Scam letter(s) from Alymkan Azhikanova to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Have a nice Thursday and thank you for your letter to me.
What you wrote me sounds good.
I only saw your message once, after which you disappeared somewhere
I want to greet you in a photo, for this
I take a photo of myself and send you photo of myself so that you know who you are replying to
I would be very glad if you could send me your photo here.
I still want to ask you
Where are you from and how old are you?
is my real name Alymkan.
That name Richard, This is your nickname?
What's your real name?
Can you send me your cell phone number?
then we can communicate on WhatsApp
Hopefully you also want to go on and who knows what is to come
But first you better send here answer
Letter 2
Hello Richard,
Thank you for answering me and now I will briefly tell about myself
I live in Kyrgyzstan. in the city of Karakol.
I am 31 years old. I haven't been married.
I have no husband and no children.
I'm looking for a person with whom I could be plant and care for crops together plant onions, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes.
In other words, I'm looking for a man with whom I could live my whole life together,
hand in hand and have a warm relationship and understanding each other in everything do not offend and support each other in difficult hours.
How to put it briefly, do everything together I am a very cheerful person, I see everything in bright colors, I always meet good people in my life, because I'm always like that, I also love animals, especially horses.
I always dreamed that my betrothed would come to me on a horse, like in old movies.
Maybe you think it's funny, but I really want it I often want to go to the forest, listen to the birds singing, it's so quiet and calm, where I live there is a source nearby, this source is natural and it gives water from the ****** of the earth there flows a stream with spring water and I often go there to wash and get this water, unusual water, but water that gives strength. If you are interested, maybe when I go there I will shoot a video clip for you, where you will see with your own eyes a video from this natural source, where spring water flows from the ****** of the earth. Since where I live, wages are low, and I have to look for a part-time job in order to have an additional income.
Moreover, I really like the profession in which I work. I like animals a lot. But. I recently bury my cat, he was many years old, he was old. A long time ago I found this cat on the street, and I felt sorry for him, I took him in, and we lived together for a long time.
Since I do not have a loved one nearby, the cat purred to me every day and was my friend. Now that he's dead, I've decided that I won't get a cat again until then.
until I have a family.
Because I am very attached and after the cat died, I grieved for a long time.
I can be strongly attached to a cat or a person, but I don’t have a man nearby, I’m still alone.
I want to have a family. Husband, child, cat and dog. This is how I see my future family. So I have already told a lot about myself, and now I ask you to tell about yourself in the same way, so that when I open your letter, I can read it with joy and enjoy reading. Tell me please about your life?
What is your job and what do you do in your free time?
How many pets do you have?
How many wives did you have, and why did you part with them?
What dreams do you have, what do you dream about?
For example, I dream of having a strong, healthy family in which we will all be as one.
I want my husband to love me, and the children to obey their father and mother.
Do you want such a family?
Letter 3
Hello Richard,
Today, when I started writing this letter, here is Tuesday, 18 October.
What day is it today when you received my letter?
I've just been outside and I'm on my way to work and on the way to work I asked a random passerby to take a picture of me, so I wanted to surprise you today.
I want to show you that I am a living and real woman.
and you? Can you send me exactly the same photo during the day today?
I want to see your photo in which you are holding a piece of paper. This morning I woke up very early, I was restless, because I kept remembering what I wrote to you yesterday.
I remember every line from yesterday's letter, and I have more thoughts that I would like to tell you and then ask you a question. Today I want to ask you Richard
Have you ever had someone betray you at work?
Yesterday I told you that I have a job, but I did not say what profession I work in.
I work as a teacher at a school. I work at Secondary school number 15 in Karakol city.
The school where I work is located in Kyrgyzstan
I am an English teacher. I teach International English and prepare children for exams. In the collective in which I work, there are many colleagues whom I always treat well.
I really like to make friends and share my thoughts, because I have no one to share with relatives.
Since I have no relatives and I have never been closer than my collective at school.
I thought that if there is friendship, then it should be strong, without betrayal.
But my colleague betrayed me. She told the whole school about me, that I was a lonely and old unmarried woman.
She said that I was 31 years old, and that I had not yet started a family.
So she made fun of me behind my back in front of the school staff.
Those whom I considered my friend turned out to be a traitor.
My inner world turned upside down.
