Scam letter(s) from Maria to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1
I hope now is a good time to get to know each other. and my greeting will accompany us happiness and good mood for this day. Why is there such a mood? I would like to go to a cafe now. have a cup of tea and just meet a new person in my life. to make a difference in life. My name is Maria. If you are interested in me, I will be happy if we try our communication. I wish you a pleasant day and good mood. I am looking forward to your reply.
Letter 2
Hello Wayne. the last time I wrote you a letter. I was afraid that you would not answer me. Today when I opened the mail and saw your letter, I felt how fast my heart was beating. excitement, experience, slight shock, stress. that's what I'm experiencing right now. I was afraid that you would not give me an answer. but now when I see your letter.
I understand that we are interested in each other. I'm sure you want to know about my location. my city HROMTAU is small compared to other cities in my country. and I can say that I am a provincial. I am a simple ordinary woman, my nationality is Kazakhstan. my body parameters: 167 cm - height, 57 kg - weight. I believe that these are average parameters for an ordinary woman of my age. today I will not tell you about my age. let it be a little mystery. and i want you to say how old i am when you look at my photo. Tomorrow I will tell you my birthday and when I was born. (Let it be an easy intrigue for you - a mystery). Wayne in communication with you, I want to find a man for myself. with whom I can arrange a good long-term relationship. I want to remove my loneliness. I'm looking for a simple, kind-hearted man. with which I can connect my life in the future. I hope you are looking for the same. at the end of my letter. I want to ask you one thing. show me a little respect. I will be glad to see your answer anyway. even if you give me a negative answer to our communication. I will be pleased. Even if you did not like my photo or my letter could not interest you, then write to me honestly about it. And then I won't bother you with my messages anymore. I will be looking forward to your reply. Hope you answer me soon. Have a good day! Maria.
Letter 3
Hello Wayne. I am pleased to see your letter, your answer. and I will be glad to continue our acquaintance, communication.
I thought that today, when I open your letter. I will see your photo. But you still prefer to remain a mystery to me. I like to learn about your life. I see and understand that you are hardworking and that's just fine. First of all, I want to solve a little mystery about my age. I was born on December 27, 1987. now i hope you can do the calculation of my age correctly. as you know, I was born in winter. and this is the most pleasant time of the year. winter - closes all the flaws of nature, and gives a snow-white look. bitter cold, and just a lot of snow. That's very beautiful.
My city is called HROMTAU. If you want, you can find more information about my city, it is located in Kazakhstan. as I told you before. I'm looking for a man for a permanent, strong relationship. which are full of strength, reliability, mutual understanding. and I think these are fundamental moments of the well-being of family life.
I'm not looking for a prince on a white horse. but I'm looking for a man for the heart and I just want love.
maybe I'm naive, but I believe that love still exists in this world. Every person has a chance to find happiness.
We don't know each other very well yet, so it's too early to draw any conclusions, but who knows what lies ahead for us, right (smile)? I am a simple girl with a down-to-earth outlook on life and I have some life experience, so I want to have a reliable, faithful, honest and kind man next to me. If I find such a man, I will give him my heart forever and be his most devoted companion in life. It's just hard to talk about myself and I don't know how to do it. I'll tell you about my profession. one day my mother brought me home from kindergarten and started cooking dinner. was distracted and didn't make time for me. scissors and a mirror appeared in my access area. I went to the mirror and decided that I needed to change my haircut. in the end, I trimmed my bangs crookedly. result: parents were in tears but with laughter.
