Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Girina to John (USA)
Letter 1

Hello dear John! There are too many people at the office today and i am kind of busy. We also very sad today because of one our old teacher, died last night. I'll need to go to her funeral this Friday. Thank you very much for taking care of me. It is really nice to feel somebody's strong hand near. I was kind of by myself all my life, i mean my mom always try to spoil me the way she could , but you know it is different. you know,the information you sent is not enough, i need also to show them your address and phone number, so please send me it when you get a chance. Don't hurry I'll go shopping tomorrow. I stopped by the store this morning i saw some coats but for some reason , i guess it might be because we have long cold winters, all winter clothes is very expensive here, the cheapest one cost 180 $ . And my boss told me i'll be able to get my salary earlier than usual so i will plus 80 to your 100 and will able to by that coat. So thank you i will be warm soon !
I'll write to you tomorrow.
Take care John and have a nice Wednesday!
Letter 2

Dear John! I am writting this after i wrote following letter. I didn't expect it to be so long, and i want to ask you to read it carrefully, so maybe you'll read it after work. I am still going to stay here for a while i am going to look for a job in the internet. I hope you have a nice morning! Take care... As you know i had some more free time recently, i've been thinking about us, our future together. You said everything will be great when i get to you and i know that too.. I'm looking forward to see you again it's been a long year since we saw eachother. It turned for us so difficult to get over distance between us. I want to live with you but it is gonna be hard time for me without my relatives and friends.
I know you understand that. And where ever place i'd live, St-Petersburg will always be my home town, place i want to get back and spend time in. And i want it to be your home as well. I was thinking also how to make our lifes better and save, i mean my happiness depends of my family happiness,if my mother and sister won't be save here and live in good conditions i won't be happy. And you won't be happy if you see me unhappy all the time. I decided to write you following so you understand better what i want to say, than if i would tell it on the phone. But then i definately wanna discuss it on the phone with you.... You see now we are waiting for me getting the visa, i can't work and you helping me with the appartment payment, my mom now work part time at school library and my sister work as much as she can cause she also have to take a part at her daughter's life. Of caurse this money, they earn enouth only for food and Katia's school. I am thankful to you that you help us. We also need to stay in this appartment now, try to pay the rent on time each month. Long time ago my grand mother had an appartment but when my father moved in and after my parents devoreced, he forced them to changed the appartment,so he got a half of it. We got just one bedroom app. and lived there with my mother,grandmother and sister. My mom worked all the time and we still didn't have enouth because nobody else could work, i was only 3 years old, so my mother sold this one bed room appartment. She rented an appartment for a few years and spended money she had left for life. These few years when we were still little were very tough for our mother. We found place we live now a few years ago and rent it since then. This appartment big enouth and we pay not too much for it. To rent the same size appatrment now, would cost about twice expensive. We are lucky that owners let us rent it for the same price and we are afraid they ask us to leave sometime, cause we didn't pay on time sometime. And it is not bring them much. So they're thinking of selling this appartment pretty soon. That is why when i was still studying i dreamed that after i finish school i'd find a good job and would be able to get my own place to live, and of course later i understood that it's not that easy. After i found a job (i didn't know you at that time yet ) i heard about mortgage that a bank can give , if someone who has a good stable job with a good salary, wants to get own house orappartment. It was something new in Russia and didn't work that good at that time it was 15 % a year and they gave it for only few years, Not compare to mortgage in other countries that people can take for 20-40 years and pay reasonable % from it each month. So i forgot about it for a while cause it seamed unreal. But recently Masha's friend, Ira stopped by.They heven't seen for a while and she told us that she and her husband are moving to a new big appartment downtown soon. We wondered how could she made it, they both have a good job but never had enouth to get that kind appartment. And she told us that they took a mortgage and it has better conditions now to get, since they both work they easily took it in the bank. They didn't wanna work few years just to pay it out, so they did one very interesting thing: As soon as they got this appartment they went to an agency and said they wanna give their appartment for rent. Their new appartment is located downtown and there are 3 rooms. So this summer, time when there were a lot foreigh guests in St-Pete they could made on it about 6000 dollars, of course other seasons slower but it helps them a lot . They can even not to work more, to pay mortgage, just to give the appartment for rent and live at their parents house for some time. You see it seems like a good way to get your own nice appartment and get all money back pretty fast. I read about this mortgage more and it is better here now through the Delta Credit bank. And if i could i would do this and take that mortgage.And when it wouldn't take too long to get app and give it for rent, and after that I would be the happiest girl if my dream would come true. And when we come here for a visit we would have our own appartment and also the time we are not here my mom and sister would live there and i wouldn't worry for them. The only thing is, i don't work so i can't get this mortgage, besides even if i would work, to get this mortgage i have to pay 20% appartment cost right away. I heard in States people can take it much easier with not big percentage to pay, is it so? I think it would be a big thing to have an appartment here. I can't imagine to come to my home city and live in a hotel even if it is 5 * . You see if to buy an appartment it won't take too long to get money back, just to give it for rent for some time. But I can't do anything without you, i just want to ask you if you think there might be any chance to get the money for appartment, maybe to take a mortgage or some other way ? If you would be able to make it we would give it back pretty fast. We just need to get money, then to buy an appartmet and then to give it for rent and after a while you get all the money back and we will have a nice appartmat downtown , where we can spend our time here. I am writting this now cause i got so worry that those people might ask us to leave, they called us and said that it'll take them approximatly 2 months to cell it, so be ready, i can't just leave my family in this setuation. I was thinking about better way for all of us. Talk to you soon. Kiss you bye.
Letter 3

