Scam letter(s) from Aruzhan Sarybala to Barry (USA)

Letter 1
Friends call me Aruzhan, Right now i am , I'm residing in Kazakhstan. I am quite a social gal who is seeking a committed and as well , loving gentleman, my personal better half. I was presented with your personal address in a a relationship organization of my location. Im merely attempting to get a sincere loving relationship, flirting around and love games are certainly not in my position. In the event that i caught your real awareness and simply connection far away is absolutely not just a concern for you personally, then why don't we move forward. If this is certainly an issue, simply dismiss my letter. I wish you an outstanding day as well as a great mood. I most certainly will look forward to your message together with your snapshot. Best regards, Aruzhan. You should respond to my contact email if perhaps you may have an interest:
Letter 2
hello, Barry:) How's your mood, how's your day?
I'm glad to receive your letter!
yesterday we couldn't have a good conversation and get to know each other! I have some questions for you, I want to know more about you as a person, about your hobbies, about your daily life. it will be lost if you don't give me much time and tell me about yourself! ok? :)
for me, this is the first experience of dating at a distance, I hope it will be the best and successful dating experience, in any case, I will even be glad, just a good pleasant communication:) I didn't make you a big video hello, I hope you like it!
in fact, I am a very modest, but curious girl :) I hope you won't be confused by my questions.
how old are you full?
where were you born and where do you live at the moment?
what do you do in your daily life?
where do you work, do you like your job?
have you been married, do you have children?
I apologize for my curiosity :)
I am a very versatile person and I have a lot of hobbies, we can talk about them! not much information about my identity :).I am 29 years old, my full name is Aruzhan, my friends call me Aru. I have been living in the city of Aktau for several years, this is one of the small cities of Kazakhstan, the city is not big and old, the population is not large, about 209,000 people. I moved here not so long ago, a few years ago, I used to live in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. have you heard of this city? Maybe you've heard that Ukraine is not very calm right now, that's why I had to leave it and go to Kazakhstan, as it was the most convenient and affordable option for my relocation! my grandmother lived here, but now she is no longer there and I am left alone. Here I work at an industrial enterprise, in the logistics and support department. Do you like to play sports or dance? I like dancing, jogging, the rest of the time I have other hobbies and interests, such as reading books, visiting theaters, museums, cinemas.
I have never been married and I have no children, at the moment I am actively searching for my soulmate ;) .
I want to create a strong and friendly family with a mature and experienced man, in a man I appreciate honesty, sincerity and justice!
it would be good if our interests coincided ..
Unfortunately, I have to finish my letter, I need to work :(
I will be glad to see your answer and hope that our acquaintance will develop further!
sincerely, your new friend Aru ;)*
Letter 3
hello, Barry ! how is your mood? I am very positive today, I started my day well and energetically :)
I want to wish you a good day! I hope your day will be bright and positive!
To be honest, I'm glad to continue our communication.
In the evening I thought a lot about our acquaintance, I had a lot of thoughts, I couldn't sleep. when a new person appears in your life, there is a great interest in this person! what do you think about it? are you interested in talking to me?
now I have some free time from work and I want to tell you about my interests , we need to get to know each other more in order to develop our acquaintance ! in my free time, I sometimes like to watch movies, I have several favorites, such as "1 + 1", "The Green Mile", and absolutely all comedies with Jim Carrey, I like him for his positivity! From music I listen to Vanessa Mae, Zaz and some contemporary artists. as I wrote to you in my last letter , I like to read books . I like authors like Stephen King , Honore De Balzac , one of the favorite works of this author " Shagreen Skin " . maybe it will be interesting for you to read them .
As for how I live, I live alone, because I am lonely, my relatives and relatives died in Ukraine. As I said, I had a grandmother here in Kazakhstan, she also died last year, but I don't want to talk about sad things! you can ask me. "Aruzhan, why are you looking for a person on the Internet?" ... well, I'll give you an honest answer. Barry, I don't like dating on the street, I don't go to noisy companies, that's why I decided to look for someone on the Internet, here in Kazakhstan I couldn't find a soul mate and a person who understands me well! probably because Kazakhstan is a foreign country for me, so I'm looking for a person in another country! I am looking for a serious person, someone who wants to have a long-term relationship, a good family, a stable life. I have never been to your country, but I have talked to people who have been to European countries, everyone told me that men from foreign countries are very serious, punctual, responsible, far-sighted. I appreciate these qualities. I want to see a man and a future husband with these qualities!