and for me later served as the beginning of my professional career. I work in a beauty salon - a master hairdresser. I am mainly based on women's service, but I also know how to do men's haircuts. Wayne, interestingly, your profession also gave you a choice since childhood. Or are you working in a job that you don't like? I'm sure you are wondering. why am i alone? I met my last man for 3 years and lived together. at one point during the crisis he lost his job. and couldn't find myself. started playing cards and slot machines. as a result, he simply got into big debts. and at one point did not return home. after that, his body was found a week later. The police said it was an accident. but everyone said that he was killed for debts. very sad moment, but that's life. and there are big disappointments in life. I've been without a man for 2 years now. I have no children and have never been married. after this connection, I no longer had a serious relationship. We were dating for 1 night. but the men of my country have changed. and begin to think that after 1 dinner, they can drag a woman into bed. I did not want this. so I was just disappointed in the men of my country. and decided to try communication with you from another country. why not? I will be able to learn the life and culture of your country, mentality and communication. just expand my worldview. maybe in the future we will decide to get to know each other more and even meet. Well, now you have read my letter, and you know a little more information about me. I hope that our views on life coincide. Let me know if that's the case. Unfortunately, it's time to finish my letter, because it is already quite large. But I will be waiting for your answer with great impatience. Please take the time to give me an answer because this is very important to me. Have a good day! Maria.
Letter 4
Hello Wayne interesting, unusual, but nice to meet a new day. I see your letter again and I understand that we are showing interest in each other. and want to get to know you more. I think you will be pleased to see my smile on my face when I read your letter. American football - rugby? This sport is not developed in my country. And I know very little about him. Baseball doesn't either. Basically in my country - judo, boxing. The people of my country are steppe people, and love power sports. Football and hockey are poorly developed in our country. Gymnastics, athletics. Today, however, it is very difficult for me to speak and remember this moment in my life. Every person is born with parents. but life is different. I can say that we had a full-fledged family. but sadness came to our house when I was 10 years old. my parents are ordinary people. Mom worked at a factory, and dad worked on a collective farm. he was an ordinary tractor driver, a peasant. he had a "free" soul. he knew how to drink, but he tried to come home quietly. so that we never see that he is *****. and he worked very hard to try to support us. when sowing took place in the spring, and harvesting at the end of the summer. Dad worked all day. unfortunately, over time, the equipment on the collective farm was already becoming old, and the collective farms were beginning to go bankrupt. Dad was at the wheat harvest. and he was already turning the haystack with the tractor. the mechanism jammed and dad went to clean the hay with a pitchfork. I don't know what went wrong. but it was twirled along with the stack of straw. I remember how the entire collective farm, all the tractors and cars came to our house and saw off dad on his last journey. it was very difficult. Mom lost her meaning in life for one month. and the good thing is that friends and relatives tried to help and support my mother. a month later she understood that she had to live for us and was able to return. Over time, the pain subsided and time healed. but still, on the anniversary - the day of dad's death, mom lights a candle every time, remembers him and cries. These are tears of sadness and longing. Wayne Since then, our family has been left without a man in the family. and we missed dad's hand in the house. but still my mother tried to do everything so that I would receive a good upbringing and be an exemplary girl at school. I am grateful to my mother for the fact that she tried to help me in everything. Thanks to her, I graduated from high school with good grades. Later I graduated from the University (Physics - Faculty of Mathematics) with good grades. but my education was useless. because I have a regular job. and for me hairdressing is my life. I can work anywhere. even on the edge of the planet. I just need scissors and a comb. during my studies at the university,
I already tried to work in a hairdressing salon for half a day. Thus, I was already preparing the ground for myself to work. but I'm glad that my fate turned out this way. and now when we are communicating with you. I am also sure that fate knowingly introduced us. I would like to believe that our dialogue will continue to develop just as well. And maybe something more than just a virtual dialogue will come out of this. For my part, I promise you that I will do my best to make our dialogue interesting for you. And I will tell you about my life in every letter, and I will not forget to send new photos (smile). Unfortunately, I don't have a computer at home, so I write my letters at work. I am using a work computer for this. I'm sorry that I can't write more often, I just have only one break from work during which I write letters to you. As soon as I have the opportunity. I will immediately try to write you my letter.
Sorry, I think today my letter came out sad. but still I think you should know about my family and how I live. now I will leave. but I will be looking forward to tomorrow. to see your answer. I wish you a nice day and good mood. Maria.
