Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
I ask you to take a couple of minutes to read my letter.., I'm Natalia!,, I live in Ukraine,,.
I'm 29 y.o. I am a purposeful woman, and I try to be optimistic,,!
I contacted a dating service in my city, and they gave me your email, An international dating officer assured me that you are free and you are looking for a girl, I agreed and decided to write to you!!
I asked how they got your email?
To which I was told that they cannot provide this information, because their information is confidential.!.
Now I am a little shy, because usually the first steps towards acquaintance are taken by men, but here it turns out that I am writing to you first!!
I'm sorry for this step, but I want to start getting to know you!
I try to find my happy future with a man not from Ukraine!, Ukrainian men are not responsible to women,.
That's what I had to say the first reason why I'm writing to you...
I hope that you are in search of a beloved woman with whom you can share all the emotions and feelings!!
I have serious intentions and I'm only looking for a serious relationship,,.
If you are the man who really knows how to understand a woman, a man who can really give love, care and warmth, I ask you not to leave my letter unanswered!.
I have attached my pic to this letter so that you have an idea of ??what I look like.., Also in response, I ask you to attach your photo and tell a little about you so that I have an idea with whom I am starting to get acquainted.,, I hope that from this day our first steps towards acquaintance begin, Hope to see your letter soon..!
With respect, Natalia,!.
Letter 2
Let's talks:-)
Now Im waiting for righteous man. Im adorable woman. I will send You my photo attach) it's Email for reply
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