Scam letter(s) from Vlada Ivanova to Collin (USA)

Letter 1
Hello from Tula. I am Vlada!.I am 34 years.Probably you are curious where did I find your e-mail? I am looking for the partner in life and I have addressed have appealedin agency of acquaintances. They gave me yours e-mail, and I hope, I have written correctly your e-mail address. And my letter will ba addressed to you. This is my first letter to you just to check upto seeyour correct address. Also, I am sending you one photo so you will be able to see meto look at me. I will writeI will show you a little bit about myself, and I will send some of my photos in my next e-mail to you. Maybe, you will be curious, when I will tell you that I am not the resident of your country.I am from Tula. I hope it does not scare you. I am the same lady with clear soul, big heart and high spirit that living in other different countries. Where are you from? How old are you? will reply me and we will start to correspondto write e-mails. If the destiny will be successful to us, will see each other. I hope I guessyou will write me a little about yourself and will send me some photos. Reply me: Best regards, Vlada.
Letter 2
Hi Collin.
I am glad that I can now write about myself. I am glad that we have the opportunity to meet. I hope that this acquaintance will lead to our goal. =)) You already know my name. I live in Russia. I have no children and no man.
I am a free and single girl.
My height is 173 cm. Weight 50 kg. I live in the city (Tula). Tulskaya region, Russia.
I am 34 years old. She was born on 10/27/1986. I'm a Christian.
Tell me the same about yourself. to better represent you. =) Do you have children? Parents? Tell us a little about your work.
I understand that there is a long distance between us. I am ready to leave my country and move to live with you. If between us there is a desire to be together.
About my job, I can say that I am a sales and development manager. The company I work for is engaged in the production of dairy products in my city and region. I decided to try to build relationships outside of Russia. This is why I'm trying something new. I know that it is possible and people build relationships with foreigners. I think it's great.
I wish you a great mood. Vlada.
Letter 3
Hi Collin! I'm glad you answered. Perhaps communication via email is already outdated. But it's still convenient.
I do not know your language. but there is a great desire to learn it. That's why I'm ready to learn. =))
I would love to know everything about you. I want us to be able to get to know us better and love each other.
I believe it is possible. =)) Do you believe in love? loyalty? devotion? share this with me. Of course this takes time. but we have it. =)
nice to know a little more about you. you asked me about the sport of American football. No, I don't know much about him. I just heard and saw a little bit in the movies. From sports I love Gymnastics. this is what I do myself. =))
Collin Are you interested in learning more about me??? I will start everything gradually. To begin with, I want to say that I have a mother, Vera. Unfortunately, I don't have a father. My father died when I was little. I do not remember him. =(
I live alone in my own apartment. I have no bad habits. I am a free and single woman. I have no children. you already know about my work. I don't have a sister and brother. But I always dreamed of having a sister. =))
I understand that there is a very long distance between us. I do not want this to become an obstacle, because any distance can be overcome. It is important for me to know more about you. I am ready to tell everything about myself.
I don't like being ignored. I believe that if a person does not reciprocate. then he does not respect the person.
If you want to know something about me. Ask. I will always answer you. I am completely open to you Collin.
I want and wish that passion and love would appear between us. so that we get closer to each other. Because I believe in love and I believe that we can build a very good relationship.
I am also sending some photos of myself. Do you like me in the photo????
If you have questions. you can ask me. I wish you a great mood. =))
With best wishes. I send you my kiss. =)
Letter 4
Hi Collin!!!!!!
I was waiting for an answer very much. =) Collin how are you feeling today????? How is your health???.
How are your days in general? I hope you're doing great. =))
I want to continue talking about myself. are you interested?
I want to talk about my day. How I usually spend it. I wake up at 5.00 - 6.00 am. As soon as I got out of bed.
I drink a glass of water with a lemon wedge. It helps me wake up my body. Then I play sports. Basically it's running. I run 4-8 km. Then I do gymnastics, stretching and yoga. If the weather is bad. then I do it at home. Then I go to wash and wash. Nothing helps like a cool shower in the morning. Immediately gain strength and wake up. =) After that I cook breakfast for myself. My breakfast is different. I try to eat differently in the morning. But most often I like different porridges and some berries or nuts. In the morning, a person should eat tightly. then he will have strength for the whole day. =) Breakfast is an important part of nutrition in the human body.
I often drink coffee or green tea in the morning. I prefer tea the most. =)) What kind of breakfast do you have in the morning???????? Tell me about this. how does your morning start?
