when I think of you ;) I didn't talk too much about it because I want to see how she reacts. I think that tomorrow she will write to me and I will definitely share this news with you ;) Please don't worry. I bet that she will be very happy for us ;) Look, you are already slowly integrating into my life, despite the fact that we have not seen each other in reality yet;))) Please don't think that my sister's awareness obliges you to do anything. It's just that when I'm happy, I want to share my happiness with my family and with the people I care about. Maybe it may seem to you that this contradicts my words, which I wrote to you quite recently, that I am not one of those who shout about my happiness to the whole world, but in our case, I really look at this as a step forward in our communication. Maybe we are more than just friends? I don't know, but I'm definitely starting to feel something warm in my heart ;) I'm very interested in what you will say in your next letter about all this. Steve, I have to get back to work, but I will continue my day with a smile on my face and thoughts of you ;) I hope that my email will also make you smile and make your mood better! Take care! Hugs and kisses!
yours, Aigul
Letter 10
Hello my dear Steve! I'm on a break from work, and guess what I do first? Right!!! ;)
I check my email and write to you! ;))) How are you today, sweetie pie? Things are good? I hope so, and even the sun is jealous of the sparkle in your eyes, which tells everyone about your excellent mood! As for me, my day at work is the same as always, but your letters turn my days into an ocean of happiness! Dear, my sister wrote to me again today and her reaction about our communication was very pleasant! She is happy that someone has appeared in my life who makes me smile, enjoy life and see the world from the best side. She's happy that I don't feel lonely anymore! Steve, my sister has always been and still is my best friend. I am very lucky with my sister. Usually children in the family often argue over toys or some other reason, but my sister never hurt me. We have always supported each other in everything. When we were at school, she always protected me from offenders, since she is older than me. She helped me with my homework, preparation for exams and any advice in various matters.
I spent most of my childhood with her, and we always found something to talk about, even when she had admirers, but I still didn’t let go of the dolls from my hands;) Of course, I was sad when she moved to Ukraine in 2019. Since then, we have only seen each other a couple of times, when she came to Kyrgyzstan. The last time we saw each other was about six months ago. But what can you do? Everything seems to be the fate of women in our family;) My mother moved from Ukraine to Kyrgyzstan for the sake of love. My sister always follows her husband wherever he goes. It is quite possible that I will go down a similar path too! wink! ;))) In general, I wanted to say that my sister is one of the most important and dear people for me, that's why I needed to know what she thinks of us. I'm so glad we have her approval and support! By the way, my sister asked me to give you her BIG HELLO and best wishes! ;) My dear Steve, I hope you enjoy reading about all this and that it will be another letter that will make you smile and make your day better! Now I am closing my letter. Please accept warm hugs and tender kisses from me! Talk soon. yours, Aigul
Letter 11
Hello my dear Steve!!! I hope that a great mood and inspiration will be with you all day, and if you feel sad, remember that someone is happy thinking about you, and this someone wants you to always be fine! Yes, that someone is me! ;) Steve, this morning I accidentally broke the little mirror I usually use to show my clients what their hair looks like from the back. To be superstitious is a bad omen. But I'm an optimist, so I prefer not to believe in bad omens ;) If this is some kind of sign, then this is a sign to buy a new mirror, which I now need ;))) Do you believe in omens? Do you believe in fate? Personally, I believe in fate, and everything happens for a reason.