I did not think that there are people who can be so deceitful.
It turns out when I believed in friendship and shared my most intimate,
My friendship has turned against me.
I was ridiculed by telling the entire school collective everything I told her about. I am glad that I found out in time that with whom I am friends, otherwise I would have told her about our correspondence and then the whole school would know about it.
But in time I heard from other colleagues what a "real" traitor she really is.
And our friendship with her is over.
It's good that I found out in time who to be friends with And she doesn't know anything about our correspondence and now I can share my most intimate with you.
Because now in my life appeared you Richard
I hope that I won't inconvenience you.
that I share my thoughts with you.
What can you tell me about this situation?
How did you react if this incident happened to you? I would be very interested to know about you, I want you to tell me an interesting case with you
Maybe you had exactly the same experience when a loved one betrays you?
Or maybe one of your relatives does terrible things to you?
In any case, I am waiting for a response letter from you, which I will open and it will be interesting for me to read
I will make myself a strong black tea and read your reply letter.
I want to get a letter from you that I could read at least 2 times like an interesting book
tell me more about yourself,
How was your day?
What did you eat today?
What do you want to do today?
Has anything similar happened to you lately? I hope you're not angry that I write so much about personal things, but perhaps today's letter gave you the pleasure of reading it? Now I'm at work and I'm writing to you from my work computer, I work until tonight and I will have a second shift.
But today, when I come, I will definitely look at what you wrote to me, After reading your letter, I will go to sleep with these thoughts.
Letter 4
Hello Richard,
Today, when I started writing this letter, here is Thursday 20 October.
I am very glad that I can write to you again and tell you a few thoughts about myself, so it will be easier for you to imagine me and my life. Well, first of all, I want to tell you, thank you so much for appearing in my life, since I started writing to you, my life has become easier, because when I remember you, I immediately start smiling a lot. Even today I took a picture especially for you so that you can see my new smiling face, I take a small photo in the bathroom and wave my hand to you, maybe it will please you
I smile at you thanks to you Richard
Thank you for being in my life now. What can not be said before about how I lived without you.
I didn’t have anything like this before, because I didn’t have a relationship like this before. Yesterday I already told you that at the school where I work as an international English teacher, I had a case when a work colleague whom I considered my friend, suddenly turned out to be the kind of friend with whom you should not be friends and trust your secrets. Thank God everything fell into place and now I can clearly see who is who at my work.
I have a collective here at school, but it turned out that you can’t consider anyone your friend and you can’t share your secrets.
As the proverb says. You can't have friends at work. I miss the person next to me so close to me. With whom I could share my thoughts.
But I don't have anyone by my side. I have no relatives, and I can’t even share my life with anyone and tell how I live or how my day went.
That's why at the beginning of the letter, I expressed my gratitude to you for the fact that now I have you. I really want to have a close friend like you
But I can only dream about it. Maybe my dream will come true someday.
How would you act in a situation in which the collective at work turned out to be a traitor?
What would you do in my place? And how would you react to the fact that you were betrayed by a friend at work? Once again, I'm sorry that I have to tell you all this, but I just feel that you are very close to me, and that I can trust you and tell you anything. I really hope that you are the man I can trust? I just looked at my watch, it turns out I've been writing this letter to you for an hour.
Yes, I have been writing this letter to you for exactly 1 hour. Because I set the timer the moment I started writing it.
I just wanted to know how long it takes to tell you as honestly as possible about myself.
And today I was as honest as possible with you, spending exactly an hour to write all this.
I'm sorry that my letter turned out to be so long, I just thought what I wrote to you.
I wanted to describe all my thoughts as accurately as possible, so that you could feel me from the inside as accurately as possible. I will be waiting for your reply. Please write me the longest possible letter, now I want to read a long letter from you
Tell me everything you want, so I can feel you as accurately as possible from the inside.
Now I wish you have a good evening.
Letter 5
Hello Richard,
Today when I started writing this letter here is Friday 21 October.
And starting to write this letter, I turn on the timer again to find out how much time I spend on this letter.
This morning when I woke up, before work, I went to the kitchen and made a quick breakfast, because today I fell asleep at the very morning, and I didn’t hear the alarm clock, I overslept my work.
With the advent of you in my life, I began to notice that I think a lot about you.
It's probably not for nothing, you're on my mind almost all day.
