Scam letter(s) from Olga Elizarova to Parker (Australia)

Letter 1

I am very glad, that you to answer to me. This day will be main in my life. I live in Russia. I could not place the questionnaire. Because I from Russia. And I had to write NZ. I to receive from you the letter and should tell about itself all. I to want, that we it is good to know each other and to understand completely. You probably already notice what to use the interpreter when to write to you. I to do it, because I am not so good to know the English language. But it should not be a problem between us. I to want to study your language and to learn you Russian. It will be very interesting and it is useful for us. As to know language and culture other country it is very important. It is the help to us will speak is open. I to want to tell you, that acquaintance through the Internet this new to me. I never to do it earlier. I very much to worry and to be afraid. I to not trust, that such happens, but my girlfriend to get acquainted and now she is happy. I to decide to try to write to you. I to worry, but I shall be open and there will be a story about itself. Now I shall speak about myself. ie. I live in Russia. It is the very large country, which to have was a lot of an opportunity, but as I to think, she to not open yet all potential. In Russia is all for good life: resources, there is a lot of ground, the clever people, but now there is a transitive period. The people here trust, that all will be speed well, but for the present it is not known how many still to wait. Though the people, which want to work and to have the purpose in life, live happily. There were only people, which bring up at kommunism and very difficultly to break their stereotype about life, when for you to do all state. They to not know, that such the market, market attitudes and business. You do not think, that I so to divide the people and to speak so, but it is the Russian reality. I to think what there to know about Russia and to know our life. I too much to know about your country, but to want to study more concerning it. You will learn me about your country and city? It is very interesting to me! I live in city Yoshkar - Ola. It is the not so large city in comparison with other cities. It is in the central part of Russia. Our city is industrial here again to make the much industrial goods. Now you to know about, where I live. I to think, that it was interesting to you to learn it. I was born and has grown here. Here I to go in a kindergarten, at school and in university. With me to remain very good memoirs on my childhood. I was the very vigorous and inquisitive girl. Now to me 24 years and I already to work. I work in polyclinic. By the children's doctor. Pediatric. It is state organization.
You not strongly to get tired when to read my letter? I simply to want to tell to you the life. I to hope, that you to understand, that I to write to you. Now I very much to get tired and I shall write about itself more in the following letter. I shall wait from you the letter and information on you, if you to want, that I to know about you more. Good to you of day.
I hope your friend Olga.
Letter 2

Hi George.
I am happy, that you again to answer to me. I very much liked your photos!!! I very closely (very attentively) to read your letter and to understand almost all. It was very interesting to me to read it (him) and I to learn (find out) a lot of new about. I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn (find out) about me. I live with together with the mum. At us with the mum the very good attitudes (relations) and she (it) my best friend, assistant. She (it) the most dear (expensive) man for me. I very much to love and to respect her (it). We always with it (her) can find general (common) language. I to think that you are good to understand it. My mother still to not know yet, that we to write each other. I for the present to not know its (her) reaction to all this. But I to think, that she (it) to understand me. I to think, that it (she) all the same should tell all. Today I to tell it (her) about it. At me is not present from my mum of any secrets. My daddy has thrown my mum when to me there were 6 years. It is very heavy to me about it to recollect. I would give back all, if only the daddy was a number (line). I to not have the computer of a house, therefore I to write to you from a computer class at university. There to work my best girlfriend. I to know her (it) from the childhood. We with it (her) together to grow. I to come to it (her) and there to use the Internet. It is very convenient for me. At me is much hobbi. In free from work time I to love to carry out (spend) time with the friends. I to love to listen to classical music. Me to like Bethoven and Chaykovski. What music to listen you to? To me to like simply good modern music, which to lift mood. I very much to love be on a nature. I to love be in a wood and on lake. Me very much to like camping. I to love to float. Each Sunday together with the girlfriend I to go in pool. You to love to float? I very much. I very much to love animals.
By the way I am very good to prepare. My favourite dish is a pie with apples. It (him) to love all mine native and friends. They speak, that better me nobody can prepare it (him). You are very a pity, that to me can not it (him) try and estimate. I to think, that you it (he) too to like. I very much to love Russian kitchen. I to want to know what dishes to love you? And than you to love to be engaged in free time? What kinds of sports to love you? To me to like to look the large tennis. I to want to learn (find out) more about you. You can to me tell about the life. I shall finish the letter. If you can, send to me still photo. I to hope soon to receive your letter.
Bye Bye Olga.
Letter 3