I try not to break my routine. only in rare cases. =))
I need to be at work by 8:30 or 09:00 in the morning.
working day from 09:00-18:00. My work schedule is basically 5 days of work and 2 days off. But sometimes you have to work on Saturday. I also have lunch from 13.00 to 14.00. This is a little about my working day.
What are you doing after work??? What are you doing tonight???? Tell me about this.
In the evening I cook dinner for myself. I am a very good cook. Do you like delicious food?
Sometimes after work. I can meet friends and walk around the city. But most of the time I walk alone. I like walking in the evening after work. I don't have many good friends. who are really ready to be with you even in the most difficult moments in life.
Collin do you have good and reliable friends???????? Friends who are always with you and whom you are ready to help. who will not leave you in trouble?
I like to read books very much. I also like to watch different films. I like horror, comedy, thrillers and a bit of fantasy. What do you like??? what is the last movie you watched? My last film was Venom 2.
I am against smoking. it's bad for health. But if my man smokes. I want him to try to quit. I like to drink dry red or white wine. only in moderation.
Collin, what else do you want to know about me??? I'm ready to tell you everything. I want you to understand me better. to get closer and closer to each other. Soon you will be able to learn something new about me. =)) Share my life with you. Hope you appreciate me. =)
I wish you a great mood. =) I hug you and kiss you. do you mind this???? =)))
Letter 5
Hi Collin. =) Thank you for writing the letter. I enjoy getting attention from you. =) How was your day yesterday? What weather do you have? I'm fine. =) I believe and hope that you are much better. =)
you told a moment from your life. I didn't have that and everything was relatively calm. I understand it was scary. It's good that your father saved you.
Collin but I also want to say that you did not give any answer to my letter. you said you read it. but it had so many questions for you. to which I would like to receive an answer.
Again I want to tell about myself.
Today I woke up at 5:20 am. I did gymnastics and yoga at home. =) Then I made myself coffee with milk and cooked breakfast. when home and personal affairs are done. started getting ready for work.
I have many different questions for you. I don't even know what to ask you now.
what season do you like the most??? I'm just curious about it. I like winter. although I love summer. I love reading books. I have read a lot of books. =))
I read Russian and foreign literature. Tell me, do you like to read?? I know that nowadays people rarely read. it would be more accurate to say that they forgot about the book. Now most people like to spend time on computers and smartphones. which leads to less live communication.
For me personally, books help to develop and inspire. books give me the necessary knowledge for me it is better to take a good book and read it. than being on social media. in which I am not.
I do not like to waste time on unnecessary and useless activities. I also love listening to music. I like to listen to music when I do sports. I like to listen to music when I cook or clean the house.
Do you like traveling? Personally, I have never been outside of Russia. my whole life was spent in Russia. but I hope that with the acquaintance with you. I will have the opportunity to see you. so I can see the new world. new country.
See how people live in the world. =) Learn the culture and customs of different countries. I think it's great. I am curious to feel for myself what it means to live in another country. I'm sure there are many good things that I can take for myself.
Collin Are you interested in me? Are you interested in learning about me? I want you to tell me more about yourself. I believe that when there is a dialogue between a person. they understand each other better. they get to know each other better. Recently, people have become less social. do not you think so?
I try to tell a lot about myself. so that you can understand me as I live. What are my thoughts. what kind of person am I. I think it's important. Collin Do you agree?
I want a happy life. next to the man you love. Which will be open to me. =) I want my man not to be afraid and trust me. Although I understand that it is very difficult to earn complete trust. Do you want to be my man?????
For me, the ideal relationship is as follows. A man must: Love his girlfriend. Trust your girlfriend. Respect the girl. Be sincere and kind.
I also think it's very important. so that a man and a girl can resolve any dispute calmly. the most important thing is to listen to everyone's opinion and come to one common decision. do you think this is correct? tell me about it. What is important to you in a relationship? What relationship do you want? Do you think love is worth fighting for? If you like me, do you want to fight for our happiness and love? I'm interested to know about it. =)
Collin Are you tired of reading my letter? I wrote a lot. there are many questions. I hope that you will tell about yourself and answer my questions. I send you my photos. =) Also a photo from my mother Vera.
I wish you all the very best. May this day bring you much joy. =)) I think about you. Hugs and kisses =))
your Vlada. =)))
Letter 6
Hello my dear Collin.
How is your health? are you okay? How are you feeling? how was your day yesterday? tell me. =)) I hope that it is not difficult for you to answer me? to these questions. It is really important for me to know how you feel and how everything is going on with you now.
I am writing these words to you again. will you send me a photo or not? you just don't answer the question. no photo. like you don't notice it. =)
I continue the letter. I want to say a little more about my life.
