Scam letter(s) from Katerina Fenira to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Hello there!
Nice to meet you.
You're a handsome man.
You can call me
I am not married and have no children.
What age are you?
Even you're younger than me, you can respond to my letter.
You live?
I was born in UA Ukraine and now I live here i hope to get to know each other will not be a problem.
In this letter i'm sending you my photo honestly. My personal mail for communication: See you later!
Letter 2
Hello! Let's meet?
Go to my profile there are many photos.
I'm waiting for you. My profile.
Letter 3
How are things?
I'm want to find serious person and I guess that you are such a man!
So i'm a lonely
female originating from Ukraine trying to find my guy.
I am hopeful that I am not wrong.
I'm sweet beautiful girl.
Waiting for your reply! My personal contact:
Letter 4
Hi! How are you keeping? I was born in Ukraine and now I live here, i hope to get to know each other better will not be a big problem. We got acquainted at a single site. I was confused to contact you! Would you like to continue our acquaintance? My personal mail for communication:
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