I want you to know that I like our age differences. I like the fact that you're older than me. Because I think that in a relationship a man should be older than a woman. This is my point of view. A more experienced man knows what he wants and knows more about life.
I am very serious in my intentions to find true love. My main dream is to find true love and have a serious relationship, to find the other half.
I think that now I have already taken a few steps towards my dream!?
I probably tired you with my conversations and stories! let's talk about you :)
how are you spending your day today? how is the weather in your city, what are your plans? is there something you want to tell me?
I will be glad to see your letter!
with respect, your new friend Aru :)*
Letter 4
hello, Barry:) *
what are you doing, what are your plans?
Barry I have a pleasant childish joy from our communication :)
communication with you gives me warmth and joy! what are your feelings?
to begin with, I want to wish you a good day, good mood :) :*
Barry, it seems to me that there is something romantic in our communication, it reminds me of one of the many books I have read....
You know, our life is so fast, I've always tried to be a good daughter for my mother, a good student at school, a good student at university, a good specialist at work. But I missed one thing in my life .... this is Love.
And now I really hope that I will find my love.
Because our life cannot be happy without love, without a loved one, without a family. This is very important! Do you agree with me?
In the future, I dream of having my own family, and I want it to be very strong and friendly. I think it is very important to have a strong and friendly family.
if you have a strong and friendly family, you feel that there are people behind you who love you, those who need you. It is very important. Do you agree with me?
today I have a lot of work, and after work I need to go shopping to buy some groceries. Today, I want to cook pizza. You love pizza .
I really like to cook to cook ..
what kind of cuisine do you prefer, what do you like to eat?
maybe you have some interesting recipes for me?
it will be interesting for me to conduct an experiment and cook something new!
I think we need to share more photos so that we can get more used to each other and not be shy! what do you think? it's even possible to exchange a video greeting, so we'll be one step closer!
I hope that we understand each other well ...
I need a dear and close person, someone who will support me in life, love, appreciate and respect, you seem to me a person with a kind heart, I hope I was not mistaken..
Unfortunately, I have to finish my letter to you, I have to work!
I will sincerely wait for your answer!
your Aru..
Letter 5
hello, my dear Barry! :)
how are you doing, how is your mood today? what are your plans for this day?
my day started today with a positive note, to be honest, my mood has been very good lately, it's all thanks to you! :)
When we communicate, I feel confident in you. I feel that you are honest and sincere with me.
I want our acquaintance and communication to be based on full trust!
I believe that trust is one of the most important requirements for a long-term relationship between a man and a woman. Relationships will be strong and strong if they are built on trust and mutual respect, what do you think about it?
what do you think about relationships, what is important to you?
I believe that in a relationship it is very important to respect each other and accept a loved one as a person and not try to change him. Because every person is an individual, with all the positive and negative qualities.
But also do not forget that it is important to look for compromises in a relationship.
If it turns out to find a compromise, it turns out to be easy to communicate on any topic, there is trust in each other, always honest and sincere, such a relationship will be happy!
What do you think about it?
I told you yesterday that I was going to go shopping to buy some groceries and cook something special, I went shopping with my colleague and friend.
I like to go shopping with my girlfriend, as it is a great opportunity to chat, as well as to escape from everyday chores! The whole process was pleasant and positive, I was in a good mood and I couldn't resist telling you that I met a man, I told you about you, that you are from another country and we have been communicating for several days, that you are an interesting person and I like to communicate with you :)
She was surprised and happy for me at the same time, she was constantly joking about it, but in the end sincerely wished me good luck in developing our acquaintance.
have you talked about me with someone?
I told you that I love cooking, maybe we can exchange culinary experience? will we exchange recipes of our favorite dishes? it will be an interesting experience :)
what do you think about it?
my dear, I would like to talk to you about more serious topics such as family, how do you feel about all this and what do you expect from our acquaintance in the future. to understand how serious this is for you!?