But I also believe that the fate of certain events or things depends on our decisions or actions. For example, I am sure that our acquaintance here was not accidental, but it depends only on us where all this will lead us. Will it be our experience that we will forget in time? Or will it be a happy relationship based on love, respect, honesty and other essential foundations? If you look at us from the outside, it seems to me that we are doing everything to get the second result, right? ;))) It is logical that a serious relationship requires that the partners were together. One day the distance between us must disappear so that we can talk face to face, touch each other, exchange kisses and hugs, feel all the manifestations of love and just enjoy every day spent together. I don’t know when this will happen, but I’m certainly glad that we met and are moving along the trajectory that should cross and unite our lives! Steve, a woman came to me and she is already sitting in a chair, waiting for her new hairstyle, so I need to stop dreaming and return to reality ;) But dreams tend to come true, don't they? ;) Have a nice day! Hugs and kisses! yours Aigul
Letter 12
Hello my dearest Steve! Knock! Knock! It's me again! ;) How are you? ;) I hope that everything is fine with you on the other side of the screen, and this day will please you only with pleasant moments! As for me, this morning, before going to work, I stood in front of the mirror, raised my head, squared my shoulders, smiled and said to myself, “Everything will be fine!” ;) Everything is really good, and when I think of you, it can't be otherwise! My dear Steve, yesterday after work I returned to the apartment and decided to do some physical exercises at home, because I had no desire to go to the gym. Fatigue took over me yesterday ;) But despite the fact that I did all the exercises very well for an hour on the fitness mat. The strangest thing is that I turned on romantic music, although for training I prefer more energetic music ;) This is another small detail that you have changed in my life. Every day I notice that I think more and more about you. I wake up in the morning, make myself breakfast and think about what did you eat this morning? What is the weather like outside your window? What dreams did you have today? I go to work in the morning on the bus and think about what you have planned for today? I try to imagine how we could have breakfast together and talk about our plans for the whole day! I come to work and wait for a pause to be able to read your letter and write you an answer! I come back from work and look at the couples walking the streets and talking about something. I even begin to envy them, because they have the opportunity to go somewhere together!
For example, go to a cafe, take a walk in the park or watch a movie at the cinema! I get sad when I understand that after work I will come home, I will open my door with my key and only silence will meet me ... I know that I will again prepare dinner for me alone, I will again watch TV or read alone book. The life of a single woman cannot be fun, but today my day is different because today after work I will go to the village to my parents. I always enjoy the opportunity to spend time with them. My colleague asked me to swap work days with her so that later she could also use a couple of free days to visit her family. I plan to return to Bishkek tomorrow, but if you don't hear from me in one or two days, then please don't worry. I will definitely write to you as soon as I return to work, but I will be happy if I see a letter from you when I return. well. Steve, I'm at the end of my letter because I have to get back to work. I send you a bouquet of tender kisses and best wishes! Take care! yours,
Letter 13
Hello my happiness Steve! At the beginning of my letter, I want to warn you that in the beauty salon where I work, repairs begin on Sunday and will last until September 5th. I don't know if I can write you a letter before September 5th, but I will do my best to do it. Good? Thanks for your email! How's your day? How are you? I hope your day is full of kindness and you are in a great mood. Steve, you know I went to the countryside to visit my mom and dad and I have to say that my trip was great! Of course, I got to the village late in the evening, but we did not immediately go to bed. We talked for a very long time and drank tea with a cake that I specially bought at the supermarket. I hope you won't be surprised if I say that I also told my parents about you and your coming into my life? ;) My parents listened with great interest to my story about how we met, how our relationship is developing and what we expect from our communication on the Internet. I told them that you are exactly the man I saw in my dreams. I told her that you are an interesting, honest, caring, serious and respectful man. This is only a small part of your virtues, which I listed to her. Steve, I know that you are indeed the man I dreamed of! You do a lot for me, despite the distance between us. You give me a lot of positive emotions. With your letters you show your care for me. You spend your time on me, and most importantly, you think of me. This means a lot to me! Our feelings and emotions are mutual! I also constantly think about you, imagine our meeting. I spend most of my day thinking about you. In my letters I try to convey to you all the feelings that I have in my soul. I want to support you and make you a happy person! I told all this to my parents, and when I finished my story, my mother did not ask many questions, but looked into my eyes for a very long time! Then she smiled at me and said that she had not seen my eyes shining with such happiness in a very long time! The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and if we really experience happiness, then it is very easy to determine by the eyes! My mother said that she supports my decision to seek happiness abroad! As you know, she also went to another country for my dad. My sister went through a similar journey for her husband. My parents wish me true happiness and believe that you are the man who is able to give me love and happiness! They told me that they fully support my desire to meet you in reality! I said that at the moment we did not make specific plans for our meeting, but I am pleased that my mother and sister will support me if we make a decision if I go to you! Steve are you happy?
Dear, I am very happy! This is the most important thing I wanted to hear from them!
They are sincerely happy and happy for me. For them, the most important thing is that my life is happy! I am sure that my life will be happy next to a man like you, Steve!
