Scam letter(s) from Nazira Nuriyeva to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hey Serge!
What's up?
I hope everything is going welll and you are in good spirits, am I right?
As it was promised, I am texting you a more detailed letter this day and I am eager to try to tell you as much as it's possible about me. I am writing you an email from my work computer as my home computer is broken and I took it in for repair. My computer is old and the handyman told me that there are many problems to be solved, though he will try to repair it.
I am practically always at work therefore it will not be a problem for us to communicate and I can use my work computer to email you without any problems. I got your email address on one of the dating sites, but I don't remember how it was called as it was a month ago and I couldn't dare to message you.
A month ago I were on a bunch of different dating sites in persue to find my beloved, but I only came across men who only were trying to get ****** ***********, ***** photos, cash or plain games.
It was not my goal so I was shocked having met these people on the Net. Although a few days ago, I still have decided to meet again on the Internet and drop you a line. Hopefully, it's not a mistake and I won't be frustrated. Are you a single and free man? Whether you have a lover, there is no reason for me to interfere.
That's a thing of the first importance for me. And now I'm ready to tell you a bit about my personality...
My first name is Nazira. I'm along 36 years old and I am living in city which is named Almaty. That is a city in Kazakhstan.
You can find a huge amount of info about my city on the Net. My date of birth is August 18, 1986 and my zodiac sign is Leo.
There was no marriage in my life therefore I don 't have children. My past relationship was up 2 years ago because this man I was in love with cheated on me with another girl.
We have been dating for eight years and were ready to get married, but he got fired 2.5 years ago and drank ***** heavily and cheated on me with another lady.
He was chasing me for 3 months, granted me flowers and pled for pardon. However I can hardly betrayal. That has no matter now and it's my second year of being a single lady and now I am eager to build a new relationship. I am looking for a man from another country, because I do not want to live in Kazakhstan anymore and I want to leave here forever.
I have my apartment in the city center. My occupation is dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. I work in a private clinic in the city where I live. I am a higher category doctor and I went through internship and advanced training in different countries for three times. The trainings were done to introduce new technologies and new developments in the field of dentistry. I have been to the USA working in a large clinic in Manhattan (New York) 3 years ago and did an internship for 4 months. I liked New York and especially Central Park. France is a cradle of romance and love, and Israel is a cradle of religion. Almost all of my time I spend at the clinic, where I work, so I am emailing you from the clinic's computer. My height is 170 cm and my weight is 52 kg. I don't smoke and seldom drink alcohol. I keep to a healthy diet and go to the gym 3 times a week. I like upstanding, tender-hearted and self-confident men. I also like when a man has a funny ****. As they say, we have humor and laughter prolong life...)))
There is a spark of hope that you liked my email and it was not tedious????? I will always be forthright and explicit in my emails and will answer every of your question frankly.
That's the reason I am asking you to be fair, open with me and not play games. In this letter, I was trying to tell more about my personality but if you have questions, I can answer them in the next letter. I have a hope that your next message will also be longer and you will tell me more about you and your lifestyle.
I am interested in everything about your life, your city, your country, your work and your friends. Please do not forget to send me your photos, as I want to see a photo of the one who I am writing to such marrowy and unreserved emails. I am sending you more of my photos as well. I have a spark of hope that you like me, do you????????
Please be upright with me because this is important to me. Whether you don't believe me and think I'm a fraud, therfore we'd better finish right now, as without trust nothing can be done. Agree????
With many thanks for your good letter. Nazira
Letter 2
Hello my dear Serge!
I am extremely happy to get your new message. How are you doing today? How's your mood?
I want to thank you very much for your photos. I think you're a very handsome man and you look very good. I will be very pleased if you'll send me as many of your photos, photos of your home or friends. I'm interested in everything about you. I want to know you as well as I can.
For me, the age difference doesn't matter. I think a man should be older than a woman. I believe that the older the man, the wiser and smarter.
I think the most important thing in a man is his mind. So I really like that you are older than me and I think that you are a smart man and I am attracted to it. I really want chatting to help us to get to know each other better and therefore to meet. I think that in the 21-st century when there are many flights every day, it is not a big deal to meet each other. Distance does not mean anything for me. What is vital is a desire of two people to be a couple. Do you support this???
Whether while chatting we become closer and are able to start our relationship, I don't see any difficulties in coming to your country.
As I told you before, I am messaging you from my clinic's computer. As I spend most of time at clinic at my work computer that I don't need a computer at all at home.
There is no problem for me to write to you from the clinic's computer. I have a smartphone although this day I dropped it in a medical sanitiser.
I was very sorrowful and directly took my smartphone for repair, but the handymam told me that the solution had corroded several small parts and it was easier to buy a new smartphone than to repair the old one. However I have been planning to buy a new smartphone for a long time and now I will have a chance to buy a new mobile phone in two weeks, when I receive my salary. These days all electronic devices is very pricy, as the dollar and euro have grown very much in Kazakhstan.
Still I ask you not to care and in 2-3 weeks I will buy a new mobile phone and straight away share with you my phone number thus we can message each other on WhatsApp and call via Skype.
Meantime, I hope you to be patient, due to the fact that until I get paid, there is no opportunity to buy a phone. Without a smartphone, I cannot use WhatsApp or Skype and I ask you to be a bit patient. I am upright with you and I am telling you only the truth and ask you not to doubt me.
But until I buy a phone, that's easy for me to call you from my work phone in my clinic and write to you from the computer I have at clinic. My boss allowed me to do that. I would be happy if you write me your phone number in your next message and in the next few days I will be happy to call you. Get it?
Hoping you want to know the way my voice sound too, do you???? I am sure that a telephone conversation will help to strengthen our belief in each other. Did you get my point???
That's why, in the next letter, I expect you to write me your full phone number with your country code. Okay? I just can't wait to talk to you over the phone
and I hope it won't be a problem for you to share your number with me. I just have a desire to call you and how you sound like. Regretfully, I do not have a profile on Facebook. I deleted my page one year ago, because several bizarre men constantly wrote to me with an offer of ********** and sharing my nudes for money, thus I made a suggestion to delete my page, as I couldn't find anything interesting thing there. Social networks is not to my liking as I prefer real communication. My friend was crossing the road 3 months ago and was writing something on her phone on Facebook and did not notice how she jaywalked and was hit by a car and died. It seem to be that these days a lot of people are like zombies and spend time on their phones thus not noticing the dangers.
I'm even glad that I drowned my smartphone in a liquor so for 2 weeks I have a rest from a mobile phone and devote more time to real communication with people, rather than virtual.
I have heard a lot of information about Net scams and I want to assure you that I do not need anything from you. Your personal info, bank account and money do not interest me. All I need is a relationship built on love and trust. I would ask you not to compare me with other girls, and what is worse with scammers.
I am a dentist of the higher category, I have been to several countries and that's easy for me to pay for myself and be an independent lady.
That's not in my plan to spend time with a man who plays with feelings, is looking for money or adventure. I want to find a man who knows what he wants, who is real, outspoken and with a good sense of humor..) I hope for your sincerity and reciprocity. We just should be sincere with each other and get to know more and more about each other every single day. I am sure that only the gradual progress of the relationship will help us to meet. What do you think about it?
Finally I'lI want to tell you more about my family... Regretfully, I have no one, since my father left me and my mother when I was seven y.o..
He left us for another woman and from that time I don't have any information about where he lives and whether he is alive or not.
He never even tried to contact me again and I am very angry with him for this. My mother stepped out two years ago from cancer.
I love my mum very much as she was the one person who truly loved me. I am an only child, so I have no brothers or sisters. I had an uncle and an aunt, however they crossed over in a car accident a year ago. Nowadays I am a fully single lady however I don't have anyone but my friends. I have my buddies to support me. My best friend's name is Nigora and only she is allowed to know all secrets I have that's why I trust her even with my life. Our mums were best friends and now we are.
I am planning to move from the country where I live forever, as nothing keeps me here and my country is not advancing at all. I would never build relationship with local men, because nothing interest them at all except boose and drugs. Thus, I want to find a man on the Net with whom I can build a strong relationship based on love and trust.
Maybe you are that men?))) At first glance, you seem to be a good-tempered man who I am eager to rely on.What's your point of view?
Looking forward to hearing from you and I would write you back at once when I get your mail, Nazira
Letter 3
Hello my dear Serge!
I am very glad to receive your new letter, thank you very much for your attention! I am very pleased with it.
How are you today? How is your mood? I hope everything is fine.
Thank you for your new photos. I like you very much and I would like to get as many photos of you as possible.
I will also send you my photos in every email.
Thank you for your phone number. In the coming days, as soon as I have the opportunity, I will call you from my work and we can talk on the phone. Ok?
I'll tell you in my next letters when I call you. Frankly speaking today I had a very busy day, I had so many thoughts in my mind and I'm full of strange but pleasant emotions!
I want to share them with you and now I’m going to describe you what happened today. Today I woke up early in the morning. Bright sunbeams made me open the eyes. They filled my room with light and woke me up, because my bed is situated near the window. I got up, took a shower, went to the kitchen, prepared my favorite breakfast of omelet, a salad of Caesar and coffee. When I was eating I realized that I was worried about something. In fact, everything turned out to be very simple, don’t you think so my darling Serge ? Yesterday, in my letter, I told you again about my idea of relationships and about my personal life. Hope you understand my intentions and plans for my future))) I wanted to come to work earlier and check my mailbox. I was very frightened by the thought that there was no answer from you. I usually go to work by public transport and in your city it is a real challenge! All busses are overcrowded, all people are in a hurry and sometimes I can hear the indignant shouts of people that they were crushed by someone… But I like the morning as it is)) It always brings news, good mood and new expectations!
Serge, today at work I realized that I will soon have an important stage in my life. Tomorrow I’m going to take part in a competition among medical professionals and the best candidates will receive grants for training and professional development. Such events take place in our country every year. Such grants give the opportunity to free-of-charge training abroad in order to acquire a new experience. I told you that I have already got such grants for several times and I had an internship in Israel, the US and Europe. So today I tried to finish my work as soon as possible. I think that I’ll go to the gym because it helps me to concentrate and express my thoughts correctly. This evening will be dedicated to the preparation of my presentation because I really wish I can get this grant. This grant gives the right to choose the country the winner wants to have there practice and a clinic, where one will be trained and work. Now I need to finish my letter and I hope that you are not resent… you understand that tomorrow there will be a very difficult and extremely important day for me! But I will be forward to see your letter tomorrow)))))
Sincerely yours, Nazira
Letter 4
Good afternoon my dear Serge!
I am so glad to see your letter. How are you doing? The results of the presentation will be announced tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!)))
Thank you for your new photos. You look really good and you're definitely my type of man. I like you very much.
It's cool that you speak several languages. You're a very educated man. Even on such a big day I woke up thinking about you. I guess I'm starting to get used to reading your letters every day. They become something very
important for me. As always, I quickly had my breakfast. I keep thinking of you all the time… I feel you are that very person about whom I was dreaming
and finally I’ve found and now I don’t want to lose you! I would like to get to know you better and I see we have wonderful mutual understanding. I can
see a ray of light in your letters. And every letter brings me more and more information about each other, I think it's wonderful. Do you agree with me Serge?
That's a day well spent, but I'm pretty tired today at work because I haven't really had free time to have rest or even for cup of tea… We have a lot of
clients and all of them have their own problems, but when I start thinking about you I forget about everything. I often think about the future and I am
happy that you are present in my life and I completely trust you. In my opinion trust, support and understanding are the background of true love. My vital
principle is to be as honest and open as possible with the person I want to be with. I trust you my dear, and I hope you trust me too. If we want to build
relations, we should be honest not only in letters, but in the hearts too. I appreciate and respect a man who keeps his word, and doesn’t talk to the winds.