Hi my George! I very much pleasure to your letter. I very much liked your photos!!! I to want to speak more about myself!
I work in children's polyclinic. My post. The children's doctor, Pediatric. I began the work as the medical sister. But the time goes, and I became the skilled doctor. I sit in the study. We conduct reception of children together. I and Irina Genadievna. I have worked 5 years by the medical sister and floor of year by the Doctor. Now I the doctor. How many at you the doctor earns of money? I very much to love my work. At home at me is present Dog. Its (her) name Palkan. It is the large dog, but very kind. When I To play on the piano she (it) to sing under music. I to play different music. To me To like music of the composers, such as Bah, Shopen, Mocart and Others. My favourite food is sea products, and, also various Fruit salads, but I also can prepare and other dishes. I very much The good cook. In mine free from work time I to go walk in a wood Or on lake, when warm weather. In winter evenings I love laying in Beds to read the romantic books, and also to do (make) of a wool of the ram Sweater and scarfs. I also very much love sports. I to be engaged By gymnastics. Also I to look on Tv football, hockey, basketball. I Is very happy, that I to find you on a site of acquaintances. I always To wait for your new photos and pictures. My city small it (he) to be Near cities Moscow, and still it (he) in 150 kilometers from cities Kazan. I today to go on walk in park. I hope, That you not against. What you will do (make) today? Me interests Each your step. Well? I shall write to you tomorrow. Very much, very much To wait for your letters! It is a lot of, much, kiss also embraces much. Yours Olga.
Letter 4

Hello George!
Today at me by target (day off) and I have decided (solved) to you to write. I very much liked your photo!!! It is very a pity. But I do not have telephone of a house. In Russia not each family in a condition to establish the telephone in an apartment. It is very expensive. Today we with the mum we shall go to the grandmother. She lives in 50 kilometers from our city in a village. I live in city Yoshkar-Ola. There at it (her) a perfect nature and circle of one wood. She will prepare pies which are done (made) in the furnace. They very tasty (delicious) and fragrant. You probably such did not try. Mine the feelings with each letter to you become stronger and more strongly. I talked to the mum concerning ours with you of the attitudes (relations). I spoke her some phrases from your letter and she spoke that you probably honour man and your feelings sincerely under the attitude (relation) to me, but you should not hurry up with acceptance the serious decision, you should understand the feelings. We with you as two climbers which rise in a mountain, only I on the one hand, and you with another and final point is top on which we owe will meet. We should advance to top not looking on obstacles which can will meet on our way, and then at us will be very well with impatience I shall wait for your answer.
Whole also Kiss Olga.
My home address.
Republic Mari-El
City Yoshkar-Ola
Lobachevskogo street
house 3
Apartment 7 Elizarova Olga
Letter 5

Hi my George.
I am very glad to receive news from you again and again. I very much liked your photos!!! I spoke with the grandmother concerning you. My grandmother passes you hi. She is glad for me. That I have met the man of my dream. George I have finished the Kazan state medical institute by him(it). S.V.Kurashova, Pediatric faculty. Now I work as the Children's doctor. Yes I liked before one the man. But he used mine love. And he also beat each day of saws ***** me. He the awful man. I do not want about him(it) to recollect. I very much love to prepare various tasty meal. I shall prepare to you the most tasty dishes at ours with you meeting. I much to our regret do not have of the brothers. I only have cousin Vika. I very much like to read yours of the letter and they deliver to me a lot of pleasures. With each your letter I begin understand that at us with you can that that will turn out. I already more reflect on ours with you the attitudes (relations) more seriously. My opinion is those, I consider (count) that most important between the man and woman this complete trust, I hate when the people deceive each other. As I consider (count) in what that the moment we of life to accept the conciliatory proposals, you see it too is the important part of the attitude (relation) between the man and woman. You probably think that I the very serious man, but it not so, I simply do not want to be mistaken in a choice of the future husband and liking man. At the given moment my feelings to YOU already that more than friendly. to your words I begin to understand that you the honour man. Your words which you write me warm my soul and heart. It so is wonderful when there is in this world a man to which I is not indifferent. It is pleasant to me so to receive from you the letters and feelings which I thus test to not pass by words. Probably on it I shall finish and with the large impatience. I shall wait for your next letter. Strong I embrace also kiss. Yours Olga.
Letter 6

