Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
I ask you to take a couple of minutes to read my letter,,!
I'm Natalia!,
I live in Ukraine!.
I'm 29 y.o. I am a purposeful woman, and I try to be optimistic!!
I contacted a dating service in my city, and they gave me your email.,, An international dating officer assured me that you are free and you are looking for a girl,!, I agreed and decided to write to you,, I asked how they got your email?
To which I was told that they cannot provide this information, because their information is confidential.,!
Now I am a little shy, because usually the first steps towards acquaintance are taken by men, but here it turns out that I am writing to you first,!
I'm sorry for this step, but I want to start getting to know you., I try to find my happy future with a man not from Ukraine,!.
Ukrainian men are not responsible to women,!.
That's what I had to say the first reason why I'm writing to you..
I hope that you are in search of a beloved woman with whom you can share all the emotions and feelings,,.
I have serious intentions and I'm only looking for a serious relationship...
If you are the man who really knows how to understand a woman, a man who can really give love, care and warmth, I ask you not to leave my letter unanswered.!.
I have attached my pic to this letter so that you have an idea of ??what I look like.,.
Also in response, I ask you to attach your photo and tell a little about you so that I have an idea with whom I am starting to get acquainted,, I hope that from this day our first steps towards acquaintance begin,!.
Hope to see your letter soon,,!
With respect, Natalia.!,
Letter 2
In a city of what country you live?
I have addressed in agency of acquaintances with a wish to meet the significant other and after answers to questions to me have given your electronic box.
At me there is no information on you, except electronic box.
My subscription free.
I hope, you not against to meet is interesting and to find out more about each other?
My name Olga. To me 40. I live in the Ukraine.
And what you to me will tell about yourself?
I will be in the seventh sky with happiness if at us correspondence adequate and positive dialogue.
If I have not interested you please, do not spend our general time.
I will wait for the reciprocal letter with huge impatience.
Good pastime, Olga.

My personal mail for contact:

Letter 3
My corking Mister unexcelled, hello fair) presently Im looking for beneficial dude from US!
What State are you from? I am unmarried champion Girl;-)
I will send You my pictures!
email to me at:,
Till next time
Letter 4
good day My, how do you like it now? May You're free to narrow talks;)
Im unmarried adventurous Person. immediately I'm trying to find right gentleman from United States of America;-) What State are You from? My email for answer is: I'm going to reply to You my picture attached, Good luck!
Letter 5
Good evening it`s Jessie I would like to get to know you better click
Letter 6
My My best;) Where do u stay now? I am lonely kind 32 y.o. Girl staying in Kazakhstan for now Im seeking shining buddy;-)
I am going to reply to You my photo, Write me!
Till next time
Letter 7
Hello Dear,
how are you today?hope you are fine
My name is Dr Ava Smith ,Am an English and French nationalities.
I will give you pictures and more details about me as soon as i hear from you
Letter 8
Hello! How are you? How do you like my photo?
I want to spend time with a person who will make me happy in terms of intimacy.
You can write to me. Click here.
Letter 9
I go by the name; Michelle, I am a fantastic woman who enjoys playing video games. I stream the games I play so I'm excellent at playing. I do not require much, I just want an accepting boyfriend that would enjoy gaming with me and ******* me when l am in the mood for it. I do not like bad-attitude so I would like my man to be understanding. .I'm waiting to talk with you.
Letter 10
Hey. tell me ur name & age also would u like to meet at my place?
Hit me back>>>>
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