Scam letter(s) from Roza to Markus (Spain)

Letter 1
Good day.
May be ? This a little cheeky from my side send you.
At first letter, but I love try something new! I Hope produce favorable first impression.
By the way Sorry I forgot Sorry introduce yourself. My name is Chase and i'm 31 now years I Want develop relationships With noble a man.
I I live V magnificent city Almaty which is located in Kazakhstan.
May I ask where you are from? Devoting his life to his profession, I Unfortunately failed V development personal relationships. That's why I decided try communicate men on the Internet.
In fact I recently watched TV show about couple who met V Internet, eventually become content partners in real life.
I would be with pleasure to know about your hobby And skills. I I will provide additional information About Me in the next message. Please write me at any time.
Letter 2
Hi Markus. I joyful receive your letter. Sorry to keep you waiting for an answer. I just found your email in my spam folder. How do you do??
I think I should share with you a little bit more about me. I live in Kazakhstan in Almaty. I really like spending time in Shymbulak, it is a popular ski resort in Kazakhstan and quite often I visit there not only in winter, but also in summer, because in addition to snowboarding and skiing, you can actively relax there. I have very good family and a very friendly parents. But they live outside of Almaty. My mother's name is Karina and my dad's name is Nurlan.
I forgot to say, I am 167 height and I weigh 53 kg kilograms. What else, I can say about myself that I am an optimist because I know how to enjoy every moment of life. I am single now, I have never been married and haven not been in a relationship in a long time. I can not say that I am very picky about a man, social or monetary status is not important to me, the main thing that I was attracted to the man. You know, I very interested in hear more about you and your hobbies. How you spent your free time?
Now I want to get acquainted with the man with whom I will be comfortable and not afraid to discuss any subjects. Share my desires and fears without flattery or falsehoods. I want a man to understand me and accept me for who I am. I think in a relations it is important to treat each other with understanding. Do you understand me Do you think there should be a hierarchy in the family?
Can I ask you to write down your personal phone number? I wish I had this in my phone book to dare and press the call one day. It is very interested to find out more about your lifestyle. Tell me about your life experience, achievements and priorities.
Well, it's time to finish writing. I want to wish you a lot of happiness today:) I hope that you will like my photos.
With kisses, Shasne from Almaty.
P.S. I was sad you didn't send me your pictures. I sent you my photos and waited to see your photo in return. I hope you will not disregard my request.I will glad to get a letter from you soon.
Letter 3
Hello Markus. I am glad that our acquaintance continues. Your face expresses your masculinity. I like this.I like the way you look at photos. You are very fit your style of dress.
What else can I want to share with you about myself?. I never before thought that communicating with a stranger via email could be so exciting. There is magical romance in our email conversation. Do you agree with me? As for my opinion about the relationships, I am sure that I need someone who can understand to me and give me good advice, if necessary. Maybe I'm naive, but I hope you enjoy communicating with me via email, And I want to hope that it will continue to be so.
I haven't decided where I'm gonna start my new life. It depends on so many factors. It depends on the size of my piggy bank, and frankly I'd like to have a decent man near me for good start. But it is equally important to have mutual understanding and cohesion. I hope to get to know you better and understand how suitable we are, evaluate our prospects this is quite difficult to do with the help of letters, and it would be great to meet each other once. What do you think? Can it happen in near future? I would like to hope that our communication now to become a starting point in our relations.
In any case, I am also sure that there should be romanticism in a relationship. Also, I believe that it is very important to have a common ****** connection in a relation. As for me It is very difficult for me to imagine a relation without an intimate life. It will probably be easier for us to communicate when we know each other better and I think this kind of action has to happen in reality, otherwise it doesn't make much sense. I am not afraid of possible difficulties and changes, but time will show what will happen in the future. I really like to communicate with you, I feel that in our communication there is something exotic, fascinating.
I like to talk to you in emails. I think it's is the right way if we decide to meet one day.
Well, I noticed that I wrote a long letter, it's time to finish. Shasne from Almaty, Kazakhstan.
I send you 3 photos, I hope that you will like them
Letter 4
Hello Markus!
I decided to make you a little gift.
Sometimes I buy in 3 lottery tickets in the hope of ripping a big kush, haha. But this week, I have registered lottery tickets to your email and name. Of course, the big winnings are not often, but I have won more than 1000 euros several times, but this does not happen as often as we would like, usually no more than two times a year. You should receive an email from the lottery company with information about registering your personal account. If there are no notification in your email inbox, most likely email from the lotto fell into spam. Do not miss this email.
I thought I could do as my gift to you but I thought it would be an great idea. I hope that you will be glad to accept my gift.
Letter 5
Hi Markus. By the way, I wanted to ask you, did you get my present?
Maybe I am too prudent, or not impulsive enough, to decide on our personal meeting so quickly. I don't want you to misunderstand me, I like you very much, I really like you. I like the way you think and reason. Sometimes I feel that I hear your pleasant voice when I see your letter. I understand that these may be naive hopes and in fact your voice is completely different. The sound of this voice is not important to me, for me, the meaning of the words you said is much more important. I always try to catch every word in your messages. Of course, my thoughts about your words may lead to different conclusions, and this is probably why I forget what else I wanted to write for you and am a little inattentive. What can I say, my thoughts and fantasies about us distract me a little. Probably the greatest happiness and the most desirable thing is to be close to a partner who thinks the same way as me. We are very different people, but at the same time we are very similar in the most important thing for me. One of the wise men once said that opposites attract. I believe that this rule works now. I like your character and your attitude towards me, I can't find the right words to correctly describe what I feel. This is a warm, gentle feeling, but at the same time I feel a strong excitement all over my body. Of course, I have fears that my feelings towards you have grown quickly, that I just came up with the perfect man for myself, and despite these internal barriers, I enjoy what is happening now.
