Scam letter(s) from Raziyam to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Good Day To You, I am Raziyam. 30, but I don''t meet, man of my dreams in real life. I hink its will be fantastic to know you better. We can start it from exchange with our e-mails. Hope, you have a good day! I am good, because I can write, this letter to you! Okeh, And what about you? I thin this is not easy to find future husband with whom i can be happy and have good family. Friends thinking about me, that I am sociable girl. I have many friends in my life, but they are only friends. I am looking for a my lovely. I have many hobbys. We can speak about our interests and more, if you will send me letter. I will attach my picture, hope you will like my pic. But i belive it good! I''m lovely, girl with calm character. I''m single woman and i''m open for be with right man. I can send to you my photos and i will wait your answer. I''m serious female with serious mentions to find serious relationship. If you want the same please write. I will wait.
Interested? Please write ONLY to my regular mail box:
Please write me back soon! I will be wait your letter.
Letter 2
Nice to receive your letter. I was thinking about whether you would write to me or not. I ask you to forgive me for giving you my answer just now, I had a lot of work and could not answer.
I'm glad you haven't forgotten about me.
My name is Raziyam. I ask you to forgive me that I did not immediately write you my correct name, as a dating site often uses a pseudonym.
That's what I used, because I wasn't sure that you would be interested in me. I also apologize for someone else's photo on the Dating-Portal.
So, a little bit about me. Now I am 30 years old. My birthday is 06.07.1992. I am a serious and decent woman. I was born and live in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.
Therefore, I also want to find a good man for myself directly for a serious relationship. I understand that you are a little older than me.
But I don't think that the age difference is an important factor in the relationship between a man and a woman.
Because men are smarter and more experienced with age and I would be happy to live with such a man. age is not the main thing for me...
My height is 172 sm. My weight is 60kg. My favorite flowers are white lilies. My favorite color is pink. Since pink color matches the color of my eyes eyes.
And I hope you will see the color of my eyes in my photos that I am sending you. I have no bad habits. I am single and have never been married. I don't have children, but I really want to.
I have a calm character. I live alone, apart from my parents. I am an independent woman and used to do many things myself in this life.
I have the opportunity to write letters to you only at work, since I do not have Internet access at home. I can write to you every day except the weekend.
I work in a cafe, as a cook. I really like my job, I have dreamed of becoming a cook since childhood. I think this is the very first thing you wanted to know about me...
if you are interested in me, then I will write you more about myself in the following letters. ok ?
Can you tell me more about yourself? Where do you work? What is your profession ? What are your interests in life ?
Why are you looking for dating on the Internet? What exactly is important to you in a woman? What do you expect from dating a woman?
I would like you to answer my questions sincerely. I love sincerity and truth. Whatever it is.
I'm really interested in learning about you. So write to me. I'll be waiting.
I hope that my letter will be clear to you.
You can ask any questions. I will answer them without any problems. ok ?
I have attached my photo to the letter so that you have a first impression of me.
I hope you like me, because I'm interested in you.
I'm waiting.
Letter 3
I am very glad to receive your letter. I've been looking forward to your letter.
How are you? How is your day going? I hope it's good.
I want to tell you right away that I'm only looking for a solid relationship. Flirting and friendship don't interest me. I have a lot of friends. And I need love.
I like calm, serious, honest and fair men. A man I can love. A man who will love me with all his heart.
What do you think? Can you be my man? Or not? I think that you and I will find out in the future...
I understand that you are concerned about why I am writing to you from another country. That's why I want to be completely sincere with you.
I have met some men here, but they have all deceived me or offended my feelings.
I watched on TV, read in magazines and watched an article on the Internet that in other countries marriage is a very serious step in life.
There are still such qualities of men as decency and honesty in relationships. I hope so.
Because the men I met before had a different opinion. As soon as the conversation for the family began, they lost interest in the relationship.
I understood that they needed only *** and nothing more. They were afraid of serious relationships.
I am writing to you because I hope that you are brought up differently, and you are not like other men.
As you understand, I was born and live in Kazakhstan. a city called Shymkent.
I've never been to other countries, but I've always wanted to get to know the culture and traditions of other countries. I got a good education.
I graduated from the Higher Medical College of Shymkent. By profession, I am a pharmacist.
Back in school, I learned foreign languages! when I entered college, my knowledge of my language got better! I can speak German fluently and a little English.
My grammar is worse, but I just need to remember what I was taught. And everything will be fine.
But now I realized that my career did not bring me happiness.
My career has become the reason why I still don't have a beloved man around.
I decided to change my outlook on life because my future is more important. I believe I made the right decision.
Sincerely, Raziyam!
Letter 4
Thank you for your letter. How are you? I hope it's okay. Last week, I had quite hard days at work.
