Scam letter(s) from Angelina Kashkina to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
I'm glad I can write to you.
My name is Angelina. I live in Kazakhstan.
I am looking for a decent man to start a serious relationship!
I want to know more about you: where do you live? Where do you work? What age are you?
I could not understand, in what the country you live?
Here is my photo, what do you think about me?
Send your answer to my address:
I would be glad to see your photo, send it to me.
Sincerely, Angelina.
Letter 2
Hello dear! Richard - Your real name? thanks for the answer! I thought when will you answer me? Finally I got your answer and I am very glad!
For me, acquaintance by letters is something new, but it's so romantic)!
let's try and see what happens!
Thank you for telling me more about your life, it's so nice to know about you!
Yes, I have my mobile phone. But first I want to get to know you in our dialogue here and then of course we can talk to each other on the phone.
I want to tell you right away that I'm not interested in money! I just want to meet a man next to whom I will be really happy all my life. And we can achieve everything else together.
What about me, I am a free woman, I have no children! I'm 36 years old and I've never been married before!
By nationality I am Ukrainian and I live with my mother in the city of Almaty in the country of Kazakhstan, how good that I do not live in Russia!!!!
My mother and I moved from Ukraine from Kiev to the city of Almaty a few years ago! my mother has a sister in Almaty and she helped us get used to this city! we live in our apartment together!
I work in a beauty salon, I'm a makeup artist, but I also do different women's hairstyles!
I am very glad that nature has rewarded me with a beautiful female figure and I try to eat healthy food, but sometimes I can eat some delicious pie) because sweet is a weakness for women))) I also like to eat different berries, especially strawberries and raspberries!!!
In my free time, I like to walk in the fresh air, and sometimes just read a book or watch TV!
I don't go to clubs and discos! I prefer a more relaxing vacation!
everything is fine in my life, but the only thing I lack is a real decent man next to me, with whom I could build mutual love and enjoy it in all the ways that there are!)))!
perhaps fate gave me you and we will succeed?! what do you think?
let's see what happens next! please tell me how you live, I am very interested!
In the meantime, I'm sending my few photos from life so that you can see how I look! Did you like me ? Honestly?!
I'm waiting for your answer soon! With respect, Angelina.
Letter 3
Hello, dear Richard! Thank you for your letter! What's your mood like today?
I have a desire to talk to you more often. What do you think about it? Do you have a desire to write to me here more?
In this letter I want to tell you how my weekdays are going. But they are mundane, because I have to work a lot. My normal working day starts at 8.00 and ends at 19.00. I spend all this time at work and there is no time for me. It's good that my work is near my house, so I get a walk before work and after work. As I wrote to you in my last letter, I like to walk in nature and fresh air.
When I have days off, I like to go to the country with my mother and be there. There is fresh air and there is a lake and a forest nearby. There is always clean fresh air. Would it be nice for you to have a walk with me by the lake?
When the weather does not allow us to go to the country for the weekend, my mother and I spend time together at home. My mom is a good cook and knows many different delicious dishes that she also taught me. I hope that one day you will be able to ******** dishes. Is there such a desire?
I don't have so many friends in Kazakhstan. Most of them are just colleagues whom I know from my work, but most of them already have children and spend their free time with him. so my best friend is my mom!
I really want to fall in love with all my heart and soul, and be happy with my loved one! My vacation is coming soon and I wanted to spend it romantically!)
maybe in your country, but it would be great to do! but for now, this is my dream! I am sure that the dream has come true!
Dear Richard, Thank you for your cute photos, you look great and I liked you! I would be glad to see your other photos of you from your life!
I want to tell you right away that you don't need to compare me with other girls!!! I am an honest girl and I want to meet exactly the same man to have a future together.
I'll tell you honestly, for me it does not matter our difference in age! I think that the older a man is, the more experienced and serious he is!
I understand that for a man older than me, they want a genuinely honest relationship, just like me! True love has no age restrictions!
