Scam letter(s) from Daria Sergeevna Emashova to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear , thank you for responding to my letter. I hope my previous letter didn't seem strange to you, I just wanted to make sure that you are a real person and you are looking for a serious relationship, not just entertainment?
Now let me introduce myself, my name is Darya, I am 36 years old, I am from Russia from the city of Stary Oskol, which is located in the south of Russia, how I look you can see in my photo,I will attach my photo to my letter.
So that you understand why I am writing to you and where I found your email, I found your profile in the Dating Agency "2-hearts and love", and I know that you are not from Russia, but I think that this will not interfere with our communication with you.
I want to immediately indicate what I'm here for,I'm looking for a serious relationship, and if you are not interested in a serious relationship, you can tell me directly so I don't bother you anymore.
I won't write much right now, I just wanted to know where you're from and what you're looking for?
I don't know how your profile ended up in a Dating Agency , very little has been written about you, and I do not know if it was true or a joke, and I'm interested to learn more about you and see your real photos, then I will be very happy to continue our communication, if you don't mind?
I once corresponded with a man on the Internet, he was from Russia , but he only wanted ***** photos, and I'm not here for that and not for games, as I said I'm looking for a serious relationship.
now I am writing to you using my personal mail, and you can write to me here, I will be happy to answer your questions and continue our communication.
Letter 2
Good afternoon Greg.
what time of day is it now where you are, morning, day or night? it's the first half of the day in Russia now and I finally can to give you my answer, but first let me tell you that I'm glad you answered me again and now I want to write you a little more about myself, if you don't mind? but first let's get to know each other better, my full name is Darya Emashova. My date of birth is March 8, 1986, I am 36 years old, but for me age is just numbers, do you agree with me? according to my horoscope, I am a pisces, my height is 169 centimeters, my weight is 54 kg,I'm blonde with green eyes, how do I look, you can see in my photos, and I wonder what you think of me as a woman? are you attracted to women like me?
what else can I tell you about myself? I don't have bad habits, do you? I have two degrees, I graduated from a medical College and an economic University, and nowI work as an economist in a construction company and on weekends I work as a cosmetologist in a beauty salon. I have no children and I have never been married, I live alone in my apartment, my best friend are my younger sister, my parents are unfortunately dead, but I coped with their death!
I hope you are not bored with me?
I have a few questions that I think will help me get to know you better, so please answer my questions, ok?
1. what are you looking for now, a serious relationship or just a flirt?
2. what is the most important thing for you in a woman? what kind of women do you like?what is important
to you in a relationship with a woman?
3. where do you see yourself in 3 years?
4. where are you from, who are your parents?
5. Describe yourself, what kind of person you are, only honestly.
6. what are your Hobbies?
7.are you left-handed or right-handed?
my answers to my questions:
1. as I said I'm looking for a serious relationship
2. for me, the main thing is honesty, sincerity, care, understanding of the man I love.
3. I hope that in 3 years I will have a family with the person I love.
4. I'm from the city of Stary Oskol,what is located in the south of Russia, my father was
a doctor, and my mother was a teacher.
5. I am a cheerful and active woman, I can be spontaneous, sometimes unpredictable, I love everything new,
I have a soft and kind character.
6. I like to sing, dance, take photos, and play sports.
7. I can equally use my left and right hand and I think that this is my uniqueness, I have heard that not many can do this! what is your uniqueness?
I think this is enough to start with, and I hope you will answer my questions?!
I also ask you to send me your photos.
I will finish my letter, and I hope that we do not say goodbye and you will write to me again.
your new friend Darya. ps: Sorry, English is not my first language, I studied it at university! my native language is Russian, but I hope that you understand what I am writing to you about! I haven't had any practice for a long time, but I'll try to refresh my memory and remember how to speak English correctly. I also know a little German and Italian!
how many languages do you know?
Letter 3
Hello Greg, Yes, I know what American football is, but I don't know anything about it, but as for my favorite sport, I think it's synchronized swimming!
has anyone ever told you that you have a very beautiful name, if not, then I will be the first to tell you about it, and I wonder what your name means, do you know that? My name Darya literally means "kind", and I was named after my maternal grandmother, because my mother said that I look very much like my grandmother!
How are you today, what's new with you? I'm doing well, and I'm really glad that you answered me again, and I apologize to you for not answering you right away! I don't have a personal computer, and today I can only write to you from my work computer, and only when I'm at work :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: , but now I think I should buy a computer as soon as possible so that we can correspond with you as often as possible, and as soon as I buy a computer, I'll let you know about it, although now in Russia it is very difficult to do this due to sanctions, but I will definitely come up with something and in the meantime, I'll write to you from my work computer, If you don't mind? I hope this fact does not interfere with our correspondence?
By the way, I got your last email in my spam folder, so check if my emails got lost in the spam folder, ok?
