Scam letter(s) from Daria Honey to Neil (UK)

Letter 1
Hello stranger right now I am even more than sure that first of all you looked at my photo and only then you opened my letter:) I turned to a dating agency. Well, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name Darya, my friends call me Honey. I'm 30 years old, but I'm still lonely lady, never been married. By character, I am kind, sympathetic girl :) When I finished Institute in 2014, I traveled to practice in Kenosha, practiced in English and worked as a waitress. It is a small town in the states Wisconsin. I had to go back to Russia because my mother fell ill and I wanted to be with her, now she is fine. Now I live and work in Tambov, although I was born in a small township.
Who lives there, my mother and sister, I try as often as possible to visit them. I have friends, hobbies, good job, and I'm not just wasting my time. So, I want to find a loved one, to create a strong relationship. This is the most important thing for me.
Age difference or nationality - not a problem for me at all. I am interested in what is in his heart, what is in his mind. I just need a single man who is my best friend and faithful partner , to whom I dedicate my life and I will love. It is likely that I'm looking for you and you're the only one I need - who knows? I am looking for a serious relationship, for a nice man, more than just a friend. I hope that you are looking for the same thing.
Maybe you want to ask me why in the internet? So there are many reasons. Nowadays with all our daily living needs, wants and problems, with all the twists and turns, to speak figuratively, of today’s world, we often forget about the meaning of our life. We think so much and so deep in our mind about the future that we completely forget about our present. As a result, we are not living in the future as well as in the present. We follow different stereotypes, which were laid down by several generations, which we have never chosen. Probably nobody can say for sure why it should be only this way and no other. I do not know yet if the internet is a good way to find the second half of my heart, but nothing will stop me to try. Why not? Every single moment we dream about happy future which must be full of joy and pleasures at sacrifice of our current time. Certainly, if someone says that nobody can force us to live like this, in any event he will be completely right. So what I am trying to say that our life is in our hands. It is my first letter and hope a lot that it wouldn’t be the last one at the same time. Answer me, I’m not asking too much. Give me a chance to become to be a friend. Let it be… Do not sit and wait for a miracle, and keep in your mind that everything that happens to us, all is made for the best future. See you my friend. Sending you a big hello from Russia!
PS: I'll wait for your quick reply ... I hope you will not be greatly shocked by my letter:) Please send me some of your pics from your life.
Letter 2
Hello Neil. It’s like a first conversation, our first dialog. In some ways it’s much more easier to write - you must agree with it or what are you doing here :) here I can be myself. Please write me more about yourself. Where do you work and what do you do for having rest? Do you have any hobby? I work as an administrator in a beauty salon, I like my job. My hobbies are reading books, going to the gym. I like volleyball, swimming, camping, skiing. I like active sports and camping with tents, sitting by the fire at night, singing songs and baking potatoes :) Thank you very much for the photo, you look attractive! I and my friend are renting apartment so it is unreachable for us. I turned to a dating agency "find love" to search for a man, and there they gave me your email address. I am not afraid of age difference. Age is just a number and it doesn't mean anything, the main thing is feelings. In my 30 years old, I am happy, but I am lonely and I want to feel love and care. I think that we could continue to communicate to learn something interesting about each other. Is this distance of any importance in the digital age? With today's technologies, we can be in touch, even at the North Pole :) Of course, there are also disadvantages of such correspondence that we cannot meet in the evening and go somewhere together.
But I think that for a real relationship, we must first be ready to meet if we really want to see, and it will not be a one-time meeting. I live in Tambov already 10 years - it's a very big city and I'm used to this vanity. Here are many interesting places, restaurants, museums, parks for entertainment, cinemas, galleries. But at the same time, it is a very bustling city, people are always in a hurry somewhere, not paying any attention to anybody.
We live together with my friend Ana in a rented apartment, it allows us to both saving :). I have a cat, I call him Lusya. My mom lives about 25 min from Tambov, with my sister. Sometimes I come to visit, but not as often as I would like. I have no car, so I travel by train or by bus. My father died when I was a very young girl so I don’t really remember him. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care, bye!
Letter 3
Hello again Neil. How are you today? Thank you for your letter. You should know that your attention means a lot for me. I'm curious to know about you and your life!
Yes, I heard that your queen died, I'm very sorry that it happened, but she lived a very long life!