I usually work without any schedule. Sometimes I have hard days. On such days I get little rest.
But now I'm glad at least that I can read letters from you. This is good...
I would really like us to have a solid relationship based on love and trust.
I am not afraid of our relationship And I believe that there is no problem for you and me to continue dating.
I will try to tell you more about me and my family. I hope it will also be interesting for you...
As I told you, I was born in the city of Shymkent, my parents also live here.
I try to visit them on weekends and in my free time.
My mom's name is Nadya. My mom is now retired and doing housework. Mom teaches me everything she can.
My dad's name is Andrey. He works as a truck driver. Dad is often not at home because he needs to go on business trips.
My parents taught me to respect kindness and honesty in people.
I also like the cleanliness and comfort in the house. I'm good at cooking.
Ask me and I will also tell you more about me. What else do you want to know about me?
I am giving you my photo, I hope you will like it and you will also leave me yours!
Your friend Raziyam!
Letter 5
Thank you for your letter. It's getting really interesting to receive emails from you.
How's your day? I am also happy to receive your letter today.
Correspondence with you gives me a lot of joy.
I was very pleased to look at you! You gave me a beautiful photo!
You are very beautiful and I am very glad that I can see you!
I would be very grateful if I could see your photos more often.
I can love Konencho, but it seems to me that it's too early for us to discuss such things, since we are still very little acquainted!
Today my friend Dasha came to work for me.
We have been friends with her since childhood. This is my very best friend. I told her about our acquaintance. I think you don't mind?
She was very happy for me. Because she is already married and already has a little daughter.
We agreed to have a pajama party this weekend and watch movies until we decided what we would watch, but we are constantly thinking about it.
Do you like movies? what genre? Do you like going to the theater? I like to watch movies.
How do you like to relax? What did you do on your last vacation ? I really love nature.
Every year I tried to take a vacation from work for the summer.
But in the last few years I have so much work that I have to take a vacation as soon as I have free time.
So now I don't have to choose, I take a vacation when my job allows it. Now I do not know how soon I can rest.
But while I'm at work and writing to you, I'm getting to know you even better and closer. I think it's important for us!
I'm sorry if I don't always answer all your questions. Don't think that I ignore them or don't understand you.
I always try to answer all your questions. But since I'm writing to you from work and I have a limited amount of time.
Sometimes, I may not have time to answer all the questions. And if I don't answer something important to you, you just remind me. ok???
I do not know when you will read my letter. In the morning? Or in the evening?
But I will hope that my letter always brings you a good mood!
Tomorrow, I'll find out
Your Raziyam!
Letter 6
I am glad to receive your letter.
It really makes a smile on my face today. I've been thinking about you.
I do not know how to explain it, but I felt that I would receive your letter today.
Maybe because I've been in a good mood all day today. How are you? How is your mood?
I wouldn't say that I liked to go to restaurants, it was my friends' birthday and she invited me to a restaurant. I have very little free time to walk around the cafe.
I want to explain to you why I couldn't find a man for the future before.
The main reason is the work that takes a lot of time. But I can't say that I was deprived of male attention.
I've had meetings with men, but it wasn't serious. These men were afraid of a serious relationship or just weren't ready for it.
They are lazy and alcohol abusers. Because many men are addicted to drinking a lot of alcohol and pouring their own shortcomings with it.
A serious relationship with such a man can never be good. I hope you don't abuse alcohol?
I don't drink, I don't smoke. Only on a holiday do I allow myself to drink a glass of good white wine.
I don't mind if a man drinks alcohol. But it should be in moderation, because I don't want to quarrel over alcohol.
I want the man next to me to always be happy and in a good mood, without alcohol. And I will try to do everything for this.
I'm ready to kiss, hug him constantly. If only it would make him happy. I want us to enjoy each other's love, passion and tenderness every day.
This is happiness!!!!
I am interested in learning about your hobbies and interests.
For example, I like cycling and jogging. It helps me keep my body in shape, sometimes I take a one-time subscription to the gym when it's cloudy outside.
I love going to the forest, picking mushrooms and berries, my mother tied me to this, berries and mushrooms are useful, and it is also useful to be outdoors. Away from exhaust gases and industrial gases.
I also like to cook various dishes. Of course, this is oriental food, such as pilaf or chicken Beshbarmak!
Have you heard of such food? I'll treat you at our first meeting. I can also cook food as you wish.
What do you like to eat? This is interesting for me.
Today I wanted to give you my phone number. So you and I could call and text each other.
I don't really like to correspond on the phone, because it's inconvenient for me.
I like to speak and hear the voice more. Could you leave your number? I am happy to call you and hear your voice.
I will be waiting for your photo and your response tomorrow.
Your Raziyam!
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