Today I want to tell you a little more about myself if you are interested? despite the fact that I am 36 years old, I have never been married and I do not have kids, because after the death of my parents I had to take responsibility for raising my younger sister,her name is Oksana!
now my sister have grown up, become independent, and I decided to pay more attention to my personal life!
as you know I work two jobs, but my job as a cosmetologist-manicurist is more of a hobby! my main job is working for a construction company, and my job there is to set up the work schedule of the Director of our company, I am responsible for incoming correspondence, plus I have a lot of different paperwork, and I like my job, the only drawback of my job, we have a very strict Director, and I can not always answer you right away, and I hope you understand this fact?
My friends call me a workaholic because I work 5-6 days a week, with a working schedule from 09 to 18, and I have been working in my main job for 8 years!
I graduated from high school at age 17, and after high school, he entered medical College where I studied for 5 years, then I graduated from economic University in Rostov-on-Don is a big city of Russia and I think you heard about this city,the FIFA World Cup took place there! ?! I completed my training by the age of 25 and then I returned to my hometown and now I live here. I think you can find a lot of photos of my city on the Internet, if, of course, you are interested in it! I would like to hear about the place where you were born, studied, worked and lived ?!
Have you ever been to Russia, what countries were you in ???maybe you have russian friends? I was once outside of Russia, I was in Thailand in Phuket, and I liked it very much, also at the university for the whole summer I wanted to go to America and Europe on the student program "Work and Travel", and all my documents were ready for this, but then my parents died and I had to give up this idea!
in addition to trips abroad, I have traveled a lot in Russia, because my grandmother lives in another part of our country, in the city of Tyumen!
I hope you are not tired of my letter, and you are not bored with me ?!
as you know, I chose your profile at the "2-hearts and love" Dating Agency, and there was little information about you in your profile, and I want to learn a lot more about you from you, so feel free to tell me about yourself, ok?
I want to know as much as possible about you and your lifestyle!
If you have any questions for me, I will answer your questions with pleasure!
I think that in the future we will be able to talk on the phone, what do you think about it!? true, I have a simple phone with no Internet access, I don't have special apps for free Internet communication, although now in Russia foreign social networks are bannedand, but I hope we will find a way to communicate in real time, okay?!
I had a smartphone before, but I broke one iPhone and another smartphone was stolen from me nd the thieves were never found, but the sad thing is that later I paid a loan for my smartphone for a long time even though it was stolen, and so I no longer buy such expensive phones!
I ask again for your sincerity and honesty, and I ask for it because there have been two men in my life and they have brought me a lot of pain and suffering! but I did not give up and I am looking for a serious relationship and a decent man who will not hurt a woman!
I will finish my letter here because I need to get back to work, and next time I will tell you a little more about myself!
I heard that skype maybe works in Russia and if you have Skype, email me your Skype and I will see if I can get Skype on my work computer so that we can see each other face to face, I think a live conversation will help our acquaintance!
my last ques, what is your first impression of me?
Don't forget to write to me:)
sincerely, your Darya! ps: I would like to see more of your photos and photos of your daily life!
Letter 4
Hello Greg, I hope that my response to did not keep you waiting?As you can understand, unfortunately, I can't always respond to your email quickly, because I'm writing to you from work, and at work I can't use my work computer for personal purposes, because then I might have problems, and I might even get fired! but now I have some free time, and I can write you my little letter, and if you don't mind, I will continue to tell you about myself and ask you about you, ok?
please tell me what time of year do you like and why? What is your favorite color?
I love summer, but unfortunately, in the main territory of Russia, summer lasts only 3 months, although in the south of Russia, summer lasts up to 5 months, so I was lucky because I live in the south of Russia!
near my city there are many lake, river and in summer I like to spend time on the lakes and river, I like to swim and sunbathe, and you like to relax on the beach, do you like camping, hiking? are you more of a city dweller or are you better off in the country???I'm 50/50.
as for color, I love bright colors, my favorite color is pink, green, red, blue, black!
I don't remember if I told you this or not, but I like to be active, I like to ride a bike, horse riding and rollerblade, I like bowling, I like dancing, and I hope that you will like the videos of my dancing, I like to sing karaoke, and we often go to karaoke with friends, and you sing karaoke?and by the way, do you have many friends???
My Hobbies are also Fitness and yoga, but unfortunately I don't have much time for my hobby, and I mostly train on weekends, and often it happens at home or on the street!
now that you know more about me, tell me if we have anything in common?and please feel free to tell me more about yourself, because I want to know everything about you! I am really interested in communicating with you, and our correspondence helps me imagine your world and your way of life!
to be honest I'm a bit shy and I don't know what else I can say about myself, so feel free to ask me your questions!
Words can't describe everything I want to say to you, so it's a pity that there is a long distance between us, because if we lived together, we could meet in a cafe or in a movie, what do you think about it? I think it would be interesting, and we would definitely find a common language with each other!
I wonder if there are any Russian restaurants in your city?have you tried Russian cuisine, borsch or pelmeni?? I will be happy to introduce you to Russian cuisine in the future! by the way, I like to cook different dishes, I enjoy it, and cooking is another of my Hobbies, and I am sure that you will not refuse my delicious dishes. when it comes to food , I prefer Italian and European cuisine, I love seafood.
