Scam letter(s) from Janice Parker to Stephen (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hi Steve, Just checking if this is the right email. Let me know if I got it right.
Letter 2
I like the weather tonight. How was your day? What do you do?
Letter 3
I had a meeting with a client and finalized on a contract I will be handling. I am an interior designer. I am originally from Australia, born and bred in Tasmania. I have lived in Melbourne and Sydney. When i got married I moved to Perth and I worked for a big design company there. In 2020 my husband got a good business deal in NZ and we decided to relocated here in 2020. However the pandemic started and he got Covid and passed away . With the lock downs etc I didn't get work for over 2 years so I manged my late husbands online antique store and sold antiques online. It was profitable. He collected antiques and vintage items as a hobby and then turned it to a side business. So this contract is my first big contract in NZ since i relocated here in 2020. I work on houses, apartments, Airbnb's, Bnb's and small boutique hotels. When things settled I worked on a few apartments and did staging for apartments in the market for sale. I like what I do. How long have you been retired? Do you have children? Were you married? What is your story?
Letter 4
Thanks Steve, it was really hard when I lost my husband to make it worse. I couldn't see him when he was in isolation in the hospital and I couldn't spend the last minutes or day with him either. I am at a better place now and so I decided to join the site to meet people who are looking for the same thing as me and I am glad we're both looking for the same thing; serious relationship. I am spontaneous and I like trying new activities and going to new places too. How long have you been running? I participated in marathon in Geelong before the pandemic started. It was a good experience. I like swimming and I am a good swimmer. I also do yoga and I am good at it. How long is your race tomorrow? I would like to eventually meet you but not at the moment. I would prefer to chat further and get to know you first before we meet. I have met someone before on a coffee date when we started chatting I think it was too soon because the date was more like an interview and I prefer to do things differently this time. I hope you understand and your still interested in getting to know me.
Letter 5
I am not a good runner like you but I try. I haven't done another marathon. I like jogging and cycling too. But swimming is my go to sport. I wish you all the luck tomorrow, I wish I could se you run and cheer. I am sure you and your team will do well. It sounds challenging but I think your up for it. Will you be starting or finishing? What time does the race start tomorrow? I am sure you are fit and look great. The antique store is online. I mostly work from home I haven't gotten a suitable space to open my practice but i will before the year ends. Most of my work is not behind the desk so that has been helpful. I hire contractors to assist me in some of the work (heavy lifting, fittings etc) but I do the rest. It hasn't been so easy to settle down after moving to here from AU due to the pandemic but I am glad things are starting to pick up now. The daughter you share with your ex is your step daughter? Do you have a good relationship with her?
Letter 6
Thank you Steve. When was the last time you went on a date or met someone interesting? Attached is a photo I took today.
Letter 7
Can you see me lol... you are right I am doing exactly what you mentioned, I will go to bed after the movie I am watching ends in 30 mins. Tomorrow I have a few errands and I need to meet the client for lunch she wants to discuss a few things. I have been invited to a dinner party in the evening. I am still thinking whether I will attend or not. You will be so tired after the race. What time do you go to bed you need to get enough rest. I am enjoying our chat.
Letter 8
I would like to continue our conversation tomorrow. Thank you for making my night. Good night and sweet dreams.
Letter 9
Good morning Steve, I hope you slept well and you are ready for the race. Just wanted to wish you good luck. Have a good day ahead. Send me a msg when you are free and let me know how the race went. 😊
Letter 10
Hi Steve, I am fine. Glad that you did well. Are you still out? The dinner party has just started. I will head there soon. But I will be back by 9pm. Will you free to chat?
Letter 11
Hi Steve , I am back. What have you been doing? What did you have for dinner? Did many people watch the race? Any of your friends or family came to cheer for you?
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