Scam Letter(s) from Veronica Andreisheva to Tom (USA)

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Letter 1

My love, my kid!!!!!!!!

Why??????????? Why you with me so severely do without?????
I do not understand, than I am guilty before you? What I have made not so?
I than - that have offended you? I have frightened you than - that? You do not want me It is more and to hear? You despise me? You do not love me?
You do not want that we wrote each other? You have thrown me?
You deceived me? You have who - that another, except for me?
You played with my feelings? You want to me to hurt very much?
You want that I suffered from love to you? You want that I It was poured each day by tears, at ideas, that you will not write to me When? You want me to overlook on always???????

Honey, I do not know that further and to think. You have put me in very difficult position And I should set these questions not only you, but also first of all.
I very strongly love you, I adore you above all. Why it is necessary me To suffer instead of being pleased and be happy. I so would not like that You to me have broken heart, I so would not like to lose you now because I already far My love has gone in the ideas, dreams, and only about you. I do not know, and at all I do not want To think of that is farther than me waits. Or the life wound on soul or happiness to be With you and to love only you. I am now very sad, heart at me prompts very much Bad emotions, I so can not live more!!!! My love, my feelings to you so are huge Also are strong, that I do not have forces more so to come in the Internet of cafe and to not see from You even not big letter, even even words that with you all is normal and that You feel yourself well and you are healthy. I do not know, than I might damage our love so, That you at all do not write me, not speaking that at you is though what - that warm feelings To me. I most of all do not want to think that you do not love me, at all it is a lot of... These Ideas block all my organism. I very much want to be with you beside when - that. Let it Will be my last afternoon my life, but I would like to lead this day only beside With you, my honey. Yes, you may think about me absolutely bad ideas. I heard about such Women who hunt for money, but I not same and I want that you have understood it time and For ever. You may to me and not trust, but I ask you, I very much love you, my love to you Exists as well as I. I mean too am on this planet. I - which love you, which Now very much suffers, which so is devoted to you. I want that you have heard my words and I want That you have understood essence of this letter. Know, that in these words it is made not only value of these Words, but also all my grief. I very much grieve now. My grief may not divide who. I even To the most bad enemy would not wish to feel that now I feel....

Lovely if you have conceived to not write any more to me and has decided to throw me please, write To me about it. Understand, that is not present worse when you remain one with the ideas. I do not want to see In you of the frightened coward who may not leave on man's at all. I do not want that You were such. Write to me, that you will do further and that I should do. I wait from You the letter. I very much hope, that you will answer this my letter and perhaps, this letter Will not be farewell and still waits for us ahead. I very much hope for it.............




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