Don't be surprised that a girl like me is looking for a boyfriend. You know, beautiful girls are more unhappy than others in their personal lives. because everyone perceives us as successful ladies. and it is very difficult to find a person with whom I would be really good together. Such a person who will not cheat in a relationship, but will sincerely love you and be a real support in life. I want to feel weak, next to a strong man, buried in his strong shoulder ... If you saw me on the street, would you come up to me to talk and get to know me? My favorite dish is pasta in a creamy shrimp sauce. I love all seafood. I'm not registered in social networks. I do not have the habit of spending a lot of time on the computer, besides my work and training in the gym keeps me busy. I did tell you that i finished Tambov Social And Economic Institute, but i liked working in provision beauty services, active employment.
By the way i did not tell you yet about my job. I work as a administrator in a beauty salon. Sometimes it's hard to work all day long , but i love my job . I like being able to communicate with new people. They often come to our salon to make them beautiful and attractive appearance. This brings me a lot of positive emotions when the customer leaves satisfied. In a particularly busy days i had to work till late.
But sometimes i feel very tired of it all. I have to smile when you want to cry , to be polite , even if the visitors are irascible and behave provocatively.
I also go to the gym 3-4 times a week . I have no preference in the style of music, the main thing is that I like the motive. I like comedy, especially with Jim Carrey, one of my favorite actors. My favorite color is red, the color of passion and love. ) My height is 168 centimeters and my weight is 52 kilograms. Oh Neil, I wrote you so much today… now it’s your term.
Wish you to have a good day and take care.
Darya P.S.: I think you'll like my new pics =))
Letter 4
Hello my friend Neil. I thought a lot about you today. It's great that I met you! My phone was broken today. This is iPhone 6.
My friend Ana's daughter played with my phone while we were in the kitchen and when we arrived it was broken and did not turn on already. ) But I'm not angry with her, how could you be angry with a child? this is the child of my friend Ana. The last time I was sad was when I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me. My favorite flowers are field daisies!) I don’t quite understand what a night owl means? I love massage, I think there are almost no such people who don’t like massage) No, I didn’t do anything wrong when I was a teenager, I was a very responsible and well-mannered girl, I very often had to help my mother with my younger sister, so almost all the time I shone for her sister. Past relationships give us a certain experience ... My last relationship lasted 8 months, it was 1 year ago ... But in an instant everything changed .. I found out that he cheated on me with another girl and I immediately ended the relationship with him. It was terrible. Probably, it was a kind of training, now I'm trying to consider all aspects of a person. So I hope everything is fine with you today. I wanted to ask you did you ever communicate before by the internet? Do you already have an experience? As for me I tried a couple times before but it didn’t work. There was nothing wrong with those people we simply did not understand each other. And it is the most important thing in any relations. Isn’t it? What qualities in a girl for you are the most important? Should it only be attractive or should have some useful skills, such as cooking, to create comfort in the house, to be able to caress a man by nights, etc. ? Overall, I possess the necessary qualities for a girl, it's laid to me in childhood my mother. I'm a good cook (I hope LOL), hardworking and try to take care of themselves, to my man was not ashamed of me. I just do not have enough next to a man for whom I would have tried ... In turn, I expect and hope from my man, he is an defender for me and the most-trusted man in the world, with whom I can do a thousand things together and having fun with him. For which I would have gone to the edge of the world, without hesitation. If we ever meet one nice day, how we spend this day? If you dream of a perfect date? Where would you like to go and what to do with your girlfriend? I have hundreds of choices, what would I like to try together, but I would like to make sure that our thoughts are the same :) Neil I am very sorry but I can not write more today. It’s late and I have to go. Next time I’ll write more. Thinking about you Neil.
Your Darya
Letter 5
Hello Neil!!! What's happening in your life? What's new for today?
Unfortunately, I am not yet able to buy myself a new phone, I will try to take it to repair, but I'm not sure that it will be possible to fix it. I met my ex-boyfriend at my girlfriend's birthday party. No, I did not begin to understand why he cheated on me, I was very disgusted to listen to any of his excuses.
