Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Beira to Daniel (USA)

Letter 1
10/17/22, 13:55 - Beira: Hello? Is this Daniel?
10/17/22, 14:03 - Beira: This is Beira lol
10/17/22, 14:03 - Beira: Is your meeting going well?
10/17/22, 14:05 - Beira: OK, please do your meeting first!
10/17/22, 14:07 - Beira: 👍
10/17/22, 14:57 - Beira: I'm sorry, but I'm also sorting things out to check out some meetings.
10/17/22, 14:57 - Beira: Did you not buy a house? friend
10/17/22, 15:58 - Beira: Sorry, I'm checking the meeting so I can't reply in time.
10/17/22, 15:58 - Beira:
10/17/22, 15:59 - Beira: I'm the boss and I don't have a fixed time off work.
10/17/22, 16:05 - Beira: Yes, I'm filming, check out their session.
10/17/22, 16:24 - Beira: Because this kind of occasion is not suitable for shooting, and I am not a person who likes to take pictures.
10/17/22, 16:59 - Beira: Yube? what you mean
10/17/22, 17:55 - Beira: Ok 🤣 I don't know much about some American phrases and culture yet.
10/17/22, 17:55 - Beira: I will try my best to adapt, maybe I can learn a lot from you.
10/17/22, 18:12 - Beira: lol of course we can share some things with each other.
10/17/22, 18:12 - Beira: 😊
10/17/22, 21:57 - Beira: Sorry, I just finished dinner and I'm driving home with my best friend.
10/17/22, 21:57 - Beira:
10/17/22, 21:58 - Beira: Her driving skills don't look good lol
10/17/22, 23:41 - Beira: Are you okay Daniel?
10/18/22, 11:34 - Beira: It's okay, we all have busy times, yes I grew up in Ukraine, and my time in the US for nearly 3 years isn't a particularly long time.
10/18/22, 12:14 - Beira: This is not a good question for me....I am 33 years old I had a failed marriage, my ex had other women when I was pregnant and I had a lot of arguments with him about my kids I also had an accidental miscarriage so I got divorced and after the divorce I have remained single and I have focused all my energy on my career so I am doing well now.
10/18/22, 14:07 - Beira: Don't worry my friend, it's all good these things have been a long time coming for me! I'm so sorry for what happened to you, we have a lot in common and I think that's why we had such a good chat.
10/18/22, 14:23 - Beira: I'm so happy for you and glad you've kept going.
10/18/22, 14:33 - Beira: It doesn't matter, your work is very busy every day, so am I.
10/18/22, 14:43 - Beira: Yeah, so we just have to do what we're doing, keep ourselves busy and take the opportunity to be great, and that's what I've always wanted to do.
10/18/22, 15:32 - Beira: Yes, has the recent economic inflation problem caused you trouble? my friend.
10/18/22, 15:53 - Beira: Land rover is really unreliable, I bought 3 cars and most of the time I drive one of the Porsches
10/18/22, 15:53 - Beira: I heard that it has a lot of small problems. Is this true?
10/18/22, 15:56 - Beira: No matter, in fact at the beginning the new crown virus had some impact on my company, because the best way to limit the virus is to reduce outdoor travel and meet between people, this has tried to have a big impact on my business, fortunately my investment has brought me a very substantial profit, and the current expansion of the economy will honestly be difficult for most ordinary classes, for us the impact No too much exaggeration, because my profits are higher than the losses.
10/18/22, 16:26 - Beira: Yes, I've heard of it, so my choice is to buy a luxury brand with a long history and reputation
10/18/22, 16:27 - Beira: What year is your Range Rover? can you send me the photo? 🤣🤣
10/18/22, 16:33 - Beira: You did a great job, helping a friend is always the right thing to be proud of, and so is sharing with a friend.
10/18/22, 16:37 - Beira: In fact, if you want to buy a brand-new vehicle now, I don't recommend it, because if you look at the current situation rationally, you will have some losses because oil prices are rising wildly and many people are developing to trams. At present, the used car market is not particularly optimistic. .
10/18/22, 16:48 - Beira: You are right, I mean the market price of used cars is very high right now, if you are going to buy a new car there is no problem. lol
10/18/22, 16:49 - Beira: By the way, the color of this Range Rover is great.
