Scam letter(s) from Olga Mishulina to Peter (USA)

Letter 1
Peter, did you like the photo with a piece of paper in the last letter?
Now you see that I am real? Today I am sending a new surprise for you.
I attach my video to this letter. This video is not large. I hope you will like it.
Today I had a day off work, so I went to Irkutsk. I collected all necessary documents for my trip. It remains to wait for an invitation for an interview at the embassy. I dont know how long to wait, but I think that I will be invited in a few days. I can't imagine that in a few days I will be able to change my life. I am looking forward to these changes. I am very tired here. And only one thought, that soon this life will be in past, gives me life energy.
I hope you are also happy for me? And you want to meet me.
Of course, you don't have to do this!!! It is your choice to communicate with me or not. I don't want to be your burden.
Can I ask you an intimate question?
Do you have ****** dreams? Do you often think about this? Please tell me...
I am very interested... Your most ****** moment of life? May be you have an ****** dream that you want to realize? Please be honest with me.
If you don't like my questions, please forgive me...
Understand, I have never been married and have no children.
I am very lonely and haven't had a relationship for 2 years.
I wrote to you about it in my letters. I really want to talk to you sincerely.
Also I would like to ask you. Would you like to have a gift from Russia?
Maybe souvenir or something else? Perhaps nesting doll (Matreshka)?
Do you know what is nesting doll?
Give me your exact address and I can send you a gift.
Bye, your Vera.
Here, I will write you my address too:
Nagornaya Ulitsa dom 9,
Podkamennaya, Irkutsk Oblast, 666014, Russia
Letter 2
I am writing to you with hope. I hope to convince you.
Today I went to Irkutsk and took a certificate from the agency, where I executed the documents.
I attached a certificate to my letter.
I hope now you will definitely be sure that I am not deceiving you.
The certificate says that the execution of all documents costs 95000 Russian rubles (visa + insurance + tickets).
It is also noted that I paid 65000 russian rubles and this is 1000 dollars.
Now I have to pay 30000 russian rubles - 320 euros or 360 dollars.
Now you know that I'm not fooling you. I paid nearly 3/4 of the cost.
I gave all the money that I had.
Please, understand me...
I don't ask for money for expensive gifts or entertainment.
I ask for help and give me a chance for a new life.
I understand that it is very difficult to trust a person from the Internet.
Yes, we never spoke on the phone ...
I know that there is a lot of fraud on the Internet.
I am not one of them! I swear I can't call you.
I was looking for ways, but so far all my attempts have failed.
I'm sorry...But I promise, as soon as I find a way, I will immediately call or write you a text message.
Please believe me.
Because, "once taking a chance, you can stay happy for life."
I am absolutely honest with you and have proven it to you many times.
I promise that I will never deceive or betray you!
You are the only one I have and whom I can trust.
Kiss your, your Vera.
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