Of course we will be able to talk to each other on the phone, there is no problem at all. I understand well. English and we won't have any problems speaking.
I am pleased that you are so open with me. Now I am sure that in our letter we will be able to know everything about us. Because we both want it.
Of course, if you have any questions, you can write to me and I will answer all your questions. This is the only way we can know everything about us now.
I want to meet an honest, serious man ready for a family and a future with me.
I really hope that you will answer me soon! I'm so even closer to get to know you)!
I'm sending you some photos from my life, I hope you like it?
I'm certainly looking forward to your new photos! don't forget to send me! ok?
I kiss you on the cheek, your dear Angelina.
Letter 4
I wish you a good mood Richard)!
Hello, my dear man Richard! thank you for your answer! how are you today?
I was really waiting for you to write to me and finally I waited)!!
You know, I began to think about you often, about our communication!
it's so nice to know that a good man like you has appeared in my life!
Dear Richard, I understand that you have a lot of work to do right now. Your letter doesn't bother me. Because this is your life and we have to talk to each other about everything and be completely open with each other. This is the only way we can fully understand our days!
I am glad that you could have a good time with your relatives and enjoyed it. You should also get more days off if you have to work so long. I hope that a weekend with Mom will be good for you.
I am sure that we will be able to meet each other and be together. It will be the most pleasant and romantic time for us. But I have to tell you that I have the opportunity to meet only during my holidays. This year I should have my holidays only at the end of October. I think that during this time we will be able to know each other in our dialogue here.
I have never had a conversation and acquaintance on the Internet before!
I thought it was ******, but now I understand that it is very convenient when you are far from each other, even romantic!
the most important thing is to have an interest and desire for our conversation, and maybe our conversation will turn into a real meeting) who knows)!
if we continue to correspond so well, then there is a great opportunity to meet))))! would you like to?
I would be very happy to see you in real life! But I'm not rushing things, I'm just writing you my thoughts!
I think it is necessary to be open and honest with each other and express your thoughts directly, then there will be respect and trust! I am a sensitive girl and very vital!
I love to visit beautiful romantic places where beautiful landscapes of nature delight the eyes! I like to be outdoors a lot and just walk!!! from every day you need to take only positive moments that will give you positive energy and then good memories!!! as my mother said that you need to take care of your nerves, because a lot of sores can appear from nerves! I respect and love my mom, because she taught me a lot!
my mom really wants me to be happy and really really fall in love with a good man!
I want to live up to her hopes and become a happy woman!
I would like to ask you: do you write to other girls? or just me?!
I'm interested to know how serious your intentions are for me and can I open my heart to you?
I want everything to really work out well for us and maybe we will become a couple)!?
the most important thing is to strive for this and go forward to meet each other!
I'm sending you some photos from my life! also photos in different dresses and pajamas, which dress do you like me more?
I am very interested to know! I will finish my letter with this and I am waiting for your answer soon!
sincerely yours, beautiful Angelina
Letter 5
Hello, my dear man Richard !!! Thank you for your reply! What's up? I'm fine!
I met you on the Internet and it's like something has changed in me! I started to smile and I'm in a good mood!))))
I want to tell you more about Kazakhstan in this letter. Previously, Kazakhstan was part of the USSR. But after the collapse in 1991, Kazakhstan became a separate state and I think that now life has become better here thanks to this. I like this country because it has beautiful nature and there are many lakes. Where I can go. There are also mountains on the other side. Everything is really very beautiful. I'll attach you my photos of where I was at the lake. I hope you like them. They are made at different times this year. we got a vacation with my mom there for the weekend and she took these photos to me.
Dear Richard, Thank you so much for all your compliments about me. I am pleased to hear such words and I just can't find any more words of gratitude to you for all your compliments about me. Because I've never received so many compliments before.
Yes, of course I would be glad to meet you and be with you at the end of October. I am sure it will be a good time for us and we will have fun together.
