Scam letter(s) from Olga Elizarova to Nate (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend!
I am very happy, that you have answered me you do not imagine as you me have pleased with the letter, thanks you for It I very much waited for it(him) when I have gone today in Internet salon I worried and very much wanted to see the letter from you Now I want to tell not much about myself my name is Olga I live in city Cheboksary it is very beautiful City.
And where do you live?
My city not far from Moscow I live there since most my birth to me 24 years I once am not married now I work in shop as the seller, I have higher education, I by formation(education) The economist. I have no children but very much would like to have them The boy and one girl. How many you would like to have children?
I very much frequently am engaged in aerobics and it very much to like me I like to support itself in the good form. You You are engaged what be sports during free time from work?
Today I have told to mum, that I have received today the letter from the friend to the foreigner and she(it) has told, that it is good, but Has told, that I would not hurry up and not where did not hasten.
I understand, that you search the woman which to you will approach for all life of the same I search also.
I not badly speak on English but I badly write and on this I use the translator I hope, that I write to you is accessible to reading my letter.
I think, that you can learn still to that be in English if, that that will be not clear that I write to you at once Tell to me I shall try to express it in other words, That you would understand, of what I think.
I have no own house and computer because it for me is very expensive also I go every evening to check My mail.
I think, that Internet it is the most good thing which people have thought up because it(he) helps people taking place At different edges(territories) of the world to be on communication(connection).
I shall wait for your letter tomorrow, write to me about myself.
I shall wait for your answer tomorrow and have gone to me the the image! I with impatience shall wait for it(him)!
Your friend from Russia.
Letter 2

Hello agaluma,
I am very glad that you have written to me. I am very glad to receive from you the letter.
You speak that to me will be glad meet me I can to arrive to yours The country and we can begin ours with you attitudes. I very much want that you Has met me at the airport and we with you have begun a new life as you
At it you look? I learned in agency that is necessary for me for that that To arrive to you to me it is necessary to make the passport for travel abroad and to issue
The visa it costs 450 $ you is ready me to help with it?
At us in Russia the holiday Day of the Victory and all people on May, 9 was walked in City. We with the girlfriend looked parade at the areas.
I'm fine. How your affairs? How are you doing on work?
On it I shall finish the letter with love yours Olga.
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