Hi my George!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I very much liked your photo. Today to rise early and to do various fruit salads. I to not have a lot of food, I to watch (keep up) the figure and constantly to do not the large jogs after work. I shall be very glad to receive still new your photos. Mine the mum too very much loves to read your letters. I to do their translation on Russian and we together with my mum to read. I was never married, but very much it to want. It is very pleasant to me to learn (find out) that we by mutual understanding each other, you see it is the very important fact in ours with you the attitudes (relations). If we want to create strong union, we should trust and understand each other in all I feel fine, concerning me can not worry with me that's all right. Today I have received from us at job wages. To you probably will be ridiculous but she has made seventy dollars. Well good we shall not speak about problems which rise on our way. Write to me as it is possible more often, I very much like to read your letters, they install in me any pleasure in life, to believe in that at me somewhere away there is liked a man, the mood at once raises, it would be desirable to live and to believe in that that we when be we shall meet. I shall wait for your answer today. Many times you a kiss and from the bottom of the heart I embrace. You in my heart each minute.
On all rest of life yours Olga.
Letter 7

Hi my George! Whether today first of all I have gone to look the letter from you has come. And very much was delighted to your letter. At me even such feeling, that I have received a charge of the large energy for all day. And I very much liked your photo! Yes I have CD player. And I have Video player. Write to me about the work. I would like to know about you all, what at you the most favourite dish, than you love to be engaged in free from work time. Lovely I want to tell, that I have chosen in you soul superior others in love, in mercy, in mighty desire to love and to bring happiness. And please, with me be honour. You see the deceit breaks huge quantity (amount) of families. Today I shall visit (attend) church and I shall be asked for us. Be healthy and in a good arrangement of spirit, know that you always in my heart. The fidelity and caress is necessary to you? I have selected destiny of a fidelity, as closest to my nature. Will be sure. Vainly speak, that the love is blind; True in that fond is indifferent to those or other lacks, which it (he) perfectly sees, if only it seemed, that it (he) finds in the man that for him (it) most important. And it in you is. As I would like to see us together, evenings, in a room. We would get (start) with you long conversation, one that I love; we would touch the people, things seen for day. Recently has found east love treatise and would like it (him) to you to read - Three sources have inclinations of the man: soul reason a body. An inclination of souls derivate friendship. An inclination of mind (wit) derivate respect. An inclination of a body derivate desire.
Yours Olga.
Letter 8

Greetings my George!!!!!!!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter today. I very much liked your photos with a bear!!! Today at us simply remarkable weather. It is very good me, as I to meet you in my life. I to not be yet never so is happy. I now completely to change, it to notice all my familiar and friends. It is all due to you. I as though to fly in heavens. Nothing it is necessary to me except for your letter and you. I each time to go with alarm to my girlfriend. I to think suddenly you have not written to me, suddenly you to not receive my letter. But when I to see. That all is normal to me to become well and I with pleasure and with good mood to write to you the answer. I yesterday to think of our attitudes (relations) and about our feelings. I already to become attached to you and I to not know, that to me to do (make) when I to not see your letters. I always to think of you. I begin to distract on work more. I of nothing can make with myself. I to think, that all this is possible to name in a word love. Yes I to love you. I to speak about us to my mum. She (it) to ask me you is valid to love it (him) and to want to be with it (him). I to tell not thinking, that very much and I can not present myself without him (it). I to tell to it (her) about you and she (it) to tell. That you very good person and are possible to trust you. But she (it) all the same to experience for me a little. She (it) to tell me, that I was not mistaken in a choice and still (even) early to speak about love. She (it) speaks, that we should learn (find out) each other even closer. But I to understand her (it). She (it) to love me. And it is simple she (it) to me native mother. I to think. That you to understand me. She (it) to wish good luck us happiness and the big love. I today very much to get tired on work. At me very difficult day was. I shall write to you tomorrow. I with impatience shall wait for your following letter. Because we with each letter to each other to become all is closer. I to notice, that our letters are more and more full of love and good mood. I to want, that it always would proceed. I to send to you the most passionate kiss. And to wish you successful day. To take care my love. You always in my heart. Yours love Olga!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 9

