Scam letter(s) from Galina Plyusnina to Daniel (Spain)

Letter 1
I have all the information about my visa now. And I will get it without any problems. It will be so great to come to your country at last and to see you. I even can’t believe this could happen some day! Yes, perhaps, I act like a silly girl.
But I already dream of our meeting. I try to imagine how this could be. How I will touch your hand, look into your eyes.
So now I have to do is to show them all the papers and to pay for it.
But here I have one problem. I tried to save money. But I didn’t expect I would have to pay for visa so soon. I thought it would be later. So I don’t have enough money right now.
And I need your help in this if you really want to meet me.
This is 300 usa dollars, so you better understand how much it is in currency.
It will include medical insurance and everything that should be there. Perhaps, you think why it is so expensive. Well, sum of money includes visa, insurance, medical certificate and many other papers.
I already have got my passport for going abroad. I have already made it and have paid for it. But I didn’t think that they would give visa so soon. And if I don’t pay for it now, I could have problems in the future with getting visa. And I don’t want to miss this chance. To prove you that I am real and I don’t lie to you, I am going to attach you a copy of my passport.
So all I need to do now is to pay for visa. And then everything will be done and all we have to do is wait for the time it is issued. I have only 7-10 to pay for it and I will get it without any problems.
This visa allows me to stay in your country.
I also plan to work there while I study. I don't want to depend on any one. I will return back your 300$.
I am asking it to borrow. I will work and return back it.
I promise!!! I don't have a bank account.
It's very expensive here to have a bank account.
Only rich people have bank accounts here.
But I have a Bitcoin wallet - bc1q09f9jjs2ltvqq952r4unr7zn0lt7u6aycf7d2e
Please, understand my problem and send me 300 dollars.
it's not much, it's only 0.017 bitcoins.
I have attached a photo of the Qr-Code from my wallet.
You can easily send money to him or my wallet number.
You can buy bitcoins in two of the most popular online stores - or
If you haven't used bitcoins, then don't worry.
It is safe, legal and very fast.
In 5-10 minutes your money will come to my wallet account.
I can't get your money any other way because I remind you that I live in a remote village and we have other payment systems.
So, please, let me know if you can help me in this.
Letter 2
I do not know what to start my letter...
I feel shame and offended.
I just want to tell you that I am completely serious.
I have serious intentions to come and I am not going to lie to you. I am not a silly little girl that plays games to get money.
Can’t you see it from my letters?
I asked you to send me 300. And I feel shame for this.
But I had no other choice then to ask you. The problem is that I have only 7-10 days to pay for my visa. I didn’t realize I would Need the money so urgently. They took my papers and told me that I wouldn’t pay in 7-10 days, they would just refuse me.
And then I will not have another chance to get visa.
It was a shock for me. I thought that I could just leave the papers and then pay for it before the trip. I think I would be able to find the money by that time. But it was beyond my forces.
I was shocked.
I went to all my friends and acquaintances.
But all refused to me.
They don’t give such a big sum of money.
I don’t ask my parents as they just don’t give me money.
When the last time I asked them to help me, they refused me.
They told me they had to support my brother and themselves.
It hurt me. That is why I do not ask them about anything any more and I almost don’t talk to them.
I asked my friend Vika to help me, but she had not such money.
She is married and has a child. And recently they have bought an apartment and took it in credit.
I also went to the bank to check there. But they even didn’t listen to me. My salary is only 120 Euro. And they just can’t give me 300.
I had tears. That is why I decided to ask you. And I feel shame for this. I understand that it is very difficult for you to trust the girl you have never seen before. Lots of women lied to foreigners.
But I am not the same. I am real. And I am not going to lie to you!
I promise! I ask you this money not as A present to me, I am going to give them back to you. As soon as I come there and start working I will give you money back. I told you I was going to study and to work. I will be able to pay for my studies and for my accommodation.
I already told you I was going to get a student visa.
I will be able to come to your country and to choose any university or college. I can stay there as soon as I finish it. I am going to choose the one that is close to you to be able to see you often.
I ask you one more time, please, understand me and send me 300.
I almost forgot to write to you.
Yes, today I saw an error in my passport.
But it's not my fault!
This is the mistake of the local passport center!
They issue documents for travel to other countries.
I received my passport on September 1st.
And from joy I didn’t see that there is a mistake.
Today I have already filed a complaint and they promised to fix the bug in the coming days!
Unfortunately, our country is a "third world"!
Read about Kyrgyzstan on the Internet and you will understand everything!
There is a lot of bureaucracy I want to get out of here.
Here, officials treat ordinary people as second-class.
Once again I will repeat! IT'S NOT MY FAULT!
mistake promised to fix in the coming days.
And most importantly, it won't affect my trip!
Now you understand that I am a real girl with real problems, and not a computer BOT???!!!
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