As you know, I have a mother, Vera. I love her. Although we rarely see each other. We try to keep in touch. my mother lives in another city. I try to visit her whenever I have a free day off.
I want to ask you Collin. what do you need for your happiness????? I hope this is not a difficult question for you.
I want my man to be able to listen to me. never offended me and appreciated. I have never asked much from a man. only love, care, respect and a little attention. I will never be able to forgive betrayal. Because if a person cheated on you. it means he doesn't respect you. but first of all the person who has changed does not respect himself. This is my opinion on all of this.
I would like to know what do you think about it? what do you think?
about myself, I can say that a very cheerful person, with a good sense of humor. always frank. I like being open. Besides, I'm very kind. =))
This is what I wanted to tell you today. In fact, sometimes a lot of questions arise during the day. but when I write to you. I can't remember what I wanted to ask. In any case, we still have time to discuss a lot. you may not be too hasty.
I don't know what plans I will have for the evening. I think I will spend the evening at home. Maybe I'll read a book or watch a movie. What will you do?
If my friends call me outside in the evening. Of course I will see them.
Collin, do you like going to cafes or restaurants??? do you have a favorite place? where can you go very often with friends or alone???? I hope you talk about it. =) today I will finish the letter. I am sending you a photo. =)
I hope my photos make you happy. =)) I hug you and kiss you.
Tomorrow I'm waiting for your new letter and photo.
Your Vlada.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Collin!
How are you? How is your health? I hope everything is fine with you. tell me briefly about it. My morning started out great. When I got to work. I smiled. I see a letter from you. =) I see that you do not forget me. I'm pleased.
I ask you not to forget and not to leave me alone. To be honest, I'm getting used to you Collin. =))
Collin My colleagues at work say hello to you. =)) Yes, they know that I correspond with you. They ask how our acquaintance is going. I say everything is going well. =))
I want to say that today after work I will go to my mother. In these 2 days I will not be able to write to you. my mom doesn't have internet at home. That's why I wanted to warn you about this. I will write to you as soon as I get home. so I hope to see your letter when I get home. Good?
I'm still waiting for a photo from you. I ask you to send me this weekend. I ask very much. do not leave my request unanswered. Good?
I want to say a little more about myself.
I love going to the cinema and the museum. I really like hiking in the forest. Spend the night in a tent and cook food on a fire. I also like some fishing. I even have a fishing rod for this. =)) I can catch fish. =)) What do you like? tell me about it.
Do you like going to the cinema? Maybe one day we'll go to the movies together. =)) I can say that you will definitely have fun and good with me. =) Tell me which places would you like to visit with me? What do you want to show in your city or country??
I'm glad the distance didn't get in the way. keep talking and getting to know each other. I don't see any problems in our communication. =)) The most important thing is that we understand each other. Understanding plays a huge role in building relationships. Collin, Do you agree?
I want to tell you what I expect from my man. My past experience gave me not the most pleasant memories.
I don't want to be wrong. I want to make the right choice for life. I don't want to be alone. I want to live with a man who will respect me. who will love and appreciate me. I don't want to live in the past. I want to live in the present day. I want to be happy and enjoy with the man I love. do you wanna be my man? DO YOU WANT LOVE WITH ME? Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself a little. But it's just important and interesting for me to know about it. =)
I want to give all my love and care for just one man.
Now I know you Collin. I am happy with this. I want to believe that you are the man that I need. =) a man who will love his girlfriend.
Collin What do you think about this? Most importantly share your thoughts for me. It is very important for me.
I hope that in the next letter I will be able to hear your answer. I will be pleased. Do you enjoy receiving my letters?
I will be waiting for your answer very much. I send some photos of me on different days. =)
with this I end my letter. Gentle kisses and strong hugs.
Your Vlada.
Letter 8
Hi my man Collin. =)
I'm glad to see the letter. =) Are you okay? I really hope you are doing great!!!!!! How is your health? I need to know how you feel. How are you feeling. =) I care about you. =) This is the beauty of relationships. When you know what they think about you, worry and wait. Do not you think so? For me personally, this is very lacking. =)
I ask you not to think about flirting with others. To be honest, I practically do not go to bars and especially to a nightclub. I want to say. I spent wonderful time with my mom. Of course there was a lot of work to be done.
But we did it. I was also able to rest well.
Collin I confess that I have a strong desire to see you. See the eyes and smile. touch you and feel your warmth.