I think there are enough stories about me for today, and I hope you found my letter interesting?
I am very interested in live communication, but unfortunately, I can't use Skype or webcam at work, but soon I will try to buy a laptop, and I hope that we will have a live dialogue, face to face!
I also wanted to ask if your phone can accept international calls?
My phone number +79398037275 but as I learned today from my mobile operator, my phone can't accept international calls, plus I have a simple phone with no Internet access, and I don't have apps in my phone for free communication, but you can try to send me your text message, and if I get your text message, I will definitely answer you!
I need to work, so I will finish my letter and wait for your letters and photos.
I wish you a good mood and a good day!
your Darya!
Letter 5
Good afternoon my dear Greg, how are you today, how is your mood and well-being? I hope you are doing well!
As for me, I am doing very well, and finally I have some free time from work, and I can safely answer you, and today in my letter I want to tell you about my small family!
my mom is from Russia, my dad and my grandparents are from Moldova, but in the 80s they moved to Russia to the city of Tyumen for the sake of my father's education! my dad was a military doctor by profession, so I followed in my father's footsteps and graduated from medical school, but later I had to get an economic education for financial reasons, as I needed to put my younger sister on their feet.
my mother was born and lived all her adult life in my hometown of Stary Oskol, having worked as a school English teacher in elementary classes!
My parents met when my father was on a business trip to Stary Oskol, and after meeting my mother, my father decided to move permanently to my hometown of Stary Oskol, and here my parents got married and happily lived a good life!
When my parents got married my mom was 18 and my dad was 28, and yes, my dad was 10 years older than my mom, but despite their age difference, my parents were very happy together, and me and my sister are the fruit of my parents ' love!
As I said, unfortunately my dad and mom died in a car accident over 15 years ago, and it was all the fault of a ***** driver, and of course it was very difficult for me to come to terms with the death of my parents, but life goes on and I was able to cope with the death of my parents and my little sister helped me!
my sister live here in my hometown, she are not married, but my middle sister has daughter, my sister got pregnant early, at 18, and unfortunately the baby's father afraid of responsibility and disappeared, such is the nature of some people!
my sister graduated from medical school just like me, and she works in a hospital and volunteers!
my grandmother on my father's side is alive, and as I already told you, she lives in Tyumen and my sister and I often go to visit her!!
I have a small family, but I love my family very much, and we help each other in everything and take care of each other as much as we can!
I hope you were interested in hearing my family's story? and now, if you don't mind, I want to ask you some of my questions: do you like books, what books do you like? I love Russian classics and science fiction!
My favorite writers are Leo Tolstoy, Sergei Yesenin, Stephen King, Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Bulgakov, Alexander Dumas! My favorite books are "Anna Karenina", "The Three Musketeers" and "The Master and Margarita", I have read these books many times! Have you heard of these books? I know that these books have been translated into many languages of the world, and I think that you may have heard of these books, and if you have the opportunity then be sure to read these books and you will not regret it believe me!
I also wanted to ask you, do you like going to the movies, when was the last time you went to the movies? I love movies and my favorite movies: "Vanilla Sky, Twilight, Wedding Planner, Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, The Wolf of Wall Street, three meters above the sky, It Felt Like Love", and of course, the immortal classic films: "Gone with the Wind and Some Like It Hot ", I think you've seen some of these films?
from music I love classical music, pop music, rock music and jazz!
My favorite music artists are Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Polina Gagarina, Sting, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Vanessa Mae!
My favorite music group is Evanescence, Linkin Park!
As I have already written to you, I love to cook, and as for my culinary preferences, I prefer Italian and Russian cuisine, I love fruits, seafood, Italian pasta and pizza!
my favorite drink is "kvass", this truly Russian drink, have you heard about kvass ??? this is a non-alcoholic drink, similar to ****, I also like black and chamomile tea, various juices and carbonated drinks! I hardly drink alcohol, but on holidays I can drink a glass or two of dry red wine!
I'm wondering what is the most popular dish in your country?What kind of cuisine do you prefer? what do you like to drink? I think that's enough questions for today!
I feel and think that you're a good man, although I don't know why I think so, but I know what you're good at, and let us speak different languages, and our countries have many cultural differences, but I think we found a common language with you, do you agree with me?
Your life is very interesting to me, some things I certainly don't know, and I will be very happy to hear from you!
Your emails help me to better imagine your world, so write to me more often and please send me photos if you can, ok?
I try to check my email every day, but sometimes due to work I don't have time to check my email at all, I hope you understand me and forgive me? and if I suddenly don't write to you, it's probably because of the distance between us my emails often don't reach you, or I just can't write to you, so please feel free to write to me when
I don't respond, I will always respond to your emails, even if it takes time, ok?
I will finish my letter and wait for your reply!
At the end of my letter, I wish you a good day and a good mood!
your Darya! ps: in my photos you can see my sister, my mom and dad, my baby photos, my niece and my grandmother!
I hope you liked my photos?
