Scam letter(s) from Vanessa to George (UK)

Letter 1
Hello !
Thank you for your letter. I thought that online dating was impossible. Because I had no
Now I read your letter and I understand that this is all really possible.
I am here to find a serious relationship. I want to meet the only man with whom I will live the rest of my life. My
The man I choose, I will always love and take care of him. He will be the only one for me, the loved one, the sweet one. I think you understand,
I want to find true love. I am in Beijing city.
I've never met through a social network. I don't have any experience in online dating.
I never met through social networking. I have no experience in online dating. I hope that our acquaintance will continue. I hope that our acquaintance will continue because I want to know you much better. For me it will be
happy to have correspondence with you to get to know you. Are you happy to correspond with me?
I want to ask you. what are you looking for online? What is the purpose of your search and communication? I hope you have the desire to know me better.
Because this is my first time here and this is all new to me. This is my first communication for online dating.
With this letter I will send my photo. I hope you like my photo.
I will wait for your letter along with the photo.
Write to me.
Sincerely Vanessa
Letter 2
Hello my friend.
How are you? How was your day today? I am doing well. I am glad again for your letter. Really, it's so unusual
To have an acquaintance through the Internet. I wrote in my last letter that it is unusual for me to meet here.
It seems like a different world to me.
Where everything is so quiet and no one interferes with our communication.
George, I have been waiting for your letter as I wondered what you wrote. I waited for your letter like a little girl with great interest. I am grateful to you that you took the time to write. Now I am worried and do not know how to choose the right words to write a letter. With excitement I do not know what to write to you.
Well, I am a brave and clever girl. And now I will write about myself. I hope you will be interested. My name is Vanessa. I am now 34 years old . My height is medium - 173 centimeters. My figure is slim. Because I take care
myself. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I like to do fitness and go to the gym. I do not smoke. I do not use alcohol.
I take care of myself because I want to be beautiful with my future beloved man. Also I will give birth to his children and for this I need to have good health. What do you think about this?
I'm a calm, sensible, feminine girl.
I am in China now, Beijing city. I've been here about 2 months. I was sent from work to exchange experience.
I'm here.
My company mainly deals with household cleaning products. My work is very difficult and responsible.
Since I am responsible for the company data. I am writing to you from work.
My hometown is Leicester, England.
I am in search of a lifelong companion who will accompany me, who will not only be my husband, my friend,
able to accommodate my weakness, but also praise my strengths. I am a woman of traditional family values,
so I want to be able to have children and husband. I hope that our acquaintance will not stop there. I will be sending your photo today.
Take a photo for me as well.
Letter 3
Hello my friend George.
Thank you for your letter. First of all, I want to wish you a happy day. I'm glad I could find the time to read and write a letter. I think you're lucky because I chose you and I want to know more about you. What do you think about it?
It's not the first time I've written you a letter and I like your temperament. I think my sincerity will interest you more.
I want us to have a common language for understanding between us. What did you do today? I'm asking because I'm interested in knowing about you.
My dear friend, I apologize for not being able to answer your last letter. This was due to the fact that I had a lot of work, so I could not answer you. I hope that this will not affect our further communication in any way! I hope that we will continue our communication as well! Now I have sorted out my work, and it will be much easier for me to answer you, I hope that you will also write your letter to me!
I was pleased to learn that you love sports, it's very good!
Sport gives life, it is really, very important in everyone's life. I also love sports, I like to do fitness and also run!
When it's summer outside and it's warm, I like to swim!
I want to ask you important questions:
1. What are your goals and views on our correspondence?
2. What does a wedding, family life mean to you?
3. When are you planning to get married and how many children do you want?
Now I will tell you about my work. I wrote that I work in Beijing. I was sent on a business trip from Leicester City, England to china , Beijing . My profession is an economist. I keep statistics, make reports, documentation.
Now I work every day. Because I have to get used to the company, know the structure of the company
from the inside more. I think an overtime work schedule will soon let you know everything about work.
My working day usually starts at 9:00 and ends at 19.30, lunch break - from 13.00 to 14.00. I have to have a weekend Saturday and Sunday. But I turned down the weekend. In general, to begin with, I work until late.
I am a responsible and serious girl. My job I like. For me, the most important thing in life is honesty, sincerity. Everything else goes by the wayside.