HI George! I am very glad to receive news from you again. You seem, that to me the very courageous and honour man. I see that we are necessary each other. And I very much liked your photo!! Not seldom I visit (attend) church, and I am asked for you and ours with you meeting. How you there without me? I here very much without you You in ideas always with me. You show very strong interest to me it very pleasantly to feel. I began very much to think of us with you that waits for us ahead. Write to me all questions which you interest. I shall be very glad to answer to you them.. You now are, by the second man in this world which to me is necessary most of all. The first man is my mum. I very much hope for that that our meeting the speed future is held. I am very grateful to you that you trust me. Through the Internet it is as that not naturally, we should take each other. in hands and look each other in eyes and speak about that as the world is perfect. At me very good mood. I want to know all. To me you are very important. When I began to correspond with you I had what that hope that at us with you all will be good. With each your letter I understood that I have found that man which to me is necessary. I as well as you want to see you believe to me very faster it it would be desirable. I want to embrace you caress. I consider (count) what exactly creation of a spiritual emotional basis of the man and there is a purpose sense of family education. I want to you to tell one that my feelings and the words in relation to you always were sincerely and I always understood that we put a lot of trust, that our union would be when that real. I shall be with impatience to wait for your answer today. Yours Olga.
Letter 10

Hi my love George!
I am happy to receive your letter. It is very a pity. That I could not at once answer. I want to inform you. As I have placed the questionnaire. When I have decided (solved) will meet through the Internet. I have gone to agency of acquaintances " Good luck ". And I asked them. That they would find to me the man. They have said well. And I had to pay to them $ 40 USD. They to me have said. That I would come to them in 2 days. I have come to them. And they required (demanded) from me still $ 40 USD. And for each letter $ 2 USD. It is horror. I have said by him (it). That I do not have such money. They began on me to shout. I have said by him (it). That they would return to me money. But they have said.
That money has paid for my questionnaire. Then I have gone to the director. Also began to require (demand) the address the questionnaire. He has given me. But has taken from me still $ 10 USD. I all in tears. Has gone to my girlfriend. And she has listened to me. Also has permitted (solved) free-of-charge to use the Internet at university. And then I began itself to search to myself for the man. In Russia everyone use an owl " Love and Trust ". My photos were accepted by(with) my girlfriend Elena. I do not know. As was called camera. I to send you this song as my recognition I love from all my heart. You concern my life
I live for you
As your eyes they understand
I live for you
Come to me
Lay your body down
I won't deny you anything
Look at me
I feel so different now
You're the one I cry to
You're all around me
I breathe you in like air
Your arms have found me
Like waves that find the sand
And baby I'll be there...
You touch my life
I live for you
Because your eyes they understand
I live for you
In my life
You come through
I live for, I live for,
I live for you
Walk with me
The future's in the wind
Though the road is winding
I'll be near
Talk to me
Tell me all your fears
I'm the one you cry to
You call me lover
And tell me I'm your life
I won't run for cover
I've shown you who I am
And in the darkest night
In your arms, I come alive
In my live
I am free
No one could ever understand what you do to me
You hear my soul
So deep in you
Nobody knows the things you know
I live for you
In my life
You come through
I live for, Ilive for,
I live for you. I very to wait for your letter. It is a lot of love and respect. Yours Olga.
P.S I send you a photo. Where I and my mum. We went in city Moscow.
Letter 11

Hello my love George!
I am happy to receive your letter. I very much liked your photo!!! Thanks for kind words. But now I write you the letters free-of-charge. From me money does not require(demand). You see me helps Elena. I use its(her) computer. I know group " Modern Talking ". She very much is pleasant to me!!!! I very much wait our meeting. I want to love you, so in your eyes would be fire of heat and friendliness. The honesty, reliability, fidelity - quality is necessary to me which so do not suffice in the today's men. I want to be happy with you. I thought, that never any more I shall not test an inclination to the man, but you have destroyed all, and I would want that you learned me to live by the rules. Acquired for me became more dearly lost. Than it would not be finished, I do not wish to lose of time for nothing. You for me as a beam of light, in dark space. Nevertheless, love this warmest, beautiful feeling. The man which loves, it is easier to it (him) to live, but only then when this feeling mutual. If there is a favourite man, nothing it is terrible, to you there is to whom all it is possible to tell. Dear than the favourite man already anybody is not present and can not be. For the sake of love already it is necessary to live. And that I have met you, love, destiny. I very much love you!!!
Only yours Olga.
Letter 12