And how are you with this? Do you remember part of me during the day? You already know that I live in Kyrgyzstan. In the city of Karakol, after I get disappointed in past relationships, I no longer build new relationships here in Karakol, I don't want to experience pain in my heart again, so where I live, I no longer build relationships. You probably think that I have ****** needs? And would you like to know how I deal with it?
I answer you Richard. Yes! I am a healthy woman! And I always have a strong desire to have ***.
But since I do not build any relationship here in Karakol, I choose for myself the option, in which I do not have *** with a man, but when I am at home alone, I satisfy myself with my hands. I got so used to this lifestyle that instead of having *** with a man, I learned to give myself an ******.
You probably wanted to know what is my ****** need per week? How many times do I ********** a week?
I usually ********** 1-2 times a week, that's enough for me. I get 1-2 ******* and then go to bed full and fall asleep.
How many times a week do you **********? Probably what you found out about the fact that I ********** there is nothing reprehensible in this.
I think that all people on the planet **********. The only difference is how many per week they do it.
Someone needs it every day, someone may not ********** at all.
For example, 1-2 times a week is enough for me, this is enough for me.
If I had a man next to me, then there would be no need for ************.
We could have *** together as much as needed. Usually it takes me 30 minutes to **********, sometimes less, it all depends on the fatigue at work.
How long do you usually **********? 15-20 minutes? or less? Maybe more? Answering me these questions, you and me. together we will approximately know our ****** needs, so we will know if we are suitable for each other sexually. In any case, before two people want to have ***, it is always necessary to discuss who likes what in ***.
What would be good for everyone during ***. Forgive me, maybe you are upset now that I write so much about ***, but I think that we are adults and we can be open on this issue? you probably want to see me *****? I'm warning you right now.
I will not send any ***** photos. You can resent me all you want. I am a normal adequate girl, and I am not of easy virtue.
Please don't ask me to take depraved photos.
I'll tell you this, I don't want my **** photos with no clothes on the Internet. You can send them there yourself. Or show my friends to someone.
I just don't consider this option. I don't send **** photos. I work as a teacher at a school and I don't need these problems.
You already know that where I work, everyone is a gossip fan.
If at my work they still see **** photos, then I will not survive this. The same goes for you, no need to email me a photo of your ****.
I think it would be better if you could send me a full body photo of you in clothes and any photos of you outside. If everything works out for you and me and we meet each other one day, then you can see me in person and i will see you in person.
We'll just have a picnic together in nature somewhere far away from people, or vice versa where it will be crowded. We'll just take a blanket, a blanket, a bedspread and go to the beach together.
How do you imagine our meeting in the open air?
Can you write your thoughts in your next letter?
Do you have a beach nearby that we could go to together?
Where we could spread a blanket and just listen to the silence of nature.
Then you could eat a croissant and drink some inexpensive wine
Remember from memory you have somewhere nearby a place where you and I could retire in nature in the future? now I have to continue my work, I will see your letter tonight.
so try to answer me today during the day. I'm going to pay the bills tonight after work. Because it's already the middle of the month.
Because no one will pay all my payments. I have to do everything myself.
I don't have anyone I can rely on.
What will you do today?
What are your plans for this evening?
Please tell me in as much detail as possible.
I want your letter to be long. Therefore, I ask you to be as honest as possible and write to me everything that is on your mind.
In addition, I want you to write me a long letter that I would like to read 2 times.
Can you write me a long letter today?
I want to read your long letters and re-read them with pleasure when I go to bed.
Have a nice day, see you.
Waiting for an answer.
Letter 6
Hello Richard,
Today, when I started writing this letter, here is 23 October.
Today I woke up very early, I could not sleep well because you never left my head.
I am now setting the timer again, so that later I can see how much time I usually spend writing this letter.
But usually I spend more than an hour writing to you, because first I write what I feel right now, and I express these thoughts at this moment, why i set a timer? I'm just always interested to know how long it takes me to write everything that I wanted
Have you ever kept track of time? Have you wondered how long it usually takes you to write your letter to me? Today I could not sleep well, I often woke up at night, I always had thoughts about you in front of my eyes, I must have aroused you, because the conversations in the letter were as close as possible to arousal.
I confess to you Richard, I was so excited yesterday night that I couldn't contain it any longer.