Even convenience and comfort. Life cannot exist without love, sincerity and honesty. For me, the inner world of
a person is important.
I have a mother and she now lives in England. She is 59 years old. I 'm my mom's only child. My father died when
I was 4 years old. I don't have any brothers or sisters. Tell me more about your family,
am I very interested???? I'm wondering if you have any family traditions? I want you to teach me. I really want to know about everyone!! I will be happy to answer all your questions.
Sincerely, Vanessa.
Letter 4
hello my dear George.
How are you? I'm all good. Today I woke up at 7:00 in the morning. I usually get up at this time. I'm making the bed. I like the order, neatness and cleanliness in the house. After that, I cleaned myself up. I made myself a salad for breakfast and brewed herbal tea.
When I was having breakfast, I was thinking about your letter.
In my past emails, I asked you to give me your photo, but you didn't give it to me!
I ask you to give me your photo, I would really like to look at you.
I hope you also like my photos!
I was sad to learn that you lost your close relative, I fully understand you, I also lost my father, it's very difficult to lose loved ones!
Please accept my sincere condolences.
I thought you'd write this time. I was very interested. Now I have free time to write you a letter. George, don't let yourself get tired at work anymore, rest more. I want to wish you happiness and joy every day.
You know, I can't imagine that I met you over the Internet. All this is unusual for me. My dear George, in the last letter, I talked about my work. I am sincere and outspoken always. I want you to be honest.
And I hope you won't flirt with me and your intentions are serious. I'm a well-mannered girl. It is important for me to have love and create a family. Our countries have their own traditions and culture in families.
I think there is a family way in your family among relatives. For example, treat your family with respect, take care of each other, respect. Keep an eye on harmony in the family.
There is also a culture in our country, in my family. We respect our parents. I always give my mom expensive gifts.
Because I respect her. I always try to take care of her. I always consult with my mother. Since she has a lot of experience in life. and always gives me the right advice. But now I'm far away from her. And of course I'm worried about my mom. she was left alone at home. When I when she left, she told me not to worry about her. But how not to worry about Mom. I think about my mom all the time.
Tell me how do you spend your free time with friends? How often do you meet? Where do you go together and what do you do? I want to tell you that every day I realize it's so hard without a man I love. I have a great desire to feel support, in a difficult moment. Moreover, I am in a foreign country for me. And it's hard for me.
Write to me, yours Vanessa.
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend George.
How are you? What have you been up to since we got together? What do you remember of the last week?
Thank you for your letter. Our getting to know each other makes it easier to get used to a new change in all of life's of all walks of life. Because life is different in China than in our country of England. People here are kind, conscientious, always help.
Fortunately, a traumatic event has never happened to me.
Realizing that it is difficult for me to get used to a different life. When I see what you wrote to me, my mood lifts. I think when I have more time for my personal life, we could have our first real date. I think it will be very enjoyable and interesting.
When I have free time, you and I can have a date. We'll be able to Go to a movie theater or a cafe or just go for a walk. How do you want our date to be? Right now I'm working overtime. And I don't have any free time for my personal life.
My dear George, you know I had a nice day today! Because I was thinking about you. Our communication makes my life easier.
Because who I communicate with in china is only you.
When I lived in England, I could go during the weekend to a cafe, walk in the park, visit the cinema. I like during the weekend to cook new dishes. Always my friends would come to visit. Because they knew I would make a cake or pies. They would say that my future husband would be very lucky because I would be a good cook.
I wondered what you were doing during the weekend? I've always wondered what people on the other side of the world do! In our country. summer I could go camping in the countryside. We have very beautiful nature. At home I usually always read books.
The last one I read was John Galsworthy's The Silver Box.
Like all girls I have a passion. It is to be at the beach. I like swimming and sunbathing.
This is where I will end my letter. Because I am very tired after work.
Write to me . I look forward to your letter always. Vanessa.
Letter 6
Hi my dear George.
I am very pleased to read your letter. Especially today. Since I have a bad mood. And I feel really bad today.
I want to cry, but I try to hold back my tears. Since I don't want to be seen that I'm crying. I am a strong woman. Today your letter somehow does not give me to be in a deplorable state.
Thank you for such nice words, I am very pleased that in such a short time you have seen me as your friend.