Letter 5
Hi Wayne! I am glad to see your letter. every day it is important for me to receive your letter! I love this feeling! It is hard and painful to lose loved ones. but when they go to another world. we must think that there they find happiness and peace. time will heal, but we continue to live. It's nice that your brothers and sisters try to take care and visit you. This is the most pleasant. I see that you are asking about pets. I love both dogs and cats. I'm actually afraid of dogs. But my friends tell me When I get pets. Then my fear will disappear. Every new day, I try to start with a pleasant mood. And for this, a healthy breakfast helps me. I wake up early at 6 o'clock, or at 6:30. brush your teeth and take a contrast shower (cold/hot). Helps me wake up every morning. And then work on yourself begins. I can say that I'm an early bird. (smile). Cooking porridge (millet, rice, oatmeal, semolina) with milk is like a healthy diet, and delicious aromatic tea.
With the addition of delicious herbs collected from the fields. What we collect from my mother in the village.
As you can see, I try to support a healthy diet. I try to study different cuisines of the world. And I look at different recipes. But I can't always do it (smile). You should always try something different. Then life becomes more interesting. I believe that in the future I will cook delicious food for you! I hope, you like it. do you have favorite dishes? Tidying up: creating the perfect image, beauty. It is too long. But if I come to work ****. Then the boss can do a fine for me. Because she speaks. That we are the face of our barbershop. Therefore, we must always look beautiful. My working day starts at 9 o'clock. It takes me 15-20 minutes to get to work by public transport.
Or 1 hour walk. Wayne I think that I have no bad habits. I don't smoke and I don't drink. only just on holidays, a little champagne or a glass of red wine. I normally treat people who have bad habits. it is the choice of each person. But only for people to control themselves during the holidays. Then this is the right rest. I also want to say a little about my childhood. when dad died, it became difficult in the family without a man. And then we started doing housework with my mother. Yes, this tragedy for our family rallied my mother and me even more. My parents raised me in the strictness of justice. as a child, I was often upset, but when I became an adult, my parents and I became like best friends. spring, summer and autumn we worked a lot in the garden. and in winter they just enjoyed jam, or various preservatives that we prepared during this time. We went to the forest a lot, collected the gifts of the forest: herbs, berries, mushrooms. dad taught me to distinguish good mushrooms from bad ones. but over time, I still went to the forest less. Living in the countryside is easier. You don't have to dress nice. Less fuss and problems. Perhaps that is why my mother chose this life when she retired. and now she is enjoying the fresh air and getting joy in life. Children in the village ride bicycles, walk until late in the evening. Now I remember this time with pleasure and nostalgia covers me. Sometimes I want to go back to my childhood. Do you remember childhood? Wayne, I like to communicate with you, and I look forward to your letters every day. Our dialogue is very interesting, and it begins to seem to me that I am drawn to you. Unusual feeling, but quite pleasant.
It is important for me that our dialogue is enjoyable for both of us, so we must be open with each other.
My thoughts and feelings are always open to you, I hope that this is mutual. I'm tired of loneliness, so I'm ready to devote myself to a new relationship. I want to be happy, like every person on earth. Everyone has their own happiness. My happiness is love! I would like to thank you for your letters. They made my life more interesting! I wish you a pleasant day and I will wait for your answer. Maria.
Letter 6
Hi Wayne how nice it is to be distracted from this world for at least 5-10 minutes. and just immerse yourself in communication with you. and it makes me feel better. even if people are walking around, I just don't feel them. and I don't want to see or hear them. I just enjoy our communication. Now I'm just fascinated by our communication. I want to ask how your day is going, and how your mood is. I hope all is well. I read your letter about a childhood accident on the ice with excitement and emotion. But your father was willing to give his life just for you to live. I have never experienced this and I don't want to experience it. This is a very difficult moment. Thank God that everything was fine with you. Recently, I had a case that was like 8 years ago. when I first came to the hairdresser and cut the clients' hair.
