Scam letter(s) from Jacqueline Raison to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1
Where are you my love? good afternoon my darling Rainer How are you, dear? I miss you very much my love. thoughts of you brighten me up. and I feel a little better. my love, now I give the answer to your advice point by point.
1 my account will not be unlocked. if I don't pay the fine. even after the end of the investigation. I must and must pay the fine. and only then will my account be unblocked. I hope that now you understand me correctly.
2 no. none of my friends helped. there are only 2 of them.
3 I have no company and no boss. I work for myself. I am my own boss.
4 I am now in a foreign country and I have no money. I can't hire a lawyer to solve my problem. you understand me?
5 no. I am not part of a network of consultants. who dealt with these scammers. and was subjected to the same scam as me.
6 no. I can not do anything. until I am at home in my country. my dear, I have no reserve. at the moment all my money is in the account. which is currently blocked. all my money is there. and I can't use them. until I paid the fine. I had some cash with me. but they run out quickly. I'm sorry I have to talk to you about my problems. I'm not in the mood at all. and I don't know what to do. I did not sleep all night. It's hard for me to put it into words, but I'm in a difficult position. There is nothing I can do to fix these issues.
This business partner asked me to accept money into my bank account. He promised that I would get a good percentage of the deal. to do this, I just need to accept money into my personal bank account. I didn't even think that he wanted to deceive me. It turns out he wanted to make a false deal. using my bank account. And the Banking Security Department launched an investigation. and now my bank account stay frozen. It is difficult to give detailed explanations in this letter. They blocked my account. And now I have a big problem. I can't use my money. I don't even know what to do!? The police have already launched an investigation. and I provided all the information about this person to the police.
The bank says that I must and must pay a fine. Now there is an investigation of the security service in the bank. I explain the whole situation to them. I say I'm just a figurehead. that I am a victim. I tell them that I was used. that He wanted to make a deal. check if it works or not using my name and my account. I do not know what to do.
It is difficult for me to speak and write this letter for you now. I need to pay a fine. and I have 14 working days. If I don't pay the fine in due time. Then the penalty will increase by 5 times. This terrible news scares me. Something must be decided. I might be arrested. and I'll have to pay a huge bail to be free until the end of the investigation. This news scares me even more.
I really missed you. and thought about you all the time. I was very sad. I am very worried. because I know what you think of me. and you worry. I had big plans for us. I wanted to quickly finish all my business here. And fly to you. But everything changed in one day. All my money, all my hard work. Now they are just blocked. I am required to pay a fine. But I don't have access to my money. My love, I'm having a hard time right now. But I don't even have cash. I do not know what to do. I was told that in the next 2 weeks I will not be able to access my money. And if I don't pay the fine. I won't get access to my account at all. The police have launched an investigation and now I have to wait for the result. I have to pay the fine and only then can I have access to my money. My personal bank account has a large amount of money. Over £114,000.
I ask you to help me. I need urgently 1000 pounds sterling. I ask you to loan this amount for 2 weeks.
to pay the fine. I asked for help from my friends, of whom I only have two. But they couldn't help. one of the friends after the accident with big hospital bills. and the second girlfriend recently gave birth to a child. and has no extra money to help me. so friends said they couldn't send money.
my mother cannot help me either, because she is a modest and sick pensioner. and she is on my payroll - I send her money every month for a living. so I just don't know what to do.
If you help me I can get this money back very quickly. when my account is unfrozen after an investigation. I will send you this amount back first thing. because I don't want to be indebted to you. and I don't want your money. I just need a little help right now. to pay the fine. to unlock my account.
I'm afraid you will leave me. I'm afraid to be alone. Write me. I'm waiting for your answer! Many kisses! I love you so much!
Your Jacqueline
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