Serge I hope that you are not such a person and you always show your words in action, aren’t you? It's very important for me that the man has the
confidence in himself and is not a coward. I want my man to be like a stone wall that he could protect me from problems and turmoil of the life.
My dear, if I haven’t answered you some of your question it means I didn’t get it, so could you send it one more time please, it is very important for me
to answer all your questions!
Serge what is the mail goal in your life? What do you want to achieve? Could you share your dreams with me if it is not a secret of course))
My biggest dream find a kind and intelligent man, to love and to be loved… I hope that our hearts will beat as one))) Write me back as soon as possible
because your sweet letters bring me joy and amazement!
Looking forward to get a new letter from you, my dear! From all my heart, yours Nazira. P.S.
My dear, in this letter I sent you my video from the gym.
I try to keep my body in shape and go to the gym 3 times a week.
I hope you like my video???
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Serge!!! It's a great pleasure to get an e-mail from you!
I'm glad you liked my video. I am pleased to receive compliments from you ...))))
Thank you for the new photos. Did you like Thailand? How are you? How is your day today? I hope that you are doing well and your mood is on top.
Every morning I wake up thinking about you and my mood immediately gets better. Last night I had a dream about our real first meeting. It was very
romantic and unforgettable! We had a picnic by the sea and enjoyed the sunset... Serge I miss you! I would like to spend as much time as possible with you! You have become a very close person for me, and I hope that we won’t stop at this stage of our relations))) I think that our letters, emotions and feelings that we express in them became our background for something really serious and very important, don’t you think so?! Sometimes I regret that we have not met earlier! Of course I understand that we live in different countries, and it was a problem for us to meet earlier)))
But we finally found each other and I don’t want to lose a chance to be with a right person!))
Now I am very grateful to fate and my first letter to you that we have found each other in this big world. I'm sure that we can be happy together!
My heart is open to you now. I hope that you will not break it, cause I trust you and I believe your every word. I hope that our relations will develop
and grow into true love. I promise you to be always sincere and honest in my feelings. I don’t want to play games, because I am looking for serious relationships.
I think that I have feelings to you, but so far I can’t correctly express my emotions. It seems to me that I behave like a little girl ...)