Even at a distance of a thousand kilometers, you have already changed my life for the better. My dear, if I tell you everything in detail, then the letter will turn out to be very long! I don't want to take up too much of your time! In general, this is the most important thing you should know about my visit to my parents in the village ;) I returned last night and before going to bed I wondered how much time we need to get to know each other enough? How many letters should we send to each other? 100? 1000?
Or even more? I thought about it for a long time, and even if we communicated in other more modern ways, it would not change much. We would only know each other virtually anyway, and to be honest, I'm starting to feel like our relationship needs something more. Just recently, I wrote to you that a serious relationship will one day require us to close the distance between us. We can write thousands of letters to each other, but one meeting will give us much more. Thinking about it, I tried to find reasons why we can't meet now, and I couldn't find any. Please don't think I'm being too flippant about this. I am very serious in my intentions. Steve, I want to be with you. Tell me please, are you ready to accept me if I come to you? It is likely that in the future I will have to move to live with you forever, if we realize at the meeting that we can no longer be without each other. Of course, it's too early for us to talk about my moving in with you forever, but I think this is something we need to take into account when planning our meeting. Thanks to meeting at your side, I will be able to adapt to new living conditions, weather, traditions of your country, culture and mentality. Now the most important thing is to understand whether we both want me to come to you now? Steve, please think about this very seriously. Write all your thoughts about our meeting. Now I will finish this letter and await your decision with trepidation in my heart! I send you tender kisses and tight hugs! Take care! yours Aigul
Letter 14
Hello my dearest Steve! Finally, the renovation at the beauty salon is over and I can use work computer to write you a letter and we can continue to write to each other. I really missed you and was looking forward to this moment to write you a letter.;)
Thanks for your email! Steve, should I talk about how excited I was waiting to read what you would write to me? ;) I hurried the hands on the clock to see what your decision would be! I had to show great patience and endurance in order not to bite my fingernails from excitement! ;) Even one of my colleagues noticed that I didn't look like myself ;) She tried to find out something, but I was silent like a fish! Of course, one day I will explain everything to them, but not now. Steve, no, I did not doubt the seriousness of your intentions! My heart felt that you would agree to meet with me, but be that as it may, I was not calm after I wrote you my last letter, because it was not just a question. It was a question that made a big difference in my life! Now I read your answer and I can't stop smiling! I think that I shine brighter than the sun ;))) I am overwhelmed with positive emotions, because your thoughts and feelings are mutual! You want us to be together!!! Yippee! ;))) How nice to know that your intentions are as serious as mine ;) How cool that our relationship will move to a new level! I'm glad that my parents also approve of my desire to meet you. My mother said that I am at an age when I should not see any boundaries or limitations if my heart truly desires something. My dad said that they trust any decision I make, and the most important thing for both of them is that I be safe, and if I am sure that you are the right man for me, then I should not see obstacles in my way to you. They bless our meeting. My sincere intention is that I really want to meet you! Now, knowing your opinion on this matter, I will do everything to be with you! It is very important to me that we meet on your side, and I am sure that you understand me. I already wrote to you that I would like to move to live with you forever in the future, if we make such a decision in the future. I want to say again that I do not want to rush things. I am writing this only so that you understand how seriously I take you. Unfortunately, I have never traveled anywhere. I think that I need to go to the passport and visa service and get advice there. When I have free time, I will definitely go and find out what I need to do so that I can come to you.
Dear Steve, you are the man I have been looking for all my life, I see my future with you and we need to fight for our feelings. That's why I decided to take such a step as traveling to you! Virtual relationships cannot give us real great feelings, cannot convey the warmth of our hands and the taste of our lips! Yes, letters allowed us to find each other, and I will never forget how it all started between us, but I am sure that now we need this meeting! Now we are on the path of big changes in our lives, and your support and care is especially important to me. I hope that everything will work out for us, and soon we will be together! I so want to hug you, cuddle you tightly, kiss you gently ... Dear, I am closing this letter. I will be looking forward to your next email!!! I wish you a good day. yours Aigul
Letter 15
Hello my dear Steve! Hello my honey! Hello my sunshine!!! ;) How are you today? I hope that your mood is at the highest possible level on the scale of joy! ;))) I am very happy and my days have become even more pleasant since we decided to meet! It's like I opened a new chapter in my life, and I can't wait to get to the moment where for the first time our eyes find each other in reality ;))) Steve, of course, our meeting is not only something magical, euphoric and romantic. Yes, it is obvious that all this will be so, but I also understand that the organization of my trip to you will require a serious and prudent approach from me. I've never traveled before, so I'm new to this, but I bet I'll figure it all out. Everything is possible! The main thing is to believe in it and make an effort! Unfortunately, today I have a lot of work, and I could not find time to go to the passport and visa service, but in the next couple of days I will definitely go and find out everything. We are planning our meeting. Can you imagine it? For weeks I couldn't even dream or fantasize about it.