Letter 6
Hello, hello Greg, how are you?
Thank you for your letter, I was very interested and pleased to read what you write to me, and I am glad that I can finally write you my letter in response, because I have something to tell you, and I hope that my letter will brighten up your day and make you smile!?
Yesterday I had a birthday dinner with my sister and the reason for this dinner was my little sister's birthday, and we celebrated her birthday at home!I gave my sister a bouquet of flowers and a gold pendant, and what do you usually give your friends or family for their birthday? in general, do you like to give and receive gifts? I like to give gifts more because I like to see people's happy emotions!
Yesterday, my sister and I were talking about you, and yes, I told my sister about our correspondence, I told her about you, where you came from, how we met, and I hope you don't mind that?
My sister immediately told me that her had recently noticed positive changes in me and in my behavior,and now they understand that the reason for my changes was you and our correspondence!
I told my sister how we met, and her were surprised, but they approved of our correspondence, because my sister are happy to see my good mood and positive changes in me, but only they ask me to be careful, because in Russia they say a lot about how after meeting foreigners girls go to another country and disappear there for good falling into ****** slavery, but I reassured my sister and I told my sister that you are a good person and they believed me, and by the way, my sister send you a big hello, maybe her have something to say in response from you?
You know, I realized that my life has really changed since I started communicating with you, and I really started to smile a lot, because something has changed in me: -) I am very happy today that I met you, and I thank you for my positive emotions and changes!
Right now I want to look you in the eye, because the eyes can say more than a thousand words, and in my country there is even a saying that "The eyes are the mirror of the soul", and I know that my eyes shine with pleasure when I read your letters! You make me smile and enjoy life, and since we met, I feel completely different, but I can't describe my feelings in words, because the feelings I have for you are more than just words, do you understand me, I hope so?
In one of my last emails, I wrote to you that my mobile phone can't make international calls, and today I found out that I need to activate international calls through my mobile operator so that we can talk on the phone, and I will try to do this, because I really want to hear your voice and hope that soon we will be able to talk to you on the phone !
Today I also want to ask a few questions, if you don't mind? do you have a dream and what is your most cherished dream?Are you a romantic? Do you like to surprise your girlfriend ?!
my dream is very simple, I dream of meeting a man who I will be with for the rest of my life, or maybe I have already met him, what do you say??? I believe in the sincerity of feelings and love, and I am looking for true love for life!
Do you think maybe our meeting was not accidental?I think this is so, and everyone in this world, by the will of fate, is destined to meet their soulmate!
I will finish my letter and get back to work, I hope you were interested in my letter and I look forward to your reply.
your Darya! ps: tonight, after work, I'm flying with my sister to Moscow, I'm going to Moscow for work, and my sister is going to Moscow to take part in a volunteer forum! I'll be back tomorrow, but I don't know exactly what time yet, and I may not be able to write to you tomorrow, but you be sure to write to me, ok?
Letter 7
Good afternoon my dear Greg, how are you doing today, how is your mood and well-being, what is new in your life, I hope that you are doing well, and everything will be even better when you later receive and read my letter?
I safely returned home from a business trip from Moscow, and I'm doing well, my trip was quick, successful and I did everything that needed to be done for work! my sister stayed in Moscow at the volunteer forum and she will return home in a couple of days!
now before continuing my letter, let me thank you for your reply letter to me, I am always happy to receive your letters, and I always read all your letters with a smile on my face, and in your words I feel your sincerity towards me! today your letters give me more than you can imagine, and I don't know how to describe it in words, but now it's more than just interest, and I feel like I'm drawn to you like a magnet, and so I want to tell you something, I think about you more and more often, and this morning I woke up with the thought of you in my head, and it was amazing, and during breakfast I looked at the empty chair next to me, and I imagined you in this chair, and it excited me so much that I can't find the right words, to describe everything I felt at that moment, but it was beautiful!
if you'll excuse me, I have one very important question for you right now: do you have any correspondence with anyone else besides me? this is very important to me, and that's why I'm asking you this, and I don't want to offend you with this question, but I have to ask you this!
I only correspond with you, and in my life you are the only man, I mean that even in everyday life I do not have any relationships or friendships with men, because after we met, I am not interested in other men, I am only interested in you!
in my first letters, I wrote to you that there were two men in my life, but this relationship ended forever, because they betrayed me and my heart was broken, and I don't want it to happen again!
after the last relationship, I closed myself for three years and closed my heart, soul and life from others, but today I believe that you are the person I have been looking for and waiting for all my life, and I am ready to open up to you!
I really appreciate honesty and sincerity, for me these are the most important qualities in a person, and I really hope for your honesty, since I am a very trusting woman, and I do not want you to break my heart, because now I completely trust you, and I do not want there to be secrets between us, because a relationship can not be built on deception, do you agree with me?
I take our correspondence seriously, and I can see from your letters that we have a lot in common and I think our life goals are the same, and if you don't mind, I have a few more questions for you in order to fully understand you: please tell me honestly, what kind of relationship would you like to have with me?what are your likes and dislikes for women? who do you think is the perfect woman? what do you want from your woman?
as you know, I aim for a serious and long-term relationship, and I think that between a man and a woman there should be understanding, trust and physical attraction!