Hello dear John!
I am very sorry, but i am afraid we won't be able to talk tonight.
I hope you'll get this letter. I stopped by home earlier today and now i am getting back to the hospital. I can't leave my mom now. Last night she had a heart attack. They called us early morning and i went there.I should have went there last evening and staid there. Doctor said we were lucky that she was already at the hospital otherwise she probably wouldn't survive. Yesterday they told Masha that they think she has (Ishemia ilness)i don't know how it is correct in English but it's when heart muscle doesn't get enough blood and oxygen, cause of one of heart's valve do not work good.She also has a high suger in her blood.She has a lot other stuff besides that.
so they were going to do a whole sistem check up.
But then she got this heart attack last night. Now somebody should watch her all the time. We can hire 24 hour nurse but we want to be near to her till she gets better, besides we didn't expect it turn this way we didn't take her to the public hospital i know they don't pay attention to people and don't treat you there, but we also didn't expect she will have to stay here for so long now, it is too expensive place for us we already spent around 260 dollars for room and analysis.
We want best for our Mom. We'll try to do all we can. But I am afraid she won't be able to stay there so i am gonna talk to the doctor about possible transportation to cheeper place or better at home.
I am very frustrated now. I would be feeling better if you would be here.
I've got to go. You take care and write if you can. I don't know when i get back but i might check my mail tommorow morning. There is an Internet place not far from that hospital.
Hope you are fine! Take care
Letter 4

Good morning!
I guess you got my message cause you didn't call me yesterday. The internet connection wasn't very good.
I was thinking about you before i went to bed i wonder if you had a nice dinner and Christmas morning. I saw some of your pictures. Your kitty grew up a little and look there funny! I hope we talk tonight besides i have something to talk about with you...
Yesterday, I asked you to call me after my dance class. I didn't mention that i have to meet with the appartment we live owners. I am comming from them to my dance class. I wanted to let you know in a letter what they told me. As i told you before they decided to sell this appartment. They ask for it much less than it cost because they want to do it faster. Like this appartment costs ~ 72.000 $ but they cell it for only 60.000. And they already have people who want to buy it. But as soon as we rent it for a long time they are asking us first if we might wanna buy it. Of course they know that we don't have money, so they made us an offer if we decide to buy it they said we can pay some sum each month till we paid off all money. But they ask to pay 2500 $ in January and Fabruary, so we pay them 5000 bye the middle of Fabruary (because they need this money and they want to be sure we get an appartment) and then we pay each month for 700 or 800 $ till we paid it all off. And of caurse we pay them at the lawyer office with all papers and seals.
I wanted to ask you what you think about it cause it seems to me like a good deal I don't think we'll be able to get an other appartment for this money and get it without mortgage. Do you think it is passible to get 5000 $ and then i would work too and help to pay it out.I am afraid we won't have an other chance to get an appartment and i won't feel good if i leave my family without even place to live. I wrote to you so you can better understand than if i would tell it. besides they need an answer next week. If we won't be able to buy it we should leave January 15 th, so i'll have to look for an appartment to rent. And I also will need to pay them for this month till Wensday. If you can please help me with it because Masha already spent all money for food, transportation, Katia's school and mom's medicine. I am sorry i have to ask you again but i just started to work and i won't get my celary till the end of next month.
I will be waiting for your call tonight at 9 p.m.
Have a nice Sunday
Letter 5