Who would have thought that my life would change so quickly? ;))) But I'm happy with these changes! I hope you do too! Yes, I understand that preparing my journey will take some time, but the thought that we will end up together gives me energy and motivation. I am very serious and I am sure we will succeed! I believe that very soon I will be in your arms. I can hug you and feel the warmth of your body! I can kiss you and feel the taste of your lips! We will breathe the same air and experience the same emotions! ;))) I want to give you my affection and tenderness. I want to know what it's like to be with you! Maybe now I'm too bold to write about all this, but in reality I will be shy. In any case, this shyness will disappear very quickly, because we both know what we want;) Our letters show how comfortable and good we will be together! I write about all this and at the same time imagine what the moments and days that we will spend together will be like! I'm just melting like snow under the sun thinking about all this! Steve, now it is important that I learn about the formal steps that I must take in order to come to you. As I said, I didn't find time for this today, but I think that tomorrow or near a few days I will go to the passport and visa office. Steve, it seems logical to me if you write your full details and the name of the nearest airport to you. I may need this to find out all the details and nuances of organizing a trip to you. Please write in the next letter your full name, your telephone number, your address and the name of the nearest airport to you. OK?
Please don't forget it, because I don't want to waste my days. I want to quickly begin the process that will lead us to a meeting! ;))) Now I'm a little worried because I've never flown an plane before! I have never seen other countries with my own eyes before! ;) I could only see it in a travel show on TV ;))) But the most important thing is that our meeting will be our first romantic date, and I, like any girl, am a little nervous and want everything to go well! ;) I want to charm you from the first minutes! I want you to see me as the right woman for you! ;))) I believe that everything will be the way we want, right? ;))) I'm looking forward to the day when I can hug and kiss you! My Steve, I'll stop here. I have to get back to work. I will think about you! Mentally, I'm already with you! I will wait for your answer. I wish you a good day! Kisses and hugs! Aigul
Letter 16
Good day my sweetheart Steve! How are you? I hope your answer to this question is "Couldn't be better!" or at least "I have nothing to complain about!" ;))) As for me, everything is fine and I'm full of energy! My heart is beating so fast! I feel like I have super strength! What or who could be the source of this superpower? ;) It's you!!! My dear, thank you for writing the information I requested. Today I went to the passport and visa service, but they did not find time for me. The man said that I should have called them first to make an appointment, but he took a couple of minutes to listen to me, and when I explained to him what I needed, he advised me to contact a travel agency, because if I would arrange my trip myself it will be very difficult.
Travel agency will help me with all documents, certificates and procedures. Plus, using their services, I can save a lot of money, because they will find tickets for me and prepare documents at competitive prices. They will help to correctly fill in all the necessary certificates, applications and will accompany me at every step of organizing the trip. But most importantly, for the most part, I won't have to waste my time on all of this. This is important because due to work, I won't have time to do all this myself. The man advised me a travel agency with an impeccable reputation, which is time-tested. I didn't waste my time and immediately went there. At the travel agency I had a conversation with a very nice lady who explained everything to me. It may seem complicated, but if all this is put together, then we can see that the preparation of my journey to you is quite simple if all the rules and steps are followed. So, here's what I need for a trip to USA:
• international passport = 60 USD
• visa = 85 USD (most likely, the only visa that will be available to me is a tourist one)
• booking air tickets = 1280 USD (round trip.)