I, in turn, want to love and be loved, because the happiness of a woman is to find a man who will understand and support her, and today I just want to be happy next to the man I love! I want to be proud of this man, I want my man to be proud of me, I want my man to be a reliable support for me, I want to rely on my man always and in everything, and these are my ideas about the man of my dreams!
What can I say about myself as a woman??? I always say what I think, I love comfort and cleanliness in the house, I always take care of myself and I always take responsibility for the decisions I make!
what I don't like is lying, and I don't like people contradicting themselves!
unfortunately, I can't describe everything I want to say in the letter, and so I prefer a live dialogue when you look the other person in the face, because then the words are perceived differently,but right now we don't have the ability to communicate via webcam, but soon I will buy a new laptop, and we will be able to talk via webcam, and we will have a live conversation face to face!
I will finish my letter on this, and I will wait for your letters and please answer my questions, this is very important to me!
with kisses, always your Darya! ps: my photos were taken at the Moscow and I hope you like it!
Letter 8
Good afternoon my dear Greg, I hope that my answer did not keep you waiting long, and I hope that you are doing well, and everything will be even better when you receive my letter with answers to everything that interests you so much?? But before I go on with my letter, I want to say thank you so much for your letters, which I have been waiting for and which I have read with interest, and I want to tell you that I feel that today our friendship has grown into something more than just pen pals, have you noticed that?
I'm trying to tell you that I used to have feelings of immense curiosity about you, I wanted to get to know you better, understand your thinking and lifestyle, and I think I succeeded, and now I have a feeling of great sympathy for you and even more than just a feeling of sympathy, and I think that our relationship has reached a new level and it's time for us to take the next step in our relationship, and right now I'm telling you about our meeting?
I spoke to my director today about my vacation, and the director told me that my vacation is approved for the near future, so we can arrange our meeting, and I think now is the best time to do it! where do you think we could hold our meeting, in Russia or in your country? hence my question, can you come to Russia for our first meeting? I think you will like Russia, and I will be happy to be your guide, or we can arrange our meeting in your country, what are your ideas about this? I have never been to your country, and I will be interested to see the place where you live, meet your friends, relatives, get acquainted with your customs and culture!
I think that the meeting in Russia or you, both of these ideas are good in their own way, but they require detailed discussion and a lot of work, and if we both want this, then we will succeed, do you agree with me?
the main thing I want to tell you in my letter today is that my feelings for you grow along with our correspondence, and my feelings for you are more than just words or friendship, and I had no idea that letters can cause such violent feelings, emotions and desires, but it happened to me, and I wonder what you feel for me, what do you feel when you read my letters?
I always say what I think, I am always sincere with you, and so I share with you everything that happens in my life, and from the very beginning of our dialogue, I also asked you to be sincere with me, and now I know that you have always been sincere with me, and you have won my trust, and therefore I have a feeling that I have known you all my life, and I have no secrets from you, for you I am like an open book!
today I understand that we can have a future together, but I want to know if you want me to be a part of your future and if you are willing to take the next step in our relationship!?
we can correspond for a very long time, but I think that this is not what we want, and so I am ready to go forward and I really really want to see you, see your amazing country and your way of life, and I need to see it all with my own eyes, because I think that our meeting will answer all our questions and show what will happen to us next! after all, we only live once and I believe we should take everything from our lives!
to be honest, I don't understand what is happening to me right now, everything in me seems to have turned upside down, the world has become different for me, and I find myself thinking more and more about you, plus I become very happy when I see your letters, because your letters give me a charge of good mood for the whole day, and I really hope that you understand me and reciprocate me, and so I ask you to carefully consider my offer of a meeting, for me this is a very important step, ok? I will wait for your answer with bated breath, because our future depends on your answer!
and right now, along with my letter, I send you my kisses and I hope that my air kisses will reach your lips with the first breath of wind!
your Darya!
Letter 9
My dear Greg, I really wanted to know what you think and respond to my suggestion for our meeting, and so I read your emails as soon as I got to work this morning, but I'm only giving you my answer now, because I had a lot of urgent work this morning and I couldn't answer you right away, but now I'm completely at your disposal!
I will tell you honestly, I really like how our correspondence is happening today, but communication on the Internet is not in any way comparable to a real meeting, and therefore thoughts and dreams about our meeting are increasingly visiting my mind, and I want our meeting very much, and the main thing is that now after reading your letter, I am 100 sure that our meeting is really the next step in our relationship with you, because our meeting will help us to get to know and understand each other better, which in turn can never be done by our correspondence!
I am aware that such a step requires a lot of responsibility, and I am ready to bear this responsibility, because today my feelings for you have reached a new level, plus my vacation is coming soon, and I think this is the most appropriate time to plan our meeting, since I have not been on vacation for more than a year, plus my vacation falls on some holidays and so I have the right to take my next paid vacation for 45 days, and I plan to spend all 45 days for our meeting, and I think that this time will be quite enough, so that we can plan everything and meet!?
