Scam letter(s) from Julia Kozlova to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Welcome. Many of us, citizens on the planet, live through hard periods today. An era of pandemic, battles, and even the evil. this all. I would like to locate some real love, attention, as well as kindness of all those harmful issues now. I really hope it is actually possible after i conform to the right adult man. Consequently, should you be a person thirty plus years of age, not partnered, trying to find a true and determined relationship with a girl, not money grubbing, tender and faithful, and you also live in planet Earth or maybe neighboring planets, then you certainly is my appropriate gentleman. I can value the genuine emotions of a guy and be faithful and caring. My friends call me Julija. You should text back if you are interested.
Letter 2
Hello there, are you going to be available this coming november? I actually think that face to face communication is certainly better than just interaction. I will have my holiday escape this november & we can easily see one another at that time. What you think? I included my own pic, tell me please your true impression? ps Where do you reside?
Letter 3
I am called Stephanie. I am a friendly girl in search of my soulmate. I am small in stature, but my **** is huge . I would like have a lovely date with my potential match. I like to be treated like royalty, so if you can surprise me, I will make sure to return the favor by being committed to you..
text me online and let's get to understand ourselves.
Letter 4
Hi my top-grade;-) Hope you are modern) sir Hottie) I hope you are able to healthy speak!
Im single choice lady;-) for now Im waiting for super gentleman from US, What State are you from?
It's E-mail box for answer is and ! I'm going to send You my photo attached) thank you in advance
Letter 5
my wholesome My unequalled May you're free to concerned chat:-) Today Im searching for cute mister from US;)
What State are U from? I am solitary gorgeous girl!
I will send You my photo,
This is my E-mail box for answer is
Have a nice time
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