Hello my love George!!!
I am happy to receive your letter. I very much liked your photo. You and your father. I very much liked your poem!!!! Yes at Elena at home there is a telephone. I shall speak with her. That she would permit(solve) us houses at it(her) to speak on the phone. It is remarkable idea!!! I very much wait our first meeting, our first kiss. About, it will be so romantically!!! I love you!!! I have written this small product. I think That it to you it is pleasant. It too mine and to some extent about me
You hear?
Why you are silent …
Why you look by glass eyes …
I so wanted to be a number (line). Always … Hear, always …
I so am long you searched.
Once I have decided (solved), that has found you, you, what searched for.
I so wanted to love you. Simply to love, without any conditions, understand …
I wanted to fall asleep and will wake up in the morning near to you.
I wanted to cook to you a soup, to see off you up to doors, gently to kiss and to begin to wait and to miss
Already then, when the door will be closed behind you.
I wanted to love you how the woman can love.
I wanted to quarrel and to be reconciled only with you.
I wanted simply to lay with you on a sofa, when behind a window a rain …
I wanted, that you did not approach (suit) to the telephone, when it (he) calls not by the way.
I wanted to fall with you on a bed, to hold your strong strong hands in, to kiss you
And to not allow to touch itself and thus to kiss, to kiss, to kiss …
I wanted to be sick of your pain and to be pleased with your pleasure …
I could become all for you, only not by your shadow …
My strong kisses!!! Only yours Olga.
Letter 13

Hello my love George!
I was very pleased to receive from you the letter. When I read your letter, in me even have appeared on eyes of tear of pleasure. I see, that we are necessary the friend the friend. Thanks behind a photo of your room. There is nothing itself???? At you 3 computers??? I know about the computer a little. Thanks for a poem!!! Today Sunday. And I all day was at home. I like to read the books a melodrama. Especially about olden time and knights. In Russia Easter celebrate May 1. Now in our city there is a lot of snow. This year. That that wrong is created with weather. Snow already should thaw. You see the spring began. I have passport. But there is no international passport. I to time travelled. Not seldom I visit church, and about me ask about you and our about meeting. How you there without me? I here very much without you the people. You in ideas always with me. You show very strong interest to me it very pleasantly to feel. I began very much to think of us with you, which waits for us forward. I very much hope that that our meeting speed the future is carried out (spent) (is maintained). I am very grateful to you, that you trust me. In me very good mood. I want to know all. To me you are very important. When I began to correspond (meet) with you, I had that that hope, that in us with you everyone will be good. With each your letter I have understood, that I have found, that the man, that to me is necessary. I as well as you want to see, that you trust to me very faster this, it would be desirable. I want to capture you tenderness. I examine that the creation of the spiritual emotional basis of the man is exact and it is meaningful the purposes of formation (education) of family. I want to you to inform that my feelings and words concerning you always were, I am sincere also always understood, that we put a lot of trust, that our union would be, when it is real.
Now I am sure concerning all 100 %, that I can to you to trust. And you, that the man, that to me is necessary. When I read your letter, I saw in it (it) ((him)) your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made of your letter for me the directly large conclusion, which is possible is to expressed in three words " by (with) I LOVE YOU ". Today I even felt so highly, in me by all was going so easily, because my ideas were directed concerning you. I as knew, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it to heat up my soul and body (body). You probably think, that I examine (consider) such not modern, but I (expect), that at first time I should have affinity with the favourite man. Now in me the large propensity to you, I do not know, why but it - truth.
Sometimes such dreams dream me, that it is a shame to me to you to speak concerning it. This dream dreamed me today at night. " We have supper with you in you, at home and then we go to you in dream, and we begin to be engaged with you love. " But in life I know of rather very small floor (***), only on television films and would like to study (find out) maximal with you concerning it. The justification, that I speak with you so sincerely, but I think, that you should know concerning me only. I would be happy to visit you - limit of my desires. My favourite time of reception of the foodstuffs, which I do not know on any other business, I love everything, that is made with a fruit. I very much love you, and completely you I trust. Kiss yours Olga.
Letter 14

