Scam letter(s) from Daria to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Nice to see you, I will lucky to meeting u! I'm single, not have kid! I search friendly mate, I`m single woman! I'm not searching only *** for 1 night. Well where are you from?
Letter 2
Nice to see you. We, people on this planet, are living in tough periods today. A time of outbreak, battles, and the evil. It is all really negative, and yes it hurts me to view all this. I would like to discover some real love, closeness, I really hope this can be feasible whenever i match the proper person. Therefore, if you're a guy more than thirty years old, not committed, trying to find a true and also determined connection with a woman, not money grubbing, tender & faithful, and you also are living in planet Earth or neighboring planets, then you certainly is my personal proper gentleman. I can appreciate the sincere feelings of a man and be loyal and gentle. My dad and mom named me Darya, I am thirty yrs. old. Please text back if you're interested.
Letter 3
Hiya. Many of us, everyday people on the planet, are living through very hard periods today. A period of outbreak, battles, and even the bad. That is all very bad, and it wounds me to view all this. I would like to find some real love, passion, I really hope this is possible whenever i conform to the proper guy. For this reason, should you be a guy over thirty years of age, not committed, seeking a truthful plus determined bond with a young lady, not greedy, gentle and faithful, and you also are now living planet Earth or perhaps neighboring planets, then you is my personal suitable man. I can value the genuine emotions of a guy and be faithful and caring. I'm known as Daria, i'm 30 years. You should reply if you're curious.
Letter 4
Hello there, are you going to be free in April? I actually believe that a proper communication is really a lot better than online correspondence. I'll have my own holiday escape around April and so we possibly can connect at this time. You like this idea? I've attached my very own shot, tell me please your real judgment? P.S Exactly where are you from?
Letter 5
Hi there, are you going to be free in April? I feel that a true conversation is definitely better than online interaction. I'll have my holiday around April and so we can connect at that time. You like that idea? I've pinned my personal photo, tell me your own thought? P.S. Where are you living?
Letter 6
Oh hi there! do not be surprised by this message! It's the spring season & very cold outdoors, and yet i'm able to hold some good mood in my romantic heart & I prefer to share it with the ideal person... i am looking for my better half, a person above 30 who is looking only for a truly serious partnership. We could get the hang of each other much better by messages or perhaps over a mug of cappuccino, in case i am an intriguing female for you. Perhaps we could be friends down the road or even more than good friends... I hope that I did not wear you through this letter and I look forward to your answer back.
Letter 7
Hi, Hey, Good morning! mister blameless
I am a unmarried polite lady from Moldova.
Today Im looking for cool gentleman.
Where are You from and how old are You?
I am going to send to You my photo attach;)
E-mail to
Letter 8
Good day, my passionate man. How are you? How is your mood? Did you miss me? I dream of you, my prince.
These days I'm lonely; I miss you. I want to get out of the way. I hope you have a great time.
Let's see each other, and I'm looking forward to seeing you here. We can talk about what to do next.
I am sending a photo so you can recognize me. I knew what awaited you. Yours Truly, Hannah.
Letter 9
My name is Olivia. I am looking for a mate that is funny and kind to me. I like to enjoy a date with a guy who wants to make me his. I want a guy to start a relationship with me that will be romantic to me. You're going to like to date me when we hang out. Olivia
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