I had been working for half a year and I was trusted to do my own haircuts without supervision. at one point a woman came to me who drives a cool car and dresses in the fashion of the 21st century. kept pace with the times. not like me. (sadness). I felt flawed at that moment. when I cut and styled her hair. phone didn't ring. she, not paying attention to me, began her movement, and I cut off her extra strand of hair. at this point she began to tantrum. and I didn't know what to do. it’s good that the boss was at the hairdresser’s and was able to resolve this conflict. and my hands were shaking after that. as a result, I could not work all day and was afraid to touch my hair, to work. as I remember now, this feeling. and recently, by chance, I also made the wrong hand movement. and made a mistake. which I was able to fix. Of course, I admitted my mistake and apologized for the oversight delivered.
and it was easier for me. Wayne, this time I did as my mother taught me. she always told me if she made a mistake, be able to admit it and give explanations, apologies. and then people will be more adequate. I want to ask you. and when you make mistakes, do you know how to make adequate actions? make gestures of forgiveness and find a compromise?
I think this is an important question for me today. but I'll be just as happy if you tell me about your missteps in the work. maybe they also appeared by chance? now I will leave. I want to wish you a nice day and good mood. but most of all I will wait for the opportunity.
to see your letter again. Maria.
Letter 7
Hello Wayne! Today when I see your letter I again feel that I have a smile on my face. I begin to understand that even if I am busy at work, then I have moments when I think about you. And I ask myself the question, what are you doing now. and how is your day. It's nice to see that you know how to make mistakes, correct them. That you know how to take responsibility into your own hands and make your decision. You appreciate the work of people. I would like to share with you my dreams now. I don't know how interesting it will be for you. I have always wanted to find a man with whom I will spend my whole life. Find my soul mate. My past relationship ended through no fault of mine because I was betrayed to the very end, but it ended. And now I would like to meet the love of a lifetime. If need be, I will wait for such love until the very end of my days. you know, I want to tell you now openly. that you are becoming a close person to me. I feel that I can talk to you about everything that I think. and you support our dialogue. Wayne I told you before that I don't look at appearances. I see what kind of inner world we have. and I understand that it is easy for me with you. I need a man with whom I can feel safe. who will look after me as a woman. give flowers, say nice words, open the door, and just be in joy and happiness. in sadness and pain. at every moment of life. I don't need an egotist, or a man on the cover of a magazine, I just want to be happy. and I am ready to do everything to make my other half happy. I'm just tired of loneliness and I want to feel male care and support. Wayne I don't want to scare you, but now I tried to tell you my criteria for my man. and I look at our communication. I think that we are suitable for each other. I really want to ask you. What do you think? What parameters, criteria should a woman have in order to be close to you? I'm worried now, but I want to see your letter. know your thoughts. I will leave now, but I will wait for your answer. nice day for you, nice mood. Maria.
Letter 8
Hi Wayne. I think for a long time how I can describe my mood. And it seems to me that this is the mood I have been getting in recent days. When I see your letter. I am in a good mood. I was very pleased to see your opinion and criteria about the woman you are looking for. I will consider your thoughts as well. You are right, mutual understanding and respect, that's what should be for each other. I think you are looking at my photo, and you should understand everything. I remember how last year I went with my friend to the cultural park. And we just dedicated the whole day for cultural recreation. I'm looking at this photo. What an explosion of emotions I had. And we just walked around and acted like kids. And I want us both to put aside all worries, all the sad moments now. And they could just think. Say Wayne would you invite me to the amusement park. We could buy this cotton candy, go on a carousel ride, eat ice cream. And just scream like children and enjoy your vacation. sit on a bench, throw sunflower seeds and watch how pigeons gather in a flock and eat it all. and if you manage to get this moment. then feed the pigeons with your hands. Tell me, have you ever had such a moment in your life? I wonder if you imagine these pleasant moments of spending time with me? I'm not always like this. but now when we get to know you. It seems to me that I miss the weekend, and I just want to spend time culturally. Recently, my lifestyle has become one: work - at home, work at home. sometimes after work I allow myself to take evening walks. when I have a freer day and if I didn't have a lot of work. but it doesn't happen that often. Wayne today I showed you my side of relaxation, how I want to relax. I think that next time, I'll tell you that I have a bad day and a bad mood. I want you to know me from any side. I hope you don't make a fright in this. now I wish you a pleasant day and a good mood. Maria.