Hi my lovelyst George!!!!!!!
I want thank you for your perfect letters. It is very pleasant that you do not forget me.
I feel that you the perfect man. I feel with you myself very comfortably. I feel to you absolute trust. I am very glad that is familiar with you. It is very a pity. That I could not answer to you yesterday at once. When I send mail. That I at once leave university. I shall speak today with Elena. That we could speak on the phone in its(her) house. I very much like surprises. Our city is in 750 km from cities Moscow. By train you will spend 17 hours in ways. If our attitudes(relations) at meeting will develop wonderfully. That I agree to leave(abandon) Russia. And to leave for Australia to you. I today left to go for a walk in park. I very much love to go for a walk on city on fresh air. In park went for a walk very much to people. It is a lot of young guy with the girl. They go for a walk having undertaken for hands. It is very interesting to observe of them. In their relations there is a lot of romanticism. But me is for some reason done very sadly, when I observe these happy people.
I would like to be with you. I want to find the happiness. For some reason I can not find good luck in the relations with the men. I do not know why so occurs. It is very difficult to me to live in this world. Nobody to care of me, nobody helps me....... I do not want to complai to you of the destiny. I do not think that we shall meet you. I very want our meeting. But to meet it is necessary to spend many efforts and means. It is necessary to overcome many kilometers. Well and certainly majority of problems rests against money. On the Russian measurements I the very poor girl. My life was very good, when mine the daddy worked at a factory also lived with us. To it (him) many money paid. But the Boss of a factory stole all to itself. And now factory has gone bankrupt. And the daddy began to earn additionally where it is necessary. And then it (he) has thrown us with the mum. The mum works in to school by the librarian. We live on the mum the salary. They cared of me. And they tried to help to find to me my road in life. But now to me to have to live by one. And try on all to save money. I think that food which I eat you would not begin to use. I can not afford beautiful clothes and ****** underwear. I do not think that I the beautiful girl. At my girlfriends the very rich parents. They help them. These girl can afford very beautiful clothes. I do not want to envy them. I sometimes sew to myself dress. I think that I would like to have two children. Probably of boy and girl. I already in such age that am necessary to think the device of own family. I do not want magnificent life. I want to love and to be favourite. George I do not know what to tell you about the Internet. I know that in the Internet a lot of useful information. But my girlfriend has told me that in the Internet a lot of deceit. I very much am afraid to be deceived. I never tried to get acquainted under the Internet earlier. I thought that it is useless idea. But I have decided to test the good luck. Me was lucky that I have met you. To me very much to like to read your letters and to see your photo. But I think that meeting in a reality it much better. I want to feel that you near to me. To feel your touches. George ou not one on this planet. I very much frequently test feeling of loneliness. I dream of us with you. As it will be very good together. I dream of strong amicable family. You likely are already tired to read my letter, but I simply try to tell to you about my life here in Russia. My dream to be with you. I send you many gentle kisses and hot embraces!!!!!!!
Your Olga.
Letter 15

Hello my love George!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letters. They with each day become very closer. We soon shall together. You the unique (sole) man in my life. To me somebody is not necessary any more. And I very much liked your photo!!! I love you! I spoke with Elena. That she would permit(solve) us to speak on the phone at it(her) houses. She has asked the sanctions the husband. He for it of the beginnings to beat. He has said. What not when will not allow me to talk at it(her) at home. And the more so with the foreigners. In Russia the men hate the foreigners. They at once beat them or ****. As Russian girl leave from Russia to live in Australia and America. He hates the foreigners. He has forbidden Elena to meet me. It is very a pity. I all in tears. From for me has suffered Elena. I do not know. As we can speak on the phone. If I would have superfluous money. That I could call to you from telegraph. George in days off I a lot of time I spend on home works. I love to prepare houses, me to like to please Close preparing them any tasty things. In the afternoon in target (day off) I am cleaned (removed) at home, I love When the order of a house. I do not love when are scattered thing, lays on shelfs dust, in To basket the ***** linen, in a bowl not we utensils lays, you agree with me? We should trust each other, because without trust it is impossible to live. I earlier too Has trusted in the man and it (he) has deceived me. I to want to tell to you about it. I was Is madly in love with the man, and it (he) only pretended that loves me. On itself Business it (he) scoffed Above my feelings. Was such, that it (he) nominated me meeting, promised to come to To me, I waited for it (him), and it (he) did not occur. I sometimes cried, because it (he) not Came evening, at us in city evening is not so quiet also I worried for Him (it). And it (he), villain, came in day or through two and spoke, that at him (it) were Businesses also that it (he) loves me. And then I have learned (found out) through his (its) friends, that at this time it (he) Had a good time with what that by the maidens. It (he) did not love to work, it (he) frequently borrowed (occupied) from me Money, promised to give back, but never returned the debts. And I forgave it (him), because Loved. I even hid it from the mum. Has passed some time and I has seen it (him) on To street with other woman. They were kissed. I did not remember as has come home. I cried All night. I had depression very long. I began much to work and became To overlook (forget) this villain. After that case I have decided (solved), that never I shall be To deceive the in love people, I shall never scoff and to play by feelings Other people. Further I have decided (solved) that I shall search kind The man to have family and children This man should be more senior than me, that It (he) could learn me and my future children. I shall ask to tell you about that as you will spend (see off) the day, than you are engaged, How will spend (see off) target (day off)? Tell to me about the friends? I with impatience wait for your following letter, your letters for me as a beam of the sun Among dark day. It is a lot of kisses!!! Your Olga.
Letter 16