Since I live it and I don't have anyone around, so no one bothers me to do at home alone everything that I want.
yesterday night I **********. I remembered those lines from the letter that I wrote to you, and this gives me even more excitement.
Usually I ********** with my hand, I don't attach any objects and I don't put them inside me. It's easier for me to take my hand and caress myself for 20-30 minutes, then comes a strong ******, after which I can quickly fall asleep.
If I didn't ********** yesterday night, I wouldn't be able to sleep all night.
****** helps me to relax and relieve tension from arousal.
After today's night ******, I went to the kitchen and drank a glass of boiled water and then I went to bed.
Sleep came quickly. Because I got what I wanted. Forgive me for writing you all the intimate details, but we are adults and we can write about it calmly and not be ashamed of each other.
I repeat, every person on the planet has done it or is still doing it.
So you don't have to be ashamed of it. It is impossible to change what is created by nature. I'm sorry that I have to write you all this, but I trust you with my intimate details, and I hope that you will not treat me like my colleagues at work, who gossiped about me throughout the school.
I don't think you are.
You will not talk to everyone about everything that I will tell you now.
I consider you my friend and even more
One day I would like to meet you to tell you - Hello Richard!
We could get to know you personally and shake hands, What would you do first when you meet me?
Will you shake my hand? Or hugged me with all his might?
Could you ever meet me at your house? I decided that I want to send you a postcard today by mail, can you write me your home address, I'll go to the post office today in sunday and send you a postcard, so you can get it from me to your home address.
I want you to receive a live postcard from me in the mail.
So you can be closer to me because when you pick up a postcard from me, you can feel that I am also holding her in my arms.
I'll take my favorite perfume and sprinkle it on a postcard so you will smell my scent and we will be closer to each other with the swami. I want again to ask you Richard
After you read my letter and get very excited, please don't ask me to send you ***** pictures of me, in last letter, I told you it's impossible
I am a school teacher and I am a decent woman if it happened that my **** photo gets on the Internet, I will simply be kicked out of school and I will no longer be able to work as a teacher. Do not ask for a ***** photo with me, it's useless.
I'm like a teacher from a school, you just have to understand with your head, that if my ***** photo gets on the Internet, the students of the school can find it, and then they show these photos to their parents, or even the principal of the school. What should I do when everyone at school finds out that the teacher from school number 15 in Karakol, taking ***** pictures and posting them to the internet? Can you imagine what could happen? I would not want that tomorrow morning when I wake up, on the news or even on TV see the news: Secondary school number 15 in the city of Karakol The teacher took ***** photos and sent them to the Internet, now the whole school knows what she looks like without clothes. The principal of the school said that this teacher resigned of her own accord.
This news could thunder throughout Kyrgyzstan. Yes, we can talk to you about intimate topics, but I'm not going to send anything without clothes.
It's taboo! If you want to see me *****, then this will only happen in person when you meet You can ********** as much as you like after reading my letter, but never ask me to send you a photo of me without clothes.
I can send you over the Internet only a photo of me in clothes.
Understood me? Since I told you that I like to talk to you about anything.
I will try my best to answer exactly what you want to hear.
I like *** and all its manifestations.
I like kisses in all intimate places, if you kissed me from head to toe, I would only be happy about it.
So you could bring me to ****** faster.
If you caress my lips every time you want to make love to me then I could reach my ****** faster.
Do you want to know if I want you to caress my **** and ******?
Richard what do you think? Would I like to receive it from you? or not?
Do you think that I would refuse if you started licking me with your tongue? Well, I will give detailed answers to all intimate questions.
I have been as sincere and honest with you Richard.
And now I want to ask you to answer me honestly and sincerely to what I will now ask you? Have you ever cheated on your wife? To your beloved girl?
Could deceive me and cheat on me intimately?
Would we like to start a serious relationship in the future?
Would you like to meet in the future and get to know each other better?
Possible accommodation together? I have just checked the timer and I see that I have been writing this letter to you for over 1 hour.
I want to ask you to answer me the same, please write me your long letter.
I want to ask you for a letter that I would like to read several times.
And please feel free to write to me what you think, it will be only the most honest thoughts from you.
I hope you do everything I asked you to do today.
I would really like to snuggle up to you now with all my strength, but I'm sure we can do it sometime in the future.