Now I have such feelings, that in my head everything is turned upside down and I am full of bright emotions!))) And all these things happen because of you Serge … I’m loving to read your letters, and I’m reading them with anticipation what is going to be in the end))) Than I read it again and again several times. I almost forgot to tell you good news! One of the jury members told me that I presented a perfect presentation so I have very good chances to get this grant. Can you imagine?! I was in the top five! So I am quite nervous and worry about the results, but thoughts about you keep me from going crazy… Serge, you settled down in my head, my soul and my heart… Sometimes I can’t even believe that it is happening to me!))))
I am just happy now and want to share all my feeling and emotions with you! It is difficult to explain, but it seems to me that a new stage is beginning in my life .....What do you think about it?
Now I need to go home to cook food and I guess I’ll watch a good and kind movie. I wish you a wonderful sunny day and will be looking forward to get a new letter from you!
I kiss you, yours Nazira

My dear, I really want to hear your voice and on Thursday I'm going to call you on the phone.
I'm asking you, on Thursday, keep your phone close so you don't miss my call. Ok? I will call you from my work phone +77272377024.
I ask you to write down this phone number in your phone book so that your telecom operator does not block my call and I can reach you. Ok?
I hope you won't miss my call and we can talk. Is that what you want too?
Letter 6
Hi my sweetheart! Can I call you so? How is your day? Do you feel well? Your letter made my day!))) Serge I keep thinking of you no matter what I do))) I'm very happy and feel that our letters are very important to you too. I want to say thank you for all your attention and serious attitude to me! Your letters have already become a part of my life and I’m always interested how is you day there, what are you doing, whether you are busy or not today, what people you meet, how is your mood… I am endless happy that now I have you Serge! The spiritual connection between a man and a woman is very important. A man should treat a woman politely, with love and respect. He should be next to her in bad and good times and take care of her. A real man should give the woman all the love and care. He should do everything that his woman can feel herself the happiest woman in the world, am I right?))) And for sure a woman should do the same for her man. To give him a support, care, love and attention and always be near in all situations that happen in life. And I think that love is a vital thing in relationships! The family without love will not bring happiness for both… What do you think about my ideas and thoughts? Do you agree with them? And I’ve got amazing news! There have been chosen 3 winners who receive a grant to continue practice and work in UK, Canada, Israel.
And I am one of them!!!!! According to the rules of this grant all expenses will be paid for. I'm just overwhelmed with emotions!!! I'm ready to jump
from happiness))))))))
Tomorrow I need to give an answer where I want to use this grant. And of course I haven’t thought about it too long, because I know where I want to go!)))
I want to live right by you, continue my work and build your relations!!!! I think we are ready for our meeting. I am also sure that in your country I will
be able to receive a decent salary and my job will be paid very well. Sooo what do you think about my idea???? I need to give the final answer about the host
country tomorrow. But I decided first of all to discuss this extremely important question with you! It seems to me that my night will be sleepless because
I will wait for your answer. Your decision will be a determining factor for me! I kindly ask you to think about it and give me an honest answer.
Send you kisses and hugs! Yours Nazira
Letter 7
Hello my dear Serge!
My dear, I was so glad we could talk on the phone. My heart was beating really hard when we talked and I was very nervous.
I feel like your voice is still in my head.....) Actually I couldn’t fall asleep the whole night! I was thinking about your decision and what will you write me in the letter))) I woke up earlier than usual and did not even have breakfast, hurried up to work to check my mail box. I opened it and yyeeessss)) I’ve got your letter! My hands were shaking, the heart beating and I worried and was really afraid to open it! But when I read your letter I realized that I was not mistaken in you!)))
Serge, may I call you My Love? I think you will like it and you deserve it)) And I think that we can overcome all obstacles with the help of our feelings and understanding. I always thought, that love doesn’t exist at all. But then I met you, and everything had changed in my head.
I guess I was waiting for you for all my life! I knew that one day it would happen. You are that man whom I was looking for a long time. It is like a dream!)
You turned into the meaning of my life, you filled my soul with air. You allowed my wings to open and fly, soar through the sky and don’t notice anything except your image…. You gave me a dream and a hope for happiness. And I do not need too much, just to know that you are safe and sound and everything is ok with you! In fact, I would give everything to be always right by you. Now I need to contact my curator and tell him that I have a clear decision about my grant program)

