Scam letter(s) from Marta Koshuba to Ignacio (Puerto Rico)

Letter 1
Hello dear Ignacio, I am very pleased with you poznak. On the site, when you and I obsals, then you seemed to me very sincere and real .. the way you are. Let me tell you a little about myself again for nazak.. ***, that you will be interested to know more about me. My name is Marta, I'm 37 years old. I work as a dentist. I'm used to the fact that, like pravl, all people are afraid of dentists, but are you afraid?) I would really like to poznak with you closer .. to find out what kind of person you are, what are your princip, interests, favorite zanat, what do you want to see in your partner and what prich are you lonely now .. If you are interested, then in sled letter, I can tell you my story with my biv husband. I want to tell you that I know English very poorly, so you don’t be offended by me pozal if I ask you something again. I want you to yznal me better, then what I am in relation to you. I have natural beauty, I haven't changed anything in myself, I'm just the way I am. When I'm at home I like to wear comfortable obleg clothes with a ponytail and sdelv bun on my head and of course I don't use kosmet. I also really like it when my muzin eats my food, then I cooked it myself, with svaim hands. I think that you, just like me, are very wary of dating on the Internet, but if we don’t try, then we won’t know anything smaz .. If we still pritaz to each other, then it won’t be difficult for you pomch me learn a language and not laugh at me? I'm already trying to find podhod language courses. Ignacio I don't want to write slis much like a first letter. Although there is so much I want to know. You know, in sam I really yearned for love, I so want to have a man next to me chustv .. to love and be loved. If this is not the game for you, then I'm looking forward to tvaeg's response.
Sincerely, Marta
Letter 2
Hello dear Ignacio. I am so pleased that your letter was sent to me, I hope that I understood everything correctly from it, because the translation in deystv was not very good, but I try very hard to panat everything that you wrote to me. Oh, thank you for these zamchat photos. To be honest, I really like the way you look :) I am very zal that your relationship that lasted 9 years.. is already zalonch.. I understand how painful a breakup can be.. Ignacio I want to tell you my istoriy .. A year ago I divorced my husband ... Our otnosheniya began when we went to school. We studied together from the 5th grade, and at the end of the 11th grade nachali to meet. ) Our relationship was good from the very beginning... We were bili with each other and for the first time experienced a lot together. I have always been a domashney girl and have never kissed anyone before him. So paluchilos that we went to one place, finished it, and then got married. I chuvstvovala myself as a stone stele. Of course, there were fights in Yongda too, but we never really dralis. We started from scratch, the parents are very pomogli. We lived in his apartment separately from everyone. Money is always not hvatalo, but this did not prevent us from being happy. We have a lot of rabotali, have made repairs in the apartment. How much lybvi and work we put into it, we did a lot with our hands. There were tyzelie moments in our life, but I knew that all moenos can be preodolet. We've been jumping in marriage for over 5 years. It all started postepenno ... There were no visible signs, but I felt that something was proishodit with my ex ... He became a drugim ... I tried to talk to him, asked what happened ... but he "closed" from me and skazal that everything is in order, do not come up with it ... and then I nashla in his phone Piepisku. with a "colleague" on rabote. I never looked at his telefon or mail, and always read and read that it was unacceptable for otnozeniy, I always trusted him, but that morning, in the same way, someone made me vzyt his phone. And there ... The world of ryxnyl, an abyss opened in front of me, my hands were trembling, everything was drozalo inside, I just could not believe that my husband could pisat words of love to another. it was a shock. I will not go into podrobnosti, we talked to him, he said he didn’t want to, but so poluchilos, his heart stretches to her, he asked me to zarabotat, said he didn’t know what was going on. I gave him an assignment, said that since you bolshe don't love me, what else? Take off your clothes. At that moment, these words were skazani emotionally and imperceptibly, I just could not believe what had happened, but he soglasilsya and said that he saw no other way out. I realized that it was konez and left. They quickly razvelis with us, and for so long I was alone ... for a long time I tried to vibratsy from this ocean of bitterness and resentment that flooded me. I am staralsy to be strong and, as I could, napravlylsy to the light. In general, in life I am a fairly positive chelovek and I try to believe in the best, it is clear that most of all this is pomoglo for me. At first I thought I needed to see that I didn't know anything, but I couldn't zit and see his sad eyes and know that he was dymaet about someone else. During naimenshego ruin I overestimated a lot, visited many places, starays distracted and not sit still, communicate with ice. After razvoda, I had no relationship with anyone. Not moralno, not physically ... it's hard. It is trudno to believe in it again, it is even more difficult and more terrible to be obmanytim again. Ignacio Immediately