You know Neil, our correspondence brings some special meaning to my life. Now every day of my life it's not just a daily routine. Now I'm waiting for the evening with great impatience. I'm still not sure but I'm waiting for your letter. And it's so wonderful! And also I told you already that I have a high education and I passed state exams on English language, but it was a lot years ago already and it seams to me that I'm loosing my English without any practice. Especially in our town. I think a good story for a first date is spending time on the beach. ) I would love to walk with you, holding hands, and we would have long and pleasant conversations. I would steal a kiss from you, we would lie on the beach under the stars and look at the stars and just be silent! Lying and silent, in silence you can learn so much! This is so romantic! It is so nice to know that I found a person with whom I am so pleased to communicate! :) I've made some cleanings and helped my friend Ana on the kitchen. Usually I have two days off as in every normal schedule. Sometimes I help my friend to look after her children. Don't know how good am I as a baby sitter but still I am a god mother of her youngest child. Ana doesn't ask my help too often and I try not to refuse.
Sending you very big hello from Russia. Please send me some photos. Take care, look after yourself and bye-by.
Letter 6
Hello, it’s me again. I'm glad to hear from you! I like our correspondence, I read this as a love story :) You know in Russia we have an expression (not sure that I can translate it correctly, but I’ll try to do my best) so: the distance between people is like a Fire and the windathe real fire will be even ****** and stronger because of the wind but little light will be blown out by the wind so as any relations…I really hope you can understand what I’m trying to say. You already came into my life, you already have a place in my mind (all the time), in my heart and even now it’s so hard to imagine next day without you. The most important thing is that I enjoy corresponding WITH you. I feel the same comfort as you are. Never before I could expect such “relations”. We are blind now. Does not matter how many pictures I can send you – you still don’t know me in real situation. I am afraid to disappoint you and be disappointed in you.
But who knows. We simply have to use every opportunity in this life. I really believe that it’s better to regret about what you’ve done than to regret that you never tried. Hope that you don’t see it strange, I mean, that I’m writing to you every single day. I’ll try to explain. It’s just my great pleasure to read your answers and I would be very sad if one day you’ll stop writing. Now I know I found a man and I’m very appreciate you for it. Wish you everything the best. Wait for your letter. Miss you Neil.
Letter 7
Hello Neil.
I think the closest person to me is my Mom. I believe in love at first sight. I think that I was in love only once in my life and it was my first relationship. What scares me most now is the situation that is happening in the world, I think you understand what I mean. A lot of innocent people are suffering, and I don’t understand why this is all. No, I didn't have a one-night stand. I have a good sense of humor, but I'm not very good at joking, I like to laugh at other people's jokes!) At the moment I have 7 pairs of shoes, this includes winter and summer shoes. No, I do not regret anything that happened before and that I tried. I don’t even know what makes me a good person, most likely it’s worth asking my friends) Of course I was *****, I’m already 30 years old, do you think I never drank alcohol?) No, I never deceived or lied to anyone.
How is everything today with you? Today I feel myself so sad and lonely. I was thinking a lot about our correspondence and bout our relations. You became to be like a drug for me (I hope you understand my words correctly). The whole day I’m waiting for your letter and I know that we are so limited in our communication. I often try to imagine you saying me all those words from your letter, I can only dream to see your eyes opposite of my eyes... at the same time it’s hard to know that you are so far away from me. Thousands of kilometers are between us. Yesterday I was talking to my mother about you. She said that I must be ready for everything and that I must be very careful with the internet friendship. But I see that you are a very good, honest and kind person. I don’t know how to explain it, but I simply feel that I can trust you, believe you. I said my mother that there is nothing to be worry about, that everything is under control and you’d never hurt me. It’s so nice to know that you are thinking about me too. I don’t know what will be in the soonest time and I don’t know what to expect from our relations but I already know for sure that it’s a great pleasure for me. So if you give me your number— it would be a good opportunity for us to have a real conversation. Will wait with impatiens for your answer. Be good Neil and don’t forget about me :) Your girlfriend Darya
Letter 8
Hello my angel.
I think that I have flaws, but of course I don’t notice them!) Usually I carry very few things in my bag, usually napkins, various cosmetics, house keys, a wallet, everything seems to be. I love dark dark chocolate! Most likely I am a tea lover, most of all I drink green tea!
I know that you wouldn't hurt me. I told my mom that you are a wonderful man with a big kind heart.
I’m not sure for how long am I writing you but it seams like I know you for ages. Sometimes I think that you can read my thoughts, like you are able to see my mind. Day by day you become to be closer to me.