Thank you for telling me your day. Of course, I would be happy to wait for you at home after your work and then give you a kiss. I could also cook dinner for you as soon as you come after work, it's not difficult for me.
I think we should always believe in the best and it will happen, I'm just sure of it!
You know, I would really like to share my life with a good serious man, confident, knowing what he wants!!
I want to wake up and fall asleep with the only man I will really love and respect!
I will do everything to my beloved man, just so that I feel very good and well!!!
I wish sincere mutual feelings of love!!! when a man and a woman experience true love for each other, having *** will be much more pleasant and sensitive! do you agree with me?
In general, I think that everything would work out for us, the main thing is to believe and strive for this and then everything will work out!!!!!
I will be glad to see your new photos, do not hesitate and send me some!!!! ok?
don't forget me and write as often as possible!
I'm really looking forward to your letter, I kiss you on the lips, your sweet lady Angelina.
Letter 6
Hello my dear man Richard! I am very happy that you wrote again!!
how are you today, my dear? I'm fine, I miss it when I don't get your answer for a long time!!I know that we do not communicate so long, but something inside me changed for the better! maybe it's because of our communication)))) I think so!
Dear Richard, Thank you so much for all your photos. I am pleased to receive your photos and hope that soon we will be able to take shared photos with each other. I will be glad to have such photos.
I am sure that we will have a common future!!! We just have to strive to be open and together we can achieve anything we want. We have a lot of common qualities and I think this is very good for us.
Of course, when we are together, I will be able to cook Kazakh dishes for you. But we could also do everything together in the kitchen. I think it would be nice and romantic for both of us!
I think often and imagine our meeting in real life! how it will all be and how we will communicate looking into each other's eyes, touching each other!
When I arrive to you I want to walk in the fresh air and enjoy every day, in the evening for a walk in the moonlight and bask under your shoulders.
I want to feel mutual love in my heart and enjoy it in all ways! I think we could be a great couple! what do you think about it? Would you like to?
Today I got up early and did some muscle stretching at home, had a delicious breakfast with my mother, usually it’s you scrambled eggs with herbs and cheese, sometimes there are cheesecakes with berries, but I eat different cereals with cheese) I’m not picky about certain foods and I don’t eat lots of! I really like to eat fish, especially red, as well as a lot of greens and some fruits! it all depends on the mood! and when it's hot outside, I don't eat much at all, I drink more water! in my free time or for the weekend I go to nature with my cousin, we like to have picnics, and sometimes we go to the village to my grandmother, it’s nice and calm there, you get a little rest from the bustle of the city! how do you spend your time on the weekend? what do you like to eat? I want to know a lot about your life! I'm so interested to know!
each day goes by so quickly and quietly that it seems that so fly all life !!! but I think positively and want to do everything!
I am happy that I will soon be on vacation and we could have a good time together! I sure hope so !!!!
I'll let you kisses on the lips and I wish a good mood! I send you different photos from the village, I hope you will be very pleased! don't forget to send me your photos too!
Please write me soon! I'm really looking forward to!
your sweet and beautiful Angelina.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Richard! thanks for your answer!
Today I woke up early from the bright rays of the sun, birds are singing outside the window and feels real summer!
I like the sunny weather and the warmth! I was sleeping sweetly because I had a dream that you and I were walking through a beautiful meadow with different flowers and talking about us, and then we had a picnic at a beautiful oak tree, we fed each other berries and fruits and then kissed, it was very nice! and how did you sleep last night?
Dear Richard, Thank you so much for all your compliments about me. I am pleased to hear such beautiful words. I hope that one day you will be able to say such words to my eyes. and I will hug you and kiss you for all your compliments about me.
I like your thoughts about us. I would be happy to spend this romantic time with you together!
Tell me do you have a Whatsapp program on your phone? If you have this, then write me your phone number and we can talk to each other there for free.