My curator will tell me what documents they need. My dear, I will have a very important request for you. Could you please find in the internet at least
several dental clinics that are situated to as close as possible???? I need 2-3 state dental clinics and 2-3 private practices. It is necessary for me to
conclude a contract with the International Medical Association.
Curator - is a representative of the medical association who is engaged in preparing all my documents, booking tickets and fully organizing my internship.
Serge I am glad that our life paths met. Let them burn as a bright star of our amazing love))
I will wait for your reply! Love and 1000000000000 kisses to you!
Yours Nazira
Letter 8
Hello my love, my Serge!
How did you spend the weekend at your sister's???
My dear, thank you for the information about the nearest clinics. This information helped me a lot and I will give the list of clinics to my curator.

Your new letter made me happy again today)) I was waiting for it impatiently!
Serge, your letters always bring me delight and good mood I'm very glad that we have met. You just have entered to my life and I dream about you every day!
I just came back from the meeting with my curator. He explained me the requirements and gave the list of all necessary documents. Oh, I will have to do a lot! But I will prepare everything with great pleasure because it is my only way to see you as soon as possible!
So, here I give you the list of the document needed: - Visa (to train and work in your country I need to get a work visa for 1 year. I know all this procedure and all documents will be ready quickly.)
- Expected work place (thank you for helping me with this)
- Medical reference
- Diplomas and certificates from all places where I have been trained in recent years.
- Place of residence in your country
- Some accompanying documents and recommendations from my employer. As you understand, the next few days will be very tense and full of worries. I hope you will forgive me that I send you such a short letter.
I hope you Serge understand that I need time do all this. I wish to manage all formalities as soon as possible, because I really want to come and see you! Today I still need to do my basic work. In the evening I plan to meet Yuliya. I'm impatient to share such amazing news!
I send you my tender kiss and will wait for your letter, yours Nazira
Letter 9
Hello my darling, my Serge!
How is your day today? Is everything fine?
Thank you for the kind words from your sister. I will also be very happy to meet her and your whole family. I hope they like me.

As I told you, I met my friend Yulia yesterday. We had a wonderful girls’ conversation and I told her a lot about you and our relationship.
She is really very happy for us and wishes only happiness)))) I know Yulia from school. She is the only person whom I can tell everything and she knows all my secrets. We understand each other without words. When she was looking at me, and I realized that she was more than happy for us and she noticed glint in my eyes. I'm very happy that my close friend supports me in everything. For a long time she worried about me that I have no private life and lead my life alone. By the way, Yulia is sending you big greetings)))) She asked me how this would all work and how I would go to your country, because it is very expensive. I told her that a medical association and I have signed a contract according to which I get the award in the amount of 5000 pounds. This is the first part of my grant liabilities. This money is given to me for travel and accommodation expenses. Under the terms of this grant, my employer, as one of the sponsors of this organization, is obliged to contribute 50 percent of the total amount. After that, the representative of this organization incurs all my expenses connected with the transfer to your country. As soon as I arrive at my new place of work, within 2-3 days I will meet a representative of the medical association in UK.
Yuliya said that it's great that I do not need to pay for anything by myself and just collect some documents. All the organizational things will be done by representatives of the organization and the representatives of this program in UK.
So we were talking and talking the whole evening! Yulia even stayed for night at my place, because it was too late to go home))) Today, as usual, I hurried up to work to check me mailbox and write you a letter))))) I'm overwhelmed with emotions and I wish I could share all of them with you, Serge!
I wish you a wonderful sunny day and I'm waiting for your email.
With all my love, yours Nazira
Letter 10
Hi dear Serge!
I'm glad to receive your letter again)))
Thank you for the kind words addressed to my friend Yulia. I will definitely tell her your words and I am sure that she will be very pleased.