I ask you to treat this with understanding.
I'm afraid of making a mistake, please give me confidence that you are serious and you intend to develop our acquaintance into something more serious! We need to get to know each other better, I'll try to make a new video for you. I'll do it as soon as I can!
I think I'll do it in a few days!
honey, I wish you a good day, nice evening!
tomorrow I'll be waiting for your letter again ;)
sincerely yours, Aru
Letter 6
hi my dear Barry! nothing pleases me more than to see your message :)
your message charges me with positive emotions and gives me a lot of energy for the whole day!
I feel something unusual …
It's like sunshine to me! We've only known each other for a few days, but I feel like I've known you for a long time.
It's an amazing feeling!!!
It tells me that every person in this world has a second half. And it's a great happiness to find a soul mate, the other half. So maybe we 're two halves of one??? what do you think?
It may sound silly, but I'm used to being honest and sincere. Honey , as I told you , I had a tragedy not so long ago , I told you that I lost all my relatives in Ukraine during the war , so I don 't want to talk about it !
today I have one of the best days of the week, today I have an unplanned day off :)
today I have a lot of plans and most importantly I want to relax because I haven't had a weekend for a long time, I want to visit the library and take some books there for myself ... after that, I want to go to the theater for the production, the play "Cherry Orchard Author: A. P. Chekhov "
maybe you've read Chekhov?
I thought it would be interesting to spend this day together! what do you think about it?
you are always in my head when the idea does not leave me that there is a cute Marc somewhere far away, it's nice to know that you think about me ...
My darling, I want to tell you that I take you very seriously. I
I am very happy that we have such good communication. I'm lucky that I met you. And I really hope that we will have a good future together. Remember that everything is in our hands! It's a miracle that we found each other among millions of people on the Internet.
Perhaps this is our destiny.
Honey, I hope to see your new letter soon!
with love , your Aru ... ________*******__________*******_______
Letter 7
hello, my dear Barry:) :*
how are you?
I missed communicating with you, I missed your warm messages, I even missed you a little :)
yesterday my day was intense and bright!
Are you wondering how I spent my day yesterday?
Today I am in a very good mood, I am full of energy after my day off.
yesterday I had a good day, it was fascinating for me, I planned to visit the library, I took some books, Stephen King,Honore de Balzac , I told you about them, I decided to reread them again, as I really like them.
then I went to the theater to see the play "the cherry orchard ", I had read it before, but I was interested to see the production based on this work, I really liked it, there was a lot of humor and deep meaning, maybe someday we will be able to go to this performance together as a couple... it would be nice for me to do that ..
Then I went shopping for groceries, and after that I went to visit my friend Tatiana.
we cooked pies, baked meat in the oven and cooked a wonderful dessert with fruit, I so wanted you to be with us and keep us company ;)
all day you were in my head, I was constantly thinking about you, imagining how we could do all this together, visit the store, take a walk, visit the theater, cook a meal together..
or just sit and talk to each other..
I feel that with each letter we are getting closer to each other, and we have something more than just sympathy.. what do you feel?
I do not know what is wrong with me, today I am overwhelmed with emotions, I have a lot of thoughts about us, I sincerely hope that you are the dear and beloved person I am looking for, I am very tired of being alone and I want simple human warmth!
You are a very special person to me. I feel like I've known you for a long time... many years. I do not know how this is possible. But I can feel it.
It's magical! Among millions of people on the Internet, we found each other. We should value our relationship.
I really want our friendship to turn into a great love.
now I am overwhelmed with incomprehensible feelings, I do not know whether to be happy or sad ...
now I have a lot of work, I need to go to have time to do everything..
I would like you to tell me about your thoughts in the same way.
I wish you a good day!
I hope to see your letter soon!
your Aru ...
Letter 8
hello, my dear Barry :) :*
how are you? I apologize for not being able to answer you earlier, I was very worried about this because I was afraid that you would lose me and get upset!
my Barry, how did you spend this time, how is the weather today?