I would very much like to see you in real life, and to meet, talk and see you!
but we know very little of each other, but I'm ready to make a mad step is to meet with you!
I'll tell you honestly that I want to love, I do not need wealth and money!
for me love is the most important,because it is a great feeling, with which you can be happy people and live happy!
in my life, everything seems fine, but I feel that I do not have a real true love !!!!
I take very seriously our conversation, because I really like you!
I think that we could be a wonderful pair of) what do you think about this?
important to me your opinion and decision, because my vacation will start soon and we need to know exactly what we want from each other! I told you my opinion and I hope to get mutual response!
please answer me soon, I'm looking forward to your letter.!
I'll send you some more of my home photos. Do you like me how I'm dressed at home?
Please accept my kiss, right in your lips)!
Your sweet and beautiful lady Angelina.
Letter 8
Hello, my beautiful man Richard!
Thank you for your reply. I'm really waiting for an answer.! how are you today? !!!!
with each letter I am more and more glad that we met!!! I love writing to you and receiving your letters.
Dear Richard, I also feel your energy and I think that distance is not a problem at all!!! Now there are many ways to overcome this great distance between us. The main thing is to strive to do this and then everything will be fine and we can be together. I have only positive thoughts about it!
Yes, I also want to meet you and be close to you. Because I think that you are exactly the man next to whom I will be really happy all my life! And I have good news for our meeting. I will have my vacation in November. Tell me, will you have a chance to meet me at this time? I would be glad to see your country and spend more time with you!
Of course I agree with you!! A couple should always talk openly and it will be much easier to come to a common opinion and solve all problems!
I hope that you can do Whatsapp and then write me your phone number and I can add you there so that we can talk to each other more during the day.
I feel that something is going on between us and maybe something more than friendship?! I'm starting to feel like you're the man I've been missing in my life. Do you have such feelings?
I like you as a man, and I really want to see you in real life!!! But I don't want to be wrong about you!
I am a sensitive girl, and I really want to be truly happy and loved! How I wish it was you, my beloved!
I want to wake up and fall asleep with my loved ones, I want to feel mutual love!
I believe that relationships are built on love, trust and honest understanding! What do you think?
I'm opening up with you and I really want to see you in real life, talk to you, feel your smell and your presence!
how I really miss male attention and warmth! please don't leave me, don't ever hurt me, okay?
I would really like you to be my favorite! and you don't mind?
I have never been to your country, and it is very interesting for me to visit you! I want to see your lifestyle there very much.
I really hope and believe that we will meet soon and have a great time together!!!! This is my dream. And I'm used to striving for my dream.
I'm sending you my warm air kiss on your cheeks and lips! I hope you are very kind!
I'll send you some more photos of me from my life. What do you like more about me?
I am waiting for your reply very soon.
your sweet and beautiful girl Angelina.
Letter 9
Hello, my dear man Richard!
How glad I am to receive your letter, even my soul rejoices! how are you today?
I'm fine, because with each letter we get to know each other more and that's good!
Dear Richard, Thank you for your phone number. I'll write to you there today. But I also hope that you will write me your letter here. Because I love receiving your letters and talking to you about us.
I am sure that we will be able to meet each other and be together. It will be the most pleasant and romantic time for us. I have to tell you that I have my vacation since November 14th. What do you think if we meet each other at this time? I would be glad to come to you and be there with you!! I really want to meet you in real life and be close to you!
I'm so glad that I have you in my life now, and I think we will succeed! the most important thing to strive for is what the inside really wants!
My vacation will start soon, but I don't want to spend it alone! I want to come to you! I am sure that we will have a great time together and enjoy each other! what do you think?
I just really want to know that you're really serious!) I think the meeting will show us everything!
please make sure that I get to your country as soon as possible, because we need to be close to each other!!! we'll be a great couple! I believe it with all my heart.
I will send you some more photos of me from my house where my mom and I live and more photos in the spring when everything was blooming. Do you like spring? When everything is blooming.