I forgot to give you the website ( ) of the clinic where I work in Almaty.
You can look at this site and even see my photo ...))) If you were in Almaty, you could make an appointment with me through this site....) I 'm grateful to you for all your love and attention to me. I am eager to be your woman and your princess in life)))
I can’t imagine my day without your attention. I can hardly imagine my life without you now... Since today I come to work just to read your letters and send a reply to you. Your letters have become something important in my life. I am not engaged in my main job now and I’m dealing now with organization of my trip. So as I have already collected all the necessary documents, I have more free time.
Today I went to the exhibition of a French artist. I saw a very beautiful picture where a girl kisses a man. I couldn’t remove my eyes from it and imagined us together... I have just closed my eyes and imagined that thy were us… standing on the river bank. You embrace me very tenderly and we feel endless happiness… I wish I could be right by you now! It seems that those two from the picture want to spend whole their life together as we do… Sometimes I imagine our first kiss and these thoughts make me red))) It is so amazing to have a chance to know you and that you are thinking of me too, aren’t you?)))
I really hope and believe that you want me to be with you and you will do everything so that we will be together)
I send my hugs and kisses to you, yours Nazira
Letter 11
Hello my honey Serge! I’m writing you and I know that my heart and thoughts are flying somewhere with you. I wish I could see you in real and we would have a very long conversation)) Your support is very important for me now. From time to time I imagine our first meeting and how close we became to one another.
I dream of your strong hands and wish to cuddle to your shoulder. If only I could see your face so close! I’m so excited! I want to see your happy eyes and to live with thoughts for happy future, you… me… and my new job. I believe that I will succeed in everything and I we can meet very soon.
I will become for you Serge the most necessary, most desired and beloved woman! I want to support you in everything. I will be gentle, wise and understanding! I feel as we are getting closer and closer. I keep thinking of you every day, every minute... You are my air without which I can’t live even a second. I want to make you the happiest man on this earth. You melted my heart, that had been a cold ice for a long time.
You are my whole life! Love makes wonders with people, it gives them wings and makes them fly towards each other… Do you agree with me, darling? And I have great news for you! Today I was on meeting with my curator. I gave her the last part of all necessary documents. Now I have all the necessary papers to start my grant program. I feel now the happiest woman in the world because I'm flying to you! Since all the documents are collected it means that I can fly to you approximately in 12-15 days. In order to book the tickets, Serge, I have to know the nearest airport to you.
Could you please give me that information in your reply? I want to explain to you one more time how this system of international education works, so that you can have a clear is idea of everything. There is a number of employers and businessmen who have organized the international medical organization.
They are interested in constant improvement of their employees’ qualification and level of knowledge, so they send their best employees to foreign medical centers and clinics to get and exchange new experience in dental science. In its turn they improve the qualification of their doctors and this increases the clinic's rating and brings profit. Therefore, all of the members of this organization constantly contribute to the general fund.
This money form the grant amount and the best employees receive the opportunity for training in different countries all over the world and receive a salary for practice. As I told you earlier, this year the working conditions of the grants have been changed. The association allocates the first tranche that covers travel and accommodation expenses and arranging for a new job. This employee receives the money in the form of a certificate when he arrives at a new workplace.To do this, the employer is obliged to contribute 50 percent of this tranche,this year this amount is 1500 pounds.
It is a sponsorship fee.
All further costs are paid from the general fund in the country where the work and training will take place. It means that as soon as I fly to you, I will receive my certificate for 5000 pounds. And the supervisor in your country will give me all necessary documents and a bank card.

I ask you Serge again, do not forget to tell me the nearest airport to you. I need to know this information tomorrow. I'll give this information to my curator and to my employer to start all financial procedures. I'm waiting for your Serge reply as soon as possible, and do not forget to give me answers to all the important questions. I think that you understand that now everything turns into the final stage. Now everything depends on us, the time is very important for us. Sooner we will do everything, faster we will meet))))
10000000000000000 kisses, yours Nazira
Letter 12
Hello my dear Serge! How was your day?? How is your mood?
I hope that you are doing well. I want to thank you a lot for all the necessary and important information you sent me. I appreciate your effort and desire to help me! Really! It's so important for me. We both understand that now a new stage is beginning in our life. Certainly things may not be that simple, but I hope that we both will be tolerant to each other for the first time. Respect and understanding is the basis of a strong relationship, because we are people from different countries with different cultures. As always I came to work today to check my mailbox. A fter that, I had a meeting with my supervisor and I gave him all the information.