I missed talking to you so much! you have become a part of my life, going to bed I think about you, waking up in the morning my first thought about you, maybe it's ******, and I'm too naive, I'm afraid to make a mistake, what do you think about it?
I attached some old photos to the letter when I was younger, I hope you will be interested! my Barry, I want to ask you some questions, I hope it won't be difficult for you to answer them. 1 what does our communication mean to you?
2 what are your plans for the near future?
3 how do you see your beloved woman?
4 do you want a serious relationship and create your family in the near future?
5 what do you want your family to look like in the future?
6 how do you feel about me?
7 would you like to see me in your house in the near future?
my dear Barry, I hope that these questions will not be difficult for you, and you will easily answer them to me! if you want, you can also ask me some questions and I will be happy to answer them for you! As for me, my dreams about the future are simple. 1. I dream to have a serious relationship with a good person. A man to whom I will give all my love, and who will give all his love to me. It is very important. And this is my main dream. This is the number one dream. Because love and family have always been number one in my life. And all the other stuff
behind it. So my next dreams and wishes are: 2. I want my house and a big garden in it :) this dream reminds me of my childhood 3. I want to learn how to drive a car, since I have absolutely no practice. 4. I also want to study other foreign languages, as it is interesting for me. I could add the desire to have children here. Because like any woman, I want to have children. But I will have to discuss this issue with my future husband. Since this problem concerns two people, and I, alone, cannot solve anything.
I will be waiting for your answer, I hope it will be sincere!
With Love, Your Aru..
Letter 9
hello, my dear Barry, I'm a little sad today!
I couldn't sleep all night, I thought about you, about our acquaintance, communication, I realized that you filled my life, you found your place in my heart, and now my day becomes empty without you! I was thinking about the fact that you are far away :(there are times when I want to be next to you, take your hand, feel the warmth of your hands, look into your eyes, smile and hug you! I'm thinking more and more about meeting in real life, it would be nice if we could meet you!
since now I have more confidence that I made the right choice by deciding to start getting to know you!
yesterday I found my driver's license , I got it not so long ago and have not used it at all since I don't have a car :(therefore I have no driving experience at all ! maybe someday you will help me in learning and driving a car ? what do you think about it?
Honey, I want to say that I found in you what I was missing.
I want you to understand me, so that our feelings are mutual, so that our desires coincide, I really hope that you are honest with me and sincere!
during our communication, my feelings become mixed and not ordinary, I am overwhelmed with joy and at the same time sadness visits me, there are a lot of ideas in my head. what do you feel?
yesterday, after work, I was walking home through the park, there I saw a couple in love, it was so nice to watch them, especially how they rejoice, completely oblivious to each other around! At that moment I felt especially lonely :(
I was saved and warmed by the idea of you and that in the future you will be able to come to me or I will have the opportunity to visit you! I think it's a great idea!
Honey, I have a lot of things to do right now, I need to finish them!
with love , your Aru .
Letter 10
Hello, Barry, how are you? I hope everything is fine! I'm fine, I miss you and I always think about you! You are always in my heart and in my mind. I think a lot about our meeting!
I've been thinking about you all night and what we should do in the future, I have some news! I hope that they will please you, as I am very happy about this news!
my dear Barry, as I wrote yesterday, I had a lot of things to do, these things were related to my work , to be more precise with my vacation , I haven't had a vacation for two years , I was informed that there is an opportunity to take a vacation for the next 27 days , I would like to get it in the most good time , but unfortunately they cannot provide such an opportunity !my dear Barry, I decided to take this opportunity to organize our meeting, I think we need it! what do you think about this ?
I hope you support my idea and also want to organize our meeting!? you don 't have to worry about quarantine and restrictions on COVID19 , I was told that there would be no problems with this , since I have already been vaccinated and vaccinated , I will get all the necessary permits and certificates , I think this is good news !
it will not be difficult to arrange a meeting! I found out that if there is a passport, then the preparation of the trip will not take much time, I was glad of this news because I have a passport, I think this is good news and luck is on our side!
today I went to the agency in the morning to find out all the information, they told me that they would be able to prepare a trip for me, and they would be able to give me more detailed information only tonight!
since I need more detailed information to prepare a trip to you.
honey, I need you to tell me:
main airport , because they said it would be more convenient and cheaper:
I'm glad that we understand each other well, our meeting is very important to me!
to be honest, I am very glad that it turns out this way! I think we need to take this opportunity and take a more serious step, such as a meeting, we need to develop relations in a more serious direction! do you agree with me?
your answer is very important to me!