Don’t you know the song of Ne-Yo “Closer”- this is a song about us (it was a real singer not so long time ago). I afraid don't find words to express how much I care about you and how much I need you, but nevertheless you should remember about it... My phone is broken, so I want to buy an international calling card to hear your sweet voice! I am so happy that we found each other and so quickly got used to each other, feelings appeared…. strong feelings ... Kind, gentle, warm, caring feelings, from which a smile on your face and joyful eyes and a carefree heart. You are so dear to me! I am writing you a letter and I miss you more and more. I want to hug, kiss, hear your voice. So it’s late already and I better finish my letter. I’m thinking about you Neil.
Miss you.
Your Russian girl Darya
Letter 9
Hi my wonderful, Neil. It was so great to receive again your letter. Your words make me feel so nice. I am very-very appreciating you for your attention. All those days you are always in my mind. I’m getting ready to sleep thinking about you and waking up with a smile because of you. Today in the afternoon I was so deep in my thoughts of you that I completely forgot to pay for the ticket in the bus. Yes I know shame on me, it has never happened before. So you see how much you mean for me. Some photos were taken a year ago, some photos are fresh!) Dear, have you carefully read my letters? I wrote that my phone is broken, unfortunately I still have no opportunity to buy myself a new one! I don't have friends in other countries. I have no preference in the style of music, the main thing is that I like the motive. I think that funny jokes and good comedies make me laugh. I spent my weekends with my mother and sister in the village. Also today we (me and Ana) will go to the cinema to watch move "Ice". Hope it will be interesting enough. this is a Russian film. Honestly I’m not crazy about such films which consist of several parts. You simply have to know all the parts before, but I’m not a fan and missed almost all of them. So I go there to make a company and only because of Ana. We have a couple good cinemas near our work. There is a very good surround sound and you, do you like to go to the cinema? What kind of films do you prefer and what’s your favorite one? And one more news for today I talked with my boss and she said that I can take a vacation.. It would be great because I did not take vacations for a long time! Of course I still have my weekends and holydays but it’s not the same. This is a good time to meet in person. Did you think about our meeting? Would you like me to visit you? I miss you. It sound strange but you become to be so close to me. We are corresponding for not very long time but we wrote so much as other people can not tell each other during much longer relations. At the beginning I was looking for a friend who lives far away in other country. It seemed to be very interesting and useful. But now I regret a lot that you are so far from me. It could be easier if you are my neighbor. One morning I would simply nock to your door and say “hello, I missed you”.
Neil, why at this moment you are not with me? I’m sure God created us to be together. It should not be this way. You can not see me now, but I’m ready to cry. Please, Neil, reply me as soon as it possible, let me know all your thoughts, don’t hide anything from me. I wait. I need you. Send you BIG kiss, with love from Russia.
Your Darya
Letter 10
Good afternoon my dear Neil! I am so happy that I met you, you are my romantic man, I dream to be in your arms and feel your kisses!
Yes, I have traveled to the USA before, it was in 2014, but I don't know what I will need to come to the UK.
I'm think that you, as well as I'm excited about our upcoming meeting! I'm overwhelmed by the storm of emotions from the thought that I'll see you soon! It's great that this is the way things are, that we both want to meet right now! I can not believe that this happens to me in reality! It's like a dream, and I do not want to wake up, so this beautiful time ends ... You give me an ocean of emotions every day and I like a magnet pulls to you :) My vacation will be 30 days long, it would be great to spend together. I haven't chosen a date for my vacation yet and I wanted you to decide with you that my vacation should coincide with yours or that we could meet during your working hours if you can't take a day off from work. I suggest that everything be well planned so that it is convenient for the two of us. Thank you for giving me motivation, for our future, I am ready to act immediately! Tomorrow I plan to go to the travel agency and find out about the details of the visit. I need a specialist consultation and find out about flights to the plane. I will not sign anything, just find out the details of the trip. What is the name of the airport closest to you? Well, I'll wait for your answer. Madly I want to fall into your arms, run your hands through your head, hug and never let go! Let me know your thoughts as soon as possible, Neil
A Million Kisses From Your Girl Darya
Letter 11
Hello my love Neil! One night I woke up, the dream was so believable that I woke up thinking that you are lying in my bed next to me. I pouted when I realized that I was just sleeping, but I thought to myself that soon we would be together. It made me feel better. I lived in the USA for one month. This morning I visited a travel agency and found out about prices. I expected that traveling to you would not be cheap, but I could not even imagine that traveling would be so expensive! After talking with the travel manager, I can confidently say that I do not have that kind of money to come to you on my own.