I was very glad that we were able to talk on the phone. Your voice is like a balm for my ears ...)))
When I talk to you, I feel close and I really want to hug you and kiss you. Serge we have done everything that was required from us)) The rest of the work will be made by the representatives of the medical association, they will book my ticket, contact the embassy so that I can receive a working visa without problems. Today my employer must sign a payment order to make a sponsorship contribution to the deposit of an international medical organization fund. I think that this procedure will take 1-2 days. So when I get the information about my flight, Serge I’ll send you a copy of my e-ticket so that you could know the schedule of my flight and would be able to meet me at the airport. I'm sorry to ask you about this again, I just get a lot of thoughts and emotions now and I'm really nervous!! Could you please meet me at the airport? It is very important for me. I greatly hope for your help. I have some more good news for you today))) After meeting with my curator I returned to office. It was exactly a lunch time and as usual all the stuff gathers in a separate room to have lunch, drink coffee, tea and just relax for half an hour. So I decided to buy a cake)) We have such a tradition to treat our colleagues with a cake or something delicious when someone of us is going on a business trip, vacation, has a birthday or other good events. When all of them gathered for a break, everyone started to say that he was very happy for me that I was going to get new knowledge in a country with a well-developed medicine sphere. Forgive me, but I could not resist and I told about you.
I said that I met an amazing man with whom I would be endless glad to live a happy life and that I would like to continue my dental practice. If we really
like each other in real and we both felt attraction and feelings to each other, I’d love to stay with you Serge in UK forever!
Many colleagues have started saying that online dating is not serious and that a man can write one things in letters, but in fact can think and do everything on the contrary! I said that I was sure about you and you Serge really has serious intentions. I'm more convinced than ever.
I know that you won’t leave me in a difficult situation as I will never leave you alone! I trust you completely. You know, they really have felt my onfidence in us and I haven’t got any ****** questions from them anymore))) There are so many ways how to find a love and to be happy, and the internet was my lucky ticket and I’m so grateful to a destiny that I’ve met you! I’m sure most of them are just jealous of me that I’ve got this grant and now I am going not only to improve my working skills, but also have a chance to create my private life… and of course that I will receive a good salary in a promising clinic, where good specialists are highly appreciated! I don’t want to seem a boastful person, but most of them just dream to leave Kazakhstan to work abroad... I always think about us and our first meeting. By the way, do you like movies? If so, what kind of movie do you prefer most of all? I wish we could go to
the cinema together)) It seems to me very romantic when you sit in darkness and hold hand in hand. Have you thought how we would spend our first weekend together?
I constantly keep on thinking about our time together... Serge I hope that you will help me to cope with difficulties and I can always lean on your strong male shoulder.
I love you Serge!!!
10000000000000000000 kisses. Waiting impatiently for your reply. Yours Nazira P.S.
My dear, I am sending you my video, which was made by my friend Yulia.
I hope you like it..)))
Letter 13
Hello, my love, my Serge!
How are you there?
I'm glad you liked my video. I am always pleased to receive your tender words and compliments ...))

I miss you more and more with each passing day. I love you with all my heart and it's not a dream. Serge you are all-important in my life!
I need your words about love, your attention, care and support in everything I do… I can see how hard you try to help me and do everything I ask for)
I hardly even believe that my dreams can really come true and it is thanks to you, my love! You are the best man in the whole world! My heart is beating
only for you. You're my man! I love you! Of course, in relationships for me love and *** are important too.... I feel so cold without you at night...
You're the most important person for me in the world. I’m sure you know this. You're in my thoughts and dreams, in my mind, in my life. I miss you so much...
I wish I could taste your tender lips… My life began when we met. I'm happy with you Serge. I want to know that you feel the same to me, that we will always be together... Today, when I came to work, I immediately went to the accounts department to find out the news. Our accountant said that she had already prepared a payment
order to the bank and she needed only the director’s signature. I asked her for a copy of the statement to show it to my curator. I don’t want to lose a minute of my time. After receiving a photocopy of the statement, I immediately went to my curator. I showed him a copy of the statement and asked him to **** booking my plane ticket. The supervisor said that it was just a copy of the document and I need to wait for the money to be transferred on the bank account.
She can only pre-book my plane ticket and give me a copy of the e-ticket. I said that it was really great news and as soon as I get a copy of the ticket, I will definitely send it to you, my love Serge, so that you will know everything and be ready. Are you happy for us? Could you even imagine a few weeks ago that it would happen so soon??? I could not even imagine that such things could happen to me! I have a smile that goes from ear to ear and I do not understand why, but I had the confidence that I had found my women’s happiness. I'll stay in touch with you. What plans do you have for today? Now I want to go for a walk in the park. I like it very much. Perhaps this is my last walk there))) I want to say goodbye to this place, I understand that
it sounds naive, but I'm a very sensuous girl. I will be waiting for your e-mail. Hope that tomorrow will bring me a lot of wonderful news.
Forever yours, Nazira P.S.
My dear, I told the medical Association that you would meet me at the airport and help me adapt to the UK and give me some tips about the culture and life of your country. The main office of the medical Association in Denmark wants to make sure that you are a good person, and not some kind of maniac.
I hope you don't mind if a representative of the international medical Association calls you and asks you a few simple questions??? I ask you not to worry,
this will just be a normal conversation to make sure that I am not in any danger in the UK. Serge you must understand that this is necessary.
I hope you won't have any problems answering a few questions in English.
You will get a call from a representative of the medical Association, Laura BARTUSEVICA.
Letter 14
Hello my love Serge!
How was your day? How is your mood? I want you to know that I keep thinking of you the whole day, even every minute… You are far away from me, and I miss you more and more, I want you to be next to me. I dream to be in your arms now and to hear your voice… I wish I could feel the warmth of your hands holding me gently on cold days.
I constantly feel that you are thinking of me all the time… I am calmed down only by the thought that I will see you soon in the airport hall. You won’t
even believe how many times I've been imagined this moment when we meet, when I can see you and touch you! I dream to see your eyes, your smile! I've been
waiting for you for so long time, so I can’t even believe that it's only a small step has left... Serge you appeared in my life and aroused in me so amazing emotions! You are the most important person in my life! I think that today I have the best news for all this time! I can say you the exact date and time of my flight to you. Can you believe that 13 November our first meeting will take place!?!?))))))))))))) It will be the best day in my life because I'll be able for the first time to see, hug and kiss you!
Our relationships and you are the most important things for me now that I even can’t think about work and studying! Of course I’ll continue going to work
but all my thoughts and dreams are full of you! YOU! Maybe it sounds weird and naive but I'm already thinking about what I should wear for our first meeting,
what makeup and hairstyle I will have))) I know you realize that a real meeting differs a little bit from chatting in the internet and I really want you to
like me from the first second when you see me. Today my curator told me that the money was not received on the settlement account. He asked me talk to my superior and to send a payment next time.
So today I will talk with my superior to speed up this process. I send you a photo of an e-ticket that you know when I arrive. I am asking you to arrange all your affairs so that you can pick me up at in the airport. Today, my superior is out. I’ll try to make an appointment with them tomorrow.
Tomorrow everything will be ready. I hope that tomorrow I will hold all the prepared documents in my hands when I meet my curator who gives me the originals
of all the documents and a copy of my certificate.
Hug you and send you 10000000000000 kisses, your Nazira. P.S. I am sending a copy of my ticket and my passport. Can you imagine that we will meet soon? Are you excited?
My dear, today I will call you. Wait for my call.
Letter 15
Hello, my love is Serge! How are you doing today? I'm very happy to receive your letter. How was your day? How is your health? Today I had a very intense day.
I had a lot of time to do different things during the day. In the morning I went to the store. I bought Foods made cleaning in my house.
I carefully cleaned the house before leaving. You know I like cleanliness and order. I like to cook, and I often cook different dishes of Kazakh traditional cuisine.
Yesterday I cooked dinner and thought that it would be nice if you could try that I cooked. I prepared the famous Kazakh pilaf. Did you hear something about this? I think that this is the most famous dish in Kazakhstan after bishbarmak and pancakes. I was very keen to appreciate my dishes and appreciate their taste. I really would like to stand in the kitchen and feel when you hug me, kiss me, touch my hips. It would be very nice to cook together with you our supper dinner. I'm sure that you will like Serge very much as I cook. I was very happy to talk to you on the phone. Your voice is driving me crazy...)
My dear, I am glad that you have studied my ticket and will be able to meet me at the airport. I feel like the happiest woman in the world.
Very soon I will be able to hug you and kiss you.
1 day before my departure to you, I will tell you in what clothes I will go to you, so that you can immediately recognize me at the airport. I am more and more often visited by the thought that you think of me as a woman. Serge Do you like my body? I believe that *** in a relationship is also very important I would like to order what you think about it. I ask you to tell me your ****** ideas. I want you to do this first since I never wrote about it first I do not complain.
Do you understand me ??????? I'm waiting for your letter with answers to my questions.
I love you Serge! yours lady, Nazira
Letter 16
Hello my dear Serge!
I'm very glad to receive your letter today.
I'm glad you talked to Miss Laura BARTUSEVICA. My curator has already received a positive report from Miss BARTUSEVICA on your conversation.
Everything will be fine now. I am grateful to you for everything you do for me. Thanks!