I like to think and dream about us, our tomorrow and our first meeting, for some reason I see that it will be in airport. The most significant thing for our story can be when we see eyes each other.
The greatest thing here proximity to each other, the opportunity to try to be with each other. Its important, because many couples break up because of neighboring problems. I believe that we will harmonious and we will not have any problem. I want to feel how waking up with you, I hope that in our future there will be many enjoyable nights together. I want to be open and honest with you. I do nt want to just fantasies and now dreams and I trust that your message are as sincere as mine.
Write to me, I will be wait. Even more kisses to you, Shasne.
I hope that you will like the photos that I send you in this message.
Letter 6
Hello! I did not receive your answer. I hope that your answer will not make me wait long. Please write soon, because I begin to miss your letters, no matter how strange it is for you. Shasne.
Letter 7
Hello. The information requested by the lottery company is required for official registration of You as a winner in the milestones required by the law of Kazakhstan of state bodies. You need to fill in all the Fields above and I can start processing the payment of Your money: Full Name:
Date Of Birth:
Phone number:
Registered Address: When I receive this information from you, I can start the payment process.
You can also use your personal account on the website of the lottery company in order to issue a payment. Please provide the information as soon as possible, there are certain deadlines for providing the data, otherwise the money will be sent to the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan. Please respond to my message with the completed information today.
Yours faithfully, Olzhas Ayanov.
JSC "Kazbingo".
+77 273 49 5130
Letter 8
Hi Markus. I think you should step aside it to produce your winnings. I think that money can solve all our problems. The main thing now is not to lose time and to prepare all the necessary documents so that you can get a win. It would be great if I could get our win here, but unfortunately it is not possible. Even though I bought this ticket does not give me the right to get a win in your place. This ticket was presented to me and to you in the lottery company told me that I have no right to receive your winnings. I have already written to you that you only need to fill out withdraw. When I won 1280 USD last year I also made out the papers. This money will be able to give us a good future and we will be able to solve all the problems that we have now. I beg you not to miss our chance. I very much hope that you paying attention to this issue responsibly. It will be very sad if we lose money donated to us by fate.Sorry, that I am only answering you now. There is some magical romanticism in our communication by email
I really need to meet you and kiss you. Look into your eyes and hear your wonderful voice. I imagine how we meet at first time. You stay with a bouquet of beautiful flowers and I am with eyes shining with happiness. I think that we are will forever remember this day and we will certainly take our first together foto. I would very like it to occur next days, but you need to be realistic. Of course, we must to plan everything carefully to avoid any possible nasty things. Happily, we have enough time to discuss everything and make a joint decision. I am sure we have a lot of common desires and fantasies. But we can't do it now, because there is a long distance between us. I have lustful desires, but I can't and don't want to afford casual ***. In my life, intimacy was only when I was in a relationship, so my ***** really missed a hard ****. I'm talking to you with my desires and fantasies with you, because I haven't *** for a long time, and recently thoughts about *** are increasingly appearing in my head.
I want to know how to give you the maximum pleasure, so that when we have the possibility to meet. We must continue to communicate and become closer every day. Can you think about my idea?
In end of my letter, I would like to say that communicating with you, I can to cope my embarrassment and told you all what I want. I know you will appreciate my minds.
Passionate kiss, Shasne
P.S. I will be wait, write to me.
Letter 9
Hello Mr. Paul Abbate. I have just received a response from the payment department of our company. The information you provided to register as a winner and receive the winner certificate has been registered. I am sending you a financial certificate confirming your winnings. You can read this in the pdf file attached to the message. Since you are not a citizen of Kazakhstan, and our company is the National Lottery of Kazakhstan, we cannot pay your winnings outside the territory of the jurisdiction of Kazakhstan. This is due to the Law of Kazakhstan of September 6, 2012 No. 5604-VII "On State lotteries in Kazakhstan". I had to hold consultation with our legal department to understand what to do in such a situation. The staff of our legal department explained to me that in your case, you need to get the winnings to a temporary settlement account in Kazakhstan, and after that you can use international wire transfer the money to a bank account in the United States. This practice is used everywhere when the lottery winner was not a citizen of Kazakhstan. This is the only option for payout your winnings that is currently available to you. As for the temporary settlement account, our payout department has already sent a request to remotely open your temporary settlement account with our partner bank. In the near 24 hours, the application for opening your temporary checking account in Kazakhstan will be processed, and you will receive an information message from the bank with information about your personal account and access to your profile. Be sure to keep this information for yourself and do not share it anyone. If you have not received any messages from the bank within 24 hours, please let me know, I will clarify this in the our payout department. As soon as your temporary settlement account is opened, our company will be money transfer your winnings to your temporary settlement account on your name at the partner bank. I'll let you know as soon as I have more details.
I will be glad to help you with all your questions. Thank you for choosing us.
Yours faithfully, Olzhas Ayanov.
JSC "Kazbingo"
+77 273 49 5130
Letter 10
Mr. Paul Abbate, we are glad that you have become a customer of JSC "CDBK". In this message, we sent information about access to your personal account in online banking. For security reasons, we recommend that you change your password and do not tell anyone. Attached to this message is an agreement on opening a temporary bank account in your name. You need to sign the contract and send it back by this email. You can also provide an agreement on opening your temporary bank account in any of the branches of our bank in Kazakhstan. We hope that our financial services will help you to make your life and work easier. Our 24\7 support center will help you in all your questions. WEB SITE:
PASSWORD: 977111719 JSC "CDBK"
• Website:
• Support Email:
• Phone: +77172788295
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