I reciprocate and tell you that you are also a good friend to me.
My dear friend, you haven't sent me any of your photos, I want to see you. I really hope that you will send me your photos with your next letter.
Today my day at work dragged on for a very long time. Because I'm very worried. I want to share with you what happened to me. My mom called me and said she was feeling really bad. Now I do not know what to do.
I am in a depressed state. I am worrying a lot. It's hard for me to hold back tears. My mom is the only and native person in my lives. you understand that I'm sharing my experience with you. And you have a good meaning in my life. here, in China, you are a person close to me. I don't have anyone else with whom I can share my experience morally. I let you know what's in my mind and in my soul. I'm really worried about my mom.
Most likely I will have to go back to our country England, Leicester city. Since I will have to take care of her. Although She asked me not to worry, but I feel very bad for her. I could tell by her voice that it was difficult for her to talk. Today I will be looking for a flight ticket to fly to my mom.
you are a very good person, and a wonderful man. I think you will support me despite the fact that I will be in England.
I hope you will also write to me. Since I'm always waiting for your letter. And for me, your letters are always pleasant.
In fact, I feel very sad and bad. Your letter helps me to cheer up. When I read your letter, it becomes easy for me. I'm not I want our communication to stop there. I understand that there are moments in life when parents need help from children.
In our correspondence, I realized that you are a kind and caring man. If I mean a lot to you and you want us not to stop there. Then I think you will support me and continue to write. I hope you also want to make a family like me. For this reason, I had an acquaintance with you. Remember, I will be glad to have communication with you so that we can understand if we are made for each other. I hope your letter will be waiting for me here in my email.
Yours forever Vanessa.
Letter 7
Dear George, I have now found an airline ticket online and have booked myself a flight. I am writing you a second time. So that you don't lose me. I called my mother again. She is very sick. And I made a decision that I will go back to help her.
I asked what was wrong with her. She said her heart was bad and she had terrible pain in her heart area. She has trouble breathing. She is now alone at home right now. I'm very scared. I'm shaking with worry and excitement. At work I told her on the phone that I had to fly away for sure. К
My reason was understood. At work they wished my mother good health. I am glad that there are such kind people. And know how to appreciate parents. I hope to work here in China again.
When I am in Leicester city I will write you a letter for sure.
You are the most wonderful and good man. I wish your family health and more joy in life. I hope you understand that my mother
Is in a serious condition.
Take care. Vanessa.
Letter 8
Hello my dear George.
How are you? How does it feel to be so far away from you? And I'm getting used to a different climate again. I'm very tired of getting used to it like this. Yesterday we were sitting with a friend. She was helping me again. I told her thank you so much for helping me and supporting me.
My mom felt bad yesterday. And today too. Her blood pressure is up again, she has frequent heart palpitations. She is on bed rest. I trying to take care of her. This morning I went to work. Since I had to explain why I came back. I'm glad that at
The bosses at work are very kind. They treated the urgent move back to us in England. Now I will have to go home. Since I
Have to take care of my mother.
George, I am very pleased that you keep writing to me. It pleases me that you support me. Expressing your sympathy. You are a very sweet and kind man. I wonder why you are still single? You have a good heart and a sincere heart.
It's a pity I'm far away from you. I could have thanked you when I met you. I would have hugged you. And I would have thanked you so much for
for continuing to help me morally. You're an attentive man. At this time, we will have to exchange our thoughts, news, letters through the Internet. as I write my letter to you through work.
Reading your letter, I wondered to myself. Could it be that you are writing me such sincere encouragement because you have come to like me as a
as a woman? Maybe you want to have something more with me and be together. Maybe you like me and I am in your thoughts, your heart?
I didn't look for answers in my head. I just decided to ask you these questions. Because I'm very interested and important to know the answers.
I hope you understand that I want to know your sincere and honest answers.
If you like me, then tell me honestly - Vanessa, I like you. If you just want us to be friends, then I will understand me. Although my goal is to get to know you to make a serious relationship. You know I want to have a family and love. I think, you also want to have a family forever.
I will wait for your answers to my questions. George, I don't want you to ask me counter questions. You need to just answer my questions. Afterwards, you can ask me what you're thinking as you write your answers to my questions. You are a man and you have to be brave about it.