I will be waiting for your letter!
with love, your Aru
Letter 11
hello, my dear Barry, how did you spend your day today? I am pleased that you are glad to meet us!
My dear Barry, I have some good news!
As I wrote to you, I was planning to visit the travel agency for the second time to get full information!
the agency gave me a little consultation and explained that the whole trip can be prepared in nine days, for the successful preparation of the trip I have everything I need, it remains only to get permission to leave the country and pay for the trip accordingly, today they helped me to make a request for a request to leave the country to the Kazakh embassy, this permission gives I have the right to obtain a foreign passport, as well as permission to leave the country abroad, I was told that this is a mandatory procedure. we have also made a request for a visa to your US Embassy !
as I have already written to you, I have a passport, this will make the preparation of the trip easier and faster!
today we made a preliminary itinerary and made a reservation for plane tickets, I will have to fly with transfers, since there are no direct flights from Kazakhstan, but don't worry, I will easily fly to you with a transfer through another country. the nearest convenient international airport is in Nur-Sultan, I will be leaving Aktau for Nur-Sultan on November 5, but my departure will be on November 10, I will have several transfers, my flight route ( Almaty, ALA - Istanbul New Airport , IST -Dallas Fort‑Worth, DFW - Greenville Mid‑Delta, GLH ) I arrive on December 13 at 20:10, Flight LF‑3502, I need to be in Nur-Sultan a few days before my departure, as I will have to visit the embassy to obtain a visa, as well as pass registration and customs inspection before departure , it will take a long time . you don 't have to worry , I 'll manage everything , I take everything seriously and responsibly !
today there was only the first preliminary part of the preparation, tomorrow there will be the second, official and final part of the registration of the trip, I will conclude an agreement with a travel agency, I will make the purchase of tickets and make payment! Honey , the agency advised me to apply for a tourist visa for 90 days , as I will be able to get it exactly , as well as its registration will be fast , but the main thing for me is the confidence in getting it ! I fully trust the agency and believe I am sure that they will do everything right , as they have a good reputation ! dear Barry, the preparation of the trip has already begun, I hope that everything will be fine! information about the cost of the trip will be told to me tomorrow, I hope that the costs will not be so big, I do not want to ask you in advance about something, but for the sake of confidence, I would like to be sure that in case of any difficulties with payment, you supported me !? that you won't leave me and give up on me!? If that happens , my heart will be broken :( since this meeting is necessary for the two of us and we must support each other together in this , I especially want to see your support and gain confidence in you ! you must understand ,
I 'm taking a big risk , I 'm going to your country , where I only know you , I want to be completely confident in you , before my departure to you , I don 't want us to have any doubts , I want us to fully trust each other ,this is very important to me ! trust , success is the success of future relationships ! do you agree with me?
I think that when I come to you it will be better for me to stay in your house as it will be more convenient for us, as well as cheaper, I don't want to spend extra money! I hope you don't mind? If you don't mind, I'll stay in a hotel!
Honey , everything is going well now and I don 't want something to spoil this moment and our meeting , I 've been alone for a long time , I 'm very lonely and during this time I realized that you have become very dear and close to me ! I ask you to support me in everything , as it is difficult for me to organize this meeting , now I receive support only from my friend, from her side it is more moral support! I am taking a serious step in preparing for our meeting and I hope that you will not leave me ! you will need to decide whether you will accept me as your girlfriend or wife ! now your attitude to this meeting is very important to me , it will show your real intentions and what kind of man you are and how you treat me , as well as what our relationship means to you !
my Barry, I would like you to share my joy about the opportunity to meet, I would like it to please you as much as me!
I want to be honest with you, I am very tired of being alone, and I hope you are my closest and dearest person with whom I will feel good ...
with love, your Aru
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