I only ask you one thing, promise me that you will take care of me!
today I have the following good news for you, you remember I was in Moscow not so long ago for work, and when I was in Moscow, I visited the embassy of your country, because I was interested to know what I need to travel to your country, and the most important thing is a visa, and I found out if I can get a visa to your country, and come to you, and for this I left a visa application at the embassy, and today from the embassy I received a positive response, and now if I want to get a visa, I need to prepare the necessary documents! but the first thing I want to do is evaluate my options and find out the price of a trip to you, and so first of all I want to know how much a plane ticket to you costs, and so I ask you to tell me what is the nearest international airport to your home!
if I succeed, and I get a visa and can come to you, what things should I take with me on the trip, warm or not? can I stay at your house? Will you be my guide? Will you meet me at the airport? What gifts from Russia do you want?what you think about my coming to you, what our meeting will be like and how you see our meeting, this is very important for me, because it is very difficult, but the main thing is that all this is real, if we both approach it responsibly!
I understand that this is a lot of questions and so I will finish with my questions, but I will tell you that right now I think that our meeting will be unforgettable and our meeting will open up limitless opportunities and horizons for us, and if our meeting is what we both want, then soon I plan to collect the necessary documents for my trip to you and I will start acting!
there is something else, yesterday in the store I saw a beautiful card, and I bought this card for you, because I thought that you would be happy if you get a card from me! but I do not know your full home address and how to properly arrange the envelope for you to send my card to you, so please email me your home address and the I can send you my card with my little surprise!
I'll give you my home address and my full name below in case you want to send something to me: my home address in english: Uritskogo street, 14, apartment 45, Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, Russia, 309514
my full name in english: Darya Sergeevna Emashova
My name: Darya
My middle name: Sergeevna
My last name: Emashova I am writing you my home address and my full name in Russian and English, because if you want to send me a postcard or something, I do not know, you will need to specify my receiving address in English or in Russian, but I think that the post office will tell you how to do it correctly!
if you are going to send me your postcard, you must issue the envelope exactly in the format in which I wrote you my home address, ok? please write to me how I should properly issue the envelope for you, ok?
with this I will finish my letter and together with my letter I send you millions of my sweet kisses, and I will very much look forward to your next letter!
With love, always your Darya! ps: I apologize to you for the fact that today my letter is without photos, but as I told you in the beginning of my letter, I have a lot of work, but I will try to compensate you next time!
Letter 10
My dear Greg, you can't imagine how happy I am to read your words right now, because your words are the decoration of my day, your words raise my mood by 1000, and believe me, every time I see and when I read your letters, a sincere joy and a big smile appears on my face, and thank you very much for this smile on my face!
how are you today, how are you feeling, how is your mood, I hope that you are doing well? I'm fine, but I missed you and our correspondence, and I thought about you a lot, and I started to notice that I fall asleep at night and I wake up in the morning thinking about you, and I've never had anything like this, but it doesn't scare me, it makes me happy, because you changed my life, and you gave life to new feelings in my heart!
now if you will allow me, I have some more good news for you, I have collected all the necessary documents for my trip to you, although it is correct to say the documents for obtaining my visa, because there is still a lot to do before I come to you, but I have already sent the documents to the embassy, and when my documents are processed at the embassy, then I will go to Moscow, where at the embassy I will have an interview with the visa officer, on the basis of which everything will be decided!
I did not think that getting a visa to your country is such a time-consuming process that requires a large number of documents, but I managed to figure everything out on my own, and today, in the conditions of war, the best type of visa for me will be "business, guest or tourist visa" to choose from! with one of these three visas, I can easily fly to your country transit through Turkey, Kazakhstan or Dubai and I can move freely in your country for 30 to 90 days! to date, I think I will spend at least 30 days in your country, and I think that 30 days will be enough for us to get to know each other better and we will decide what will happen next with us and our relations, although the answer is already obvious to me, but what about you, will you share your opinion with me?
I took the first steps for our meeting and I was overwhelmed with emotions and feelings, because I can't believe that soon we will be together with you, but it's really true , I'm not sleeping and I'm very happy about it!
I almost forgot, there is one important point, if I get a guest visa approved, then I may need an invitation letter from you, with an invitation letter it is much easier to get a visa, and if I need it, can you make an invitation letter for me? I'll give you the official invitation letter form later!
today I plan to call the embassy to clarify all the nuances once again : I want to know about the cost of processing documents, how I should pay for everything, about the timing of obtaining a visa and other significant details, all this is necessary so that I can plan everything carefully, and I believe that we will succeed, I am sure that no one and nothing will interfere with our meeting, if we both want it, do you agree with me?
by the way, I told my sister about my decision, and my sister fully support me, my sister are happy for me, she are happy that I met a decent man, and my sister send you greetings, what to say in response from you???
on this I finish my letter, because I have a lot to cover today, but I don't say goodbye, because mentally I'm with you!
