Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Hey there, freshman!
We communicated with you at a online personals site.
I'm svelte girl!

My personal contact:

See you later!
Letter 2
Good afternoon.
We had a talk at a online personals site.
I was born in Ukraina In a city of what country you live?
My name is Oksana. To me I''m 36 years.
I'm cutie baby ! My personal contact address: Bye!
Letter 3
Beautiful girl looking for a man
Tell me, how did I deserve this attitude towards me ?!
I've been living in a hotel in your city for a week now. waiting for your news.
Out of boredom and loneliness, I signed up for a site for adults.
If you don’t answer me! I will look for another man!
I consider myself an attractive woman. I have my whole life ahead of me.
Just follow this link. I will continue to wait for you.
Your bored kitty.
Letter 4
Hello dear! I'm waiting for you, take me.
Hello! Let's get acquainted? I am sending a photo.
Go to my page there are many candid photos.
Here is my profile.
Letter 5
Hey! Can not wait to see you!
Hello! Let's get acquainted?
I'll be waiting in my profile.
Letter 6
Hello ! How are you today? Are you still looking for a lady? I'm free. I have no children.
I'm Oksana. I'm 36 old. And you?
At the moment I am in UA. You've probably heard a lot about this country.
I've been here for half a year.
If you're interested, tell where do you live? Would you like to meet in the future ? I will wait for your answer.
See you later!

For you always online, my personal mail:
Letter 7
Good afternoon newcomer!!!!
I am in your place now, in a dull inn.
I have been residing here for two weeks now.
Boring... I want filth. I like ***** talk, getting intimate photos.
I will show you all my accomplishments)))
I'll be happy. I can’t wait for our join!
For further communicate, look me on the site.
I'm online, wait for you!!
Letter 8
Hey, why don't you come
Today I want to be only with you.
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