Respectfully and sincerely Vanessa. PS. Kisses on your cheeks. After these words, I feel my cheeks turn red. I'm embarrassed.
Letter 9
Hello my dear George.
Thank you for writing me a letter.
I am very pleased that you speak so highly of me!
I am sincerely glad that I met you, among millions of Internet users! I have already told you about it, I will always tell you about it! Since I don't understand why I was so lucky to meet such a sensitive and understanding man right away!
I am sincerely glad that we can just go and talk about different things!
I am grateful to you for expressing your attention and care for me. So how do you know that now it's very hard for me. You understand that I am a lonely girl and I do not have enough support in a difficult moment. Especially now I am in a difficult position. I'm taking care of my mom. I try to still have time to be at work. My friend supports and helps me as much as possible. Do you understand that taking care of me will make my difficulty much easier? I understand that you are writing to me because you like me as a girl. And you want to have much more with me than a simple correspondence. I want you to know that you're lucky very. Because I've been thinking about you since I came back to England. I like you as a person and you're cute to me as man. What actions are you ready to do for the sake of our acquaintance?
George , I understand that our correspondence is not friendly. And it has something deeper for you, something more meaningful. Because you have feelings for me. But I want your feelings to be serious and without flirting. Yesterday I asked how you feel about me. I am pleased that you sincerely write about your thoughts.
What do you feel inside your heart now? What have you are there warm feelings for me? What character traits did you like about me?
In the answers I want you to be the same sincere, honest and brave. I want you to imagine a romantic setting. You asked me out on a date. For example, to a movie or a restaurant. Maybe you and I can just walk outside.
You give me flowers. My favorite flowers are white roses. You're trying to tell me the reason why you like me, what your feelings are for me. Maybe you want me to I've always been there for you in a difficult moment.
Maybe you want me to become a soul mate for you. Just imagine that I'm here right now. And now you want to express everything that you have in your soul, in your thoughts. Your answers are very important to me.
After all, it depends on your sincerity your happy future.
I understand that my letters are something more for you. I try to find time for you, despite the difficulties.
I have to finish now your letter. Because it's time for me to go home. I'll be waiting for your answer.
I don't want you to delay the answer for a long time.
With respect and gratitude to Vanessa.
Letter 10
Hello my dear George,
I am glad to read your letter! Thank you very much for understanding me and supporting me. You understand that I'm in a difficult position right now. Since I have to take care of my mom. Moreover, you know that my father is dead. Now I'm the one taking care of my mom.
I want to say that your letters have become a part of my life. Yesterday I missed you and thought about you.
Hand to heart, I want to say that I like you. Our acquaintance changed our way of life. We became closer to each other, despite the distance between us. Our sincerity, our letters brought us closer. Your sincerity and openness attracted me deeply. You understand that I came with a sincere heart to meet you. I wanted to find mutual love to create a family. I understood that you were looking for true love forever for a wedding.
As I said earlier, I had no experience in dating on the Internet before! I was also skeptical, I didn't think I could fall in love with a person by correspondence on the Internet, but fortunately I decided to try and fortunately I met you!
George, I think you've found what you've been looking for all your life. I think you understood why I asked you serious questions in the last 2 letters? I want to tell you that I like you as a man! I care about you. During our correspondence, I understood you were here to meet love. You met sincerity, reciprocity, an open heart in my image, in my face. Maybe you want to live with me for a happy life? I am a sincere girl. I hope that we can communicate sincerely and mutually.
Dear George, all the recent events that have happened recently in my life, I think it's not for nothing. Because fate brought us together. Maybe fate is testing you, what kind of man you are. Maybe our angels are testing you how can you take care of me. especially to support me in a difficult moment. I think that if you and I meet in reality, then we can build a strong relationship, family and love! I have long dreamed of meeting such a man in whom I can be sure! And I know that if I give you my heart, you won't hurt me!
I really take you, our communication very seriously! Please promise me that you won't hurt me! And that you will always have a decent respect for me. Okey? I'm just afraid of experiencing heartache. I don't want you to break my heart. I'm telling you all these words, and I have a lot of excitement!
Now I will finish my letter. I think about you, and I miss you! Your Vanessa!
Letter 11
Hello my love George, how are you without me? I am far away from you. I wish you a good mood. Thank you for being sincere With me. What have I been doing without you. You are a reliable, attractive, noble man. I want you to be like that always. Promise me?