I hope my news will make you smile? I promise you that I will keep you informed of my every step and we will definitely succeed!
I wish you a good day and leave my kiss on your lips!
I will wait for your letter, and until then I will think of you!
important, I will start my vacation as soon as I receive the final answer from the embassy!
With love, your Darya! ps: how do you like my new dress? I bought it especially for our meeting!
Letter 11
Greg my love, I hope you don't mind me calling you my love?
my love, I read your last letters with a smile on my face, and here I am finally in a hurry to give you my answer, but before I do, let me ask you about how you are doing, how is your mood, I hope that you are doing well, and I hope that my answer did not keep you waiting too long and my answer will please you?
Today is my last working day, and from tomorrow I will be on vacation, and I will completely give myself to our meeting with you, which I look forward to with great interest and inspiration, because I am really happy that fate gave us a chance to be together, and I think that this happens only once in our lives, and our meeting will give us the opportunity to get to know each other better, better understand each other, better understand what we want and of course develop our relationship exactly as we want!
I will not waste time and I am in a hurry to tell you the long-awaited and good news, I finally received a response from the embassy, and my documents were processed and approved at the visa center, and I need to go to an interview in Moscow, and now everything will depend only on my interview with the visa officer, and if everything goes well, I will get a visa!
everything went so fast because my sister helped me with this, as you know, she is a volunteer and she has contacts in the volunteer center in Moscow and they accelerated the processing of my documents at the visa center!
In my last letter, I wrote to you about an invitation letter for me, but I won't need it, so don't worry about it!
Now I know which direction to go and what I need to do for us to be together, and I am sure that our meeting will happen very soon and our meeting will be the most unforgettable and romantic!
I believe, I know that there are sincere and real feelings between us, and I am sure that our feelings will grow with each new day, and most importantly I know that our feelings are mutual and these feelings are real, because my world really changed when I met you, I no longer feel lonely, because now I understand that there is a person in this world who understands and supports me , and this person you are my love, and believe me, I have never felt anything like this, and so I smile every time I think about you and read your letters!
Yesterday I was in the store and I bought you a perfume and I hope that you will like my little gift!
to be honest, I am more excited than ever before, because as I told you, I have not had a relationship with a man for more than 3 years, but when I met you, I realized that our meeting is my destiny, and today I believe that there will be a great passion between us, and we can build a beautiful and true love, and Our meeting for me is not just a big step forward, it is my next step in this life, and I am sure that I am doing everything right!
I always listen to my heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy, and I think that you agree with me and my heart?
as I told you, my sister are happy for me, too, that I met you, and she are happy that now we plan to be together, and I want to be with you as soon as possible, I do not want to lose a single moment, and so today I rush to meet you, and inside me now there is a pleasant excitement that cannot be described in words!
I will finish my letter so that you can receive it as soon as possible, and I hope that my news will please you!
with my letter I send in millions of my sweetest and hottest kisses just for you, and I will finish my letter with the thought of you in my head!
With love always yours and only your loving Darya!
Letter 12
Greg my love, today is a big day for us, because today my big journey to you begins, and at this very moment I am overwhelmed with my emotions and feelings, and to be honest, I can't find the right words to describe all these feelings and emotions to you, because my emotions are off the scale, my feelings are deep and endless, and I am really happy, as I have not been happy for a very long time!
today I know for sure, and I believe that our meeting, this is a dream meeting, our meeting will be the best and most desirable meeting in my life, because I'm going to meet my happiness, I'm going to meet the man of my dreams, and this is what I dream about the last days of my life!
my flight to Moscow is tonight, and I'll be in Moscow tonight. as you know, I will have an interview with the visa officer at the embassy in Moscow, and based on my interview, I will get a visa, and so far everything is going as planned, and I hope that I will not have to wait very long for my visa, and very soon I will be able to fly to you!
Yesterday I spent the whole evening with my sister, we talked a lot about my trip to you, and about our relationship with you, and my sister are madly happy for me, but they are also worried about me, and so I promised them that I would write to them every day and I would send my sister our photos to please them, and to make them calm for me!
if my parents were alive I believe that they would be very happy for me too, and I believe that they are happy seeing everything from heaven!
to be honest, I still can't believe all this is happening to us, and right now it's like a dream, but when I wake up, we'll be together, and so right now I'll tell you words that I've never said to any man before, I trust you, and I don't doubt the sincerity of your feelings, and I know that I'll be safe with you, and soon, very soon, we'll be together, just you and me!
While I am in Moscow, I will need your moral support, and I ask you to write to me every day, because your letters are very important to me! I have booked a room in Moscow, where there is a computer, and I will write to you about every step I take, I will keep you informed of the entire process of my journey, ok?
unfortunately, I was not able to connect international calls to my mobile phone, as this is a long process and I don't want to waste time on it, but I think I will find a way to call you from Moscow, or I will get an international phone card for my phone there, and you can call me!
right now I'm at work, I came here to say goodbye to my colleagues and write you my letter, and now I have to hurry, I don't have much time, since I still have to go to the Airport in Voronezh, but before I finish my letter, I once again ask you to write me your home address, phone number and full name this information is needed at the embassy, and I want to double-check everything again!