The travel agency told me that now the prices are high due to the high cost of the dollar and the fall of the ruble. I was offered to make a tourist visa, because it is cheaper and easier to get for the trip. This travel agency was advised by a friend of mine from work, she used their services and this is one of the good and not expensive travel agencies. I decided to go to a travel agency because it is not an Embassy in my city, and the nearest Embassy is in Moscow and you need to go there to get a visa, so I went to a travel agency in my city. The travel agency will help me organize everything. The total cost of the trip is 1250dollars, these are round-trip flights and all the necessary documents: visa, insurance, medical card and travel agency services. Can you help me with this money? All this is necessary to come to you, and at the same time it is just a big amount of money for me... I will try to come up with something to find some of the money and will save from every paycheck. All my documents will be prepared only after I conclude a contract with a travel agency, and they will already prepare all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa and book flights. And only it will be necessary to wait when my visa is ready. When would you like me to come to you? I would like to meet with you as soon as possible. Here are some variants of scheduled flights. Let me know what time my arrival to you will be the most convenient. We can choose any date:
1. Turkish Airlines
Boarding Moscow (DME) - Arrival Manchester, United Kingdom - Ringway International Airport
[MAN]4:56pm 2. Qatar Airways Boarding from Moscow (SVO) - Arrival Manchester, United Kingdom -
Ringway International Airport [MAN]10:34pm I'll wait for your answer tomorrow morning. Passionate kiss to my Prince before bedtime! Always your Darya
Letter 12
Good morning my Neil! Today I woke up in a great mood, with thoughts of you! I rushed to work early to read a new letter from you. And I didn't forget to attach **** photos in a swimsuit :) This was done in early summer, on the beach in the village. Yes, I also heard that they announced the recruitment of men to be sent to Ukraine. You are right, a lot of people are leaving Russia. So far, this is not the exact time of arrival and I was told that I would have to fly with a transfer. I will be able to write you exact information about the flight only after the full payment of my trip. When we meet I have an idea to wear a beautiful dress when I arrive at your place. When I get off the plane, you can notice me from afar :) I even arranged a fashion show for Ana to choose the most beautiful outfit :) I want the first impression of our meeting to remain in our memory forever! I've imagined so many times what it would be like ... It's so romantic! I think it will be fair if we divide all costs equally. I will have to borrow money from my mom and my friends, but I will do everything in my power to find it. In that case, I will need $ 625 from you to cover all expenses for our meeting. Can you help me with a 625 dollars?

I think two or four weeks together will be the most fun time! I will not let you get bored for a minute with me! :) I think we will not need separate rooms :) let everything go on as usual. We'll have to get used to each other first. How is the weather there? What things would you recommend to take with you? I love everything about you Neil! Kiss you Neil! Well, I have to finish this letter and get back to my work.
A gentle kiss and strong hugs for my man! Your girl Darya
Letter 13
Hello my dear Neil!
My travel agency told me that they are ready to make my trip still at the old price, but for this I need to conclude an agreement with them as soon as possible. Dear, I am ready to fly to you in two weeks after paying for my travel. Yes, the travel agency told me that the processing of all documents, including visas, would take two weeks. I found out that we can’t send money to Russia right now due to sanctions, but I have good news, I talked to my mother and explained the difficulties that we are experiencing and she told me about my cousin that she lives in Kazakhstan and I thought that if you send money to her in Kazakhstan and she will send money to me from there . I already talked to her and she said that of course she would help. I read that you can send money via WesternUnion, I would have received the money myself, but they stopped working in Russia, but you can send it to my sister in Kazakhstan, this other country, it is nearby and it should be possible to send money via WesternUnion.
You'll need data below:
full name : Alyona Baranova
First name: Alyona
Last name (surname): Baranova
the country: Kazakhstan
her full address: st. Astana 50, Petropavlovsk 150000, Kazakhstan No, I do a lot of makeup, usually I only do makeup for the holidays. Well, I guess I don't color my hair often, I just touch it up and freshen it up. Unfortunately, I have never seen celebrities, but I think that if I did, nothing would change in my life!) I don’t understand very well your question about what things repel a person. There are a lot of things that I would never try, drugs for example. I don't have any specific features. I just would like to have a very good, kind and sympathetic person next to me who can love and support me in difficult times. I miss you... I would like our meeting to happen as soon as possible! I dream of being close to you, so that you hug me tightly and gently and do not let go for a long time. Everything I feel and say to you comes from my heart! I look forward to when we are next to each other, walking and waking up from your kisses. I think about our relationship together and I know that we will get along. It will be fantastic when we can wake up next to each other and say good morning kisses. Just lying next to you is like being in heaven with my special angel. But now you're far away. How I miss you.... how I wish I could spend the day with you with my head in your lap. How I would like to feel the warmth of your hands, warming me on cold days filled with caress.