Thank you for responding to my ****** ideas. I was pleased to read your ideas about me. I'm pleased to read your words and find out that I am attracting you. Dear Serge, I miss you. I want to hug you and press my body to you. I often imagine when we first see each other. When we spend our night together. Especially for our first night, I'm gonna buy some beautiful underwear and throw myself at you like a tigress.
We will caress each other for a long time. We will use many poses. I want you to feel really good. I want to see you moan with pleasure. Mmmm....
I think that we will not sleep at night. I will try to make sure that you never forget this night. I hope that you will do the same for me. We will make a break only for coffee and sandwiches. Darling, I wanted to take a bath with you. Before our meeting there was not much left. I often think about things that we can do together. I think about it in detail. I have a good imagination. Even now I have a shiver in the body. Well, I'll focus on this topic in my message. I'm finishing the letter. I'm waiting for your message, I miss you. My kisses and hugs !!!!
Your woman, Nazira
Letter 17
Hello my darling Serge!
How are you doing today? How is your mood? Today I have a lot of news. I'll get this straight. In the morning I had a meeting with my director of the clinic. We had an extremely unpleasant conversation.
I wanted to get concrete answers to my questions. I asked him why they still have not transferred the money. My director immediately rebelled and told that he won’t pay for anything. He got to know that I am planning to stay with you forever. He explained me that the clinic does not want to waste money on me if I am not going to return to Kazakhstan. I was very disappointed to hear that, but I understand what he is talking about. After this conversation I decided to talk to my curator one more time to find the ways out of the situation. I asked him if I can cash out the certificate in Kazakhstan that I could make this payment. He replied that over the past two years UK changed the rules. If I decided to fly to Israel, there would be no problems. I could get the whole amount in Kazakhstan. But your country allows to cash out the grant certificate only on its territory.
That is why my curator said that the only way out of the situation is to pay this money for my own. I want you to know that I am not in despair because
everything is ready for my journey! I went to the bank where I keep my money on the deposit. I was a client of this bank for a long time and I was sure that they will be able to give me a loan for a short period of time. I explained the whole situation to the manager of the bank. I showed him a copy of my grant certificate that I will be able to cash out it and immediately transfer money back from UK.
The manager denied me for the same reason that my curator. I collected all my saving, it was 900 pounds and went to work to write you a letter.
On my way I thought where I can get the rest 600 pounds ???? I'm still paying a loan for my apartment, so I can’t sell it so quickly. Then I realized that I have no other way but borrow this amount from you. I'm sure that for you Serge it's not big a problem. We both have done so much for our meeting, I do not think you'll deny me now. Moreover I will give you this money back in 3-4 days after my arrival to you. I will cash out my certificate and give you all sum back. I can’t even imagine that such a situation could happen with me! I feel so helpless now… So many things have already done, documents, tickets… And now I have this problem that can ruin everything!!! I have no other choice but to ask you for help! I am confident that you Serge will not leave me in this situation! Hope that situation will be the first and the last obstacle on your way to be together. Honey, I'm sure that my man will do everything to help me to solve this problem, am I right? I send you a copy of my grant certificate that you know
where I need this money. I also send you my bank account statement and visa. In my last letter I already sent you my ticket, as well as a photo of my passport.
I will wait for your answer. It will be another sleepless night. I do hope that you understand me clearly and won’t leave me alone in such a difficult
situation! I trust you and believe in everything you’ve wrote to me! My heart is crying and has only dream to see you and to be with you…
I love you Serge!!!
Your Nazira P.S. My dear, we need to discuss this issue over the phone. I'm asking you to wait for my call today. I'm asking you to keep your phone close.
I am very upset about this situation and I want to consult with you and discuss everything in detail. I am very ashamed to ask for your help, but I have no one else to turn to.
Letter 18
Hello my dear Serge! I must honestly say, this night was the most terrible for me! I was thinking about your letter. I have considered all possible options.
I was not mistaken in you and I am glad that you can help me and send this money.
I am 100 percent sure that you were sent to me from heaven, and we should be together. You have proved to me once again that you are a real man!
With you Serge, I don't need to be afraid of anything and I feel completely safe!