I wish you have a good day.
please write to me, today before going to bed I will read this.
Letter 7
Hello Richard,
Today when I started writing this letter, here is Monday 24 October.
I confess to you right away, this morning when I woke up I kept thinking about you Richard
I could not forget what I confessed to you for the last time
I told you a lot of personal things, and I hope that you are not some kind of talker and will keep everything a secret.
and you will not tell everyone about me and how I live. When I tell you the truth about me, I only share it with you .
I don't share with your friends or relatives that I **********.
It's to know only 1 you Richard and I ask you again, do not chat to all your loved ones about what I tell you, can you and I keep secrets?
If one person trusts another and tells everything and shares his secrets, this does not mean that now you need to spill secrets to everyone around you.
We share our secrets with you, with each other, and let only the two of us know about them. Just imagine if I come to your place and tell everyone that you also like to **********, i know how many times you do it, but don't be afraid, I won't tell anyone how many times you **********.
Only I will know this, because you only told me this.
If I come to you, I will know everything about you, but I won't spill it to anyone.
Here is a simple example, I will show you what it means to keep secrets and be like an iron castle that keeps a secret. I will not hide. I want to come to your country and your city.
Since it became terribly interesting for me to visit the place where you live
I really want to see you in real life and shake your hand in person when we meet.
Tell me, did this news come as a shock to you?
Or vice versa, will you be glad to meet and gladly meet me? I looked and found out that in order for me to come to you, I need to know the name of your nearest airport.
I ask you to write me please the name of your nearest airport.
I want to see today how much the trip will cost, I just looked around and found out that my Country Kyrgyzstan has an airport (Karakol Airport), and from my airport, I will be able to fly to your airport
With transfers at another international airport Just let me know in the next email important information, write to me: 1) The name of your airport.
2) Abbreviated name of your airport. code three letters
3) What is your full name and surname?
4) What is your home address? (Post code, City)
5) Is there a free bed in your house? in which I will sleep. Or should I search through booking com for something near you? I have a great desire to come to you and get to know you personally.
I hope you don't mind this?
Letter 8
Hello Richard,
I really like the time of the year that is now, this Beautiful Autumn.
And there are so many warm days that I want you and I to make the most of it.
I would really like that you and I spent a lot of time together, in doing so, we could get to know each other even more. Perhaps you did not pay attention to what I write, so I will repeat myself again.
Please read my letter at least 2 times so you will understand what I am asking you.
And I'm asking you Richard. Please email me the name of your airport.
I need to know the long and short name of your airport, so I can't make a mistake when choosing it. please send me your address where you live
What if you don't meet me at the airport, then I will always have your home address in my pocket for backup.
I need to know your post code
street and house number
country My Dear Richard, I re-read my last letter that I wrote to you yesterday and to be honest, I got so much excitement, and I wanted to see you even more,
so that you can see with your own eyes how much you excite me especially at the moment when I write to you all about myself about intimacy If you ********** thinking of me. That is ok.
I am also a healthy woman and I also have the same thoughts when I do this.
I don't mind if you ********** and think of me again it's normal for a healthy person
Imagine someone who is close and think about him, so these thoughts will help you tune in to ******* faster and this will help you finish faster.
the human body is designed in such a way that it always requires the release of adrenaline into the blood, if there is excitement, then you do not need to endure it, you need to throw out energy, while ************. Do you remember yesterday I asked you about:
Have you ever cheated on your wife? To your beloved girl?
I asked you about this, but I just want to make it clear to you. I'm a serious girl and if I'm with you then I will be faithful only to you Richard Would you like a wife like me in the future?
With this question, I want to understand how you feel about me.
If you have something more than just sympathy for me. Probably with physical contact it is only possible to answer this question.
So that's why I'll let you answer this question personally at the meeting when we see you Now please write what I asked you in this letter. I spent about 1 hour writing this letter and I ask the same from you.
I wrote you everything that was on my mind, everything that was written was what was spinning in my head and if you read my letter several times, you can feel me imagine me And please write me as much as you can in a letter, I really like it if your letter is long, I always want to re-read your every letter several times, I always carefully read everything you write to me.
This is how I always imagine you in real life.
I wish you a good day
I'll look at what you wrote tonight, so try to write to me faster.