I kiss you on the lips, I'm waiting for a quick response, your beautiful Angelina.
Letter 10
Hello, my beloved man Richard. Thanks for your reply. I am always glad to receive your letters.
You live in my head and in my heart. I can't think of anyone but you!!! You are always in my thoughts and with me in my heart now. I'm so glad I met you and now I can tell you that I have feelings for you and a desire to be near you! You're my man now! Do you agree with that?
Dear Richard, I'm glad to hear that you like receiving my letters and talking to me more about us and our meeting. Of course we can meet each other and be together. I also dream that all our dreams that we write about in the letter will become reality and we will enjoy it!
It's nice to hear that you can meet me from November 14th and we will be together. Write me the name of the airport where you can meet me and I will be able to find out more information about my journey to you. Or you can write me all this on the phone and I will find out everything at once.
I have a great desire to meet you and find out what kind of person you are. I like people who know the value of their words and never know how to lie.
I believe in our feelings and I want us to take this serious step towards being together. I am a serious girl and I never say empty words. My mother brought me up well and taught me to always be responsible for my words and actions.
I sincerely want us to be a good beautiful couple in the future. I want to get into your strong arms and surround you with care and love. I always send you virtual kisses at the end of the letter. I want to finally kiss you in reality, not in the virtual world.
I would like to fall asleep in your arms to wake up from your warm breath. Inhaling your scent, so fresh and warm, with my nose buried in your neck. I wake up from your kiss, so gentle, warm and morning.
I'd like to put your shirt back on, soak up your masculine scent on my ***** body and go cook a delicious breakfast! I want to sing and dance with you to good music and generally just enjoy our closeness! I hope that this dream will soon become a reality.
It will be so romantic and enjoyable for both of us. I am grateful to fate that we met. This acquaintance is not accidental, because fate wanted our hearts to be together and beat in the same rhythm! Most recently I was a lonely girl who lacked love and affection, and now I'm thinking about meeting you, my beloved man!!
we will make a great couple!!!! I can feel it!!!
I'll send you my photos. They were made this summer on the beach because the summer was really hot this year. And also photos from the village when I was there last weekend. I also made a video for you. As for the tattoo, it's only temporary, I did it to ask you if it suits me? It was in honor of our love that I made such a water tattoo. But it will soon disappear, it only lasts for 2 weeks.
I am waiting for your quick response and your reciprocity. Your favorite woman, Angelina.
Letter 11
Hello, my love Richard!
Thank you for responding to me, I've been really waiting for your letter!
I smile when I receive your letter, and I started thinking about you so often, maybe I started getting used to you?! I need you, and I want you to always write to me!
Dear Richard, Thank you so much for your photo. I am pleased to receive your photos. you are my most beautiful man! and I am glad that I have such communication with you!
Yes, of course I completely agree with you that we are one step closer to our dream and I am sure that everything will be fine and we will be able to be together and make all our dreams come true, which we write about in a letter!!! Because we both want it!
I will find out everything about my journey to you today as soon as I finish my letter to you. Because I'll be able to write you everything in my message on the phone and we could talk more there. I am so glad that soon all our dreams that we write about in the letter will become reality and we will be happy with each other.
I'm an honest girl and I'm always honest with you.I have no secrets from you!!! Because you are exactly the man next to whom I will be happy and will be able to make you happy.
I so want to be near you, talk to you about us and, of course, touch each other! something tells me in my soul that we are made for each other, and we should meet and be together! I am sure that we will spend romantic time together, we will have wonderful nights of love and passion!
I haven't had a man for a long time and I really think about you every night before going to bed. How nice it would be to put my head on your shoulder, hug you tightly and fall asleep like a little child next to you. And in the morning when I wake up to see your face, give you a gentle kiss and the day will begin with our smiles to each other.
only a real meeting will strengthen us and give us direction for the future, and we must take this step together on the way to each other! I take my intentions to meet you very seriously, I think about it every day!!! I wake up and fall asleep thinking about you and how wonderful it would be to be together! let's make this dream come true and enjoy it!?