My dear, I am glad that we were able to talk on the phone and you understood my problem and can help me with these 600 pounds.
As soon as I arrive in the UK and receive my grant, I will be able to immediately return this money to you. I guarantee you that.
I love you Serge! I am grateful to you for everything you do for me. I want to tell you that for several days I have been reading a lot of information about your country and watching a lot of videos.
I want to know as much as possible about your culture, lifestyle and mentality UK. I think this is very important because I want to adapt to your country
as quickly as possible. I hope that you will help me in this and do everything to make it easy for me. I really want your family and friends to like me))
Have you told anyone about me yet? I really want to impress your relatives and close friends so that they are happy for us and our relationship))))
It seems to me that it is very romantic that two people have found each other in this vast world and in a few days our first meeting will take place! Now the most important thing....
Serge, today I talked to my curator and he said that we have several options to send money.
1) You will send the money to me directly MY bank account and I will already transfer this money to the medical association fund.
2)We can also use the MoneyGram or Western Union system.

I can't use the Western Union or MoneyGram system because my name is blocked there. The fact is that 3 years ago I was in the USA and sent money to my cancer-stricken mother in Kazakhstan through the Western Union and MoneyGram system and I constantly had problems with money transfers.
Because of some problems, for some reason, money transfers were constantly blocked. And after three attempts, I was blocked in all systems.
It was a sad experience using these systems, as my mother urgently needed money to buy medicines.
But this is not a problem and I asked my gfriend Kalamkas to help us if we use these systems to transfer money.

1) Here is the information for transferring money to the my bank account:

Beneficiary: Nazira Nuriyeva
Bank address: Kazakhstan, 242 Nursultan Nazarbayev Av., Almaty, 050013
my adress: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Aymanova st. 222, fl. 21 , A15G6C0
Beneficiary's bank: JSC "First Heartland Jusan Bank"
Beneficiary account number (IBAN): KZ49998PB00005277652
My bank account accepts money transfers only in euro currency. Therefore, I ask you to send this money in EUROS and it is very important. Ok?
If you send money in pounds, the money will not be credited to my account and will be returned to you. Do you understand?

Also, please don't forget to send me a photo of a bank transfer receipt.

My love, as I told you just above in my letter, that I cannot use the MoneyGram or Western Union system.
I explained the situation to my friend Kalamkas and she will be happy to help us if you decide to send me money through any of these systems.
As soon as you send the money to her name, then she and I together can go to the office of any of these systems and get your money.
You don't need to worry about anything, because Kalamkas is like a sister to me.

Here is the information you need to transfer money via MG or WU.
It will be better if you use the MoneyGram system, since this system works well both in Kazakhstan and in UK.

First name: Kalamkas
Last name: Kanapiyayeva
country: Kazakhstan
city: Almaty
Adress: Zhandosova st. 164, apt. 36
zip code: G140606

Don't forget to send me a photo of the receipt so that my friend can get your money without any problems. Ok? Please be careful not to make any errors in the data. If you make a mistake in the bank account data, then your money will not be received. Do you understand? I think you know this procedure and you won't have any problems. I just urge you to make a money transfer as soon as possible, because time flies too fast,
and I have very little time left. We have to complete all the formalities as soon as possible, because I don't want any problems.
My love, I hope you really understand that your help is vital for me! I rely only on you! You are my moral support and confidence in the future!
I will be waiting for your letter with all the information.
I am sending you 100000000000000 tender and sweet kisses. Just imagine that soon these kisses will become real, not virtual!
Forever yours, Nazira
Letter 19
Hello my love!
I cried all day today after I read your letter.

I am very sorry that your friend was deceived by a girl. But what does that have to do with me???
It's insulting to me that you compare me to scammers. Did I deserve this? Why do I always have to prove something to you?
I've always been honest with you and told you only the truth, and now you think I can be the same as this Russian fraud??? You really hurt me..(((((

I have sent you all my personal documents, passport, plane ticket, visa, grant certificate. Don't you know that no one gives such information on the Internet, but I trust you 100% and that's why I sent you my bank and personal documents. But even so, do you doubt me?????
How else am I supposed to prove to you Serge that I love you? You make me cry with your suspicions. You have to understand that I don'T need your money, but I just need your help to solve this problem. You know that as soon as I arrive in the UK, I will receive a grant and I will be able to immediately return your money to you. You won't lose anything and I will compensate you for everything Serge.
Believe me, it is very unpleasant for me to ask you for money in debt, since I have always been an independent girl.
But now I have such problems that I can't solve without your help. Serge, I promise you that if you help me, then you will never regret it.
I will give you all my love and tenderness. I will make you smile always.
I did what you asked. I hope you will never doubt me again???
Your girlfriend, Nazira
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