• medical insurance = 190 USD
My dear, these are the basic documents that I need to come to you. But in order to obtain these documents, I need to obtain many other documents and follow formal procedures. To obtain an international passport, I need photos, a certificate of employment, a certificate of residence, applications for a passport, and a few other different certificates. I will not write to you about this in detail, because it will take a long time. Then I need to book tickets. After booking air tickets, after that I will need to collect documents for a visa. This also requires a lot of references and documents. Taking into account the payment of all documents, certificates, state duties and services of a travel agency, all this will cost me 1787 USD. Steve, I explained everything to you briefly, what I need to do so that we can be together;) I asked for time to think and consult with you. It is important for me to share everything with you and to know your opinion. I want you to know that the decision has already been made in my heart. I'm ready to meet and ready to start preparing the trip. Please tell me your final decision. Are you ready to take me by your side? Do you really want to meet us? This is a very serious step and we need to approach it thoughtfully. I thought a lot and I want to do everything to be with you! Please write me the answer, and then I can decide whether to conclude a contract with a travel agency or not. According to the rules, I need to conclude an agreement with them and pay 50 percent of the cost of the trip, and then they will start preparing the documents. An international passport is made in 14 working days. When the passport is ready, I will need to pay the remaining 50 percent. This will help me get a visa without any problems. Steve, I have some savings now, so I'll have enough for the first half of the payment and for a small part of the second half. I don't want to bother you with this, since I myself decided to come to you. I think that I can find the missing amount and pay everything. You don't have to think about it or worry. For me, the main thing is that you are ready to meet me! It seems that I wrote everything and did not forget anything. I am ready to pay a fee and conclude an agreement in the near future in order to be with you as quickly as possible! I want to fall asleep and wake up with you, I want to give you tenderness and care! Steve, let's make our dream come true! Dear, the letter has taken a long time and I need to get back to work. Gently kiss! I wish you a good day! Aigul
Letter 17
Hello my honey Steve! I hope that your day is bright and pleasant, and you are full of enthusiasm and desire to spend every moment in the best mood and with a charming smile on your face that dazzles everyone around! ;))) Speaking of me, today I'm in an incredibly great mood, and in this letter I'll tell you why! I hope that you too will be glad after reading this letter and understanding what I have done. Steve, this morning I asked my boss for an hour off work and went to a travel agency. I signed a contract with them and paid half the cost of the trip! Last night, lying in bed, I thought about this a lot, and this morning my heart told me to follow my feelings.
Please forgive me for what I did before I read your letter, so I went to a travel agency without knowing your thoughts about it. Steve, today our relationship has taken the first step on the path that will take us out of the virtual world and lead us to reality! I have always told you that my intentions for you are the most serious and sincere, and I hope that I was able to show you this today! I wanted you to see that this wasn't all a game to me, and I have high hopes for us. The preparation of my documents has already begun, and at this stage I have a lot to do, despite the fact that the travel agency will help me with everything. I need to provide a package of my documents, fill out the correct applications, complete the formal procedures and obtain all the necessary certificates. Then the travel agency will prepare everything without my participation. I am glad that I contacted the travel agency. I really wouldn't be able to do it all by myself, because I don't have any experience with it, and I wouldn't be able to be away from work that much. It is very convenient, so I will save a lot of time and effort. I will have more time to work. Moreover, I also need time to get the missing amount to pay the second part of the contract. I already have an idea about it, so don't worry. Steve, I'm so happy, and at the same time, it's so hard for me to believe that we will be together soon! But it's true! It is a reality that soon thousands of kilometers between us will disappear! I will be in your arms!!! Oh, how cool it is just to spend the day with the thought that now our meeting is not just a dream, but an event that will definitely happen! ;))) I promise you that I will make every effort and opportunity so that our relationship will always develop positively. I want to give you tenderness, care, affection and love! I want us to never regret that fate crossed our paths! I bet we'll have a million reasons to be happy when we're together but of course I understand that life isn't always sweet as honey and sometimes there will be something bitter in a spoon but I'll never let you in alone to go through the difficulties and trials of life! You will always have my shoulder to lean on! You will always have my hand to keep you from falling. Steve, I can't wait to see your reaction in your next email ;) I wonder how you felt when you read that I signed a contract with a travel agency ;) My angel, I close my letter, mentally I'm already with you! Accept from me a million soft and wet kisses! Have a nice day! yours Aigul P.S. I want to warn you that today I will buy a one-time International phone call card and try to call you in the evening Moscow time. I hope that you will have free time so that we can hear our voices and speak. Wait for my call.
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