I will finish my letter and hope to get your answer soon!
I'll send you my photos from home again. I hope you like them? Maybe some kind of special?
I'm waiting for your answer, I kiss you on juicy lips and hug you!
your lovely woman Angelina.
Letter 12
Good evening, my dear Richard. Now I can write you more about my journey to you. I was at a travel agency today and I have a good friend working there. I knew all about my journey to you. I have no problems now at this time to go to you and I am very happy about it. I will travel to you as a tourist on a tourist visa for 30 days. I will receive my visa at the embassy of your country in my city 1 day before my flight to you. I will be able to write you the details of my flight in a letter as soon as I make full payment for my trip to you.
I also knew the cost of my trip to you. Tickets Alma -Ata - Oslo and back 881 euros, I will have to pay a consular fee of 30 euros, medical documents and insurance 120 euros, visa 60 euros. The total cost of my trip to you is 1091 euros. In the beginning, I have to pay this amount to a travel agency and then all my documents will begin to be done. They will be made within 5-7 working days and then I will be able to travel to you.
I have to tell you that I didn't think that the cost of my trip to you would be so big. I'm very upset right now because I don't have that kind of money. I just don't know what to do and immediately texted you. I hope that together we can do everything to meet us. I want to make all our dreams come true, which we write about in a letter... I'm really sad and I want to be with you
Letter 13
Hello my love and my sweet and beautiful man Richard!!!
I'm glad to get your letter! I was not really in the mood, but when I saw your letter , my mood has risen!
Dear Richard, You don't have to ask me for an apology to write to you here. I have no problem writing to you here so that you can read more conveniently. I just didn't know it and texted you about it all at once on the phone. Of course I'm not mad at you for that!!! Don't worry about it at all!
You also mean a lot to me and I am sure that you and I will be able to create a wonderful couple and be together all our lives. There will always be only great love and understanding in our couple!!!
Now, as for my trip to you, I can write you more that I learned today and immediately write to you about it.
Unfortunately, I can't take out a loan because I already have a loan. I took it 2 years ago to make a kitchen in my mom's apartment and now I have to pay it for another 1 year to fully cover all expenses and only then I will be able to take out a loan.
I also found out from my friend about you buying a ticket for me. She told me that if you buy me tickets, then I have to get another visa and I will have to wait and prepare this visa within 1 month. And I want to rest with you all my holidays for 30 days and be with you all the time.
I understand that you will reimburse all my expenses. But I just don't have the finances right now to pay for my trip to you and be near you! This is a big problem!
If you could help me with 1091 euros now, then I could pay everything at once to the travel agency and all my documents and visa would be ready for you in 5-7 days. I hope we can do everything to be together! I don't want to miss the opportunity to meet you during my holidays!!! Because I love you very much and I want to be with you!
I think about you every day and long to see you my eyes to reality!
you know yesterday I had a dream that we met and on our faces was joy and happiness..
we talked and laughed ... you said you love me and want to build a life with me!
I gladly answered you in return..... then the first time we kissed and I woke up early this morning and decided not to sleep.
how wonderful it would be to wake up together from the same bed and then have a delicious breakfast, we could feed each other and kiss! it was so romantic! I will cook delicious breakfasts for you! what do you like to eat for breakfast?
I'm sure when we are together taking each other by the hand let's go down the street of your city, your friends will envy you..
I am serious about our meeting ! I'm in love with you and I want in reality I can be with you!
I am tender and kind , cheerful and sociable , You'll feel it when I'm sitting on your lap!
I feel that with you I'll be a happy lady!!!!
if you really want to see me , we need something to do! I will pray and think only good!!!! I'm sending you a lot of photos from my life again) which photo did you like the most?
I kiss you and waiting for your answer soon .
your sweet and beautiful Angelina.
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