Letter 9
Hello Richard,
Now that I started writing this letter, here is Wednesday 26 October
I run to the computer club here in internet cafe to quickly tell you the news Please forgive me that I am going to come to you, but I really want to fly to your city and see you live.
I wish to personally prove to you at the meeting that I am a real nudist, and you will see with your own eyes how much I like to sunbathe under the warm sun. I am writing this letter to tell you about important news.
I know that a flight to your country is possible only through the nearest international Airport, which is located in Kyrgyzstan.
And this morning I flew out of Karakol Airport, and now I am in Kyrgyzstan - Manas international Airport.
Right now I am writing this letter to you from the Manas airport in Kyrgyzstan. There is no direct flight to your airport, and I can only fly to your airport with transfers. In other words, this Saturday I will fly from here from Manas International Airport I am flying for the first transfer which will take place at the Istanbul airport. Manas Airport, Bishkek city, FRU - Istanbul, Sabiha Gokcen, SAW
The airline - Pegasus Airlines
Airplane: Airbus A320
Departs Saturday 29 October at 08:20 (local time)
Plant Saturday 29 October 11:05 (local time)
Flight PC-703
Tour duration 5h 45m Then I'm from Istanbul, I'm flying out for a transfer to the next airport Then I land in Dusseldorf, Istanbul, Sabiha Gokcen, SAW - Dusseldorf, DUS
The airline - Pegasus Airlines
Airplane: Airbus A321
Departs Saturday, 29 October at 13:40 (local time)
Plant Saturday 29 October at 16:10 (local time)
Flight PC-1003
Tour duration 3h 30m and then from Dusseldorf I fly to your airport. And the last plane to land at your airport on October 29 is this Saturday When you were still sleeping today, I was sitting on the plane at that moment and take off from my airport Karakol Airport, and this afternoon i arrived at the international airport Manas
And I am currently writing to you from computer club here in internet cafe the airport Manas. Now I am writing this letter to you from Manas airport, I found the Computer Club here in internet cafe here at the Manas airport, and there is internet here, and I immediately went to my mailbox to inform you that
that I am alive and everything is fine with me and now I'm waiting for a actually a lot of flights First I fly out of Manas and fly to Istanbul, then from Istanbul I fly to Dusseldorf, then from Dusseldorf I fly to your airport.
I will write you a more accurate time of arrival of the plane to your airport as soon as you make sure you read what I write?
Do you see this letter of mine? Dear Richard, Just write me in detail where you live.
Postal code,
street, house number,
And the exact area that I need to tell the taxi driver,
so that he chooses the closest route. Because this in Saturday 29 October when I land at your airport
I will tell the taxi driver your home address and he will take me to your house, it will only be necessary to meet me at the threshold of your house. I'm looking forward to the start of the first flight from here from Manas airport
departure will begin on 29 October, this will be the first flight to transfer to another aircraft at another airport I really want to meet you and start my holidays with you.
Can you show me all the sights in your city?
I really like to fry fish, especially if it is sea fish.
Maybe you and I are going to a fish shop and choose sea fish there?
after that I am marinate the fish and fry it to my liking.
Then, with fried fish, we could open a bottle of white wine and testing the fish together.
How would you like to spend time together?
Letter 10
Hello my dear Richard,
Why is it so hard to lend me 550 dollars?
I am ready for anything for you, and I flew here to Kyrgyzstan in order to transfer to another plane, but it turned out that in order to visit your country it is necessary to show that I have cash for every day of my stay in your country. I write in the application that I want to visit your country as a temporary tourist, And I will indicate in the application that I want to visit your country for 25 days, and as it turned out that I need to have a mandatory amount of money in the amount of 550 USD. I'm not asking you for this money to spend it on something else, I ask you for this money, just to get permission.
And immediately after I get permission, I can get on a plane and then fly to you. I will return your money to you on 29 October and I am going to meet you no matter the cost. Because in every letter you refuse to help me, and therefore you simply do not trust me.