I think it's great? How do you think??? I'm sorry that I can't write to you much all the time. I'm sorry that I can't see you in person right now. I'm sorry I can't devote more time. But I do not forget to write to you. so far the only way I can know about you. You are important to me. It's honest. I woke up this morning thinking of you.
I wanted to read a letter from you as soon as possible. Learn something new about you. I wanted to tell about myself.
In the morning I did exercises and gymnastics. Then I took a shower and got ready for work. Now I am at work.
I read some of your letters. while I have some time.
I wonder what you will be doing today? You find free time for your rest. ???? Collin I'm getting used to you. I will feel bad and hurt if you leave and forget me. I want to believe that you won't.
I want to briefly talk about the past. If you are interested of course. I spent my childhood with friends.
I went to school until 11th grade. After school, I went to study psychology. Studied 5 years at the institute.
I graduated from the institute with honors. Then I started looking for a job in my specialty. I couldn't find a job for a very long time. And if there was a job in the specialty. it was very low wages. I couldn't find the right job.
I couldn't work for a long time. but I had to live. That's why I was looking for different jobs. to somehow live.
But after a long time. I managed to find the job that I fell in love with and to this day I work on it. I was glad that I could find a job that would interest me. Education is not valued in Russia. If there is a good job. they don't hire without experience. what if they get hired. then only through friends or on the recommendation.
I don't think this is fair.
Tell me Collin. Is it difficult to find a job in your field in your country? What do you need to do to get a decent job? Tell me a little about it.
I also have a background in beauty. I am a manicure and pedicure specialist. I can do eyelash extensions and make beautiful eyebrows. I think that for a girl this is a good additional education. =) More precisely, we can say that this is my hobby. because I do not have to spend money on some procedures in a beauty salon.
At 27, I met a man. I thought my life would be complete now. I was mistaken. I wrote that my relationship was over. To be honest, I wasn't too upset. as I understand. what happens in life. that everything can't be perfect. Of course I was sick for a while. But I gathered my thoughts. Everything that was already gone. Now I am talking to you Collin. I'm very happy. you are a good person. =) which I like. who I want to be with right now. Whom I want to know even better. this is true.
I hope you get to know me better every day. The most important thing is that you understand me and my feelings.
Collin Tell me honestly. If we had and will have the opportunity to see each other. would you like to see me? Even if the first meeting will not be long. But at least the meeting will help determine the way forward. I know and understand that there are many different factors and moments and complexities. But together we can solve everything. If there is an opportunity and desire. would you like to meet me? I can tell for sure. I'll be glad to see you. spend time together. it's just wonderful. But these are my thoughts. I'm just curious to know what you think?
I want to wish you only the best. that all is well with you. so that all goals and plans are fulfilled. so that every new day brings you a lot of good things.
I am sending you some photos of me. with this I end my letter.
Collin, my gentle kisses for you.
have a nice day. =)) Your Vlada.
Letter 9
Hello my man Collin. =))
How are you? how is your health? I hope you are doing well. I hope you're all right. how was your day yesterday? tell me a little about it.
Nice to see the answer. although I did not notice that you answered my letter in full. I want to ask about your words at the beginning. you wrote that maybe I will never see this letter? what did you mean by that?
Once again I want to ask you. will you take a photo of yourself? Should I wait for a photo or not?
I got up early today. I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. I lay in bed for a long time and tried to sleep more. but couldn't. That's why I decided to get up. =)
This happens to me sometimes. And you have?
You know, yesterday I was thinking about us. I have a good feeling in my heart. that I met you. we have the opportunity to recognize us. Of course, I want to be there right now. so that we can get to know you even closer and better. so they can see us. hear us.
I don't like being alone. I believe that man is not created to be alone. there should always be a person nearby.
who will support him in any situation. to live difficult and happy moments in life. no way without it.
I hope that you will be my support and support. =)) I believe that we can achieve a lot with you. The main thing is to always try to go to your goal and dream. Everything in life is not easy and simple. sometimes you have to go beyond your limits. but never give up. I want to try so that we become one with you. so that we achieve the best for us with you. these are my thoughts and dream about us. =) This is the feeling that I now have in my soul.
now I have to finish the letter. I haven't written much today. But I wrote important words to you for me.
I need to get to work. I'll wait for a response. It would be nice if you send a photo of yourself of course. =))
I wish you a nice day. =))) good mood. =))) air kisses for you. I forgot to say Collin. Today my friend Kseniya should come to me. She came to my city for a couple of days. That's why we decided to meet. I plan to cook a delicious dinner. What exactly has not yet been decided. But then I can write and talk about it.
Hugs and kisses. Take care Collin.
Your Vlada.
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