Scam letter(s) from Angelina Kashkina to Brandon (Canada)

Letter 1
Of course I can write to you the cost of my trip to you is $1,580. I have my money also 600 dollars. If you can help me with $980, then I can pay for my trip to you and meet you.
Of course I have my bank account. I get my salary from him.
I think about you every day and long to see you my eyes to reality!
you know yesterday I had a dream that we met and on our faces was joy and happiness..
we talked and laughed ... you said you love me and want to build a life with me!
I am serious about our meeting ! I'm in love with you and I want in reality I can be with you!
I am tender and kind , cheerful and sociable , You'll feel it when I'm sitting on your lap!
I feel that with you I'll be a happy lady!!!!
if you really want to see me , we need something to do! I will pray and think only good!!!! I'm sending you a lot of photos from my life again) which photo did you like the most?
I kiss you and waiting for your answer soon .
your sweet and beautiful Angelina
Letter 2
I'm sorry that I immediately you never responded...
Of course I have my passport! I will be able to get my visa only when I can pay the entire cost of my trip to you and have my tickets. Only then will I be able to get a visa.
As for the cost of the trip, $1,580. I thought it was exactly the same as in your country. This price includes all the money I need to be able to travel to you and be near you! I won't need any more money for my journey to you!!! I don't have to have any more money when I travel to you!!! I found out all about it!
Of course you can call me Angie when we meet each other. You can call me that now.
Tell me do you have a Whatsapp program on your phone? Then write me your phone number and there we can discuss everything about our meeting faster!!! I hope you have it and you write me your number in your next email!
each day with thoughts of you , how I would like now to feel you to kiss you in your neck and cheeks!!!!
I just want to be with you and all , now it's my dream!!!! I believe in my dream that it will come true!!!!!!!
I am thankful that she has joined us in this world and soon all of our dreams to become in reality!!!!
please treat me like a lady , as I'm truly in love with you and I wish that everything was fine!!!!
know always that there is a beautiful and sweet girl Angelina, which descends on you crazy!!! you're in my heart!!!
please answer me soon , I'll wait for your answer... your sweet Angelina
Letter 3
Hope you have a good day today? I'm doing well because I can read your letter and talk to you about us more.
I can't understand you, I wrote to you yesterday in my letter that the cost I indicated to you was $1,580!!! Do you understand now? This turns out to be 2,150 Canadian dollars!
Yes of course I will send you a copy of my passport to you in a letter.
Why don't you also text me your Whatsapp phone number? So we can discuss everything quickly on the phone and that's it. I've been asking you for this for a long time, and you keep ignoring it! Why?
Now I have to finish my little letter. I hope for a quick response from you. I'll send you my photos as usual.
Your favorite girl Angelina
Letter 4
I have written you the total amount of my journey to you. But I can also write you everything in detail. Round-trip tickets cost $1,380, medical documents and insurance $ 140, visa $ 80, consular fee $ 50. Yes, of course I already have my passport and it's not a problem at all!
I called the embassy and found out all about my trip to you. I don't need any money with me!!! This is all the money I have to pay and I don't need anything else to travel to you. I hope that now you understand me in this completely?
I have my holidays very soon and I have to plan all this. Tell me will you be able to help me so that we can meet each other and make all our dreams come true that we write about in a letter?
Now I have to finish my letter and wait for an answer from you. I'll send you my photos as usual.
Your favorite girl Angelina.
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