You think that I want to deceive you or something like that. To make sure your eyes that I'm telling the truth
I want to send you a photo of myself and there you will see me and my suitcase, I take a piece of paper in my hand so that you can see what I am writing to you
I want your eyes to see that I am a living and real woman.
and i'm honest with you But I have no plans to deceive you or anything like that
On the contrary, I have plans to visit you, and meet you in person
And I'm waiting for you to make a money transfer to my name and surname ALYMKAN AZHIKANOVA
How I ask you I ask you to send me the amount of 550 dollars here in Kyrgyzstan to the city of Bishkek
Make a money transfer to my first and last name
ALYMKAN AZHIKANOVA And I will receive your money transfer here: ECOISLAMICBANK
Bishkek, 720010
Amount: 550 dollars US And please don't worry about money.
as soon as we meet at the airport
I return all your money
Because I ask you to borrow money
I won't waste your money Please, if you can, find where you have Ria or MoneyGram offices nearby.
And make a money transfer through them Maybe you remember from memory where you have Ria or MoneyGram nearby then take the cash and go there today But if you don't know where you have a Ria or MoneyGram office nearby
I will give you a link to the official website, just open it and look for the nearest office there on their website Until I show that I have cash
I cannot leave Kyrgyzstan.
I can not come to you.
And I'm not coming home.
You understand the drama of the situation.
This situation is reminiscent of a bad joke, but is a reality.
Please enter my situation and show sympathy for me.
If you feel sorry for me and help me, I can only be sure that we will meet with you.
I'm really bad now.
I really want to be with you.
I'm stuck halfway.
And the only way out is your help for me.
I need you to send me here in Bishkek to Kyrgyzstan the amount of 550 dollars. Please help me. I am very lonely in this life.
And I have no one but you
That's very sad.
I want to be with you.
I am waiting for you to hug me personally at a meeting.
Please help.
Together we can do it and I come to you.
Promise me you won't leave me now
I want us to be on vacation together.
I want to spend all the days with you that we have.
Take cash in hand and go to the office now.
I'm waiting for information from you about transferring money to me.
Kiss! Hug you! See you soon!
Letter 11
Hello my dear Richard,
Today when I started writing this letter here 28 October
I have not received a copy of the document from you.
Forgive me for asking you roughly, but where's the help?
I'm really angry right now.
Because I want to fly to you
And you don't help me.
Give me the opportunity to show you.
What I am kind and loving.
So that I can prove my goodness to you.
Please send me a copy of the document now.
I ask for a copy of the document you received in the office
RIA or MoneyGram money transfers. If you have already made a money transfer to my name and surname, then I ask you now, send me a copy of the document in which I see everything
How did you write your first and last name in the document?
Show me the exact amount you sent me.
Show me how you wrote my first and last name
My first and last name should be written like this: ALYMKAN AZHIKANOVA
There shouldn't be any errors.
I ask you to send me a copy of this receipt.
So that I can myself see all the details of the money transfer.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Richard,
if you can read my mail
I'm still here at the airport. I have tears in my eyes.
I'm sorry that you have to wait for my answer.
I have to stand in a long line all day.
Do I only get the latest news
Due to the fact that I have not received any help from you
A restriction has been imposed on me
Restriction on departure from Bishkek.
I only had to show cash.
And if I show the money. Then I can immediately convince the customs and inspection department that I have the money to fly to you. And then the customs and inspection department immediately lift the restriction on leaving this country.
And then I can calmly leave the country of Bishkek
And a flight to your airport to give you your money back.
I count on your help
But you still haven't helped me.
I just had no choice but to change my flight to another day
It was a wise and right decision
I don't lose my ticket, I just changed the departure day
Overall I will be flying to you on Wednesday 2 November.
The arrival time and flight number is the same. On that day, 2 November, I will fly out from here and I will fly to you with transfers at other airports in the world, I hope that you are still waiting for me, because I am still full of hope to meet you. Remember that I am a woman from honest country.
And I've never been to Kyrgyzstan. This is my first time.
Now that I have this problem.
I can say with confidence that I hate Kyrgyzstan country.
I hate the country of Kyrgyzstan because the laws here are made up by idiots. I know that in your country there are no ****** laws, and I'm happy for you, but here where I am now there are ****** laws and I have to fulfill all the requirements here And I feel so bad without you
I cried at the thought that we're still not together.
I would like to hug you so much and press you to your chest.
I know that your and my patience is running out!
But please! Stop! I love you!
Do you want, upon arrival to you 2 November,
we will sign in the registry office?
Will you and I become husband and wife
Alymkan+Richard = Family
kiss kiss kissssss your lips Richard ;)
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