Letter 9
Hi Wayne. Start a new day for me with our communication. It becomes the most enjoyable. But most of all I noticed.
That I now try to come to my work earlier. To at least somehow see your letter faster. And feel you more. 'Cause I just think about you more. you become important to me. every day I learn more about you. and it gives me joy. I often think about you. imagine what you are doing right now. Wayne I want to tell you about myself, so that you get to know me more and more from different sides. After all, the more we know each other. The closer we get. You know, in my country there are 4 pronounced seasons. I love every period, spring, summer, autumn winter. But perhaps most of all I love summer. but winter also has its charms. in winter there is a lot of snow. white is my favorite color. But I rarely wear it. But the sadness is that it quickly becomes *****. So I try to wear different colors of clothes. Out of curiosity, what is your favorite color? When winter comes, it becomes so light all around, and these soft snowdrifts. Yes, it gets cold in winter. 30-35 degrees below zero. I love how the snow crunches under my feet when it's cold. And I want us to be in a snowy field for a moment. Where we could make a snowman, or throw snowballs at each other. Fall into a snowdrift. play in the snow with each other. it would be fun. wallow in the snow and rejoice in the fact that we are together. to enjoy life. And in the summer when all people are afraid of rain. I don't think he should be afraid. Wayne If it were to rain now and today. I would take your hand and lead you with me. We would take off our shoes and run barefoot through the puddles. Would love the rain. Yes, we would be wet but happy. And on our faces would be a nice smile. I feel one. I can say that I live. Because now when I look at my whole life. I can feel all the emotions of joy, experiences. And I want you to be able to experience all these emotions in the same way. And all I can say to you is, thank you for bringing me back to life. What can I feel again this happy period of life. You know, every year I get older and wiser. I feel. And I understand that life is very short. And I don't want to live my life alone. because it is important to have a loved one. to give all your happiness and love. I don't want to waste my life. I want to spend it with my man. I really hope it's you. I feel for you something more than a friend. you are important to me. I like you very much. I have a large share of romance, and I think that in order to reveal it, you contribute. I think that you will understand it. Wayne I want to say again that you have become important to me. I dream of being next to you. to get to know each other personally. I hope that now when you read my letter, you do not laugh at my naive words. I write you my thoughts. i wish you a good day. I will be waiting for your letter. Maria.
Letter 10
Hi Wayne. What are your plans for the weekend? What will you do? I'm going to visit my mom. To spend the weekend with her. Get a rest from the bustle of the city, but miss you. I think I'll be looking forward to Monday the most.
After all, then I can go to work and see your letter. yesterday when I came home in the evening. I had an interesting wish. I wanted to cook dinner for two. I confess that I have had such a desire for a long time. I don't want to be alone for a long time. but still, I wanted to cook dinner just for you and me yesterday. I remember my mother's words. Dad used to come home for lunch. he demanded from his mother, yes, he demanded dinner. to have food on the table. he spoke only one word: a woman should take care of the comfort in the house, cook for the whole family and cover the whole family with love. Only then will we live happily. Mom used to say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. when dad was hungry, it's better not to approach him. because he could just swear like that. and when he was full, then from a tough man, he turned into: daddy who loves his family. and was kind to everyone. Wayne, I'm wondering, when you are hungry, can you swear? how is your behavior? I don’t know how the mentality of your country will be, and how it is laid down in your country. but in our country it is accepted that a woman should cook for the family. but in families where a man loves his wife and children very much, he tries to help in cooking. and also comes up with an activity for children to help with cooking. when the whole family is interested in it, then this is the most pleasant thing. Dinner is tastier and everyone is happy. This is exactly what happens to my friends. and when I watch it, I just enjoy it. tell me, would you help me in cooking, or would I cook one meal for our family? with this interesting question, I will end my letter. and I want to wish you a pleasant mood for the rest of this day. Maria. P.S: I baked these pancakes (pancakes) in my mother's village. I'm sure if you tried them, you'd like them.