10/18/22, 16:51 - Beira: Haven't you considered Mercedes-Benz? I bought a Mercedes G, a Porsche and a Rolls Royce, but I usually use the first 2
10/18/22, 16:54 - Beira:
10/18/22, 16:54 - Beira:
10/18/22, 16:54 - Beira: lol I feel cool makes me feel safe
10/18/22, 16:55 - Beira: It looks like you've bought a lot of cars, Volvo is actually a good choice, it's very safe.
10/18/22, 17:07 - Beira: lol, you're so complimenting Daniel, sorry I'm a little busy. I don't really have a business but I like to take care of myself and try to keep myself in perfect health, I think every woman is like that lol.
10/18/22, 17:08 - Beira: This is something I didn't expect, I haven't bought these two brands, but Audi is really good, I like its four-wheel drive system!
10/18/22, 17:09 - Beira: It's okay, enjoy your time with the kids! It's wonderful, there is time we can talk again and have a good conversation my friend.
10/18/22, 17:25 - Beira: Thank you, you did a great job too, nice to meet you Daniel, I am sure we will become very good friends. Pleasant exchange.
10/18/22, 21:34 - Beira: Good evening Daniel, I'm just having dinner.
10/18/22, 21:34 - Beira: I think I already tweeted you my full Ukrainian name 🤣
10/18/22, 23:26 - Beira: Ok, I'm going to bed too, maybe we should have time to talk tomorrow 🤣
10/19/22, 10:32 - Beira: Good morning Daniel and I just finished this morning's session too!
10/19/22, 10:32 - Beira: lol thanks
10/19/22, 12:33 - Beira: I love exercising and healthy people, which is really nice.
10/19/22, 13:07 - Beira: Yes, everything is fine, go to the speedboat with friends in the afternoon and discuss some things.
10/19/22, 13:07 - Beira: Have a job discussion while enjoying the view. ☺️😊
10/19/22, 14:13 - Beira: Just a simple conversation, not that complicated
10/19/22, 14:13 - Beira: 🤣🤣
10/19/22, 14:39 - Beira: it's okay, you're polite Daniel
10/19/22, 14:39 - Beira: 😊
10/19/22, 15:34 - Beira:
10/19/22, 15:34 - Beira:
10/19/22, 15:34 - Beira: After the rain, the weather is fine, I hope the weather will get better and better.
10/19/22, 15:35 - Beira:
10/19/22, 16:33 - Beira: What? I told you that I was in a marriage, but I met a really bad man so I got divorced, and after the divorce I put all my energy on my career, it's not dating just ordinary friends talking about work!
10/19/22, 16:33 - Beira: You offended me a bit.
10/19/22, 16:40 - Beira: Of course a lot of men approached me, but I turned them down, I'm not a random woman.
10/19/22, 16:41 - Beira: The man I'm looking for is someone who can put my mind at ease and who is as self-motivated and dedicated as I am.
10/19/22, 17:37 - Beira: lol, you are very humorous.
10/19/22, 17:37 - Beira: I didn't say it was you lol
10/19/22, 18:28 - Beira: No, I need to go to dinner later, I still have some work to do right now.
10/19/22, 18:53 - Beira: You too, don't worry that we are good friends, I will send you a message later when I have time.
10/19/22, 18:54 - Beira: Thank you very much for liking me?
10/19/22, 19:02 - Beira: 🤣🤣
10/19/22, 21:29 - Beira: Hi Daniel, good evening.
10/20/22, 11:34 - Beira: lol, good morning Daniel.
10/20/22, 11:34 - Beira: Thank you for your kindness, I'm not short of money, my friend 🤣 Thanks anyway
10/20/22, 13:30 - Beira: 🤣🤣🤣Aren't you afraid your wife will get angry?
10/20/22, 13:53 - Beira: Oh I see, you are in touch with the mother of the child but you are not together, are you divorced?
10/20/22, 14:25 - Beira: So you're not married but you have kids, right?
10/20/22, 15:40 - Beira: I get it, your experience is very rich.
10/20/22, 15:58 - Beira: experience
10/20/22, 15:58 - Beira: I mean, process.
10/20/22, 17:23 - Beira: I'm on a speedboat again today, lol
10/20/22, 17:23 - Beira:
10/20/22, 17:23 - Beira:
10/20/22, 17:23 - Beira: Just for leisure.
10/20/22, 17:28 - Beira: Thanks lol, I still need to go to the party tonight.
10/20/22, 17:45 - Beira: lol, don't worry at all, thanks for the reminder, you're fine.
10/20/22, 17:45 - Beira: 😊
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