It's wonderful, but you have no idea how many times I've played this moment: the moment when I can see you, touch you. Millions of kisses, your girl Darya.
Letter 14
Good morning my Neil! Today I have a normal day at work, after work I will go to the gym to work out, it helps to keep myself in shape and frees me from all the thoughts of the day. ) You have no idea how many thoughts I have in my head about our meeting. You don't get out of my head for a minute. When I wash, watch TV, walk, I always think of you. You are really very dear to me!!! Thank you for the emotions that you evoke in me ... Now my only dream is to be next to you, cuddle up to you and talk for a long time about everything in the world. I spent my weekend with my mother in the village, we had a great time together. Dear, I think Western Union will let you send money to you, because Kazakhstan is a different country, you should not have any problems. If you are asked to whom you send money, then you can say that your relative or sister lives in Kazakhstan. My travel agency told me that they would organize my trip at the same price and prepare all the necessary documents for my trip.
Don't worry, I trust this travel agency, my friend has already used their services and she managed to fly to another country. Can you tell me an approximate time when you can help me? I need this information to plan my vacation. I don't know how I can say in a letter that I think I can't write all my emotions and feelings that I have for you. I just want to say thank you!! You are really dear to me and I want to be with you!!! I will support you always and everywhere!! You are the man of my dreams, you are very honest, romantic, caring, affectionate, charming, brave and incredibly good guy!! I still can't believe I'm so lucky to have met you!! After we met each other for 1000 kilometers, I immediately realized that you are mine and only mine!! For me, our first meeting is a very important and exciting moment. Many times I thought what I would say to you first words. I thought about it for several nights, but I still do not know what to say the first words. Maybe I'll say "Hello Neil" or maybe I'll say "I love you" or maybe I'll say "I'm happy I met you!"! I thought for a long time how it would be, maybe when I see you at the airport, I will sneak up on you unnoticed from behind and close your eyes and ask you to guess who it is. Maybe I will look for you at the airport and our eyes will meet and we will freeze at this second and we will run to each other! I'm so happy that I met you! My days have become happy because I met you. I wanna be with you! Well, I will finish this letter. I tried to write everything that I think, these are not just words, these are my thoughts...
I hope to receive your reply soon!! With love from Russia, Darya.
Letter 15
Good afternoon, my dear Neil. How are you? I'm doing well, it was such a wonderful morning today, it was sunny when I went to work. I am so happy that we met each other and dream to fall asleep and wake up in your arms! My love, my heart, my warmth, I can't wait until you arrive at the airport. I look forward to showing you to stay with me, to hug you and give you passionate kisses every day, every hour, every second, you are the only one. I am very lucky that we found each other. I look forward to showing you how much I love you. And it's just not your outer beauty, it's your inner beauty, and you have such a warm heart, so kind, gentle, understanding, caring and passionate. Dear, I'm sure you won't have any problems! You can trust me! I feel that we will succeed and we can be together!) I have already planned what I will take from things to fly to you and I will take all the necessary clothes with me, I am completely ready for our meeting. I'm lucky that I met you! We have experienced such strong feelings through the Internet, you have no idea what we will experience when we are together!
When I met you, my life changed for the better. You bring bright colors to my gray everyday life. I think that fate connected us with a red thread, and we met each other after a long time! I am glad that fate allowed us to meet at this stage of life! I am grateful to her for this! Do you believe in fate? I just can't wait to meet you at the airport and like you said just pick me up and turn me around and tell me how much you love me and miss me. I could just imagine making out in the same room all day one day and then making out in another room the next day. You are the light of my life and it's so hard not to have you with me every day. I missed you very much. I don’t even know what to compare that feeling inside to describe how sad I am without you. You have a special place in my heart, it is only for you and no one else. So sorry you're away now. I so want to see you now, your smile, hear your voice, touch you.
I need you!!! Your Darya.
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