Scam letter(s) from Elena to Sonny (USA)

Letter 1
Hello darling Sonny! I'm Elena and I'm very glad to meet you!!!! Maybe you know a lot of Elena , but I hope to become for you one in a million......Maybe it happens only in fairy tales, but I want to believe in it. Women are all different, each chooses her own way. One can live with an alcoholic who constantly beats her. And I don't want such a life. I don't want to walk around with a hope, that my life will change. I don't want to wait any longer. So I'm here looking for the right man for me. I know it's not an easy path, but the road to happiness is always full of difficulties. But I am sure if we make steps towards each other we will find out that a half way has already been passed by us. I don't know the future and may be it is a good thing, but I'm ready for a new chapter in my life. I'm open for it - to love and be loved.
My heart is free...... I'll wait for your letter.... Elena
Letter 2
Hello darling Sonny! Today is a beautiful day! And do you know why!? This is the day of our meeting And we have just opened new doors!I hope that our communication will be positive and lasting. Thank you for your photo,I am very pleased!You're an attractive and interesting man. I think we need to get to know each other))Tell me more about yourself Where do you live?Where you work and by whom?What are your Hobbies?What are you looking for in a woman? About me. I was born on the 7 March 1990 in Lugansk. I have been living here since that time I was 28 years. My Zodiac sign - the Pisces! I graduated from medical college. I am a nurse by education. I worked in the city hospital laboratory before the war period in our region. I helped victims during this period. Now I am working in Lugansk pharmaceutical firm. We make simple healing recipes for socially vulnerable groups of people I live with my mom. My father left us long ago, when I was a child. I don't even remember that time to be honest! We also have a dog. It is our security guard and a good friend. Now you have already learnt some things about me. If you want to know more!? Don't be shy, ask questions. I will gladly answer them))) Even though I am just 28 I have already witnessed many events in my life: good and bad ones. I know what pain and tears of joy mean. I'm feeling much older than I really am by my age. I hope I didn't bore you with my story. I will be waiting for your letter with impatience.... Take care Elena
Letter 3
Hello darling Sonny! I am very glad to get your letter again. It is important for me to communicate with a man who is interested in me and has a desire to know me better. It seems to me you have such a desire, right?! So we have chosen the right path with you, haven't we!? Honey, how can children be a problem??? This is a ****** question.
I love children and believe that the gifts of destiny Tell me more about it.How often do you spend time together?What about past relationships?How long ago?What caused the breakup? About me. You know, I had one long relationship with a man. It was started when I was in college. They lasted three and a half years.
Everything was well, but within some time we lost interest towards each other. We grew up together and became totally strangers. And then I realized that I did not want a man of my age. I need a mature man who knows what he wants and needs in this life. In our country there are two types of men. Some wears military uniform and do not respect anybody or anything because they have some power of weapon and other ones are always ***** and too self confident in themselves. I don't like men who make themselves hairstyles, paint their nails or wear skinny jeans. I want to find a normal, serious and confident man. He doesn't have to be perfect, because perfect people do not exist. But he should be my man and I will be his woman. What is love??? This is a huge feeling that unites two partners. But love cannot be without trust and respect. Small and silly sorrows can take place in any relationship but if this feeling is a real one, you will be the happiest person in the world to feel a kiss of reconciliation... I hope you and I will be all that we've been looking for. And only together we can achieve such a happiness...What do you think!? I await your letter... Take care Elena
Letter 4
Hello darling Sonny! I was very sad, but then I got your letter. I was thinking about you and I feel you were thinking about me as well. These thoughts warm my heart I want to believe that our meeting was not by chance!!!!That somewhere out there...our destiny was written for us and that is why we have met each other! Every time I receive your letter, I'm very excited and my heart starts beating faster. We are far from each other, but at the same time very close. I feel you, I feel the desire to be together with you. I believe you and believe in you and me. My life is not easy and the place I live in is not a fairy-tale and my life here is not stable. Life here is completely different and is very different from your one. My job doesn't bring me enough money to live on a normal life. We get so little that it is not always enough to feed ourselves. My mom is already retired. We both try and make a big effort to provide ourselves - to survive here. We don't have anyone who could help us in any way. I spend money on Internet cafe that I was able to save. But the money is almost out. I am ashamed to say this to you, but...If you do not help me pay for the Internet cafe service I just can't write you any more. But I hope for your understanding and support. Maybe too much to ask!? I just don't know how to proceed and what to do with it!? I just do what my heart tells me to do. And I say that I can't lose you. I cherish you and want to keep what we have already built and had between us. To have a future with you, we should make efforts together. Isn't it!? Please, think over my words and I'll wait for your response....and believe only in a better future for us.... Yours Elena
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