My dear friend, forgive me for making you wait so long for my letter! My laptop was broken and I had no access to mail. Now my laptop is fixed and I can keep writing to you!
I want our communication was always with a sincere and open heart. You understand that I am very much worried right now. I'm worried about Mom. I go to her room and stand at the door. I stand looking at her and cry.
I remember my childhood. It was hard for her when I was little.
I noticed at night that my mother was crying quietly in the kitchen. Then it was very hard for her to raise me, feed me, and clothe me by herself. Я
I would come up and hug her. I told her that I loved her very much. She is the one I love the most. I really love, appreciate, respect my mom. In our family with my mom, there has always been care, love and understanding.
I want to tell you that there should always be honesty, understanding, care and respect between us. I don't want there to be words between us only in letters. Before I wrote you this letter, I sat and thought about how to write you a letter. I thought about how to confess my feelings to you, how to tell you that you are a good-looking man for me. Because these words are very serious. You understand that all these words carry a great responsibility, affection, caring. These words come sincerely from my heart. I hope you understand that now you are not alone. And we are responsible to each other. We are responsible for our words and actions. We need to take care of each other, We need to have patience, respect, understanding and of course faith, no matter what. If your love is sincere, you will always love me and and take care of me. In spite of any difficulties. You promise me?
And I hope you will do anything for our love. For our love has no political boundaries, no difference in communication or culture. Since all this is a temporary matter. Because we can teach each other our culture and languages of communication.
You know, I wanted to watch your reaction now as I confess my love to you. I wanted to see your joy and happiness. You must have a smile on your face right now. Your heart is beating in a crazy rhythm and you are the happiest man in the world. I've weighed everything right now and I'm telling you sincerely that - I love you.
You are my true love. And my heart belongs to you. I have the courage to tell you my a declaration of love.
Every day I try to send you my letter, and my picture, and with them to give you my warmth, and my affection!
I want you to understand the responsibility and seriousness in our love. With love sincerely, your Vanessa.
Letter 12
Hello my love George. How are you feeling today? And how are you feeling? I hope everything is wonderful and wonderful? I wish you all be well. I am sitting here thinking - what have you been doing without me?
How did you live without me?
When I read your letter I smiled. I am so happy for you. Because I love you. I hope my letter did not frighten you, because I opened my heart to you. I opened my soul to you. I hope you understand the seriousness of what I and you have said.
Thank you for being interested in me as well. My mom is also on bed rest now and I have to take care of her.
I am taking care of my mom.
The doctor came by last night. I was told that she still has a complication. We didn't talk in front of my mom because I didn't want to upset her.
I think you were very happy about the last letter. Your eyes must have glistened with joy. I so wanted to see your eyes. Because I know that eyes are the mirror of our soul. And we always express our emotional state with our eyes and our gaze.
I so wish I could hear all your words, your confession in reality. I want to look into your eyes when you tell me words of your thoughts and plans for me. The expectation of this moment gives me no peace, but it gives me hope that I have already found my happiness, and no matter that there is a big distance between us. But our letters shorten this distance. I have the feeling that I am close to you. I have the feeling that I have known you for a long time. I think that our angels and fate have brought us together.
Can you imagine your life without me? Can you breathe or live even 1 second without me? But I think of you and I miss you. And my heart beats for you. We will have a moment in our lives that we will be together. and then you will hear my heart beating in my chest for you and our love.
I know if we could be together now, it would be filled with warmth and love and happiness. I want to tell you that I really miss your tenderness and your hugs and your support. I dreamed of a man like you. I have met you, and now I believe that if a man has a dream, sooner or later it will come true :-) My dearest *** :thinking: :thinking: , I believe that in spite of everything we will soon be together. Because we love each other.
It is a pity, but now I have to finish my letter. Everything I have written to you about my love, all comes from my heart sincerely. You can feel my love for you when we are together! And you will understand how much love I have for you! I hope you believe in us, and in our feelings for each other! I'm sending you my kiss, and I hope it reaches you, and makes your day better, and gives you a smile.
With love, your forever Vanessa.
Letter 13
Hello my love George,
How are you??? How was your day? And what did you do today? I want to tell you to always love me more than today. Since you are a man and you need to always support our love.