I will write to you as soon as I arrive in Moscow, ok?
I miss you, and remember that I always think of you!
Together with my letter, I send you my sweetest and hottest kisses!
See you soon, my love!
always your and only your loving Darya!
Letter 13
Greg my love, finally I can write you my letter with good news, and first of all I want to inform you that I arrived safely in Moscow last night, here I rented a small room in an apartment, the owner of the room is my friend's aunt and she a very nice and kind woman, last night she met me at the airport, today she accompanied me to the embassy, and then gave me a little tour of Moscow! So don't worry about me, I feel safe here, and I'm doing fine!
Now the most important news, I have successfully passed the interview at the embassy with the visa officer, and I have received approval for issuing me a visa, I have also received international health insurance for all occasions, plus separate insurance from COVID (about which I didn't know) , I have paid the visa fee, I have paid the state fee, and now when I provide the plane tickets to the embassy, I will get my visa! but unfortunately my expenses turned out to be higher than I originally expected, and now I can't afford to buy plane tickets that cost 1300 USD! I just didn't have enough money to pay for everything for our meeting, and now I don't know how to tell you about it, but I have to ask you for help, and I am very ashamed to do it, because it humiliates my life principles and I have never asked anyone for help, but I don't see any other way out of this situation, and I really hope that you understand me?!
I tried to find money on my own, but the banks in Moscow refused me a loan, because I do not have a residence permit in Moscow! I also asked my sister for help, but my sister told me that she gave me all her last money for this trip so that I could meet you, and she can no longer help me in any way, and now our meeting is in your hands!
I understand what I'm asking of you, but I'm not asking for your help for my own sake, I'm asking for your help for the sake of our meeting, for the sake of our future, for the sake of our love! Yes, I understand how my request sounds, and I hope that I will not alienate you with my request, and you will not be angry with me ?!
Right now I really hope for your understanding and your help, because I have no one else to count on, and as soon as you help me, I will buy tickets for the next flight, I will get a visa and we will be together to fulfill all our dreams and desires!
I once again apologize for my request, and believe me that for my part I did everything in my power, and now our meeting is in your hands!
we have one last step left to take, and we will be together, but this step we must take together!
I will finish my letter and I will wait for your reply!
with my letter, I send you all my love, from heart to heart, and millions of my kisses!
always yours and only your loving Darya!
Letter 14
Greg my love, first of all in my letter I want to say Good morning to you and wish you a good day, and I hope that I will be the first to say these words to you this morning, and along with my Good morning wishes to you, I send you my sweetest kisses, and I hope that you you will feel them on your lips with the first breath of wind!
in the continuation of my letter, I want to thank you very much for your help and your understanding, I really appreciate it, and I will find out how you can help me and let you know, ok? or do you have any ideas???
today, when we are so far from each other physically, and I cannot surround you with my love, care and affection, I bring you my love, my care and affection in my letters! and my every word is written to you by me with all my love and soul, and my words are written to you from heart to heart, and I believe that when you read my letter today, it will give you a smile and only positive, loving emotions and feelings and everything will be fine for you today! as for me, I'm fine, but I miss you very, very much, I miss you more than yesterday and more than ever, and I really want to see you as soon as possible, hug you, kiss you, and looking into your eyes to tell you that I love you very much, with every cell of my body, with all my heart and soul, and in response to my words you will tell me I love you too, and in each other's arms we will be insanely happy, and so happy together every day of our lives, and loving each other, and smiling every new day, I see our future life with you! and while we are far from each other, I have my exciting and wonderful thoughts about you, and all those thoughts about you in my head with which I wake up every morning and which are with me throughout the day, they are not comparable to anything else in this world, because these thoughts cause me indescribable delight and a smile on my face! thoughts about you always make me feel good, thoughts about you give me an understanding that I am not alone in this world, and somewhere far away you exist, and you love and wait for me, how I love you and how I look forward to our meeting with you, a meeting that will make us both the happiest people in this world, and together we will forget about all the hardships, because together we will be truly happy, and everything will be exactly as we wanted and dreamed all this time! and just like my thoughts about you, your letters cause me only positive emotions and feelings, and in every word you say, I feel your strong love, your sincerity, your care, your understanding, your support! your letters give me more than you think and can imagine, and that's why today your letters are a part of my life, and I just can't live without your loving and kind letters that caress my heart and soul, that give me the purpose and meaning of my life! but of course no letters can compare with our meeting with you, with our hugs and kisses, and today I am really looking forward to the moment when I will go to meet you, and you will catch me in your arms, you will tell me I love you, you will give me your sweetest kiss that will lift me up to heaven...
I love you, never forget about it, and remember that mentally I am always with you, and you are always in my heart and soul!
With my letter to you, I send you all my love and millions of my sweetest kisses!
today, tomorrow and forever, only your loving Darya!
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