Scam letter(s) from Elana Pavlucheva to Ed (USA)

Letter 1

I am very glad to welcome you today again the letter, my remarkable Eddie. For me as well as for you there was full unexpectedness such succession of events for us recently. But I think, that when two persons so strongly feel and want something it is quite normal reaction for them. Many thanks to you for fine images of you, at you beautiful eyes. My love, is very a pity to me, that I could not cause you when I spoke you. But I shall do it on Tuesday about 15 hours on our time. I am very glad, that you have shown any interest in bringing me in you. I do not know as to thank you for it, that you do there for me. I very much would not like to see you in the person soon. Unfortunately I have no any means to help you to transfer me though I very much would want it. If I had such opportunity, then I tomorrow would make everything to begin movement. But it is not possible, as I have no means for this purpose. So you our last hope for our long-awaited meeting. Though now it is finally clear what few to have only one desire and strong feeling, even to meet. The life for some reason constantly prepares us for any difficulties through which we taste to move. Also I do not know whence at me in last days such strong confidence that all of us can pass through it undertakes. As it is a pity also, that I have no wings behind the back. Otherwise I could fly right now to you through mountains, woods and ocean to meet you, my angel. In fact I do not see for myself anything more perfectly, than to feel you beside. But we are divided still with set of kilometers, unfortunately. I should struggle constantly now with myself to continue to move in it a direction. In fact on the one hand this huge desire of our meeting and the happy future, and with another not ability to provide it for us. That is the compelled position to ask it from you, my lovely. That causes in me some contradictions with my principles and outlooks on life. In fact it is the big step for me to ask any money from you now when we did not meet at all to time before. But it is more and more sure that it remains now unique chance for us. Though would be more correct, that I provided all, and from you had only the consent for this purpose. I ask to forgive you, my lovely if I force you to strain much with all last letters and ideas. But I think, that it would be interesting to you to know, that occurs in my heart and soul now. Also it is always ready to trust you all the most expensive and secret, that at me is. And that you have a little relaxed I has baked to you the firm pie, but it is not a pity that you can try it personally. And very much I expect nevertheless, that I shall do once it for our supper for a dessert. All of you continue to answer me and to give so much a lot of happiness with it for me and my heart.
All with the greater love and hope. Your and not whose is more Oksana.
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