Hi my dear George!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. Your letters heat to me soul. It is very a pity. That so it has turned out with Elena. I can speak now only with her at job. Its(her) husband absolutely has left from mind(wit) from *****. Today since morning bad weather, blows a strong cold wind, Mood bad and only idea about that that I shall see your letter warms me in This day.
I want a little to tell to you about childhood. The mother and The father me very much liked and brought up me rather strictly. But I is grateful them (him, it) for It. I had many friends and we with them played in a court yard of our house. It were The carefree years, we lived and we did not have those problems which have appeared when I Has grown. I studied at school on good (well) and perfectly. I always remember mine first The teacher, she has opened for us a door in knowledge and due to her I can freely To communicate with the people. I am indefinitely grateful to her for that feeling of human kindness That she to all of us has imparted. As I grew at me the point of view varied I opened for myself much from this that I did not know earlier. There were also tragical moments in my childhood. Once we with the parents were on a beach And I saw as the boy has sunk. He bathed at the large waves, large wave from a motor boat Has covered it (him) and he could not come up, has choked and has gone on bottom. My father Has rushed in the the river behind it (him), has pulled out it (him), but he already than could not be helped, he Was already dead. It was made on me by (with) such impression and I some days Cried. It was very a pity it (him). Even now, after there are years, he to dream a lot of me And at me from eyes the tears flow. Our boys were cheerful, they sometimes offended us, but did (made) it Not from evil and we with the girlfriends on them not strongly took offence. But in due course ours The boys, as well as all man's population of Russia, have begun to drink, to smoke, many have begun To steal and then have got in prison. But I them do not condemn because the realities are those Our Russian life. And we till now are friends of the girlfriends and sometimes we meet We talk, we listen to music. Me to like various music sometimes, when at To me good mood I listen dancing music, and when to me I am sad I like to listen to slow music. It seems that with each letter between us there is something greater than Friendship. We begin more to trust to each other, we become more frank, you Agree with me? I think that our souls approach.
On it all I should go home. Your Olga.
Letter 17

Hi my George!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. I very much liked your photo and music! Yesterday with me there was a unpleasant case. I went for a walk in the evening with the dog Palkan and to me any unfamiliar people stuck. I have cried, but nobody Has come to the aid. Only mine correct Palkan was threw over them. They were frightened and Have escaped. I have gone home and has told to to my mum, she have begun to calm me But I all night could not fall asleep, I was in a shock. Yes I can use the computer in days off. It is pleasant to me to hear. That you want to send me mobile phone. In our city use different mobile phone. But one I the stamp know precisely. It SAMSUNG. Yes I can buy SIM card. But pay conversations I can not. It is very expensive. Today I went in church and only there to me became quiet. I Ortodox christian and always I go in church. Our churches very beautiful, walls and ceilings Are ornamented by icons, candles everywhere cost (stand). In church so quietly and there I always I find a peace of mind. To me to like to listen as sing songs, as the church employees read Prays.
I like your letters, when I read them I feel as we approach. We are Far apart. But it does not prevent our dialogue. Though I already thought, that It is absolutely enough of dialogue through the Internet not to understand each other more strongly.
What you think of it? I would like to see you not only on a photo. But I not I know as it probably, because we very much far apart. You to me like And I think that our attitudes (relations) can be deeper. I do not know as to explain It is by words. I simply feel it. Your letters do (make) my mood high. To me It becomes joyful on soul. I very much wait our meeting. You mine most favourite the man!!! It is very a pity. But I can not call to you. It is very expensive for me.
It is a lot of kisses!!! Only yours Olga.
Letter 18