after the divorce, this girl pomchalas to his apartment with just finished repairs, they bought Sroise a dog, kypili a new car, went to rest on the sea, she already rodila his child, and this thought covered me, knocked the earth out from under my feet. I was with nim when we had no money for movies and normal food ... And when he became good zarabativat, I was not needed. And the other clung to everything that was gotovo ... I strive to believe in the best, smotret life with optimism and enjoy every day, radyas everything that I have, but I have many, and I earn myself, and have never depended on a man. Especially after razvoda! I pray that I do not lose faith in lubov, believe in people. Sorry for the cry from the heart. Izvini for a misleading story. I sincerely envy my sister, kotoraya found her destiny and schastie ... she has been living abroad for many years and, by the way, made friends with lybimim on the Internet .... Then she predlozilam me also to register on sites and try to find my schastie there ... I didn’t believe that there was an opportunity, but glada at how my sister now lives in England and she already has two children from an Englishman, I reshila also try ... I feel that there is an h between us, and I want to you znal everything about me. In order not to lose touch, can you tell us about yourself? What's the sluchilos with your relationship? Where do you see the prichiny of such an outcome? if there is no game for you, think, I will be very happy and I will be very zdat answer.
Letter 3
Hello dear Ignacio. I am very priyatn from the fact that your letter has come to me again. I hope I understood everything pravln from it, because in reality the translation was prost terrible.. but I try very hard to understand everything that you pizes me.. for me it is very important. Oh thank you again for those zamchat pics.. i love the way you look so much. I'm so sorry that your otnos that lasted 4 and 15 years fell apart.. I understand that nasklk it could hurt. The most important thing is that our unsuccessful otnos are already in the past! Yes, of course, you and I will be able to call each other and yvidt each other, but before that I would really like to learn at least nesklk phrases in your language, so that we can see not only yvidt each other, but also talk .. for me it is very vazn. I hope you understand me :) Ignacio I think and… I don’t even know what is sadder, to spoil my razocharovanie or to disperse in 20 years. And how to understand that in 20 years you are not suitable.) Or even we ourselves menyaemsa over time and become different over the years. How do you think? I opened in the last letter. It was ochen difficult. I was faced with a choice - to tell all the seychas or later, when we meet…. I decided that novaya life should not have any oversights. If something begins to us ne nravitsya it is not necessary to play in the continuation, it is better to say directly to a friend drygy. And so I want to be in life. Life is too short to prozivat it like in a theater, pretend to be yourself and cheat on your companion. I also do not like internet dating, and I have never done this ronchet to Nikogda. If it weren't for my sister's experience I would never have reshilas at this! I will send you pictures of my beloved nephews! I just obozay them! They love me very much, we are inseparable when we meet. They live in England. Ignacio my sister with muzem bring them up on the principle - no prohibitions. If they took a risovat, there will be clothes and furniture in the paint, but they will never be rygayt. They are incredibly talented and smart, already kataytsa on snowboarding, skating, skiing, and so smeshno they talk to me in Russian :) they have to delat because I don't know any foreign yazikov and my sister is just like me a Russian Slav and we are all life govorili in Russian since she did not meet her husband in intertet. I originally belonged to this skepticheski, but now I am so happy for nee and I want the same .. her husband is nervous and met her when she didn’t have any language. they started communicating and he believed in their future and found a site where they made translations for nix poska she studied the language. and now, years later, she is perfectly English and lives happily in England. maybe I should napisat her, what if she asked her husband where they talked while she was learning the language? what do you think? I will send you pictures of their happy semy .. I would like to do the same .. I really love istoriy, especially if these are not boring textbooks, but interesting trips, filmi.Of course, I think about our vstreche. Maybe we can pick some kind of nice, mellow mesto by the sea? Ignacio If you come to me when the war end... who will this be the pora of the year? what winter do you have? A lot of snow? We will have a lot of snow, we will go to my parents in a rano car in the morning. You will be driving. I podary you a warm sweater, I will hold your hand and feed you with chocolate. Nas will have a thermos with coffee. Derevya will be all in the snow kk in a fairy tale, and the snow will shine with diamonds at solnce. And if it is autumn, then the bydyt trees are early-flowered, I love the octopus. Spring is the time of hopes and new achievements, summer is warm, salty, you can take a dip in the river! No matter what kind of year it will be, we will remember her with a smile and warmth). What kind of musica will play in our machine? And if the set is, priedy I come to you? As it will be?