Letter 11
Hi Wayne. I think that if the weather is gray outside. I just don't notice it. because your letter brings me more joy than the sun in the last days. (smile). I see you had a good weekend. And I hope that you meet the new week with a pleasant mood. I am pleased to see that you are no longer looking for a woman for yourself. My mother gave me education. What for 1 man - 1 woman. And I don't need anyone else. And I'm glad that our fate introduced each other. I wonder what idea has developed about my country during our communication. I think the whole world has spoken before. that Kazakhstan is a man who drinks alcohol, rides a horse, sleeps in tents, and just aggressive people. but it seems to me that the world has recently changed the idea of ​​my country. I wonder when the weekend is. how you meet them with your friends. how do people greet them? it seems to me that the bulk of the country takes a few bottles of ****, meat and meet friends, spend the weekend with great fun and pleasant conversations. in my country it is almost the same for every third family. but it seems to me that there is another favorite activity for every second family in my country. It seems to me that every second family in my country has a bathhouse. a wooden building made according to old traditions - from solid logs of trees measuring 4 * 4 meters. There is a stone stove that is heated with firewood. yes, before steaming in such a bath, we heat the stove for half a day, carry water, fill the containers. but when we can bathe in this bath. then it is a great pleasure. it gets so hot, we throw hot water on the hot stones, and an oak or birch broom, slap ourselves on the body. Such baths are common in Finland, Russia, Kyrgyzstan. And I think it's a good tradition. Even when it's +30 degrees outside. It's very hot outside. We still heat the bath in the evening and go to warm up to high temperatures. This is not to be understood, but the soul and body simply require. Wayne, it's just a buzz. (smile). that's how I can call this feeling. when the body is very tired, and you come home, you can just fall asleep with a sweet dream. And you can say that the weekend was not in vain. but the most wonderful time when you enjoy the bath to the fullest is in winter. because there are big snowdrifts. and after you take a steam bath, you can run out into the street and jump into a snowdrift. wipe off the snow and just enjoy this moment. it is at this moment that hedgehogs begin to run around the body (smile). And this is a very strong stress for the body. but this is the most bliss. I don’t know if you have this and if you have been to the bathhouse. but I'm sure you'd love it. we have a tradition that a man walks with a woman in the bath. or women with daughters, and a man with sons. but I do not know if my mother would allow me to go to the bathhouse with you now or not. because she still has a strict character, and can say a weighty word that she can forbid. don't think badly about this moment. just respect and love for my mom, it's a strong feeling. Wayne I am ashamed to send you photos of my bathhouse. after the death of dad, we do not have enough man's hand in the house. and she is already starting to rot with us. maybe someday we will repair it and bring it into good condition. (it is necessary to change the floor, redo the stove so that it heats up properly and gives heat - without passing smoke.) I hope that you liked the traditions of my country, which we try to adhere to with my mother and friends every weekend. now I will leave. but I will be looking forward to your reply. Maria.