-----Original Message-----
From: John [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2005 5:20 AM
To: Consular1, Moscow
Subject: RE I-601 MOS2004621022, A97927450 Natalya Girina Hello! First, I would like to thank you all on your help in getting this K1 Visa for Natalya. I was under a lot of pressure from her it seemed to get this and I pushed you guys really hard as I remember. I also pushed the Homeland Security Department really hard on the I-601 because she had violated US immigration laws on a J1 Visa Visa 2 years ago and I needed this waiver. Anyway, it has not worked out and I feel duped in a way by all this. Natalya has only been in the United States a week and 1/2 and unfortunately I found out she was really here for her ex-boyfriend. When confronted with this on April 12th and my statements I would never marry her because of this (i.e this really destroys our relationship), she left and is now somewhere in the United States. Her ex-boyfriend or new boyfriend whatever is Denis (or Dennis) Malevanyi and he lives in New York. He contacted her on the very day she arrived in the United States (March 30, 2005). This seems like a coincidence! I had a funny feeling when I was purchasing airline tickets back in late Febuary, but did not know what to think about this at the time, when Natalya mentioned 4-5 times that she wanted to fly through New York Kennedy. I was surprised since direct flights from Saint Petersburg, Russia and Miami are much quicker when going through a major European airport like Paris, than flying through Kennedy with an extra stop. And, cheaper for that matter. When Natalya arrived in the United States, she was quite "cold" for some reason but I made the best of this and thought this was just some kind of new adjustment that was necessary. Natalya was immediately given access to my company computer systems to send pictures, surf the the Internet and email and such as she liked, along with a cell phone (she immediately gave this number to Dennis as it turned out and he called her only when I was at work). I began to notice some strange activities from alerts sent by the computer systems and I increased Internet TCP packet buffer level tracing from the first 300 bytes of the packet to full Internet packet tracing as a result ( I normally can detect hackers from the first 300 characters of the TCP packet...saves disk space), at which point I stumbled upon many instances of very detailed pictures and email from Natalya to Dennis Malevanyi over time and the crucial email of him contacting her with his cell phone number on the very day she arrived in the United States. I reverse addressed the phone number 718-810-1870 to a New York number. Now, it was starting to make some sense why she repeatly mentioned she did not want to fly direct to Miami, but through Kennedy. I also found out that Dennis and Natalya were planning a trip together to Key West on or about April 14th via email. At this point I confronted her with this information and she initially denied she ever knew any guys in New York. I asked about "Dennis" and who he was and she said she "had many friends in New York because she lived there". I called Dennis and asked about "Natasha" Girina and he said I had the "wrong number". This made me think again because when I filed the G-325A for her in Mesquite Texas, she made no mention of living in New York...just Wisconsin and Alabama (with her sister who also lived in Alabama at the time or so she said) when Natalya was here on a J1. And this is how I filed the G-325A and got police reports from those jurisdictions. I did NOT know she actually lived in New York at the time or I would have filed the G-325A differently. Anyway, this is how it all turned out. Since I had spent many thousands of dollars, including putting a down payment on an apartment for Natalya's mother in Saint Petersburg (Natalya sent an email saying she could not come to the United States unless she felt her monther had a place to stay, so I just sent the money for the downpayment). You all do not deal with this, but I know the FBI is the agency charged with handling "scams" so I will send all this email asking for money and the wire transfer documents to them. Sincerely, John
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