Yours Marta
Letter 4
Hello my dear Ignacio! I am so happy that your letter was sent to me again .. I'm just incredibly schastl from the fact that you and I found each other .. for me everything is insanely vazn, everything that is happening between us now. But I’m so ogorch that I can’t understand everything that you write to me .. it’s just yzasn .. it’s just some kind of horror .. I’m very baln because of this .. I see that my dear man wrote to me and I can't panat what exactly.. it's terrible. But I hope that you and I will come up with something so that we can panim each other as soon as possible. I am ready to mnog so that you and I start panim each other as soon as possible. Ignacio warmest thanks for your dorogoe, warm and sincere letter, you made me very schastlivoy with your letter and your interest in getting to know me better! I am very ponravilosall that you wrote about yourself in pisme! Thank you so much for your beautiful and lovely fotografii as well. You are charming) it seems to me that our ziznenie values are very similar, and we respect the same bazovie values in our life; I mean honesty, iskrenost, openness, responsibility, vernost, kindness, attentiveness and care for our relatives and blizkiz !!! Your first sincere letters have already made me absolutely happy and I really want us to continue our perepizky to learn more about each other! I do not play any games or have fun on the Internet, I am seriozno and sincerely looking for my future beloved edinomishlenik and I believe that you are doing the same. It's beautiful in maem heart and soul !!! Ignacio I am glad that you are as seriozniy as I am. I asked my sister the website , she skazala what I need to register, send a scan of my passport, chtobi prove reality, and then send me a code to priglasit a person to the site. They tried, and they answered the site, and after a while they met, and now they have two wonderful children. Maybe we smozwm do the same. When we get to know each other better, I can give you contact with the MUA sisters, maybe he will skazet us ... If you are serious otnositelno me then I will send you an invitation code to this site, I want chtobi we are building a new relationship with you and so that I nakonez understand you! For me it is vazno to build our family ... please check this site and say that you dymaesh start this! I see that you yvazaete the truth, and I do it too. Truth is one of the most vaznih life values for me, and I could not imagine a zizn with a chelovek if I could not completely doveryt to him. It is always between wife and husband that they lybat each other, full of relays on each other, oni are honest and gentle to each other, and they support each other in horoshie and bad times. I would like to puteshestvovat a lot and I love to travel in different countries and yvidet the world with my future wife too! I mechatay so that We all hang out together, katalis on a bike, ski, meet friends! I also love to spend summer days at the dacha, boating, fishing, tanning, swimming, etc. I must say that ochen I love nature and a beautiful ozero in summer! And these beautiful sunsets over a quiet lake or river !!! I would be so hotelos to be together there! In a cool place where we mozem to enjoy a beautiful, pure priridoy and friend! Ignacio once again I want to skazat that I am very, very interested in getting to know you half-finished, because I tverdo feel that we could spend the whole zizn together. and I have a great feeling in my serdze to you !!! I really don't want zit alone. I got a pretty long letter .. but it's all potomy that when I start to write, I can't stay ... so much you vliyesh on me..
Yours Marta
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