Letter 12
Hi Wayne I am pleased that you tried to tell your thoughts about who you are looking for for yourself. And how you want to live. And I understand more and more. That our fate knowingly introduced us to each other. You know, today I felt that I'm not quite keeping up with the times. and it seems to me that it is easier for me to live in past years, as my mother lived. even as it becomes sad. and want to ask. where is this world going and what will happen next. A girl came to me, she was 13 years old. she came and said that she wanted to get a little haircut, as well as hair coloring. she wanted with the addition of blue hair. I suddenly felt sad for this girl. and I asked to make a connection with her mom or dad. to hear their permission, that they let her dye her hair. I just decided to protect myself so that her mother would not come and start cursing. at this moment I remember myself, my friends at this age. how we also wanted to become more mature, and tried to dress beautifully or put on makeup. but hair coloring, we were not allowed to anyone. while this girl was sitting in line, she wasn't watching a magazine, she wasn't watching TV, she was just fiddling with her phone. it feels like the phone just swallowed it. and it's sad. I remember myself. how could we be on the street all day without being called home. we were even ready not to eat. so we don't have to stay at home. we jumped on elastic bands, played jumping on the asphalt, or just drew, played different ball games. and now there is no one on the street. children just sit at home, play computer or whatever. That's why I didn't buy a computer for my home. so that it doesn't consume me. but now I understand that this is an ideal option for our connection. Wayne, I want to ask you, tell me, in your country, too, children are absorbed in the computer. and they are less willing to help their parents? although in our country they are now trying to actively develop sports, I don’t know if this will work. But still, I hope that the children will change. I'm sorry, maybe at the moment I'm like a grumpy grandmother now. but I want to share my opinion.
in my work, of course, we discussed this girl for a long time. but we all hope that in the future she will find herself worthy, and everything will be fine with her. now I will finish my letter. Of course I want to see your opinion and that you tell about your country. How does all this happen to you? I wish you a nice day and good mood. Maria.
Letter 13
Hey Wayne. You know, in recent days, I have been thinking for a long time how I can show my feelings. I want us to be special to each other. and that we might call each other a pleasant word. which will characterize our inner state of mind. it was with you that I became mysterious, with you I began to feel like a woman. a feeling of care, joy, and just pleasure is manifested in me. when I see your letter, my heart is very pleased to beat. it is difficult to characterize. but there is a sense of romance. I want us to be with you now in the light of the moon, bright stars. I hope you can imagine this moment. how we are both tired after a whole day, and in the evening we meet, and with new strength, which gives us joy and bliss, we spend this evening. we walk along a small path, a path, holding each other's hand and feel how our hands burn from this touch. at one point, you can't stand it, you stop me, and press me to you. hugging your masculine, my fragile body with my hands. and gently hug me. this hug really holds us together, and allows us to feel each other even stronger. Wayne, we stand and enjoy how minute after minute passes. dark skies, bright stars and the bright light of the moon are falling on us. and it's just nice. we were counting the stars and discussing the shapes of the stars, and at one point we stopped. turning to face each other. and looked into our eyes. feelings of excitement went through our body, and we, as schoolchildren, did not know what to do. your hand gently rose to my face, cheek, and you stroked me, feeling the delicate skin. right at this moment, I think we will have this first kiss. I think we'll just be happy. Yes, this is very difficult for me. but that's how romance sings in my heart right now. and I want to feel you more, feel joy and enjoy this moment. I am very glad that you appeared in my life. And I'm still amazed at how much my life has changed because of you. I feel like a happy woman again. How little is needed for happiness! I like our virtual exchange of letters. But, at the same time, I understand that our meeting could replace hundreds and even thousands of letters. Yes, I'm starting to think about our meeting already. I like to dream about it. For some inexplicable reason, I trust you so much that I'm already thinking about meeting you. In your letters I have always seen only kindness, tenderness and deep respect for my person. Wayne, you have had a big impact on my life. Without exaggeration, my life has changed forever. I like how quickly our dialogue is progressing. We do not stand still, we only move forward. Fate gave me a great gift when I found you, because it is not so easy to meet such a noble and kind man like you. And you are very smart too!
But you yourself know about it. Your charm acts on me like a magnet (smile)! I'm drawn to you more and more. And there's nothing I can do about it. I can honestly say that you are the most interesting person I have ever met in my life. Perhaps you are the man I need. God, I'm already looking forward to our first romantic date. And don't let my words scare you. I just have a good feeling about our relationship. I'm sorry, maybe I say these words early. but I want to say now. today I want that we could have a new title for each other: you are my man, I am your woman. tell me it will be right? at the end of my letter, I figured out how I will say to you: my mysterious Wayne. now with the most pleasant thoughts about you, about this romantic moment. I will finish my letter. I wish you a pleasant mood. but most of all I will wait for your answer. Maria.
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