My dear, I want to apologize to you for not being able to write to you yesterday.
Yesterday I was forced to be near my mom for the whole time! I hope that this will not affect our further communication in any way!
As a man, you need to support me, say nice words about love and show your love every day.
You need to show your concern. Only then will I always be mutual and affectionate to you.
Love always needs support and care every day with the help of affectionate, sweet words.
You are my joy in life. Fate brought us together. every day I rejoice with us together. You know, I'm starting to think about us in reality. You and I are together in reality. I imagine our meeting. And how we rejoice in each other. Now I can't live without your letters anymore.
Your words are a boost of energy for me for the whole day. I could dream that my beloved man was like you.
So I waited for you and now I love you.
Why didn't we meet earlier? I think everything has its time. and fate is preparing pleasant moments for us in life. And I'm sure we'll be fine. My love, I am writing you a letter now. And I feel goosebumps running down my skin and butterflies flying in my stomach.
Because I think about us together. I think about us in reality. Because I want a real family and love.
Then I can give you all my love and care. And you will feel the warmth inside and you will be the happiest.
Because I won't let you down and you can trust me.
My day starts with me thinking about you every morning. I think about us together. mentally I cook you breakfast, kiss you, mentally you bring me coffee with breakfast in bed.
With my thoughts I am transported to you and I am next to you.
My love, do you feel that I am I next to you? I want to say that I will always love you and take care of you.
Today I met my friend. She said that changes are very noticeable in me. Because my eyes are shining with happiness. And I look very beautiful. Then I said I fell in love with you. I said that I love you more than life. and you are everything to me. I said that I think about us together every day.
My love George, I want to ask you a serious question. And I want you to answer my question seriously. Because it's important to me. My love, have you thought about our meeting? How do you think about our first meeting?
How and where will this happen, my love?
I will be waiting for answers to my questions.
I love you very much.
Your Vanessa.
Letter 14
Hello my lovely George. You will always be my lovely man. And I will always be your lovely wife. Do you want me to be your wife? Do you want to marry me? Today was a very difficult day for me. Because there is a lot of work to be done at work.
My beloved, I want to ask your forgiveness for taking so long to answer you! My mother was not well, and for that reason I did not leave her for even a moment! I was with her all the time! It was important to me that my mom be healthy, you know that very well! I am glad that you have not left me in this difficult time and support me! I am very pleased, and it is important to me that my beloved man was with me in this difficult time! I am grateful to you for that! I hope that this will not affect our communication with you in any way! I will be glad to continue our communication with you!
The more so, my mother is feeling a little worse. She has her blood pressure and heart condition again.
My love George, you understand that we can be together in reality only when my mother feels well. We can be together in reality forever when my mother is recovering. And you understand that I can't leave my mom.
You will know every step of my life and for our life together. Are you really ready for me to be with you forever? Where do we meet in real life?
Do you want us to live together forever and face old age together? do you imagine that you will hold my hand and I will face old age with you. We could have our children when we live together. I thought last night about our children . When I went to bed, I thought about you. Did you think about that?
You should know that you're a special person to me! And I am drawn to you, and drawn to your letters. :-)
It's like two magnets attracted to each other! I want to fall asleep together with you and see your face last during the day. I want to wake up in the morning and see your face and see you sleeping!
My love George, it is so hard for me now without you. You are so far away from me. When I'm near you, I'll devote every second of my life to you, give you all my love. But I want you to always be generous, gentle and affectionate with me. I want you to always be generous and tender with love. I will be the most tender, the most affectionate and loving girl for you!!! I will always support you, even when you come home from work tired, and angry that you didn't make it! I'll listen to you, I'll support you, and I'll make sure you into a great mood! I will show all the love that is in my heart just for you! I am writing these words to you now, and I am just ready to cry from happiness! If only you could understand how I feel right now! If only you could see how much I love you! I go to sleep with thinking of you, hoping that I'll dream of you!
George, I will finish my letter now, and tell you simply that I love you very much! I want you to feel all my love in reality. Your love forever Vanessa.
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Name: Inger Kristoffersen
Age: 27
Name: Patsy Jones Schimidt
Age: 32
Name: Margaret Liebold
Age: 40
Name: Pamilar Dion
Age: 19
Name: Kayla Manthey
Age: 32