Greetings my love George! I have received your letter, it full emotional of heat and sympathies to me. I think that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart. On work I began a little absent-minded and my girlfriends speak that I am in love. Yes I love you!!!!! I talked about it to mum and she (it) speaks that it well, she (it) thinks that I shall be happy. I think that we should meet, we should see each other look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. We became frank with you and I think that you want to learn (find out) about my ****** experience. In Russia all men only dream to drag you in bed, but I do not want it, I do not want to be given the first comer that it (he) has taken pleasure. Love it something from above she (it) is given men represent the person to learn happiness in this life, and her (it) only as ***, I think that it not correctly and I hope that you with me agree. I protect the virginity for that only thing with which I shall feel loved (liked, favourite). I shall be given it (him) completely both a body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out for limits of carnal love and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence. I feel that our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? Yes I looked your addresses in the Internet. It is awful. That there are a lot of girl from our city have deceived the foreigners. You should to me believe. I do not deceive you. I real. And I can prove to you it. You can send me flowers on my address through. And when they will deliver to me flowers. That let will make during delivery of a photo. Also will send them to you. It will be very pleasant. I wait for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas. Forever yours Olga.
Letter 19

Hi my George!!!!!!
How are you???? I MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very a pity. That I could not to you at once answer. I can not establish the new address ( in THE BAT. As it(him) to establish.
I likely did not write to you that today at my mum birthday. To it (her) 51 years were executed. Now at me at home our relatives and the friends mark birthday the mum. Everyone have fun.... But me is for some reason sad..... I want to be with you..... I think of you ever more. You constantly are in my ideas. I can not forget about you of any minute...... I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! My love when we shall be together???? I would like that it happened faster....... I would like to look in your eyes, to feel your lips on my lips, to feel your body near to mine...... My mum to transfer you hi. She today is very happy. I the beautiful hours have presented to her. The hours very much have liked to the mum. The mum has baked the very large and tasty pie. And still today to the mum at date of birth there has arrived my cousin Vika. She with her husband have presented the mum a beautiful porcelain tea set.
My sweet I hope that you too do not forget me and think of me...... Sometimes at night I to cry.......... I would like to be with you. I am ready to give back half of life behind some minutes carried out with you. I want to give back you all my love. Yours Olga.
Letter 20

Hi my love George. It is very a pity. I can not establish in the computer my new address. And I completely understand your letter in Russian. Today I had a lot of work at home and I could not find time to write to you in the afternoon, my love. I very strongly to love you and without you and your letters, it is very bad. I to require you and in your words. You to love me and this largest happiness in the world. I very strongly to wait our meeting and to think, that it will be speed. I to want to speak with you, the kiss you is long long, to go with you in cinema. Before meeting with you, my life was monotonous. I to not have happiness with the favourite man. I to search the love, but these searches have not resulted me in it (him). I to receive only disappointment. Each day I to think of life and to see, that I nothing to cost in this world and me it was very bad. But I to not want to recollect, that was earlier. I have you and more than nothing it is necessary. Without you and your love, my heart will be empty on always. I to know, that you to see it and to want me. We to love each other and we should be together. I to wait this moment. I can speak in English. I at job have telephone in a study. But he works only inside polyclinic. And in ðåãåñòðàòóðå the telephone is used only by(with) the patients. Me will not permit(solve) it(him) to use. And the more so to speak with the foreigner. I shall wait for your letter and to trust in our meeting. I love you my Prince. Only yours Olga.
Letter 21

Hi my love George. I am happy to read your letter. I so to want be your lady and yours princess in life. I so strongly to miss for you, my love, that I to not represent life without you. It is very a pity. But we did not do(make) new photos at the bottom birthes the mum. At us not .skj camera. But I have made other new photos. I shall send you them today. And on the bill MSN. I spoke with Elena. She has said ours THE BAT. Does not approach MSN. It is very a pity. About wonderful. That you want to buy to me the telephone. So we can speak on the phone with the friend by the friend. Today I to go at an exhibition the French artist. I to see there picture, where the girl kiss with the man. I long to stand and to look in this picture and to present us with you. I to close eyes and to present, that we to be on a coast the river only two. The easy wind blows, the years (summer) sun, water in the river very quiet shines. A grass easily shakes and the cane rustles. We sit a two on a coast the river and we are happy. You to hold me in the hands and us so it is good, that more than nothing it is necessary also we are ready to sit so all life. Then we to lay in a grass and long long kiss. Ours kiss to reduce us from mind (wit) and we can not constrain our desires and we to engage love. I was so is exited my ideas, that I could not look a picture any more and I at once to write to you. It is very a pity, that to me only my dreams. I to want be with you and to carry out them. You to want it? You to want to see me? I love you also I can not without you. I you very much to ask, that we to be together speed. I very strongly to want be with you. I to trust, that you to want me and to make everything, that we to be together. I shall wait your letter, my love. I love you my Prince. Your Olga.
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